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Brandon Ehrhardt Lawn Lawn Services in Sandusky, OH

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Brandon Ehrhardt Lawn is a no-fluff, customer-focused, and results-driven lawn care business. We follow the highest standard of lawn care and use cutting-edge equipment. All of which are performed by a team of qualified lawn care professionals.

Brandon Ehrhardt Lawn offers you high-quality and affordable lawn care services in Sandusky, Ohio, or Erie County as soon as today. We also serve customers in Bay Shore, Perkins, and other nearby neighborhoods.

We use our battery-powered EGO lawnmowers when providing lawn mowing services. Your neighbors won't hear us early in the morning. Our sharp blades will trim your grass at an even level to promote more grass growth. Plus, we'll edge your corners and harder-to-cut areas while also bagging your clippings.

Battery-powered lawnmowers work just as well as any gas-powered mower. For bigger properties, though, we do use John Deere Zero Turn Mowers. It helps us cover larger fields and bigger lots.

For weed control services, we use safe herbicides and pest control products. We'll keep your lawn, plants, family, and pets safe from dangerous chemicals.

Other advanced lawn care services include core aeration to help your grass breathe better and retain more nutrients. This is also perfect for preventing random puddles. Other services involve fixing thin grass, repairing grass that was damaged, patching up balding areas with seeds, and handling more extensive work like resodding.

Brandon Ehrhardt Lawn has been the go-to lawn service company for years. With numerous five-star reviews, we offer the same customer service experience to you. Let's help you handle all the lawn maintenance work you'd instead do.

We've done work near Cedar Point Shores and many other places in Sandusky, Ohio.

Hire Brandon Ehrhardt Lawn for great lawn care in Sandusky.


King Kuts Lawn Services in Sandusky, OH

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Give your lawn the makeover it needs. For all your lawn care and lawn maintenance needs, contact King Kuts. We'll give your lawn a smooth trimming and make sure to feed it, water it, and help it grow in the process.

King Kuts has been providing a variety of lawn care services in Sandusky, Ohio, and Erie County for many years. We've also provided services to people in Dade City, Chaussee, and other nearby communities.

We'd like to make one thing clear. Just because our lawn care services are affordable doesn't mean it's low-quality. You might be paying "fast food-like" prices, but you're going to get a three-course meal in return. Our services follow some of the industry's highest standards recommended by the Ohio Nursery and Landscape Association.

What this means for you is a greener and stronger landscape. Not only do you get the visual appeal, our lawn care services will help your lawn grow better, combat disease, stop weeds at the roots, provide better flood control, and improve soil quality.

When we're mowing your lawn, we're making sure to cut just above its recommended level so that it grows back without any problems. We'll do that while edging the corners of your property, clearing out leaves, and even pressure washing your property.

We're always here in the winter too. It snows a lot in Ohio, and we're offering our customers snow removal services right after a major storm hits.

Let King Kuts handle all your outdoor needs. We've done work near Lions Park and many other places in Sandusky, Ohio.

We're ready when you need us and look forward to helping you.


Legends Lawn Service Lawn Services in Sandusky, OH

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Did you know a healthy lawn can actually capture dust and dirt? Did you know it can also act like a giant fan, providing some natural airflow around you? Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, a great-looking lawn comes with a plethora of benefits. Legends Lawn Service can protect your lovely outdoor space with quality lawn care.

If you need lawn care services in Sandusky, Ohio, or anywhere in Erie County, Legends Lawn Service can help. We can help people in the Garden District, Sandusky South, or any neighborhood in the region.

Legends Lawn Service offers incredible savings and discounted prices for all our services. So, once we fully understand what you're looking for, we can give you a fair quote. We've seen what our competitors charge and we guarantee you'll be paying less when you hire us.

Also, unlike our competitors, we provide lawn care services that are catered to your property's specific needs. Your Ohio grass is probably different than your neighbor's grass. The mistake many companies and homeowners make is treating every property the same.

Legends Lawn Service does it better by offering lawn care services that your grass will respond to. We'll mow it, feed it, and water it often. In the spring, we'll patch up any brown spots or patchy areas. For extensive topdressing or resodding services, we'll provide fair estimates.

We also offer weed control, pest control, and grub control services. This also includes disease management. If you've ever noticed your grass changing colors, it's probably dealing with some form of grass disease. Don't worry; this is pretty simple to treat.

Trust the lawn care professionals at Legends Lawn Service. We have years of combined experience and are ready to help you today.

Get lawn care services including edging, aeration, overseeding, and more. We've delivered services like this to properties near Sandusky Library and many other places in Sandusky, Ohio.

Get lawn care in Sandusky that's budget-friendly, done on time, and performed by a proven team of specialized experts. Hire Legends Lawn Service today. 


Supreme Contracting Lawn Services in Sandusky, OH

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Supreme Contracting is offering lawn mowing for just $30 on our first visit. A typical mowing job from other companies can range between $65 to $90 in your area. It doesn't matter how big or small your property is; Supreme Contracting offers lawn mowing services complete with edging, leafing blowing, and cleanup services.

For ongoing lawn mowing services, we'll offer more discounted prices, complete with other lawn maintenance and yard maintenance services. We reward clients who stick with us for the long run with great prices and even better services.

Get top-quality lawn mowing services in Sandusky, Ohio, or Erie County by hiring Supreme Contracting. We also provide services to people in Fulton, Oldgate, and other nearby neighborhoods.

You won't be hiring amateurs either. Our company is made up of seasoned experts with years of experience. We hire and train our own staff. We don't outsource or stuff our schedules either.

Some of our competitors do hasty jobs because they're rushing to go to their next customers. We clear our schedules and allot enough time to work on your lawn. This way, we make no mistakes and perform laser-focused grass-cutting services.

On top of offering one of the region's most affordable prices for lawn mowing services, we also provide other lawn care services. These range from essential weed eating and seeding services. If you'd like more information about what Supreme Contracting offers, our customer service reps will gladly answer any questions.

Your lawn mowing chore is waiting. Why not hire us and save big?

We've provided work to properties near the Maritime Museum of Sandusky and many other places in Sandusky, Ohio.

Contact Supreme Contracting today. 

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A friend recommended I try the GreenPal app. They were using it to find lawn care providers. I saw how easy it was, so I decided to give it a go. I think it only took me a couple of minutes to schedule services and hire Brandon Ehrhardt Lawn. They're a fantastic company. I'm proud of everything they've done for my property near Mills Creek Golf Course.

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Thanks to the work done by King Kuts, I can finally let my kids play around in it. They did a fantastic job getting rid of the weeds and an army of insects that were roaming my yard. My property near Wilbert Park looks impressive, and I have them to thank.

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Legends Lawn Service has done a great job for me. I loved that I wasn't forced to sign any contracts. They don't try to hard-sell you on anything and do fantastic work. My lawn near Sandusky High School looks better now. Highly recommended!

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If you don't hire Supreme Contracting, you're going to be missing out. They're an incredible lawn care company. I'm very happy with everything they've done on my property near Cookie-Dorn House Historic Site.