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Revolution Lawn Lawn Services in Zanesville, OH

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Want a good-looking lawn with less time and effort? Hire Revolution Lawn. We often see homeowners spend hours upon hours working outside. The good news is, this doesn't have to be you. You don't spend your free time keeping your lawn in tip-top shape. We can cut the time you spend mowing or maintaining it by working smarter.

If you want lawn care services in Zanesville, Ohio, or some other city in Muskingum County, that requires less effort to maintain, Revolution Lawn can help. Whether you're in Avare, Wildwood, or another neighborhood in the region, we'll make sure to provide the lawn service solutions that keep your lawn in great shape.

Plus, once we're done, our advice and work will slash the time and effort it takes to keep your outdoors in the best possible shape ever.

Our green thumbs will begin every job by checking out your property. We look at your grass and identify its type. For the most part, properties in this region are generally bluegrass, perennial fescue, and other cool-season grass. Some people have Bermuda grass, and they're easy to spot. If you ever see brown, dingy, and muddy grass after frost, it's probably that type of grass.

Whatever type you own, we dish an action plan to empower it with the proper nutrition, workload, and love. One wrong move can really set the look of your lawn back in a major way. Whether it's cutting too low, using dull blades, not using the right fertilizers, or other common mistakes, Revolution Lawn ensures we do it right.

Not only do we provide high-quality lawn care services in Zanesville, we'll help you save money too. Plus, we don't do contracts. We hate the sight of one and don't force you into one. If you need ongoing lawn mowing services, you can cancel at any time. No questions asked.

Reach out to Revolution Lawn whenever you need us. We've done work near Zanesville Country Club and many other places in Zanesville, Ohio.

Hire us for quality lawn care in Zanesville. 


Bates Lawn Care Lawn Services in Zanesville, OH

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Owning a healthy, green lawn is not just about how often you mow it. It can be notoriously tricky to keep up with its demands. We take the confusing parts out of care for it. Bates Lawn Care is your stress-free solution to a better-looking yard or lawn.

Bates Lawn Care offers affordable, reliable, and contract-free lawn care services in Zanesville, Ohio, or any part of Muskingum County. We also serve customers in Eastman, Carlwick, and other neighborhoods in the area.

We're the experts people call when they need a helping hand mowing the lawn. More importantly, we're the lawn care business you call when you're not sure what to do next.

Our lawn care professionals carry years of experience. Plus, we train them extensively to implement industry-leading practices using safe, organic, and environmentally friendly products. We use lawnmowers like EGO to avoid using gas-powered mowers.

We also use other battery-powered products, mainly used for trimming hedges, pruning, and edging. After providing lawn mowing services, we'll make sure to bag clippings or recycle them so that your grass can get the nutrition it needs.

So, if you want lawn mowing services or other lawn care services for great prices, contact Bates Lawn Care.

We've worked near and in Muskingum County History Museum and many other places in Zanesville, Ohio.

For affordable and quality lawn service in Zanesville, contact us today. 


Jr’s Outdoor Maintenance Lawn Services in Zanesville, OH

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Want lawn care services? Need ongoing lawn mowing services throughout the year? Jr's Outdoor Maintenance encourages you to try us out. Wake up to a lovely green lawn every day with our help.

We offer a range of lawn care services in Zanesville, Ohio, and Muskingum County. We also provide these highly-rated lawn service treatments to homeowners in Melody Lake, South Town, and other local communities in the entire region.

As a customer, you deserve the best. That's what our lawn care professionals provide. Whether it's long-term lawn maintenance or doing yard work you have no time for, we help you with all your lawn chores.

Depending on when you hire us, we might recommend different services throughout the year. For the summer, we're generally focused on providing lawn mowing services, watering your grass, weed control, and preventing common summer grass diseases.

In the fall, we're generally overseeding your grass to touch up some empty patches, balding spots, and more. We're introducing a different blend of fertilizers to help your grass grow and even prevent weeds. More importantly, we're setting it up to handle the grueling winter temperatures and snow.

Speaking of snow! We can remove snow from your property after a storm hits our area. So, we're on call all year long. We have a collection of lawn mowing services and lawn care services. You can hire us for any of them.

While it's too long to list, you can see a sample of what we offer. Services including lawn service, weed eating, overseeding, sodding, mulching, edging, lawn mowing services, and more.

Look through the reviews Jr's Outdoor Maintenance has gotten over the years. Our gallery of work also features the projects we've done near Mission Oaks Gardens and many other places in Zanesville, Ohio.

Hire Jr's Outdoor Maintenance for affordable lawn care in Zanesville today. 


Mosholder Lawn Care Lawn Services in Zanesville, OH

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You there! Yes, you! Want an emerald green lawn that stuns the eyes and kisses the senses? The kind of lawn that you only see on golf courses or on a computer screensaver? Mosholder Lawn Care can make that happen.

Will it cost an arm and leg? No way. Will you need to watch over our shoulders to make sure we get it right? Not at all. Will you be hiring an established lawn service company with years of experience, knowledge, and a team of experts proven to hand-craft outdoor havens? You bet!

Don't waste another second scanning outdated websites of lawn care companies promising to beautify your landscape. All while they stuff their calendars with clients rushing from job to job and harming your lawn along the way. Don't get us started with lawn service companies that surprise you with hidden fees or send workers that never arrive when you need them.

Our advantage not only rests on our collective experience and excellent results. It comes from approaching every property differently.

Your lawn is different, so we treat it differently. We tailor a lawn service plan that works. Whether it's dealing with weeds, high grass, or disease, we perform lawn care services and lawn mowing services specific to its needs.

On top of all of this, we don't stuff our schedules with customers. Unlike our competitors, we spend enough time doing what we have to do on your lawn or yard to do a good job.

That's what has helped Mosholder Lawn Care stand out. Did we mention we don't force contracts either? There's nothing worse than trying to cancel a contract from a company that does terrible work. If you need us for more than one job, we're happy to make arrangements without needless contracts.

So, if you want lawn care services in Zanesville that transforms and maintains your outdoor space, contact us.

We've done work near

We're the right partner for every outdoor job. 

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After a long search for lawn mowing services near me, I was able to find some info about GreenPal. I was curious to learn what all the hype was about, so I downloaded the app. Soon after, I connected with Revolution Lawn. They did a great job on my property near Zane College. Very happy with the lawn service!

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GreenPal is the real deal. It's a good thing I tried it because there's no way I would have made my lawn and yard near Muskingum River look as nice as it does now. This is all thanks to the outstanding services provided by Bates Lawn Care. Highly recommend you check out the app and hire these guys if you can.

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Thanks to the efforts of the amazing Jr's Outdoor Maintenance, my home near Calvert Park is looking much better. I highly recommend them because of their professionalism and expert knowledge. You can't go wrong hiring them.

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