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Too busy to grow your lawn care business? GreenPal to the rescue.

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According to, 80% of small businesses fail within the first 18 months of operation; this includes lawn care businesses. 

The reasons for this staggering number vary but the stat is still eye opening nonetheless. 

With so many factors involved in order to make a business survive—marketing, accounting, etc—where does a company reach out for help? 

Worse still, with so many marketing gimmicks and companies promising to “grow your business,” great opportunities may be missed amongst all their noise. 

And when you are laying the foundation of your lawn care company, you need all he help you can get!

Fortunately, for lawn care businesses, help has arrived...

How Will GreenPal Help You Grow Your Lawn Care Company?

GreenPal, now operates in all 50 states in 1000’s of markets, We have set ourselves up to be the go-to company when it comes to growing your lawn care business. 

GreenPal is built by landscapers for landscapers, it has been coined by the vendors using GreenPal as the “operating system of the lawn care industry.” 

Our company’s primary goal is to make the lives of vendors’ easier. GreenPal not only handles the marketing, but also scheduling, managing customer relationships, and getting vendors paid after each service. 

In a nutshell, the only task that any GreenPal lawn care pro needs to do is simply mow.

Check out this---> Looking to plan your lawn care routes better?

Why should you try GreenPal? Here’s What Lawn Care Pros Had to Say!

Should you take GreenPal’s word for it? 

Here is some input from four GreenPal vendors, each in different locations. They demonstrate how our company has been able to add more ease into their business lives.

1. "Increased Gross Revenue by 10%"

Eric Johnson, EJ’s Lawn Care in Kirkwood, Mo had this to say:

“GreenPal was able to increase my gross revenue in 2016 by 10%,” Eric explains. “I used to hang fliers all over neighborhoods which was a big waste of time. GreenPal brought the customers to me, and I was able to bid, do the job, and get paid.” 

That's not all, being able to let GreenPal handle mundane chores was also a relief to Johnson. 

“I can’t even begin to calculate how many hours GreenPal has saved me by not having to send out invoices and chase money. GreenPal is like my bill collector and virtual accountant.” 

Growing a business and keeping customers is difficult in itself, but Eric suggests to anyone starting in the landscaping business to 

“Work hard, do your best work every time, be polite, and be kind.” 

Eric's Tip! “Learn from your mistakes, learn from other people in the business, and strive to be the best at what you do."

2. "I went from 5 yards to 65 in 30 days"

Sean Fitzpatrick, Sean’s Lawn Care in Mt. Juliet, Tn

“My business went from 5 yards per week to over 65 yards per week within 30 days of signing up with GreenPal,” Sean boasts. “Ninety five percent of my business is from GreenPal, and I am moving my previous customers over to GreenPal as well." 

Sean is a part time truck operator and part time GreenPal lawn pro. 

“I was able to gross over $65k part time in 2016 due to GreenPal,” Fitzpatrick explains. “If I had to put a number on it, GreenPal saves me at least 15 hours per week,” Sean states. 

I am no longer on the phone with customers scheduling and rescheduling appointments. Also, with two jobs, I don’t have the chance to do any marketing, and I don’t have signs on my truck promoting myself—GreenPal does that for me.” 

Sean’s favorite feature? 

“I love being able to see the satellite images of the property,” Sean laughs. “GreenPal also has a link to Zillow, so you can easily get the square footage of the property. I will never have to drive to a property just to quote—only to mow.” 

Sean's Tip! “Start slow, price at what the lawn is worth, and do a great job every time.

3. "My business more than doubled."

Jeremy Stanley, Stanley Lawn Care in Jefferson, Ga

“At peak season last year, my business more than doubled,” Stanley exclaims. “I had around 30 customers, and after GreenPal, that number was around 132 homeowners.” Jeremy also credits GreenPal for saving him an incredible amount of office time. 

“GP has saved me countless hours of number crunching and being in the office,” says the father of two. “I also save time and money on marketing because GreenPal is like having a full-time marketing person on my team.” 

The feature that Jeremy wouldn’t be able to live without? 

“My favorite part of the GreenPal system is not having to manually update any scheduling changes for my customers. Whether it be because of bad weather or that the lawn doesn’t need to be mowed that week, I hit a button and it updates my customers.” 

He also loves the fact that GreenPal keeps all of the customers’ information, and that info is readily available at a touch of a button. 

Jeremy's Tip! “Sign up with GreenPal!”

4. "Increased my lawn business 100% several times over."

Robert Miley, Robert Miley Lawn Care in Tampa, Fl

“Having to move from Lakeland, FL, to Tampa, I basically had to start all over when it came to growing my lawn care clientele,” Miley explains. “I saw an ad for GreenPal and knew that it was a great idea, and I loved the satisfaction guarantee they made for the homeowners.” 

Robert goes on to add, “GreenPal has increased my lawn business 100% several times over.” Miley also credits GreenPal for saving him time for tasks that are not top of mind. “I really can’t imagine how much time has been saved because I am not too quick in the office and don’t enjoy the invoicing and the marketing side. Some customers want invoicing while others don’t, so it can be a little overwhelming to keep everything straight—GreenPal does all of this for me.” 

Miley, who has conducted thousands of transactions through GreenPal still loves seeing the text message when a new lawn is available. 

“It is so easy to add a customer on this platform,” Miley says. “I’ll get a text, check out the images on my phone, read the customer details, check the frequency of service, and then I’ll bid the price I think is fair.”

I’ve been spoiled by this platform and don’t even want to think about how anyone would want to build a customer base without using GreenPal.” 

Miley's Tip! Miley would recommend anyone that is wanting to start a lawn care business to buy good equipment and then immediately sign up with GreenPal.

The Bottom Line: Lawn Care Pros Use GreenPal To Grow Their Business

These testimonials clearly suggest that GreenPal can effectively help individuals grow their lawn care business and also save them precious time while doing so. 

So, if you have a landscaping business and are tired of marketing, keeping track of customers, scheduling, and invoicing. Simply let GreenPal’s automation handle those ordinary tasks for you, after all you have enough tasks when it comes to managing your lawn care company.

Want to grow your business even more? Check out these tips for marketing on Facebook.

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