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How Veterans Can Use a VA Business Loan Grow Their Lawn Care Company

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Are you a military veteran who is looking to grow your lawn care company?

Or perhaps you are looking to start your lawn care company from scratch. 

Well, VA loans are a great way for you to infuse some capital into their lawn care business. 

Best of all VA loans are low interest and can create a great opportunity for you to grow their business. 

So how can veterans use a VA loan to expand their lawn care business?

Below you will find some AMAZING expert tips you don't want to miss!

Let’s take a look! 

how can military vets use a va loan to expand their lawn care business

What is a VA Small Business Loan?

VA Small Business Loans are low-rate loans specially earmarked for veterans looking to grow their business

VA Small Business Loans are not provided directly by the Veterans Administration (VA). They are instead offered by financial institutions like banks and credit unions. These loans are partially guaranteed by the SBA in the event a borrower defaults on a loan. 

VA business loans often offer lower interest rates, lower fees and terms that are better than traditional loans. All great benefits for owners of veteran owned businesses

how veterans can grow their lawn care company

How Can Lawn Care Pros Use a VA Loan to Grow their Business?

So, once you land a VA Small Business Loan, what should you do next?

We spoke with 2 business experts to get their take on how veterans can use their VA loan and grow their lawn care company. 

Anthony Martin is the Founder and CEO of Choice Mutual, and he recommended the following:

1) Invest in Web Advertising

“Online marketing is quickly surpassing all other forms of advertisement. Hiring a website designer, web marketing specialist, or SEO agency to help build your digital presence is essential for appealing to new customers.” -Anthony Martin

It’s no secret, the internet is a great place to market your lawn care services. In fact, we have covered a lot of ways you can market your lawn care company online in the past. 

Here are a few articles to learn more about online marketing:

Pro Tip! Don't forget to invest in a good logo like the one below from Military Lawn Cuts.

Veteran owned lawn care company

2) Invest in New Equipment

“The more successful your business gets, the more wear-and-tear there will be on your equipment. A VA loan can be a great opportunity to invest in higher quality tools. Using better equipment can help improve safety, health, and longevity.” -Anthony Martin

It’s true, getting the right equipment can not only help you do a better job cutting grass, it can also make the process faster. Meaning you can fit more lawns into your daily route

Not sure what equipment to invest in? Then check out these articles:

Veteran owned lawn care company

3) Hire More Employees

“As your business continues to grow, you will eventually get to the point where you can’t do it all by yourself. With a VA loan you might be able to hire a few employees and ensure that you can pay them a fair wage and benefits.” -Anthony Martin

Here’s the deal, you can’t do but so many lawns by yourself. And at some point, the only way to expand your business is to hire some employees to get the job done! 

But, if you have tried hiring employees before, you know what a headache it can be! 

Here are some simple guides that can make the process easier:


These next tips come from Karwanna D. a leading government contract expert and CEO of She's Got Goals, LLC.

4) Invest in Classes and Business Advice 

“It is also wise to invest in coaching where business owners can learn essential tips or step-by-step guides on growing their business and expanding their network to potentially get more clients.” -Karwanna D.

That is a great idea that too many lawn care pros overlook. Seeking mentorship with veterans of the lawn care industry, and other business experts can be a great way for any veteran to grow their lawn care business. 

Further, there are many online courses you can check into that are loaded with tons of amazing tips you can use. 

If you are looking for an online lawn care course, check out 3 Killer Courses to Take Your Lawn Care Company to the Next Level.

Bonus Tip! Veterans Can Also Seek Government Contracts

“Veteran-owned businesses can access government contracts to build and grow their business. Not only does the SBA have specialty loans for veterans but they also ensure that a certain percentage of the overall federal contracting is awarded to veteran-owned businesses.” -Karwanna D.

Government contracts can be a great way to grow a business fast! 

And while they may be harder to attain, veterans have a slight upper hand when seeking them.

Karwanna follows up with a final tip for veterans seeking to grow their company. 

“Also, veteran-owned small businesses may be eligible to purchase surplus property from the federal government. Veterans will just have to know how to access and look for these contracting opportunities and how to position themselves to win government contracts.” -Karwanna D. 

No doubt about it, purchasing surplus equipment and landing a government contract or two can be an excellent way for a veteran to take their lawn care company to the next level

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In a Nutshell: Veterans Can Grow Their Business with a VA Loan

At the end of the day there are a lot of advantages to getting a VA Small Business Loan. And by investing that money wisely in advertisements, new equipment, employees and classes. Any veteran will be well equipped to expand their lawn care company. 

Further veterans have an upper hand when it comes to getting government contracts. And there is no doubt that a government contract or two can be an excellent way to start expanding your lawn care business!

There really are some tremendous opportunities that await for veterans in the lawn care industry. Hopefully this guide will help you make the best of them! 

For more pro lawn care business tips be sure to check out our blog for lawn care pros!

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