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Needing your Lawn Cut?

Get Competitive pricing without the hassle
Book lawn mowing by a pro in Bessemer
Order lawn mowing now without calling around

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Here are Best Lawn Care Services in Bessemer, AL as of Aug, 2019


Red Mountain Lawn Services in Bessemer, AL

Hired 154 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.247 Reviews)

Hi GreenPal, thank you for checking out my profile. I guarantee that with my local lawn mowing service in Bessemer, you will have one of the best experiences possible. I have been a lawn mower, gardener, and landscaper in Bessemer for sixteen years. If that doesn’t tell you I have experience cutting grass I don’t know what will.

I am an experienced, careful landscaper that will give you my all every time I visit. Your trust is my top concern, and I earn your trust by doing my best every lawn mowing appointment. I have been around the Bessemer area for two decades now, and I am learning more about it every day. If you want someone who knows the soil here in Bessemer, you want someone like me. That leaves no room for bad cuts, errors, or short cuts that will ruin your grass.

Since I began my affordable lawn maintenance in Bessemer, the technology has changed a lot. I used to use gas powered lawn mowers and push mowers every day, nothing compared to the machines available to local landscapers in Bessemer today. I had to learn the hard way how to measure out the length of the blade cut, something you can do automatically with a good industrial mower. I did this for years, and now that I have the experience and the tools you know I am one of the best available to you on the market.

I have been very fortunate to be let on GreenPal. I know plenty of local yard maintenance companies in Bessemer who owe their success to GreenPal, and I hope to be one of them. For a long time I was tapped out in my neighborhoods in

Edenwood, but now that I have the power of GreenPal behind me, there is no home or business in Birmingham that is out of my reach.

Every time you hire me, you will get a personal call to confirm our appointment. Come mowing day, I will be there bright and early to look over your lawn for problem spots. And by the time I am done you will know when I leave your home if you aren’t there. Everything will be left exactly as you found it, except the grass of course. So if you want a highly rated affordable lawn care specialist in Bessemer, please consider me.

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Caper Lawn Services in Bessemer, AL

Hired 241 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.237 Reviews)

We offer the very best in lawn care in Bessemer. From quick one-time lawn mowing to big projects, Caper has your back whenever you need us. Think of us as your secret service of local lawn care in Bessemer. When you are too tired or don’t have time to cut your own grass, we do it at an affordable rate. You won’t hurt our feelings if you decide to go with us one time, one time is all it takes for you to see the good work we do!

We try not to be like the rest of the competition. Other competitors will tell you that they are a cheap lawn mowing service in Bessemer, display a low rate for a lawn mowing, but only do half the job. They might just cut your grass and leave the whole yard covered in clippings, but not us. When you hire us a for a cheap lawn mowing in Bessemer, you are getting the project from start to finish. That means cutting the grass, edging the sidewalks and driveways and around any trees, mulching if you choose, and debris removal. The entire job isn’t done until you see a clean cut fresh lawn on your house.

Here at Caper we treat you like we would our family. When a family member hires us, you can bet we don’t cut corners. We don’t scam you out of your money. You hired us to do the job that you would do yourself, so we do exactly that. Homeowners throughout Birmingham and Bessemer see us as the go to source of lawn care in Bessemer for all sorts of special occasions. We have been honored to help people get their homes ready for the market, keep them in good condition as they try to sell them. That is our promise to you!

As of now, we are working in the Greenwood area. We have been fortunate to take on six lawns on contract in that area, but that doesn’t mean we will avoid you if you are outside the zone. Our landscapers are some of the best, and will do their best to get to your home ASAP.

Hiring us is like hiring your next door neighbor. You know us and will introduce ourselves like we would a friend, that way you know there is no funny business when you hire us. We do the job you expect us to, and we expect you to be honest with our work. If what we did does not satisfy you, we will make it right. That is just some of the perks you get from the best yard maintenance in Bessemer, so contract us today!

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On The Green Lawn Services in Bessemer, AL

Hired 79 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.69 Reviews)

Hello, my name is Jaquesi from On The Green Lawn Care. I want to be your dedicated gardener and lawn mower. I have worked hard to be where I am today, mowing lawns throughout Bessemer and Hueytown. I began my local lawn care business in Bessemer, but I am slowly reaching out to other parts of Birmingham and Jefferson County. My dream is to be the sole landscaper for several neighborhoods. This isn’t a dream just for me to become rich, this is for me to really get to know the neighborhoods and their families so they trust me with anything life throws their way. I want you to be able to trust me with your home, yard, and garden any day of the week. Over fifteen people a week trust me with their lawn, and I want you to as well! I am not a big landscape maintenance in Bessemer, but I do run everything myself. I run my own quality control, my own security checks, and clean my own equipment. That means you will never have someone who isn’t me coming on to your lawn. You will know that you are getting a great landscaper every time because the man who comes to do it is me. An experienced landscaper in Bessemer has nothing on someone who does this for a passion. This isn’t my side gig, this is my life. I am mowing lawns or pruning trees every day of the week and I get better doing it every time I do it. By this time, I should have a degree! My grandfather was also a landscaper and did it to support his own family, now I’m following suit in the same city that he served. That is something I do not take lightly. I owe it to my family to be the best man I can be just like my grandfather. I owe it to my clients to give them the best service I can offer. I owe it to my city to be the best citizen I can, and if that means going out every day to give the best lawn care in Bessemer, that is how I’m going to do it. I do not see my job as something to make money, it is something I chose to do to better my community. I cannot tell you how happy it makes me when I clean up a house that is in desperate need of some weed pulling. The look on their faces tells it all. They finally get to enjoy their home, that is why I do this!

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C2 C Solutions Lawn Services in Bessemer, AL

Hired 37 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.158 Reviews)

Serving the greater Birmingham and Jonesboro area, C2C offers all the following landscaping and lawn care for your home, property, and business: grounds management, contract services, landscape design and landscape enhancement, irrigation system management, outdoor pond and kitchen cleaning and maintaining, tree pruning, snow and ice management, and holiday decorations. Pretty much, if you need something done in your yard I am the person for it. There are no limits to my abilities on your lawn, guaranteed. Even if you want a complete landscape renovation, or a cheap lawn mowing in Bessemer, you can bet that C2C is your go to guy. I have been serving Bessemer for five years now. I know that isn’t a big number compared to other landscapers in Bessemer, but it means a lot when I get someone who trusts me. I hope to gain your trust by doing a good job no matter the conditions. I take my time to oversee every job I do after it is done. My responsibilities include planning, budgeting under your number, and personal development. That means I follow several blogs and landscapers in Bessemer that know the business better than I do. I am always learning and will continue to do so until the day I die. I draw my lack of experiences from various disciplines, including Feng Shui and basic landscape design. Each area of knowledge contributes to my success as a reliable lawn care service in Bessemer. I have extensive skills in several basic yard maintenance services, and I perform those without fail. With bigger projects, I make sure every error is avoided, every base covered to make sure I get the job done right without costly mistakes to fix on your end. That is what I can offer you, a reliable landscaper in Bessemer that is more of an artist than a maintenance man. I think you will see that once I am on your lawn, there are no other clients. I give you my full attention until the last grass is cut, that is what I offer you.

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Here are a few 5 Star Ratings from GreenPal users

(based on 4 reviews)
Phyllis Malone Yard Cutting in Bessemer AL
Working with Roy was such a great experience, I would recommend him to anyone in the Lake Cyrus area. I called three other local landscapers in Bessemer, each of them left me to voicemail for days. I got on GreenPal and within an hour Roy reached out. I got an estimate on the spot, and the next day we scheduled a lawn mowing appointment. Easy peasy, I can’t wait to use him for bigger landscaping projects.
Michael Creed Yard Mowing in Bessemer AL
A pretty well-known “reliable” lawn mowing service in Bessemer contacted me through GreenPal, asked me to send him photos of the yard. I did, and didn’t hear about him for weeks. I reviewed him on GreenPal as a cheap lawn mower in Bessemer and made sure the people in Lakewood Estates knew what he did. GreenPal got on it right away and fixed the problem. I didn’t see that cheap landscape maintenance in Bessemer on the rankings for a long while.
Angela Martins Grass Cut in Bessemer AL
Kevin and his dad responded to my request within 48 hours, called me for an estimate and a rundown at the house, and showed up on time as promised. As far as that goes, they go far beyond any local lawn mowing service in Bessemer. Today, the crew arrived early to me in McClendon, and by four they were out. They walked me through the job they did, asked me if I needed any fixes. Very professional.
Ryan Callen Lawn Care Service in Bessemer AL
I have nothing but good things to say about this lawn care service in Bessemer. I plan to stick with this family-owned business not because they are nice or whatever, but because they actually do a good job. I am very particular about my lawn, especially when I hire out. I’ve put up ads throughout Parkwood to get in touch with somebody, but GreenPal got me someone respectable. The yard maintenance in Bessemer is hard to beat, they should be your first choice.

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With the same philosophy behind apps like Uber or Instacart, GreenPal is taking over the market for local lawn care contracting throughout the nation. Since it’s launch in 2013, GreenPal has accumulated over two thousand local lawn care services in Bessemer and the state of Alabama, as well as Tennessee, Florida, Texas, North Carolina, and many more. Every week, home and business owners are jumping on GreenPal to find reliable landscapers in Bessemer to ensure that their home is being taken care of.

This is a big task for a small Tennessee-based lawn mowing app, but their commitment to keeping their members safe is what has made their success easy. Unlike other sites that allow for unlimited, free posting for jobs like cheap lawn mowing in Bessemer, GreenPal ensures that each company looking to be on the site is licensed and accredited by the state of Alabama. They are successful in this by setting forth a rigorous application that only legitimate businesses can get through. This includes a list of past clients, pictures of past work, and a trial run for local GreenPal members in their area. Since their opening in the same year, dozens if not hundreds of reliable landscapers in Bessemer, West Concord, Windsor Parc, Thomas Acres, Rosser Cove, and Stadium Trace have applied to be a part of the growing trend of peer to business services. As of now, a large percentage of contracting landscaping services in Bessemer have been through GreenPal.

With the apps services, old and outdated methods of getting a business out there are obsolete. Before, most cheap lawn mowing services in Bessemer were subject to flyers, business cards, and hopeful ads that would secure them new business. It was a shaky method, for most home and business owners could not review them online or get a good grasp of their work ethic. GreenPal catalogues all that data into an easy access profile that allows people to instantly review and check out their local listings and make a decision that way. In some cases, GreenPal users report finding a dedicated, reliable lawn maintenance in Bessemer in under two days, a staggeringly fast number compared to the previous data on record. It seems that as the app continues to grow, more and more services like GreenPal can find space in the app-based company world, especially for industries that rely on people connecting to people for services.

About Bessemer Alabama

Bessemer is a city in Alabama, United States.

Bessemer resides in Jefferson County, where it is within the Birmingham-Hoover, AL Metro Statistical Area. It developed rapidly in the early twentieth century as an industrial city, one of the few that saw such a huge expansion of industry within the county. The city itself covers a square area of forty square miles, where it sits above the five hundred elevation mark. It is estimated that the population floats around forty thousand, but is sure to increase come time of the 2020 census to take place.

The town itself was birthed during the postbellum era when a company called the Bessemer Land and Improvement Company (named after the owner and CEO Henry Bessemer and his partner, the coal magnate Henry F. DeBardeleben). Through a series of transactions, the company absorbed Daniel Pratt’s land investments, where the land previously owned by Pratt took up the entire area of which is now known as Bessemer. In 1887, the mayor and councilmen of Bessemer voted to incorporate the city, and soon the town was known to be a part of Birmingham.

The area is well known for is iron ore, coal, and limestone deposits, a critical reason why coal magnates like DeBardeleben took interest in the area. Soon, once it was known that the area was rich in these materials, steelmaking and industry took off in 1890 and continued through to this day. Many rural migrants from the South looking to rebuild their homes after the Civil War saw Bessemer and the jobs it contained as an important step in the right direction. By the time of the fifties in the last century, Bessemer held a large African American population. Among its own state, Bessemer boasted the largest population in Alabama in 1900. It was also well known for its major economic investments, most of which were manufacturing, and manufacturing products. Only ten years after it was given the title for the most populous area, ore mining, smelting, and manufacturing were the chief industries. In addition, truck farming was an important industry, as was agriculture. Both whites and blacks were drawn to the city looking for factory work, but most blacks moved to industrial jobs and sought to be a part of workers’ unions. Eventually, technology industries moved to Bessemer and transitioned the economy to the digital era.

Source: Wikipedia

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