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My landscaper is leaving ruts in my lawn!

Lawn rutts

My landscaper is leaving ruts in my lawn!

Are you starting to notice after your lawn care provider finishes mowing the lawn that he is leaving ruts in your lawn? Particularly where he is turning? This is a common issue with commercial landscapers. I have worked with lawn care professionals in St. Petersurg Florida, and in Nashville , TN and I see this same problem. So you are not alone.

Common causes for this could be:

They are in a hurry and are going to fast

They are using a mower that is too big for your property

They have an inexperienced operator mowing your lawn.

And then.. you get this..

So what do you do when you see this?  Well... you don't have to necessarily fire your landscaper.

First, ask that he repair the areas by placing seed in the torn up areas next time he comes to mow the lawn. This will cost him a little time and money, so he'll be more careful or train his guys not to turn too fast in your lawn.  If he wont repair the issue, then it might be time to find a new lawn pro.

Second, ask him to go slower, especially when he is turning.  It is possible for him to mow with out causing these kinds of ruts.  The operator will need to come to a complete stop at each turn, and complete it with a 3 point method.  Turning too fast is what causes these ruts.

Third, ask him if its too wet , do not mow.  If you have an irrigation system, you could be causing the problem.   Set your controller to not water the mornings that he comes and ideally not the day before either.   Also in the more shaded parts of your lawn you may be watering too much and adding to the problem.  So give your landscaper the best conditions possible for him to do a good job for you.

It is possible to mow with out issue if he goes slow enough and the turf is not wet from rain or irrigation.  Even with a mower this big

Its possible to mow the lawn with no issue with a mower this big.

The moral of the story, of you start noticing ruts, don't panic.  Give your landscaper a chance to fix the issue and point out these tips listed above. If no luck, then it may be time to find a new lawn pro.

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About The Author

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