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Needing your Lawn Cut?

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Here are Best Lawn Care Services in Glenshaw, PA as of Apr, 2019


Helping Brothers Lawn Services in Glenshaw, PA

Hired 189 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.159 Reviews)

The Helping Brothers are your trusted local lawn mowing service in Pittsburgh and Glenshaw. For those of you who might be new to the game, don’t let any cheap lawn mowing service tell you different: lawn mowing does not have to cost you an arm and a leg. The best lawn care in Glenshaw is right here, we are as affordable as a dinner for two!

After you read this, think about looking out to your lawn to see what you don’t like about it. I guarantee you if you have a problem with it we can fix it. As reliable landscapers in Glenshaw for almost ten years, there isn’t a single problem we can’t handle. We have done jobs as simple as planting trees to palm tree installation. Even if you aren’t exactly sure what you need, we are the landscapers that can help you figure it out. There is no need to say more, we have cut grass all over Glenshaw and Pittsburgh, from homes to Kiwanis Park. Reach out to us for a free estimate and get the best affordable lawn maintenance in Glenshaw, Pa!

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C&J Lawn Services in Glenshaw, PA

Hired 84 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.160 Reviews)

Hi there, thank you for checking out my company’s profile. It means a lot that you are considering us for your next lawn mowing. Because you trust us with your home, we will do everything in our power to give you the best yard maintenance in Glenshaw. Your lawn will be the envy of all your neighbors. We serve Glenshaw primarily, but we can go as far north as Allison Park if you need us to. Pittsburgh is our home, so we are very familiar with every part of the city and its soil. Ask the next landscaper you hire for a cheap lawn mowing in Glenshaw, and if he doesn’t mention anything about how he is going to grow your grass thicker and greener, get rid of him. A lot of times, these so-called professional landscape maintenance in Glenshaw are just people who know where Home Depot is. But if you want true lawn care, something that is going to be good for your lawn in the long road, then you know who to call.

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Lawns And Beyond Lawn Services in Glenshaw, PA

Hired 219 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.147 Reviews)

You can depend on Lawns and Beyond to be there for you any day of the week. When you hire us, you are getting a team of professional landscapers who do this for a living. We aren’t college kids looking for drinking money, we are not a cheap lawn mower in Glenshaw looking to make a quick buck. Our business is your grass, our goal is to beautify your lawn. We are based in Etna, and handle up to thirty lawns per week. This upcoming season, we are looking to add at least five more homes that are ready to see a transformation like never before. If you don’t believe us, just head over to our profile to see our most recent work. If you aren’t impressed with our work, then we will not do well together. But if you are then prepare yourself for the best lawn care in Glenshaw.

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Matt’s Lawn Services in Glenshaw, PA

Hired 98 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.203 Reviews)

We are very fortunate to be able to join GreenPal as they grow their services. We have heard great things so far from our friends who are already on it, and as your dedicated landscaper in Glenshaw and all of Pittsburgh, I want you to know that we are here for you. If you are paying your mortgage, you have no reason to not have a beautiful lawn. It’s a waste if you don’t! But I get it, sometimes you are just too busy to do it yourself, but that is why we are here. Places like Beth Shalom Cemetery throughout the city have seen major improvements to their grounds in as little as a week with their lawn. Let Matt’s Lawn Care show you how it’s done, and if you are not satisfied then you can have your money back. But I challenge you to honestly say to yourself that we are not the most courteous and professional lawn mowers in Glenshaw that you have worked with!

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Here are a few 5 Star Ratings from GreenPal users

(based on 4 reviews)
Hector Quintero Grass Cutting in Glenshaw PA
There aren’t really many lawn care services in Wittmer, but I have been able to find some quality landscapers in Glenshaw. It’s a bit of a drive for them but I don’t mind paying them the gas. Who knows how I would have found The Lawn Barber without GreenPal. Imagine me driving out that far just hoping to find someone? Maybe the bigger cities don’t have that problem, but we do. GreenPal is exactly what I needed and they pulled through.
Brittany Gamez Grass Cut in Glenshaw PA
I went ahead with Christopher From Tru Green. He seemed like a good fit after his first few emails. I needed some serious work done on my yard, way more than a cheap lawn mowing. By the time he sent me a message, I already turned down two other guys because all they kept saying was that they were the best lawn mowers in Glenshaw. Uh, great man. One guy was bragging about his work on Shaler North Hills Library, but I could care less. I care about my yard, and Chris was the only one that saw that. It was an easy decision to be honest.
Spencer Boyle Lawn Cut in Glenshaw PA
The men at C&J Landscaping are excellent local stand-outs. Class acts when it comes to communication, and their work is unmatched. I contracted them for their cheap lawn mowing prices last year even before they were on GreenPal, so when they let me know what they were doing with their business I had no problem switching over. We used to know each other back even then when they were the best yard maintenance in Glenshaw. Now that they’ve expanded to Fox Chapel I can’t help but write them another review. Conor you’re the man! My backyard has never looked better!
Claudia De Leon Lawn Care Service in Glenshaw PA
What magic is this! I was just googling for someone to help me out with St. Bonaventure Church, and I guess God heard my mission! I sent out so many emails but the only response I got were the landscapers in Glenshaw I talked to through GreenPal. C&J Landscaping got the job from now until doomsday if he wants it, he does amazing work every time he comes out. The Lord would be so proud of his temple here.

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However you found GreenPal, your search for the best deals in cheap lawn mowing in Glenshaw are over. We have brought to you all your options for lawn mowing, landscaping, and general yard cleanup. Whether you are looking for a complete lawn transformation, or just a little clean up to get your house in shape, GreenPal can connect you with your next hire. Sure, you could hunt down the best deals on Craigslist or Google, but we have made it easier than ever by doing the work for you.

The whole point of you wanting to hire someone to take over your yard maintenance in Glenshaw is to save you time, so why not save even more time with GreenPal’s services? GreenPal is fast becoming the internet’s first choice in finding local lawn care in Glenshaw, but we are just as popular throughout the rest of the state of Pennsylvania. Pittsburgh alone already has a healthy community of lawn mowers and landscapers in Sharpsburg, Lawrenceville, Mckees Rocks, and Emsworth. People just like you are contracting these lawn care services to take care of their yard mowing, and they are doing it just as easily as they are calling for Ubers.

GreenPal’s system is a meeting place for all things lawn care. Here you can discuss with potential hires about your lawn, whether it is about your soil or your next step in installing trees or rock formations. We have seen people get in touch with the most expert landscapers in Glenshaw with the strangest requests, but yet they are finding someone just right for the job.

The only limitation to GreenPal is yourself. With our messaging platform there is no excuse why you can't find someone to help you with your next landscaping job. What is more, you can always be sure that every hire you make on GreenPal is with a professional, legitimate and accredited company. That is the only kind of company allowed on GreenPal. If you truly are looking for cheap lawn mowing in Glenshaw, Pennsylvania, then try Craigslist. But if you want cheap lawn mowing in Glenshaw with someone who is a craftsman at their trade, then you have found the website to do that! This is how contracting lawn care is supposed to be!

About Glenshaw Pennsylvania

Glenshaw is a city in Pennsylvania, United States.

Glenshaw lies in the Shaler, Hampton, Indiana, O’Hara and Ross township in the county of Allegheny in the state of Pennsylvania. In that township, Glenshaw is the census-designated place where the United States Census localizes the population statistics of the area. Glenshaw, among the other townships around it, has a population of only nine thousand.

Subsequently, the annals of history have overlooked this area of Pennsylvania, despite the deep history of the state as a whole and its role in the nation’s history. Geographically, Glenshaw, Pennsylvania covers a total square mileage of 3.1 square miles (eight square kilometers) where almost all of that is land. 

In fact, Glenshaw is one of the few townships in the United States that is completely land. Although the population is just over nine thousand, the population density of Glenshaw comes up to about three thousand people per square mile (just over one thousand per square kilometer). Glenshaw lies in the Eastern Time Zone, and is listed as the 15116 area code. In an unfortunate circumstance, especially unfortunate given the township’s small size and sizeable population, it is listed as having the highest percentage of sex offenders in terms of the general population. However, this comes only as a statistical circumstance, as the statistic disappears when viewed in conjunction with only one more township close by.

Source: Wikipedia

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