What is the best way to find a lawn pro?

Written by Gene Caballero on September 29, 2014

Great question, I am so glad you inquired. We should probably start with asking, what is GreenPal?

GreenPal is an online community allowing home owners and lawn care providers to take advantage of web and mobile app convenience to find one another, manage their on-going relationship streamlining the process creating an entire different experience than home services has offered before.

Let’s take a high level overview of how it works. First, GreenPal is available on a PC or on your smart phone via mobile app available to Android and Apple users. The home owner would go to Greenpal, create their lawn profile (list your address, watch our Maps API populate, choose your name and password, and link to your PayPal account), set the desired date and push the lawn out for bid.

While you were off being you the GreenPal was off building relationships with Middle TN’s lawn care pros, finding those that could really benefit from the supreme convenience GreenPal brings to the relationship for a lawn pro and his customers. Our vendors have been pre-qualified, and will be notified when a new opportunity is listed in their service area. It is our job to make sure we get the home owner 5 bids within 24 hours so they can review the prices and community rating scores for the vendors that are eager to serve them.

Once the home owner chooses the lawn pro that is right for them, they will confirm the scheduled date. When the pro finishes cutting the lawn he will use the GreenPal mobile app to snap a pic of the finished yard, this will attach to an invoice notification alerting the home owner that the yard is finished! From there, they can pay through their PayPal account on the mobile app, rate the vendor, and schedule for future service dates.

GreenPal, the easiest way for a home owner to find, schedule, and pay their lawn pro! So go to YourGreenPal.com and find the lawn pro that is right for you, put the schedule in auto-pilot, and get back to the things that matter to you.

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Hi, I'm Gene Caballero and I'm the co-founder of GreenPal . At GreenPal, we're helping hundreds of thousands of Americans solve one of the trickiest problems: a reliable, fast, and affordable way to get lawncare taken care of. On behalf of GreenPal, I've been featured in the Indianapolis Star, the Sacramento Bee, Entrepreneur, Inc.com, and dozens more. Please feel free to say hi on Twitter or connect with me on LinkedIn.

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