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Why Hire a Landscaper?

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Why Hire a Landscaper?

Updated, July 5, 2019

Are we there yet? Is winter finally over?

You have patiently waited for the dreary cold days of winter to pass and finally winter has come to a close.

It’s warm again! The grass is green! The days are getting longer, and there is certainly no shortage of outdoor activities to partake in.

But, as they say, with great weather comes great responsibility. With all that warm weather comes a never ending quest to maintain your lawns and gardens.

This all leads us to one question.

Why Hire a Landscaper?

Why Should You Hire a Landscaper?

It’s true, maintaining a gorgeous lawn is a great American tradition.

You may uncover your mower and be ready to cut the lawn saying to yourself, “This will be the year that I master the art of mowing the lawn”.

However, if you are like most people, when you get home at the end of the day, the last thing you want to do is to maintain a weekly mowing schedule.

After working all week, it’s natural to want to enjoy your spare time. Decisions like cutting the grass quickly get taken over by better opportunities like going to the lake, park, concert, etc.

There are several key benefits to hiring a landscaper to consider. But first consider the costs of maintaining your own lawn.

Consider the Costs of Maintaining Your Own Lawn

It's no secret, you could spend anywhere on retail average from $400 to $1200 for a basic push or riding lawn mower, and for most lawns you need both! The price is much hire more if you want a z-turn. But that is not all. Let’s take a look at the actual costs of purchasing your own lawn care equipment.

Average Costs of Mowing Equipment:

  1. Lawn mower: $400 for a push or $1200 for a rider, $1600 for both. 
  2. Weed Eater $200
  3. Edger $200
  4. Leaf Blower $200

With those prices in mind, the total cost for the equipment to mow the lawn yourself can range from $1000- $1800. That doesn’t factor in the cost of maintenance, gas or oil. And that still doesn’t consider the most important cost to caring for the lawn yourself, YOUR TIME!

Although, if you are like my Dad, you could try and save some money by buying used equipment. For example you could go buy a mower for $100 bucks use. And then complain about how much time & money you have to sink into it week after week. (Don’t tell my dad I said that)

Seriously, why go through the extra hassle?

Costs of Hiring a Landscaper

Depending on the size of your yard and the degree of maintenance you need, most southern markets have an average price of $30 for lawn care. For example, in the Nashville market where I operated for decades. You typically end up with an average 30 cuts a year. 

Hiring a landscaper takes you little to no time, especially if you hire them through GreenPal. At those rates the cost of mowing an average lawn is about $900 annually. For a larger lawn you may be spending $55 a cut or $1500 a year. That is if you get it cut weekly.

If that is a little too much for you, many landscapers can also put you on 10-day or bi-weekly plan. There are other ways to save money on lawn care as well. 

Be aware however the quality of a bi-weekly cut, will not be as good as a weekly cut. However, if value is more important than quality, bi-weekly cuts are typically sufficient.

Hire a Landscaper!

Truly, if you really consider only the costs, you may save money in the long run on the equipment costs of mowing your own lawn vs. hiring a lawn care professional.

Don’t forget that you must consider the cost of your time, and more importantly all of the summer enjoyment you will be missing out on.

In my decades of experience, as a lawn care veteran, I have had many homeowners tell me they just want their lawn cut once, and they will mow it from there. “They just got a little behind”. One month later they call me back and beg me to cut their lawn now that it is 3 feet tall.

I get it, lawns grow much faster than you think, and when you are working hard it only seems to grow faster. 

Hiring a lawn care professional also has added benefits as well:

  • Professionally cut lawn
  • An expert on hand should problems occur
  • Regularly scheduled lawn care
  • Minimal headache/Maximum enjoyment

Why Hire a Landscaper? In Review:

Let us review the constants;

  1. The grass is going to grow.
  2. Spring & summer come and go by way too fast! 
  3. Your neighbor is going to complain when it gets tall,
  4. There will be things you rather do. 

Simple solution, GreenPal has lawn care professionals on deck in most major cities in the US. They can provide a great experience and a fair price to cut your lawn.

Your time, like mine is treasured, go enjoy your summer and hire a landscaper. 

Find you next lawn care professional on GreenPal!

If you do want to design your own landscape, or at least get an idea of what you are looking for, check out the  Homeowners Guide: Planning a Successful Landscape Design

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About The Author

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