How to Figure Out How Much Sod I Need {7 Online Tools}

How to Figure Out How Much Sod I Need {7 Online Tools}

How to Figure Out How Much Sod I Need {7 Online Tools}

Need to know how much sod your lawn requires? 

Discover the most efficient tools and methods to estimate your lawn's sod needs with our comprehensive guide. 

From cutting-edge online calculators to traditional measurement techniques, continue reading to ensure you order just the right amount without any waste

siod being installed in backyard

Online Sod Measuring Tools

Nowadays it seems like there is an app for everything. And when it comes to apps for lawn care, you would be surprised how many options there are. 

The same is true for online tools for measuring sod. 

In our search for sod measuring tools online we found 3 main types of calculators: aerial view sod calculators, digital tape measures, and multi-area calculators. 

Below, we will cover both of them below, as well as how to measure sod the old fashion way. Unless you want to try one of these alternatives to natural sod

Aerial veiw calculator

1) Aerial View Sod Calculators

Aerial view calculators rely on satellite images and data from sources like Google Maps. These calculators allow you to estimate your lawn square footage without having to leave the house.

These calculators offer the fastest solution to measuring turf with an online tool. 

Here are some of the best we have found: 

  1. Sod Solutions Aerial Calculator (Best for Computer)

  2. Area Calculator by Lawn Crack (Best for Phone

Pros: No need to leave the comfort of your home, fastest solution, and it doesn’t require any tools other than your computer or phone. 

Cons: Not likely to be as accurate leaving more room for error.

Using a digital tape measure to measure lawn

2) Digital Tape Measure

Another tool that can help you avoid busting out a physical tape measure is a digital tape measure. 

Digital tape measures have come a long way. And they are fairly accurate. But the accuracy of these cell phone measuring tools diminishes over longer ranges. 

In my experience, they appear to be about as accurate or slightly less accurate than the aerial calculators listed above. So you likely want to double-check your measurements with the aerial calculator to be safe.

One good measuring tool for smartphones is:

Pros: Easy to use, no need to purchase tools, and can be faster than a tape. 

Cons: Accuracy will fluctuate greatly.

Multi-area sod calculator

Multi-Area Calculators

The second type of online tool we identified as being useful for measuring sod are multi-area calculator. 

Essentially, they help you calculate the total square yardage once you have collected the measurements. 

These apps are useful for helping to total all of the areas you have measured. The trouble is, you still have to measure the lawn

While you can use an app like a digital tape measure to measure from your phone, you run the risk of inaccurate measurements

Some useful multi-area calculators include:

  1. Saratoga Sod’s Calculator  (Recommended)

  2. Inch Calculator (Cost Calculator)

  3. Bluegrass Sod Calculator 

Pros: Makes calculating total square yardage simpler, and helps to double-check your manual calculations.

Cons: Limited functionality, and you have to measure your lawn on your own with tools.

Preparing for sod to be installed

How To Measure Sod The Old Fashion Way

Look, there are some amazing apps out there to help you measure sod, but really it’s not a complex process to measure the old fashion way

And your best bet may be to calculate the square yards of your property manually, then compare it to the measurement you are seeing on any sod measuring apps.

For reference, here are the math equations for measuring square footage:

  • Square/Rectangular area: Length times Width = Area
  • Circular areas: 3.14 x Radius x Radius = Area
  • Triangular area: Base x Height /2 = Area

sod after instalation

Measuring Square/Rectangular Lawns

If you're fortunate enough to have a yard that is nearly a perfect square, or rectangular shape, well you are in luck. 

Step 1: All you will need to do is measure the length (L) and the width (W) of the lawn. 

Step 2: Once you have those 2 numbers, you simply multiply the L x W. 

Step 3: Convert feet to yards. 

How To Measure Sod in an Irregular Lawn

OK, so this is the more likely scenario. If your lawn is not a simple shape, you will want to divide up the lawn into simple square/rectangular, circular, and/or triangular shapes. 

Step 1: Break up your lawn into measurable areas; squares, circles, and/or triangles,

Step 2: Measure each section of the lawn you have divided up and find the square footage of each section, 

Step 3: Add the square footage of the sections together, (Consider using one of the multi-area calculators listed above)

Step 4: Subtract negative spaces (I.e. your home, driveway, shed, etc.)

Step 5: Convert square feet to square yards.

Here's a solid example of what this should look like:

Example of how to measure sod for instalation

Converting Square Feet into Square Yards

Ok, so sod is measured in square yards, not square feet. So, unless your tape measures in yards already, you will need to convert the square feet of your lawn into yards. 

To do this, you will simply need to take your square footage and divide it by 9

For example, if your lawn's square footage is 900. You will simply divide it by 9:

900 sq. feet / 9 = 100 sq. yard

In this example, you would need to order 100 square yards of sod for your lawn. 

Stack of sod ready to be installed

Preparing Your Lawn For a Sod Installation

The first step to installing sod is to prepare your lawn properly. We have a great article on installing sod in 5 simple steps

While this article is about using online tools to measure how much turf you need for the lawn. I want to briefly touch on the 5 simple steps to installing sod which are:

  1. Prepare your soil,

  2. Grade your lawn,

  3. Fertilize,

  4. Measure and install,

  5. And water your lawn properly

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Best Online Tools for Measuring Sod?

The top online tools for measuring sod include the Sod Solutions Aerial Calculator for computers, the Area Calculator by Lawn Crack for phones, and various multi-area calculators like Saratoga Sod’s Calculator and Bluegrass Sod Calculator. These tools use different methods, from aerial imagery to digital tape measures, to help you estimate the amount of sod needed for your lawn.

How Do I Convert Square Feet into Square Yards for Sod?

To convert square feet into square yards, divide the total square footage by 9. For example, if your lawn is 900 square feet, dividing by 9 gives you 100 square yards. This is the amount of sod you will need to order.

Measuring Sod at the End of the Day

Learn how to determine the right amount of sod for your lawn using both modern online tools and traditional methods. This guide explores three main types of online calculators - aerial view, digital tape measure, and multi-area calculators - alongside the classic approach to measure sod manually. 

Get insights into each method's pros and cons, including the ease of use and accuracy concerns.

Look, online measuring tools are a great resource for many things in life. 

And while they can be useful in helping you get a rough calculation of how much sod you need to order. They are not likely going to be as accurate as measuring your lawn manually

As a result, whether you are installing synthetic turf or natural grass. You may want to consider measuring your lawn the old fashion way and double-checking your math with one of the sod calculators listed above. 

Looking for more lawn care info? Be sure to check out our lawn care blog for homeowners.  

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