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Kick Grass Lawn Care Lawn Services in Erie, CO

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Thanks for considering Kick Grass Lawn Care. Let's keep things simple. We provide lawn care without the hefty price tag. Get your grass mowed, your weeds destroyed, and all other landscaping projects taken care of by our pros. With years of experience and hundreds of five-star reviews, you can't go wrong hiring us.

Long List Of Services For Every Budget and Lawn

Take a peak at all of the services we offer:

  • lawn mowing services
  • edging
  • snow removal
  • fertilizing
  • core aeration
  • leaf and debris removal
  • bush trimming
  • tree branch pruning

We're available as soon as early spring. Get each lawn service done individually or get recurring and seasonal treatment throughout the year.

We provide flexible options for your budget.

Who We Serve

We provide affordable lawn care services to customers in Erie, Colorado, and Weld County. We also serve customers in Lafayette, Colorado.

Whether you're in Colliers Hill or own a property near the Erie Community Center, our company is ready to serve you.

Hire Kick Grass Lawn Care to transform your lawn today. 


Garcia Landscaping Lawn Services in Erie, CO

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Garcia Landscaping is a leading lawn care provider in Erie, Colorado, and all of Weld County. We know your lawn is not just a piece of land, but a place to build memories in. From delivering lawn mowing services to maintenance solutions, we offer everything you could need to keep it great so you and your family can enjoy it to the max.

Wallet-Friendly Support For All Your Outdoor Chores

From extensive yard work to repairs to simple upkeep, the pros at Garcia Landscaping will keep your property in tip-top shape without the expensive fees.

We offer a wide selection of lawn care services that are perfect for just about all your landscaping needs. Here's a small preview of what we offer:

  • Get golf course-like services at budget-friendly prices (prices start at just an unheard of $41)
  • We'll get rid of and even prevent most weeds from sprouting using a combination of fertilizers, pre-emergents, and post-emergent products.
  • Our lawn care professionals patch up your thin spots, mow grass, and treat grass diseases before they become a problem.
  • We will improve your grass thickness, color, and growing patterns using carefully selected fertilizers, battery-powered mowers, and quality seeds for your cool-season grass.
  • We’ll also cut your grass, trim your bushes, and prune your tree branches, all while getting rid of debris, clippings, twigs, dead leaves, and more.
  • We'll also blow away snow. We'll even add salt to your walkway and driveway before an impending snowstorm.

Whatever you need, our company has you covered. We provide several options for every property, problem, and budget.

Expert Support On-Demand

Garcia Landscaping is a licensed and insured lawn care company available all year long.

We're open to serving customers in Erie, Colorado, and Weld County. We even drive as far as Northglenn, Colorado.

Whether you own a property in a neighborhood like Vista Pointe or near a place like the Erie Municipal Airport, our company is here to serve you.

Visit our business profile to learn more about our services. You can also read our reviews and see all the work we've done in the area.

Hire Garcia Landscaping today. 


​Lovely Lawns Lawn Services in Erie, CO

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Lovely Lawns is a family-run lawn care business with one goal in mind; to keep your outdoors healthy and flourishing. We take pride in our work and have delivered personalized services backed by our guarantee. Read below to see why we've been rated one of the best in the area.

Professional Lawn Care At Affordable Prices

Our list of affordable services include:

  • Lawn Mowing Services:

We use STIHL brand lawn mowers and turn mowers depending on your property's size.

  • Mulching:

Provide your grass with organic nutrients, and soil amendments, and improve soil structure with mulch that works in conjunction with your property and grass.

  • Yard Maintenance:

We clear debris such as leaves, heavy branches, dead grass, twigs, and more to keep your property in great shape.

Personal Touch: Treating Your Lawn Like Our Own

Unlike larger companies, we're a locally owned and operated business providing a personal touch you won't get from bigger brands.

We treat you and your property as if we were working for a family member.

It's because of this dedication that we've earned hundreds of positive reviews. In fact, we have one of the highest rehire rates in the state.

So, if you want quality lawn care services in Erie, Colorado, Weld County, or even in Denver, Colorado, Lovely Lawns is the company to hire.

For more information about us, our services, or recent projects, visit our business page. We have worked in all neighborhoods like Northridge and even near places like the Colorado National Golf Club.

Once you're ready, give us a try the next time you need a lawn service provider. 


S2 S Mowing Lawn Services in Erie, CO

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Don't let your backyard turn into a muddy, weed-filled, pest-infested mess. We guarantee weed-free, green, thick grass all season long. Not only do we make your grass look nice, but we also keep unwanted invaders, thin spots, and diseases away.

Our Healthy Green Lawn Program

What do we offer you? Here's a small preview:

  • We apply low-release granular fertilizing to improve grass color and health in just a few weeks.
  • Lawn invigoration via core aeration.
  • Early spring pre-emergents to thwart annoying weeds and post-emergent to kill them on the spot throughout the year.
  • Dethatching services break up compaction and help your grass absorb water and nutrients.
  • Get bi-weekly, weekly, or monthly lawn mowing services, depending on your budget and needs.
  • Get tailored lawn service treatment based on your cool-season grass type.

Who We Help

We provide affordable lawn care services to customers in Erie, Colorado, Weld County, and even as far as Thornton, Colorado.

Whether you're in Colliers Hill or Longs Peak Park, our company will drive to you.

Hire the lawn care pros at S2 S Mowing today. 

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I highly recommend you hire Kick Grass Lawn Care. They work fast, provide wonderful customer service, and never try to sell you things you don't need. It always seems like they're looking out for you without charging you an arm and leg. My lawn near Lehigh Park has never looked this good.

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Garcia Landscaping is one of the best lawn care companies near me. Their lawn mowing services are affordable and have been a saving grace for my very tight budget. Since I never have time to mow my yard, I'm always requesting their help throughout the year. I can confidently say my property near Clayton Park is in good shape, thanks to them.

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If you're going to hire a company, make sure it is Lovely Lawns. These guys are real pros at what they do, and the results speak for themselves. My backyard near Erie Middle School was in rough shape before hiring them. After a few weeks, I started to massive improvement. I couldn't have asked for a better lawn care business to hire.

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S2 S Mowing is a wonderful company. They've done a great job on my lawn near Coal Creek Park. They gave me a good deal and have been delivering amazing services throughout the year. Highly recommended!