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Mow your lawn or pay a lawn service?

This infographic explains the differences between mowing the lawn yourself and hiring a lawn care service. There are a lot of differences between the two, especially when it comes to costs. Let’s take a look! 

How much does it cost to mow the lawn myself? 

Well, it depends. If you buy new equipment, it will cost at least $1750 for the equipment alone. Then you have to calculate what your time is worth. You will have to take the time to mow the lawn, as well as service all of your equipment. 

How long does it take to pay off my lawn mowing equipment? 

If you calculate the cost of mowing the lawn yourself at $36, it will take you 7 years to pay off your equipment and start saving money. 

How much does it cost to have the lawn mowed by a professional? 

The average cost of a professional mowing the lawn is $45 per cut for a half acre. If you only want the grass cut by the lawn care service. You will only pay for the cutting of the grass, and not the cost of equipment. This will cost about $1350 a year. 

How do I find a lawn care professional?

You can talk with the neighbors, or scan through Craigslist. There are also services like GreenPal which bring lawn care providers to your doorstep! 

How much does it cost to mow the lawn for a year? 

If you pay a professional it will cost you about $1350 a year. To mow it on your own, it will cost around $1080 a year, plus time and the cost of the equipment. 

What will I have to pay for if I mow the lawn on my own? 

If you want to mow your own lawn. You will need a mower, weed eater and leaf blower. You will also need string, gas, and lawn mower blades or a sharpener.

Why should I pay a lawn care pro? 

You should pay a lawn care professional if you don’t enjoy mowing the lawn, don’t have room to store extra equipment, or if you don’t want to purchase all of the required equipment. Or you may also simply not have the time to mow the lawn on your own. So will you pay for a lawn care service or mow the lawn yourself? You decide! 

Use this infographic to help you weigh the pros and cons of each option. And share with your friends and family too!

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