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Why Hiring Lawn Care is Worth It (Infographic)

  • by
  • Gene Caballero
  • November 21, 2021

There is a lot to maintaining a lawn. Sure mowing is one factor, but then there is aeration, fertilizing, seeding, and much much more. At the end of the day it's best to hire a lawn care service. This infographic explains all the reasons why. 

What should be done to care for my lawn in the spring?

For one, you will want to mow your lawn every single week spring through fall when it is finally growing again. You will also want to aerate and fertilize your lawn as well. Perhaps you are now beginning to see why hiring a lawn care pro is so important. 

What lawn care tasks need to be done in the summer?

As in spring, you want to maintain mowing your lawn once a week. Additionally, you will want to treat your lawn for insects and weeds. And you will want to be sure to fertilize your warm-season grasses as well. 

What do I need to hire a lawn care pro for in the fall?

In the fall you want to aerate again and overseed the lawn. You will also want to apply a good winter fertilizer to help your grass stay healthy through the winter. Finally, you will want to be sure you are raking frequently. 

What do lawn care packages include? 

Now we are getting into why you need to hire a lawn care pro. Lawn service contractors are experts that can tell you exactly what your lawn needs and when. Their services packages can include everything from edging, trimming, thatching, pruning, debris removal, and even maintenance of your flower beds.  

Think about it, hiring a lawn care pro gives you back more time. If you value your labor at $15 an hour, DIY lawn care will cost you $2,250 a year, and that is just the value of your time. That doesn’t include equipment purchases, rentals or maintenance. While hiring a lawn care service costs around $2500 annually. 

This infographic was created by Best Pick Reports. For more great tips check them out. In the meantime, share this infographic with your friends and family so that you can all be more informed on what it takes to make your lawn look its best.  

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