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American Lawn Care Lawn Services in Fairfield, CT

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If you want great-looking grass, you'll need to do several things right. One of the most important things you should do often is mowing your grass and keeping your soil healthy. It can get overwhelming at times, especially if you're not sure what to do next or you don't have the time. When your lawn care chores get too hectic, American Lawn Care can help. 

Kick Back and Relax, We'll Do The Dirty Work

American Lawn Care will do it all, grass cutting, edging, weed control, fertilizing, aeration, and much more. 

We've been serving homeowners in Fairfield and Bridgeport, Connecticut, for years. We've worked on properties near Ludlowe Park and all neighborhoods in the city delivering top-quality support from start to finish. 

We'll come to your property on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, depending on what your budget, needs, and what condition your property is in. From lawn mowing services to weed eating, you can count on us to do it right the first time.

Lawn Mowing Services Done Right 

Our lawn mowing services is done using electric mowers that will safely trim your grass bed without leaving gas, oil, or emissions. We use wire trimmers along the edges as well.

We also provide a full weed removal service. This includes pre-emergents in early spring, post-emergents for the start of summer, and using organic weed killers during the summer. We do this to prevent weeds during the germination phase and kill off the ones that survive during the growing season. The process is entirely organic and does not involve using dangerous chemicals that might harm your family and pets. 

Whether it's working on properties on Mill Plain Road, or working on commercial properties in New Haven, Connecticut, we've been successfully helping customers for years. 

Outdoor Pruning & Trimming All Year

Do you own shrubs, bushes, or other landscape features that need trimming or pruning? We'll trim everything and clean up after we finish. We’ll ensure your yard is groomed and looks smooth. 

In fact, we'll also remove snow and ice from your property during the winter. No matter when you need our lawn care company, we're there to help. 

Affordable Pricing Options For All Budgets 

You don’t have to sign up for a contract with us. We offer deals for weekly or monthly lawn care services with special discounts incorporated. We can work out the details whenever you hire us, or you can visit our business profile to learn more.

Contact us at American Lawn Care for quality lawn care services in Fairfield. 


Palm Coast Green Lawn Lawn Services in Fairfield, CT

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Keep your lawn healthy with our lawn care services. At Palm Coast Green Lawn, we follow industry-leading practices to keep your yard healthy and thriving. Get golf course-like lawn care services without the hefty price tag. Want to learn more about our services and discounted prices? Click below to learn more. 

Wallet-Friendly Yard Maintenance For Fairfield Customers 

Regular lawn mowing services can promote greener grass and even healthier soil. When done right, you can turn your lawn into a picturesque oasis, but one wrong is enough to ruin a lush green outdoor space. 

Let's not forget that not enough sunlight, too much rainfall, or not using the right seeds or fertilizers can cause even more issues. Don't leave it all to chance. Our lawn care professionals can help you do it right the first time. 

How We Keep Your Yard Looking Good And Thriving

We follow a simple process. We simply: 

  • Fertilize every 6 to 7 weeks to help promote greener and faster grass growth 
  • Nourish your soil to promote a healthy PH balance 
  • Prevent weeds, crabgrass, grubs, grass disease, and other pesky issues
  • We provide regular lawn mowing services (visits depend on grass type, climate, and soil conditions) 
  • Clear away debris, leaves, and even snow 
  • Trim hedges and
  • We keep your grass green using a combination of proper grass specific seeds and fertilizers 

Our experts at Palm Coast Green Lawn know how to make yard look great and thrive. Our yard maintenance company will help whether you're in Papermill or even as far as Milford, Connecticut.

Who We Serve

We serve properties of all sizes. Yards in the Aspetuck or Greenfield Hill parts of the city can in all shape and sizes. Some have slopes and different elevations. We'll tackle all your lawn care chores, no matter what it looks like.

We guarantee you'll love the work we do for you. If you're at all unhappy with our lawn care or lawn mowing services, we will not charge you for any revisions. Plus, our flexible scheduling system ensures that you’ll get the help you and that you don’t spend too much.

We offer all kinds of lawn service treatment for your yard in Fairfield. We'll keep your grass looking great all year long. Contact Palm Coast Green Lawn for help with your lawn mowing and lawn care needs today.


Wolgast Landscaping Lawn Services in Fairfield, CT

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Is your yard in Fairfield worn out or messy? Do you have a lawn in North Stratfield that won’t stay green no matter what you do? Maybe you have a vast backyard in Greenfield Hill that is impossible to care for by yourself? Whatever lawn care woes you're dealing with, Wolgast Landscaping can restore it to its former glory.

Detailed Lawn Care Services Like No Other 

We provide a comprehensive approach to lawn maintenance. We review the pH level of your soil. A lime treatment may be applied on your lawn to ensure your grass will grow and thrive. Our soil tests are free and come at no extra cost to you. We use the best measuring tools and a reputable lab for all soil testing.

Full Season Lawn Maintenance 

What types of lawn care services do we offer your Fairfield and Waterbury, Connecticut, property?

  • We aerate your yard to loosen the soil. 
  • Improve your existing lawn bed to absorb fertilizers, oxygen, and water. 
  • Apply new grass seed to your turf bed. 
  • Seeding is best done after aeration. We use grass specific seeds that match and work well with your current landscape. 
  • We have done a range of lawn care services for various grass types including fescues, ryegrasses, meadow grasses, and other cool-season grass found in Connecticut.
  • Apply mulch and fertilizers as often as needed for visible lawn improvements in a few weeks.

Tailored Plans For Your Fairfield Yard 

We create a suitable lawn mowing and lawn care schedule for you. Our lawn service program can vary based on the weather conditions, soil conditions, and other environmental factors. Our grass cutting work may be planned out every few weeks in some situations.

Give Your Grass A New Lease On Life

Wolgast Landscaping will give your yard a new lease on life. We'll make your outdoor space as healthy as the lawn you see on Mill Plain Road. 

Contact us for all your lawn care needs today. Our discounted prices and contract-free services make us the best deal in town. 


Turf Angels Lawn Services in Fairfield, CT

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Want the best looking yard on the block? Turf Angels has you covered. From dealing with weeds to issues with drainage and flooding, our landscaping and lawn care professionals are trained to handle it all. Read more to get a behind-the-scenes look at our services and discounted offers. See how you can save big by hiring us. 

Your Lawn Care Angels 

What kind of lawn care problems do you have in your yard in Fairfield? Do you simply need lawn mowing services on a regular basis? Whatever issue or goal you have, our lawn care business can help. 

We serve all kinds of properties, from apartment complexes at Ludlowe Park to traditional houses on Maillands Road. Own a commercial property near the interstate highway? No problem! Our lawn care staff will be there. 

Effective and Efficient Services Done Right

Turf Angels provides all kinds if lawn care services, including weed control and grass mowing. 

We determine the best height for mowing to prevent damaging your grass. We can dictate the height based on the season, the grass you have, and any shade in your yard. In some cases, we can go over your yard a few times at varying heights to ensure your yard is trimmed evenly without mowing more than a third of the grass at a time. Mowing more than a third can cause undue wear to your turf bed. 

Affordable Rates For All Fairfield and Bridgeport Customers

Whether you're in Fairfield or Danbury, Connecticut, our lawn service team will serve you. You will find that we offer some of the most reasonable rates for lawn maintenance in Fairfield. 

While living in the city can be expensive, our lawn care services are not. Get everything from mowing to simple yard work without coughing up a fortune. Our prices begin at $53, which is one of the lowest in the area. Plus, you're not locked into any needless contract. 

More Free Time For You 

Enjoy your free time and let us handle the yard work. Whether you enjoy visiting New York or the beaches in Long Island Sound, there a plenty of things you can do instead of working on your backyard this year. 

Our experts at Turf Angels will arrive on the day and time you pencil us in, and get to work right away. If you're not home, we'll provide updates before and after every job. 

Contact Turf Angels for all your lawn care needs. 

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American Lawn Care has done well with caring for my yard on Henderson Road. I’ve had far too many problems with my yard over the years, especially in trying to keep it green. But the people at American have helped me trim the grass without going too deep. I notice that they often go over certain parts of my yard many times, cutting the grass gradually without removing it all at once. I’ve learned that the extra effort ensures that my yard won’t experience more stress while being trimmed. The work that they provide for my yard is impressive.

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affordable-landscaping-maintenance-services-in-Fairfield-CT affordable-landscaping-maintenance-services-in-Fairfield-CT affordable-lawn-services-in-Fairfield-CT the-yard-cutting-businesses-in-Fairfield-CT affordable-lawn-services-in-Fairfield-CT

Palm Coast Green Lawn has been supportive in giving my yard in Springer Glen the best look it could have. I haven’t had much time to care for my yard on my own due to my busy work schedule. But the people at Palm Coast have been more than capable of helping me to restore the look of my lawn. They have helped me with restoring the grass and with ensuring everything is cut to the same height. They even help me with trimming the grass near my fence. The people at Palm Coast have been beneficial.

William Beaton grass cutting in Fairfield CT
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Wolgast Landscaping serves my home in Osborn Hill every month with all the needs my yard has. The people here help me with removing weeds from my yard, cleaning up the leaves from my trees, trimming the edges, and power washing my driveway. They clean up after they finish my work as well. Everyone always does what they say they will, and that includes when they help me with cleaning up snow from my trees. They are there at the right times as well, although I do appreciate how I can adjust my schedule for the services that I require.

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Turf Angels have been very helpful in giving my yard the support it needs. The people at Turf Angels understand how my fescue lawn is growing at my yard on Duck Farm. It’s great that there’s a company here in Fairfield that knows what my yard needs and never questions what I require. Their mowing equipment is cared for quite well too. They are very supportive in ensuring my yard is trimmed evenly, not to mention they always clean up after themselves. The people here understand what my yard needs every time they assist me.