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Needing your Lawn Cut?

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Here are Best Lawn Care Services in Compton, CA as of Sep, 2019


Fieldmaxx Lawn Services in Compton, CA

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Most people in Compton CA don’t think about their lawns all that much. The lawns aren’t that big when compared with what you’d see in Beverly Hills or Santa Monica or another high-end part of Los Angeles County. But that doesn’t matter to us here at Fieldmaxx. Our team here at Fieldmaxx will help you with getting the lawn cut at your home in Compton CA.

We serve homes all around Compton by mowing grass in all its forms. We are experts in handling grasses of all types around the city. These include greens surrounding some of the most beautiful landscapes in the Compton area. We do well with keeping every lawn looking its best no matter how large or small it might be.

We’ve worked on even the toughest properties in Compton. We once worked on a home on Gibson Avenue that had been dealing with dead grass patches all around the place. We helped by reviewing how the soil was arranged and assisted in aerating and loosening up the soil to allow water to drain. After that, we added seed to the area and worked with a regular lawn mowing process every three weeks. It did not take long for the home to have the greenest lawn on the road. All those dead grass spots were gone as well.

That is only one of the stories we have to offer surrounding the work that we have put in for helping homes around the city. We have helped many others around the city, and we can surely help you with getting your lawn mowing tasks handled. You can talk with us for regular weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly services depending on your demands.

Our team can come to your property as needed. We are available to help people throughout all parts of Compton CA. We can come out to Central Compton and take care of any lawn in the area no matter how small it might be, for instance. The lawns out here and in other spots around Compton might be small in size, but they are important for making the first impression to anyone.

Don’t forget about our commercial lawn service. Our lawn service is available for help with many of the commercial properties around spots like the Dominguez Hills area. These include places that have small lawn spots at their front parts. We can help with the grass cutting, seeding, aerating, and watering tasks that you need help with. We can take care of these efforts without getting in anyone’s way, although you can schedule us to come to your spot at a time that suits your space’s needs the most.

See how our team at Fieldmaxx can help you with your lawn care demands. We offer the best lawn maintenance service in Compton CA that all homeowners can take advantage of. We can also share with you some examples of our prior projects to give you an idea of what makes our services so valuable and trusted among people throughout the city.

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Vicious Landscaping Lawn Services in Compton, CA

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Our team at Vicious Landscaping is a part of the Vicious Mobile Detailing company. What does this mean for you? This means that you will get a quality landscaping service from a team that pays attention to every part of your home. We offer a full approach to handling your lawn while taking care of every issue around your space no matter how large or small the problem might be.

We recognize that homes all around Compton CA have various important needs surrounding their lawn care demands. People in the Foster area have sizeable lawns and small landscaping spots that need to be as beautiful as the lawns at nearby Foster Elementary School. Meanwhile, some people have larger lawns near Long Beach Boulevard and require some extra effort with keeping their spots green. Our lawn service will help people with all of the lawn care needs regardless of where in Compton they are located.

You can talk with us at Vicious Landscaping for help with your lawn care demands. Our team offers a complete plan for yard maintenance that you are bound to love at your space.

We are available to help you with every problem on your lawn during any season. We can help you with aerating your lawn in the spring so space won’t be compacted during the warmest times of the year. We can also seed the lawn during the fall to ensure the spot is nourished before space gets dormant. Our team can also clean off your yard during the fall, clearing out all the leaves and weeds that have grown around the space. Our team will assist you with your lawn maintenance needs no matter where your home is in Compton CA. The best part of our grass cutting service is that you don’t have to spend lots of money to get services from us. We are available to help you with your lawn mowing needs no matter what your budget might be like. We will assist you in figuring out the expenses needed for your yard maintenance demands. Our charges are straightforward and transparent, thus ensuring you won’t spend anything extra without us asking for your permission for it first. Don’t forget that we can provide you with a free consultation at your lawn in Compton. We will analyze the space to see what we can do for your grass cutting needs among other things. We want to ensure that your space is treated with only the lawn mowing and yard maintenance solutions that you know you require. It’s possible for you to get a lawn as green as the fields around Compton College. More importantly, we will ensure that your yard will be treated well to where you won’t have to get an artificial surface on your space like what the football stadium at the college uses. Contact us at Vicious Landscaping for details on how we can take care of every aspect of the lawn care process at your space.

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Wendy's Gardening Lawn Services in Compton, CA

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You can talk with us at Wendy’s Gardening if you need help with keeping your lawn in Compton CA looking good as new. We know that many more modern developments around the Compton area seem beautiful as they feature bright green lawns that were installed not long ago. The properties around Dominguez Hills Estates are a good example of this. You can find many new homes in the area with beautiful lawns that were planted not long ago.

But maybe you live in a part of Compton CA that is a little older. Spots around Compton Boulevard near the Tropicana Motel have seen a little more action over the years. But those places could look good as new if the people out there contacted us at Wendy’s Gardening for help. Maybe you can talk with us if you live out there or at any other spot in Compton that’s a little older. We’ll make your lawn look its best.

But how will we help you with making your lawn look like it was planted not long ago? You can talk with us at Wendy’s Gardening for help with your grass cutting efforts. We are lawn mowing providers that will help you with more than just getting your lawn cut the right way. We will also help you with seeding your lawn and watering your space. We can also analyze the drainage around your yard to see how well your place can stay hydrated and under control.

We go well beyond offering yard maintenance services in Compton here at Wendy’s Gardening. You can also talk with us about getting your trees cared for. We provide a full tree trimming service for homes all around Compton. Our team can help with any tree, including the cedar trees around the appropriately-named Cedar Avenue. You can even ask us for help if you ever need to get any of those trees in your hard removed for any intention.

Our team will come to your property in Compton to review everything surrounding how well space looks. Whether it’s at Tamarind or East Sibrie Park or any space in between, we can come to your spot to take care of your lawn for you. Our analysis will go through every aspect of your lawn, including help for checking on how the grass is growing and if you can get enough water to move out of your yard on time. We want to see that you’re getting your lawn cared for without problems or without doing more than what is needed for your spot.

See how our team at Wendy’s Gardening can help you with your lawn care demands. We will help your lawn look as beautiful as it did the day your lawn was first laid out. Besides, just because your home in Compton CA is old doesn’t mean that your yard has to reflect that point. We will help you with keeping your lawn looking new and attractive even if your place has aged a bit.

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Ortiz Landscape Lawn Services in Compton, CA

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Not everyone in Compton has time to mow their lawns. It is so hard to get out to other spots in Los Angeles and Anaheim Counties in Compton that people often reserve large swaths of time in their days for traveling to and from their places of work or study. That’s where our services at Ortiz Landscape can come in handy for when your lawn needs the best care possible.

You can talk with us at Ortiz Landscape if you need assistance with getting your lawn mowing needs covered right. We will help you with all your lawn care demands while you are out at work or school. We offer a comprehensive service that will take care of your lawn mowing needs by reviewing every aspect of your lawn to see how well it grows and what should work. The precise and detailed work that we put in for making your landscape attractive is important for seeing that what you’ve got can work well for the requirements you have surrounding your space.

Contact us, and we’ll help you schedule a time for coming to your space. We can get out to any spot in Compton CA no matter how far from the highway the place might be. Do you have a home near Del Amo Estates that is surrounded by lots of commercial sites? We’ll get out to your place at a time that fits your schedule or request. You can contact us to get to your home whether it’s at School Street, Kelly Park, or any other busy spot around Compton.

We’ll work on a specific schedule or plan for your lawn that you can trust. We can come over to your property while you are out. We will analyze your lawn based on how well it grows, how it changes in elevation and the ideal grass cutting pattern that we should utilize.

We’ll make sure that we take care of the mowing effort and then clean up before you get back. We can also place your grass clippings at a spot near your property if you prefer to keep them for yourself for any intention. But whatever you choose, we will ensure that your lawn will look better than it did when you left for the day.

It doesn’t matter where you might plan on doing outside your property. Maybe you’ve got to walk your dog around Cesar Chavez Park. Perhaps you’ve got classes as CSUDH that take up much of your time. Whatever the situation might be, you can talk with us at Ortiz Landscaping to see that your lawn mowing needs are covered. Besides, you’ve got enough on your plate as it is.

Get in touch with us at Ortiz Landscape if you need lawn services that you can trust. We are available to serve you with the best lawn mowing solutions in Compton. Our thorough approach to taking care of your lawn will ensure that you’ll get the most out of your space without having to stress over how the spot will look. See how we can help you with your lawn mowing demands today.

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Here are a few 5 Star Ratings from GreenPal users

(based on 4 reviews)
Annette Reed Lawn Cut in Compton CA

My home on Tajauta Avenue is not far from the Laurel Street Elementary School where I work. The lawn at my spot had been dealing with several weed problems. I wanted to get my yard to look as beautiful and clean as what the school campus has, so I contacted Fieldmaxx for help. The team reviewed how my soil was compacted and assisted me with a full aeration and seeding service. They also helped me with drying out the weeds around my lawn without damaging the rest of the bed. The team was accommodating in getting my weeds cleared out the right way so my lawn looks as beautiful as the schoolyard.

Yvonna Davis Lawn Service in Compton CA

I can trust the people at Vicious Landscaping with helping me to make the most out of my property every time I ask for help. The team at Vicious is very useful in giving me the support I need. They can come to my spot on Short Avenue and take care of the lawn mowing work while I go shopping at the Wal-Mart down the street. The team always cleans up after they finish and have done well with helping me keep my lawn free of weeds. They also do a great job with keeping dead spots from appearing. The team has been mowing my lawn every month for a year, and the place still looks green.

Richard Smith Lawn Cut in Compton CA

I talked with Wendy’s Gardening for help with my landscape at my home on Gibson Avenue not long ago. The team helped me with trimming the trees and bushes around my space, but their grass cutting service was the part I was the most impressed with. The team was very effective in getting my lawn cut correctly. They also did well with cleaning off my space after they were finished with cutting the spot. They were very friendly and helpful and did not delay when getting my lawn covered right. I would recommend them to anyone in Compton who needs a good lawn maintenance team.

Latrell Eastman Lawn Cut in Compton CA

I needed help with getting my lawn cut in the industrial space on Mona Boulevard, but I also needed help with keeping my lawn clean so that it wouldn’t be hurt by all that dust coming along from the trucks in the area. Ortiz Landscape has helped me quite well with ensuring my lawn is treated right. The grass cutting team does well with mowing my lawn and with watering it on occasion. They have also helped me with aerating the lawn so it will stay fresh and able to handle anything the area around the industrial park might try to bring.

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Compton CA is a place home to a diverse array of properties. Each spot has unique lawn care demands. The lawns around Cesar Chavez Park are relatively small, but they need to be treated with care with the best grass cutting service possible. Meanwhile, the yards are a little larger around Cypress Street than elsewhere.

The odds are your lawn is unique in some way when compared to everything else in Compton CA. You might have a particular type of grass, or the drainage for your yard is unique in some way. The good news is that you can get a quality lawn care service to come out to your home in Compton to help you take care of your lawn. Best of all, you can use our service at GreenPal to help you find the best possible yard maintenance team that your Compton property deserves.

You can check out the GreenPal app to see what lawn care providers are located in your area. We can help you by listing information on lawn care teams in your area based on your address. You will find groups of all kinds near you whether you are in the Wilmington or Northwood area of Compton among other spots.

The best part of what we have to offer here is that you will find great lawn mowing teams that will work for you no matter what your lawn is like. You can check on each provider to see who offers what services and how much they charge. You will discover when using GreenPal that it is easy to get services ready for your home. You can find many lawn services through GreenPal, including solutions that will help you with managing your landscape.

Don’t forget that the services listed on GreenPal are guaranteed to be to your liking. We offer services from many groups that feature in the Compton Chamber of Commerce among other local business groups. You can trust your lawn to the many groups that are listed on the GreenPal app. You can also read reviews for each of these providers to learn more about what each one has to offer and how those groups can work for you. You can switch between providers if necessary as well. You can cancel a contract with one group and change to another through the same app if needed. The system also allows you to pay for services through the app. This is great for cases like when you can find a home closer to your home, whether it is near Kelly Park or another famous landmark in the city. Download the GreenPal app today and see who you can find when looking for lawn services in Compton CA. You will find many excellent grass cutting teams that will come to your property and offer the best services that your home demands. You will be satisfied with the results that will come from anyone that you hire. The savings you’ll get out of using the GreenPal app will help too.

About Compton California

Compton is a city in California, United States.

Compton CA is known by many as Hub City for its central locality in the Los Angeles area. The city is also one of the youngest in the area.

The city is noteworthy for its extensive rap scene. Many rap artists originate out of Compton including Ice Cube, Dr. Dre, Coolio, Kendrick Lamar, and The Game.

The Compton Unified School District serves the city of Compton CA. There are four high schools in the district. Dominguez High School is noteworthy for having produced many professional basketball players. California State University at Dominguez Hills is located outside the southwestern end of the city’s limits.

The Crystal Casino is located on the southern end of the city. Compton is also located not far from the Hustler Casino and the Lucky Lady Casino, although those two are to the west.

Some parts of Compton’s history can be seen in the central part of the city. The Heritage House and the Eagle Tree are two prominent spots in the city that date back to the mid-nineteenth century. The Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial is a popular public attraction and meeting space in the city.

Compton CA is situated on a land mass that was part of Rancho San Pedro, a site given to American immigrants after the Mexican-American War. A grouping of settlers acquired the land in the 1860s. The city was formed in 1888 after settled Griffith Compton donated his land to incorporate the city. Compton grew in the twentieth century with black residents flocking to the city to be near Watts, a regional area with an already established black population.

Compton is located south of downtown Los Angeles. Lynwood is direct to the north, while Paramount is east of the city. The Garden Freeway or Route 91 is on the southern end of the city. The Los Angeles River is to the east along with the Long Beach Freeway or I-710.

Compton has a population of about 95,000. The city has a median age of under 30, thus making Compton one of the youngest in Los Angeles County. The city also has one of the largest black communities in the city. There is also a large Filipino and Vietnamese community in the city, with many people in those demographics living in the western end of the city.

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