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Freshly New Lawn Services in Grayslake, IL

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Thanks for considering Freshly New for your next lawn care project. We cut grass. We feed it. We nourish it back to life. We keep weeds and invasive plants away. We remove, aerate, detach, and remove grubs. We do everything you expect a lawn care company can do, and we do it for budget-friendly prices. Whether it's a simple grass-cutting job or extensive yard work, hire us to do it right the first time.

Lawn Care Deals for Grayslake Customers

We provide affordable, high-quality lawn care services in Grayslake, Illinois, and Lake County. Whether you're in Three Oaks, Hunters Ridge, or even near the College of Lake County, we're happy to drive to you.

For first-time customers, you'll get 10% off for any grass-cutting job. For clients who stick with us in the long run, you'll receive a 15% off discount for ongoing yard maintenance.

If you want the best-looking lawn on the block, you'll need to mow, feed, water, and fertilize your grass often and at the right time. One mistake can completely ruin your outdoor space. Our yard maintenance services will make sure that doesn't happen.

What We Offer

Here are just a few things we offer:

  • Lawn mowing services on a bi-weekly or monthly basis
  • Sprinkler repair and installation
  • Leaf blowing in the fall
  • Snow removal after a storm
  • Weed control for prevention and removal
  • Feed your lawn with fertilizers your grass will love
  • Remove buildup of thatch

Our expert staff uses top-quality equipment and products available in the market. We use our STIHL tools and Scott's Brand Fertilizers and seeds for most properties, which are perfect for cool-season grass.

Our Lawn Care Process

We perform a combo of aeration, overseeding, fertilizing, mowing, and more to keep your landscape free of damage, drought, weeds, and other seasonal issues. This is the best way to keep your grass healthy during the year. More importantly, it helps it grow evenly, clears away weeds, and improves color.

So, if you want to improve or enhance your outdoor space, hire Freshly New today. 


Ay Installation Lawn Services in Grayslake, IL

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Do you want a healthy lawn? Not sure where to start? We got you covered. We're not a one-and-done lawn care company. We're not here to fix your short-term fix yard issues. We're here to improve the overall health of your landscape, soil, and grass. Get lawn care that creates a stunning outdoor space by hiring Ay Installation.

The Right Way To Do Lawn Care

Are you getting the most out of your lawn service provider? Some companies only deliver traditional or basic services. They won't go further than simply cutting your grass. In some cases, you'd need to hire another company to give your yard the complete care it needs to grow and thrive.

What's worse is that most of these companies use traditional weed and feed fertilizers or generic seeds. It yields quick results but can cause problems in the long wrong and contain chaotic chemicals that can be harmful to you and your family.

At the end of the day, some lawn care practices don't actually do anything to strengthen your soil. In fact, your grass can become extremely chemical dependent, which can eventually cause it to become vulnerable to disease, weeds, and other issues.

We provide a better, more organic way to improve the health of your grass, help it grow, and keep it looking great all season.

Science-Backed Services To Create A Beautiful Yard

We take a science-backed approach to our services. Like a doctor diagnosing a patient, we test your soil and provide a tailored lawn care plan that delivers incredible results for your yard.

Whether it's fixing patchy spots, repairing damaged grass, removing weeds, or mowing your yard, we tailor our services to improve your landscape's ecosystem.

It evolves and changes depending on the climate, real-time soil condition, and addressing what your grass actually needs. We will upgrade and enhance your outdoors, from the roots to the soil to the turf.

The Best Deals for Lawn Care In Grayslake

We provide top-quality lawn care services in Grayslake, Illinois, and Lake County. For years, we've helped customers in South Creek, Arbor Vista, and even properties near the famous Jones Island Park.

We're proud to announce that our lawn care business has expanded! We're now serving customers as far as Chicago, Illinois.

Pick one of four lawn care packages meant for different needs and customers. For example, our basic lawn maintenance package includes lawn mowing services, edging, leaf blowing, and yard work.

It's basically a way to get more than one job done without paying for them individually.

Visit our business page to see them all in full detail. Our profile also features our recent projects and customer reviews.

Hire Ay Installation today for affordable lawn service in Grayslake. 


Green Image Lawn Lawn Services in Grayslake, IL

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Hiring Green Image Lawn is your ticket to a stunning emerald-green yard. We're your exclusive one-stop-shop lawn service provider offering lawn care and winter yard services. Don't let your beautiful backyard turn into a muddy mess. We'll tackle all your seasonal lawn care needs for a great price.

Lawn Services From Spring To Winter

We serve customers in Grayslake, Illinois, and Lake County. From Cherry Creek to properties near Meadowview Woods Park, we have provided five-star services for all our customers in the region. We even serve customers in Chicago, Illinois.

Whether it's mowing your lawn in the summer or removing snow off your walkway in the winter, we are here throughout the year.

Unlike some of the local lawn service providers in the area, we never stuff our schedules with more work than we can handle. We focus on one customer at a time so that you can get the best possible care from us. Your hard-earned money deserves more than half-hearted work.

List of High-Quality Yard Services

What kind of services do we offer? Here are some of what we provide:

  • Landscape maintenance
  • Snow removal
  • Installing retainer walls
  • Mulching
  • Weed eating
  • Fertilizing
  • Core Aeration
  • Lawn mowing services
  • Patching up spotty grass

Whether it's a one-time grass-cutting job or recurring maintenance work, you'll find everything you need by hiring us.

Check out our reviews, past work, and our list of lawn care services when you visit our business profile. You can find it on the app before hiring us. Our customer service staff can answer any questions and get started once you're ready.

Get affordable lawn care in Grayslake by hiring Green Image Lawn today. 


Lakeside Lawncare Lawn Services in Grayslake, IL

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Need a hand with your yard work this year? As you already know, keeping your lawn in the best shape is no easy task. Mowing it is just one part of the equation. There's a lot involved that's easy to understand but hard to do. If you're too tired or struggling to balance a busy schedule, Lakeside Lawncare can help.

Lawn Care Without the Headache

While we're not a jack of all trades, we provide crucial services like fertilizing, lawn mowing, aerating, mulching, edging, weed control, and more. We tackle all your landscaping chores to keep your property fresh, green, and clean with little effort on your part.

With our help:

  • We'll use the best-performing fertilizers that are tailored to your lawn's needs
  • We'll remove weeds without damaging your grass
  • We'll protect your grass from sun damage and drought
  • Adapt our services based on the weather, soil condition, and location
  • We'll mow your grass often and keep your property trimmed and clean
  • Provide your landscape with the right balance of water so you'll never need to worry

Lakeside Lawncare provides high-quality lawn care services in Grayslake, Illinois, and Lake County. No matter what you need, our staff is ready to help you. Hire our lawn care team for any job. 

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I couldn't be happier with Freshly New's services. They have been outstanding since day one. I hired them almost two years ago and couldn't have asked for a better lawn care company. My property close to Jones Island Park has never looked this good, thanks to them.

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I highly recommend you hire Ay Installation. They've done a great job with the yard work on my property near the College of Lake County. Highly recommended!

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Hiring Green Image Lawn was the best decision I made for my yard. I requested several applications of fertilizing and did a couple of rounds of grass mowing. Over the course of a few weeks, I saw incredible changes on my property near Meadowview Woods Park.

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Lakeside Lawncare is simply the best. Their staff is friendly, and the work they do is fantastic. I've hired other companies in the past, but these guys are way better. My lawn near Doolittle Park has never looked this good.