What Is The Best Way To Find a Lawn Professional?

What Is The Best Way To Find a Lawn Professional?

What Is The Best Way To Find a Lawn Professional?

So, you are looking for a lawn care pro?

Well you are in the right place. For a while finding a lawn care pro on the internet was impossible.

Get this, hiring a lawn care professional doesn't have to be difficult.

And we have a simple solution for you!

What is it?  Keep reading to find out!

The Most Convenient Way to Hire a Lawn Care Professional

Get this, GreenPal is an online community which allows homeowners and lawn care providers connect. They do this by taking advantage of the internet and mobile applications.

No doubt about it, GreenPal is the easiest way to connect with lawn care professionals in moments!

Seriously, there isn’t a more convenient way to hire a lawn care professional than using the GreenPal App. Through our app homeowners and lawn care professionals can manage their ongoing relationship streamlining the process. 

This creates an entirely different experience than was ever offered before.

Let’s take a high-level overview of how hiring a lawn care professional on GreenPal works.

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Using GreenPal to Hire Lawn Care Professionals

First of all, GreenPal is available on both computers and on your smart phone via mobile app available to Android and Apple users. 

Homeowners sign up in just a few moments.

It’s this easy to sign up for lawn care services:

  1. Go to Greenpal,
  2. Create your lawn profile (2-3 minute signup)
  3. Set the desired date for your first cut
  4. Send out your request for lawn care bids

It really is that simple to sign up for lawn care professionals!

So what happens next?

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Lawn Care Bids from Professionals Near You

Once you have sent out your request to bid, it will be pushed to a network of the many per-qualified lawn care professionals. 

All of the lawn care professionals in your area will submit their most competitive prices.

Best of all, in most markets you will receive up to 5 bids within 24 hours from lawn care crews in your area.

Select the Best Lawn Care Bid

Now that you have received lawn care bids from the best lawn care pros in your market, you can go through them and pick the best!

You can review the prices and community rating scores for the lawn care vendors who are eager to serve you.


But before you select your lawn care professional.  Be sure to read their reviews.

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The GreenPal Rating System

Look, GreenPal doesn’t just give lawn care pros powerful tools to better serve you.

We also give you a rating system to leave a community review on your lawn care professional

Get this, every time a lawn care professional provides services, the homeowner can rate their service.

If you are picking your lawn care provider for the first time. You can see the landscaper's rating near your quoted bid for lawn care.

Paying Your Lawn Care Vendor

This is the best part.

Once your lawn care professional has provided your scheduled service. You will receive a photo of your freshly cut lawn!

Once you receive the photo of the finished work you can send payment immediately, or we will send it automatically 2 days after service is completed.

Why You Should Use GreenPal to Hire A Lawn Care Pro!

\While you were off being you, GreenPal was off building relationships with the best lawn care professionals in the country!

Even if you manage properties out of state, you can easily hire a professional on GreenPal!


GreenPal simplifies the process of finding and hiring lawn care professionals through an intuitive app. Homeowners can quickly sign up, receive multiple bids, and choose the best provider based on competitive pricing and community ratings. 

The streamlined service also includes a user-friendly payment system, making it the most convenient way to manage lawn care services efficiently.

So go to YourGreenPal.com and find the lawn pro that is right for you, put the schedule on auto-pilot, and get back to the things that matter to you.

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