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Mow Town Lawn Services in Folsom, CA

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We are a fully insured and licensed landscape maintenance in Folsom ready to handle anything you throw at us. Whether it’s just a routine lawn mowing or a full-scale landscaping job, you can trust us to bring that vision to life. Your lawn is an extension of your home, and it makes all the difference when your lawn is taken care of.

It’s amazing how a well-taken care of lawn can affect your mood, but it does, and we can be the affordable yard maintenance near you to bring it to life. If you are in a pickle and need someone to help you out, count on us to bring you the best customer service and finished product. We serve both commercial and residential properties, anywhere from the farthest corners of Folsom to up to thirty miles from Jennerbear Woods.

This season we are looking to contract five more lawns and homes for weekly lawn mowing, but don’t turn away just yet. We have all sorts of packages or one-time offers for anyone with an interest to take care of their lawn. If you have debris on your lawn that needs to be moved, you are in luck! We offer free debris removal with the purchase of a lawn mowing.

We also offer discounts to all walks of life. To veterans and teachers, ask us about our discounts that will help your lawn look the best it ever has. You guys provide a great service to our country, and it would be an honor to return the favor.

So whatever you need, whether its a quick lawn mowing or a dedicated plan to lawn recovery, we can be the local lawn care service in Folsom, Ca for you. So please do not hesitate to message us through GreenPal, or head through our profile to see all the other ways you can get in touch with us!

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Top Notch Lawn Services in Folsom, CA

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Never fear what you want done to your garden. There are some things in life you cannot afford to be shy about asking, and lawn care is one of them. It is your home! And you should demand the best for it, even when it comes to lawn mowing.

We are the full-scale best lawn mowing service in Sacramento County. Yes, that is right, not just the city of Sacramento but the whole county. We earned that title in the lawn mowing games of 2016, where our skills were put to the test.

Okay, maybe it wasn’t as dramatic as that, but it felt like it. When we started seven years ago, we made it our mission to treat every lawn like it was a competition. We wanted to service every yard (whether it was lawn mowing, weeding, or pruning) to the point where the homeowner wants to Snapchat it. That is our goal. I’m no psychologist, but I’m pretty sure that wanting to Snapchat something like your grass means you are happy with it, am I right?

As your next full service lawn care company, we want to make sure you are getting more than enough time per appointment. We do this by focusing on only a handful of lawns and tending to them carefully, not the other way around.

We are big believers in quality over quantity. While some lawn mowing services near you might boast their big number of “trusted clients” what they mean is they have the cheap lawn mowing and don’t take care to be careful. All those terrible stories of gardens getting destroyed or dogs running away after a gate was left open was probably from these cheap lawn care services.

We are here to change all that. We want you to be able to trust us, even when you are not home. When you hire us, we make it a point to meet you in person first and exchange cell phone (not business phone!) info so you know we are legit. In the end, we want you to feel like you have a personal landscaper from Villa Lago at The Promontory, that’s how good we want your lawn to look.

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Dbt Lawn Services in Folsom, CA

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Lawn care in all forms: edging, pruning, trim, shrubs, blowing and collecting debris, weed control, turf fertilization and specialized property clean up. What more could you ask for? We are a bare bones business, and with GreenPal we have made it easier than ever to contact us.

As soon as we confirm an appointment, you will receive confirmation via email and text, that way you know you are getting your yard mowed.

After you schedule us, that’s that! No worrying if you we got the message or anything. We don’t make an appointment unless we are forsure we can come out. How many times have you scheduled for a cheap lawn mowing in Folsom, Ca and come up empty on the day of appointment? If that has happened to you, let us be the first to tell you: Sorry. That should not happen to anyone, especially for someone who is willing to pay for their lawn care.

Trust us with your next lawn mowing appointment and be amazed. Our experience is unlike any other, and you will see why we call ourselves lawn scientists. We have taken seminars, courses, and attended conferences to learn all we could about mowing the lawn in order to encourage growth better.

Homeowners in Represa know all about our work, and it is time to expand out to the other parts of Folsom! If you need a special job done on your lawn, let us know. Although we usually provide lawn mowing and general fall clean up for homes, we also have the knowledge and tools necessary to do things like turn soil and transplant trees. The beauty of your lawn is all up to you!

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Maximum Lawn Services in Folsom, CA

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I am the go to guy for anything in your lawn! I provide quick and excellent service from anything from landscape (lawn mowing, dirt removal, gravel, planting) to tree work and of course lawn growth and health.

I started my business in Briggs Ranch for two reasons. I grew up in that area, and when I was just a guy looking for work I had a few people out there trust me enough to mow their lawn. While I was working on getting my business in order, my neighbors were kind enough to let me cut their law in exchange for criticism and pointers. That is why I consider myself to be one of the best options for lawn maintenance in Folsom, Ca. I took the time to listen to my clients on what they like in a service. I didn’t just assume everyone just wants their grass cut.

Do you have tall weeds? Haven’t had a grass cutting in months? No problem. My upcharges are hardly noticeable, and I will never charge you double for the same appointment. There are schemes like that out there for grass taller than eight inches, so watch out. But when you hire me, it is only a surcharge to really do the job right.

When you think about it, it’s better that way. Instead of charging you for the single lawn mowing and doing one sweep, I make sure that the grass is manageable. Maybe when we design a lawn mower that cuts with lasers instead of blades the era of Two Passes will be gone. Until then, if you want to preserve your root system is best if we take our time with it.

Whenever you are ready for the best lawn mowing service in Folsom, Ca, we will be here to help you. Our price on GreenPal is just for your basic lawn mowing, but if you were looking for something more specific let us know!

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Here is what other GreenPal users have to say about lawn care near me:

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Joseph Archibald Grass Cut in Folsom CA
the-yard-cutting-businesses-in-Folsom-CA local-lawn-and-landscape-maintenance-services-near-me-in-Folsom-CA local-lawn-maintenance-contractors-in-Folsom-CA local-lawn-care-services-in-Folsom-CA grass-cutting-businesses-in-Folsom-CA

We have been using GreenPal for contracting local lawn maintenance near us for almost a year now. We don’t keep to one lawn mowing service because there are so in the Lembi Park area. We have a few favorites, but when we have a huge job to do we call Dreams 2 Reality. They’ve been really helpful with fleshing out our thought process and what we want to do. When we first bought our house there wasn’t a reliable lawn mower near us to help us out. We were cancelled on several times. The only reason we jumped on GreenPal is because we were done going through each one one at a time. We couldn’t ask for a better service now though!

Francis Lily Lawn Mowing Service in Folsom CA
affordable-grass-cutting-businesses-in-Folsom-CA residential-lawn-cutting-businesses-in-Folsom-CA local-lawn-care-services-in-Folsom-CA the-yard-cutting-businesses-in-Folsom-CA the-yard-cutting-businesses-in-Folsom-CA

I found AD Landscaping through GreenPal to help with our second home near Lake Natoma. They came out like gangbusters the next day to take care of us! It may have been a new customer energy, because they were excited and explaining their entire process. It seemed good enough, and the job they did was pretty sharp. I’m surprised that so far they haven’t slacked on their work. In my experience the first job a cheap lawn mowing service in Folsom, Ca is always the best, and it declines after that. Good thing about GreenPal is I can just switch over lawn care companies near me whenever one gets lazy. So far, AD has been great, so I can’t complain just yet.

Glenn Holly Yard Mowing in Folsom CA
local-lawn-cutting-services-in-Folsom-CA the-yard-cutting-businesses-in-Folsom-CA residential-lawn-cutting-businesses-in-Folsom-CA residential-lawn-cutting-businesses-in-Folsom-CA grass-cutting-businesses-in-Folsom-CA

GreenPal is pretty useful, especially for someone in my situation. I run a few business parks here in Folsom but also throughout the rest of Sacramento, and I contracted a local landscaping maintenance service for each one. What used to take me hours every week to track down every company we hired takes me minutes now, and I just check my GreenPal to make sure its on track. I don’t even have to pay anyone to deliver their checks anymore, everything goes through the website. It works great, and if it wasn’t for living so close to Vista Del Lago High School I don’t know how I would have

Laura Daniels Grass Cutting in Folsom CA
lawn-maintenance-in-Folsom-CA local-lawn-maintenance-contractors-in-Folsom-CA grass-cutting-businesses-in-Folsom-CA residential-lawn-cutting-businesses-in-Folsom-CA affordable-lawn-services-in-Folsom-CA

I was so ready to find another local lawn mowing service in Folsom, Ca. I got into a huge fight with my last hire. Their “professional” crew damaged my fence and the corners of the house. I am pretty sure they rammed the corner with their lawn mower, but they didn’t fess up to it. It was a long process, but we got it taken care of, and when I talked to Top Notch they were just as mad. When they came out for the cheap lawn mowing in Blue Ravine Oaks I ordered they went ahead and did what they could with the fence, so that was really thoughtful. I’m coming from a terrible experience with yard mowing in Folsom, Ca, but either way Top Notch is what I expect from someone in the service industry.