​Why Organic Lawn Care is Essential

Written by Gene Caballero on September 03, 2015

Organic Lawn Care St Petersburg Florida

Organic lawn care may tend to be more costly than inorganic lawn care but it's very worth it. Organic lawn care is a compost of a combination of all sorts of natural things from manure to sewage sludge to phosphorous. However, phosphorous is illegal in some states so you'll want to do a double check with that. Inorganic lawn care on the contrary, tends to contain very harmful substances such as sulfate and nitrate. The combination nitrate and sulfate can burn your lawn while the organic compost is naturally biodegradable with little to no risk of contaminating your water or making you, your loved ones and animals physically ill. 

Several types of cancers, including leukemia and lung, are among the risks of using inorganic fertilizers. Humans have been known to experience sudden symptoms of everything from ADHD to nausea to infertility. In animals, it can trigger anything from seizures to fatality. Dogs have been known to develop lymphoma if their owners use inorganic herbicides for four or more years. It has also been known to cause algae growth, which is fatal to marine life.

Another reason inorganic lawn management is so hazardous is that its manufacturing requires greenhouse gases and other gases that are hazardous to water. Their gases also kill off earthworms, which are needed to keep the soil loose. Even though most pesticides contain only 5% active ingredients, their other 95% are often just as hazardous. Over $40 billion is spent on harmful chemicals in lawns each year and almost 30 groups are pushing for more use of organic soil in baseball fields.

Organic lawn care may require more maintenance but fortunately, it's quite easy. All you need to do is remember to use a push mower, leave the grass clippings on your lawn, remove weeds and avoid excessive watering. If you have a back or leg problem, then you might need to go ahead and use a sit-down mower but they emit tons of hydrocarbon into the atmosphere. Grass clippings are natural biodegradable and are rich in nutrients necessary for the soil. The three-inch manicured grass is recommended because rainwater evaporates quicker from shorter lawns. Wait until your lawn is dry to water it and when you do so, make sure it's deeply soaked but excessive watering can “drown” your lawn. Applying cornmeal to your lawn doesn't cure but often helps to cut down on the outbreak of weeds. Where Im from, the local municipality regulates how much water we can use for lawn care in St. Petersburg Florida

Organic lawn care may have its issues of being costly and time-consuming but every penny and every minute is worth it. It's a way to cut down on your and/or your loved ones' carbon footprint; it's a way to keep you, your loved ones and animals in decent health and since it's naturally biodegradable, it's also much less harmful to environment. Remember that charity begins with you and that of respect to the environment is no exception.

Check out this neat illustration that lays it all out

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