Here are Best Lawn Care Services in Green, OH as of Apr, 2024


The Grass Guy Lawn Services in Green, OH

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The Grass Guy takes the guesswork out of lawn maintenance. We bring clarity, efficiency, and practical lawn service solutions that don't rip a hole in your wallet. For lawn care in Green, Ohio, and Summit County, contact us.

Not only do we provide a range of lawn care services in Green, Ohio, we also serve local communities like Greenbriar Hills, Beech Hill, and other neighborhoods near you.

We believe in delivering lawn mowing services and lawn care services that work. The minute you hire us, we'll handle all the planning to help you get and maintain a wonderful-looking yard.

For homeowners who just need lawn mowing services, we offer affordable packages for ongoing care. This isn't a contract, though. You can stop working with us or hire us for more lawn care services, depending on what you're looking for.

A beautiful lawn isn't just accomplished by grass cutting alone. The key to a great lawn involves regular mowing, edging, watering, fertilizing, seeding, and even aeration. We can handle that for you.

We offer services including yard work, weed control, trimming, irrigation management, overseeding, and much more. We've done work near Southgate Park and many other places in Green, Ohio.

Get lawn care in Green by hiring The Grass Guy. 


Ground Assault Lawn Services in Green, OH

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For protection against the never-ending earthly assault on your lawn, contact Ground Assault. Your grass is going to face unpredictable weather, invasive species like weeds, and other elements outside of your control. If you want to avoid long-term damage and maintain a good-looking yard, it'll need constant upkeep.

Ground Assault can help with that for a great price. Get high-quality, protective, and affordable lawn care services in Green, Ohio, or Summit County by hiring us. We serve people throughout the region and local communities like Beech Hill, Rolling Green, and other places.

We'll not only mow and maintain it regularly, if you want, we'll also supply necessary treatment that all properties near to thrive. Without the correct amount of watering, seeding, fertilizing, and mowing solutions, you're grass won't see its full potential.

Ground Assault will strengthen your roots. With protective fertilizers, we'll stop weeds from growing for months. Our winterization helps protect your grass by seeding your lawn in the fall and fertilizing it before it starts to get cold.

Let's help you create the best version of your backyard and front lawn. We've done it successfully for many years.

We've done work near Singer Lake Bog and many other places in Green, Ohio.

The best lawn care in Green is just a click away. 


Brimfield Lawns Lawn Services in Green, OH

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Did you know excess nitrogen leaches into your soil which causes rapid diminishing effects on your roots? That can happen if you use the wrong fertilizer. What about if you mow wrong? Yes, you can trim it wrong, and doing so rips your roots causing expensive problems for you.

Hiring cheap lawn care services in Green, Ohio, or Summit County comes at a cost. Don't risk your lawn maintenance to just anyone. Brimfield Lawns offers methodical lawn service. We follow a precise science that promotes healthier grass.

We've seen bad mistakes made even by so-called lawn care professionals. One time we heard of a person using triple 19 fertilizer on their lawn. A big mistake! The added potassium and nitrogen are usually meant to treat crop fields.

If you take us up on our offer for complete lawn care services, we'll create grass that's green, resistant to weeds for a long time, and one that thrives all year.

If you want something done right, consider hiring Brimfield Lawns. We use top-trade lawn care equipment like the EGO lawnmower and top-brand turn mowers. Our other tools are perfect for spreading fertilizers and seeds or performing services like aeration and resodding.

Our lawn care experts are trained and hired by us. We don't pull a fast one on you by contracting other landscapers. We have a fully committed staff that carries years of experience.

We've worked near Levi J. Hartong Farmhouse and many other places in Green, Ohio.

Contact Brimfield Lawns today. 


Alex’s Lawn Care Lawn Services in Green, OH

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We're the wallet-friendly alternative to overpriced lawn care in Green, Ohio, and Summit County. Whether you're in Sunstep Strip, Raintree, or any local neighborhood near you, we got you covered. We offer incredible prices on all our lawn care services. Let's transform your lawn into a beautiful haven that you and your family can enjoy.

From lawn mowing services to weed control and everything in between, Alex's Lawn Care is ready to help. For every season, we create a personal plan that caters to your yard's outdoor needs.

In the summer, we provide lawn mowing services regularly. We always maintain our lawn mower blades to ensure we trim grass at a healthy height. This lets the roots stay intact. We also water periodically and fertilize it to protect it from heat and insects.

In the spring, we perform our weed control services. We'll also make sure to thicken your grass and repair any bald spots that are around. Alex's Lawn Care has a plan for winter and fall too. So, no matter when you hire us, we'll ensure your wallet is spared and your landscape are taken care of.

We've done work near MAPS Air Museum and many other places in Green, Ohio.

Hire us today for lawn service in Green that is affordable. 

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Troy Moore lawn mowing service in Green OH
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After a friend recommended I check out GreenPal, I used the app and was amazed by how quickly I found The Grass Guy. Everything felt too good to be accurate, but it turns out it was good. The Grass Guy is a fantastic company who has done a great job on my lawn near MAPS Air Museum, and I highly recommend them and GreenPal to any homeowner.

Blanche Garza grass cutting in Green OH
grass-cutting-businesses-in-Green-OH lawn-maintenance-in-Green-OH residential-lawn-cutting-businesses-in-Green-OH local-lawn-maintenance-contractors-in-Green-OH grass-cutting-businesses-in-Green-OH

I've never gotten so many compliments about my yard from so many people before. I can credit the hard-working staff at Ground Assault. You really should have seen how my property near Nimisila Campgrounds before. It didn't even look like grass at one point. Kidding aside, these guys did fantastic work and have made my lawn look stunning.

Lionel Brooks lawn service in Green OH
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I'd want to thank the fantastic team at Brimfield Lawns for the wonderful job they've done on my yard near Mayfair Country Club. Highly recommended!

Lori Hale lawn mow in Green OH
lawn-maintenance-in-Green-OH local-lawn-and-landscape-maintenance-services-near-me-in-Green-OH grass-cutting-businesses-in-Green-OH grass-cutting-businesses-in-Green-OH residential-lawn-cutting-businesses-in-Green-OH

I saw a news article promoting GreenPal. I thought it was interesting and decided to try it out. After hiring Alex's Lawn Care, I was impressed y by the excellent customer service and mowing services I got from them.