Mow the Lawn or Pay A Service?

Written by Gene Caballero on April 01, 2015

Lawn Care Professionals in Atlanta

It doesn't matter if you love cutting the grass in Hendersonville, TN or hate mowing the yard in Lakeland, Florida, people still question whether they should hire a lawn service to take care of their yard or purchase all the equipment that is needed to mow their lawns themselves. First, look at the costs of all the equipment you would need to care for your won lawn. A riding lawn mower can cost about 1,500 dollars. A blower can cost 150 dollars and a weed eater will cost you 100 dollars. The total cost of all of that is 1,750 dollars. That is a lot of money. Some think well that is a lot of money up front, but will pay for itself in the long run. That is not necessarily correct. Things that people who take care of their own lawns may not think about is the costs of maintaining the equipment. The lawn mower takes gas and gas prices are on the rise. There are other materials needed for the weed eater and that just adds to the cost.

What if your equipment breaks? That will cost a lot more money to repair or replace. There is a need for an annual oil change and tune up on the mower. It is also important to keep the equipment in tip top shape, so sharpening the blades of the weed eater twice a year is a must and can cost about 75 dollars. Not only is money wasted, how about all the time you are putting into your lawn care. Just looking at averages, the average 1/2 acre will take you about two hours and that would be about fifteen dollars per hours. Then you have to account for the two gallons of gas which is about six dollars. Does not sound like much, but it adds up quick.

Then, there is the other side, to hire a lawn service. You have to search around and find the right lawn guy or company. Sometimes companies will not even respond to you due to being busy. Then, you decide to search on craigslist. That can be stressful, not knowing who to trust and with all the stories you hear about Craigslist. That is where companies such as GreenPal, Thumbtack, or Home Advisor comes into play. Do not waste any more time. You can go online and order the services you would like. The average lawn mowing price for 1/2 acre is 45 dollars. That is just a little more than doing it yourself, but saves you so much time and you will get top quality.

Time to compare... It would take about 36 dollars to cut your lawn yourself and about 30 times a year. That equals out to 1,080 dollars to cut your own lawn a year. Choosing a credible company would be 45 dollars per 1/2 acre lawn times 30 mowing's per year, which equals to 1,350 a year. That is only really saving the consumer 270 dollars, but will take about seven years to recover the 1,750 dollars that was invested in equipment. That is not even including replacing equipment that breaks. So, will you save your self the headache, time, and money and hire a trusting company? Or do it yourself?

Hi, I'm Gene Caballero and I'm the co-founder of GreenPal . At GreenPal, we're helping hundreds of thousands of Americans solve one of the trickiest problems: a reliable, fast, and affordable way to get lawncare taken care of. On behalf of GreenPal, I've been featured in the Indianapolis Star, the Sacramento Bee, Entrepreneur,, and dozens more. Please feel free to say hi on Twitter or connect with me on LinkedIn.

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