Need a one-time lawn mowing? Get ready to pay more and wait. (Here's The Research)

Need a one-time lawn mowing? Get ready to pay more and wait. (Here's The Research)

Need a one-time lawn mowing? Get ready to pay more and wait. (Here's The Research)

Looking for someone to cut your lawn in the short term

Have you ever been quoted an absurd price for a single cut? 

Maybe you are going on vacation, or your lawn mower broke down.

Perhaps you simply just don’t feel like baking in the sun....

Regardless of your reason. Here is what you should know about hiring a one-time lawn care guy.

Let's jump right on in!

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Why is it so hard to get a one time lawn care service? (Our Research)

According to information gathered by our lawn care app. GreenPal, like most businesses and lawn care professionals make their money on services and additional work from their recurring customer base. 

For example: 

  • weekly or biweekly mows,      

  • shrub and bush trimming,      

  • mulching,         

  • aerating,     

  • weed removal, etc.     

That’s how they pay their bills and feed their families—not from one-time mows. 

Seriously, it doesn't matter if they cut grass in Altamonte Springs, Florida, or mow lawns in Pasadena, Texas, These additional services and recurring cuts will keep the blades sharp and the blowers blowing.

Do most lawn care companies offer one time lawn mowing?

Our Polling of 1000 Lawn Care Vendors

Look, GreenPal (GP) conducted a poll with over a thousand lawn care pros to find out more specifics on whether or not they would entertain one-time mowings. 

The research indicates that priority is the reason those single cuts are often so difficult to obtain. 

Secondly, those single mows will almost likely be quoted at a premium price.

For instance, a normal $35 mow could cost you as much as $50 or $60 for a one-time mow. 

Below are more specific results of GreenPal’s poll findings.

52% of vendors say they would consider a one time mowing

“I never turn business down”—

Fifty-two percent of GP’s lawn pros responded that they would never turn down a call because there is always a chance to earn that customer’s repeat business. 

Crystal Harrell, who runs a landscaping company in Columbus, Ohio, says, 

We have our contracted customers, and we will make sure they are mowed before any one-time call in’s.” b, “If the crews are going to be in overtime, we will charge a premium to cover those prices. If we do have the time for that lawn, and customer approves the pricing, we will try our best to upsell on a service or lobby for recurring cuts on that property.” 

43% of vendors say it depends on how busy they are

Forty-three percent of GP’s respondents said they may entertain the notion depending on the time of year and how busy they are. 

Andy Tucker, with NatureScape in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, replies that if he is not busy, he will take one-time mows until his calendar is full. 

If it’s February or March, and I’m slow, I’ll do them but after that timeframe, my regulars come first, and there is rarely any time to take on any additional work,” Tucker admits. “I will never put those mows at the top of my To-do list, though.” 

11% of vendors say they NEVER would

“I will never perform one-time mows.”—

Eleven percent of GP’s pollsters said they never take on one-time mows. 

Tucker Judd, with Hidden Hills Lawn and Landscaping in Canton, Georgiaexplains most are not worth the time so he never accepts them. 

One-time cuts are normally a disaster because the lawn is so tall and has been neglected,” he complains. “Also, most people do not understand why the costs are so high for one mow so it’s just not worth the time it takes to quote or perform the service. I’d rather spend that time on one of my regular customer’s lawn.” 

Pros and Cons of One-Time Mowing Services

Immediate solution for urgent needs.Higher costs for consumers.
No long-term commitment required.Less priority than regular customers.
Opportunity for vendors to impress and gain repeat business.Can lead to rushed jobs due to lower prioritization.
Flexible for consumer's schedule.Availability may vary greatly by season.
Good test of a service before committing.Potential for inconsistent quality.
Can be a gateway to discovering other services offered by the vendor.Higher operational costs for vendors mean premium pricing.

So, What is the best way to get a one time mow?

While most lawn care pros admit to entertaining the idea of a one-time mow. Those single-cut customers would never be a priority and could be waiting with an uncut lawn for a long period of time. 

Even worse, the costs associated with those single mows would almost never be priced at what a recurring homeowner would receive.

So what is GP’s advice for anyone looking for a one time mow? 

You can take your chances on Craigslist but be warned that Craigslist can have several lawn care pros that claim to be professionals but you will never be certain until they arrive at your property to mow. 

Or, you can also try thumbtack to hire a professional. But keep in mind that the vendors using that platform sometimes pay upwards of $10 just for the opportunity to speak to you about your needs. Needless to say, the lawn pros may be a little disappointed to learn that you only need a single cut. 

You can also try GreenPal which allows you to audition your lawn pro, but after the first mow. Our system will require you to set up ongoing service with that vendor. 

Explore Various Platforms: Each has its pros and cons:

CraigslistPotential for varied professionalism; user discretion advised.
ThumbtackCosts for vendors may lead to higher quotes.
GreenPalRequires setup for ongoing service after initial mow.
FacebookWide availability but quality and reliability vary.

What's the typical cost for a one-time lawn mowing service?

The cost of a one-time lawn mowing service can vary widely depending on your location, lawn size, and the grass's condition, but expect to pay a premium over regular services, often ranging from $50 to $60 for a standard yard.

Several factors influence the pricing for one-time mows beyond just location and lawn size. For example, if your lawn has been neglected for a while and the grass has grown excessively, it will require more time, effort, and possibly special equipment, which will increase the cost. Also, the time of year can impact both availability and pricing; during peak growth seasons, there's higher demand for services, which might drive up prices. 

Additionally, companies often charge a premium for scheduling a service outside of their usual routes, considering it an inconvenience. 

When reaching out for quotes, make sure to provide detailed information about your lawn's condition and size to receive the most accurate estimates.

Need One-Time Lawn Mowing? Here's What You Should Know:(TL;DR)

Why It's Difficult: Lawn care pros focus on recurring services, so one-time mows are less prioritized and may come at a premium price.

Poll Results:

  • 52% of vendors consider one-time mows, hoping to convert them into regular customers.
  • 43% may consider based on availability, while 11% never accept due to time and cost constraints.

Best Way to Get One-Time Mow: Expect delays and higher costs. Options include Craigslist (less reliable), Thumbtack (may disappoint), or GreenPal (requires ongoing service commitment).

The Bottom Line on Getting a One Time Lawn Mowing

With all that being said, your best bet may be to jump online, get your bids, and consider letting the pros handle your lawn care needs.

The truth is you will be hardpressed to find anyone willing to cut your lawn infrequently without a higher price tag.

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