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Kelly Lawn Care Lawn Services in Searcy, AR

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Kelly Lawn Care is a full-service landscaping company located in Jacksonville. However, we serve customers in Searcy, Arkansas, and other nearby cities. For nearly a decade, we've provided trusted, quality, and top-notch lawn care services tailored for your property. Whether it's grass cutting or simply yard work, we've been the go-to company for hundreds of customers. Read more to see how you can save big by hiring us.

Complete Lawn Service Treatment

Whatever you need, our company provides it. Here are some options available for you:

  • Complete Landscape Maintenance:

From design to installation, we provide customized landscape solutions for every home and business. Our services begin in the inception phase of design to the construction phase which is tailored to your vision. Our services include sprinklers, walkways, patios, fences, and other hardscape installations.

  • Hedge Trimming:

Hedges need to be trimmed too! We'll keep your hedges, bushes, and even smaller decorative trees looking good with our trimming and pruning services. We offer this as soon as spring.

  • Lawn Mowing Services:

No lawn care job is complete without cutting grass. Most Arkansas grass is a mixed combination of warm-season grass. This means it's important to cut above 3 inches and alternate mowing patterns to promote better-growing grass. That's what we do best. We use battery-powered mowers that perform better than gas-powered mowers.

  • Weed Control:

We keep pesky weeds, crabgrass, dandelions, and other invasive plants away from your property. We use pre-emergents in early spring for prevention, post-emergents to control weeds, then spot-treating them using organic weed killers.

  • Leaf Blowing:

Keep your property clean of leaves and other debris with our leaf-blowing services. We blow away wet and dry leaves without harming your grass.

  • Core Aeration:

When your soil becomes compacted, it makes it tougher for your roots to absorb nutrients like water and fertilizers. Our core aeration services promote a healthier lawn by removing this compaction.

What We Do Better

By going with Kelly Lawn Care, you can expect a team of seasoned experts backed by decades of combined experience. We equip them with the best equipment available, all designed to meet your needs faster and for less.

Speaking of which, our prices are some of the lowest in the region. We also offer competitive lawn care packages. These bundled services are for customers interested in long-term yard maintenance. The best part is we don't lock you into an expensive contract.

Lawn Care You Can Count On

We're excited to provide affordable lawn care services for customers in Searcy, Arkansas, and White County. We even help customers in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Whether you're in Valley Elms, Jamestown, or even near Harding University, we've helped hundreds of customers over the years and have earned many five-star reviews. Now, it's your turn.

Visit our business profile in the GreenPal app to see our list of lawn care services, reviews, and recent projects.

Hire Kelly Lawn Care for affordable landscaping services today. 


Lawn Barber Lawn Services in Searcy, AR

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Stop overpaying for lawn care! It's crazy how much lawn mowing services go for these days. Some are charging close to hundreds of dollars. And they're not even doing a good job! Spare your pockets by hiring Lawn Barber. We'll cut your grass and keep it tidy without tearing a hole in your wallet. Even better, we won't lock you into annoying contracts. Win back your free time, and let us handle the dirty work.

Turning Your Lawn Into An Emerald Green Masterpiece

You don't need us to tell you, but mowing your grass is just one part of the lawn care equation. There are other nitty-gritty details and sweat-producing work involved. Let's not forget the confusing parts even some DIY videos could never solve.

Let's leave the hard stuff to us.

Our team of trained specialists will not just mow your yard. We'll also feed it nutrients to grow strong, patch up ugly bare spots, keep annoying weeds away, and tackle pretty much everything mother nature throws at it.

With our attention to detail and range of affordable lawn care services, we promise to create the jaw-dropping masterpiece you've always wanted.

Lawn Care Services That Wow

How exactly do we create a beautiful backyard? Here are some of the services we offer:

  • Expert lawn mowing services, hedge pruning, leaf blowing, and edging
  • Complete slow-release fertilizer to improve grass growth and make lawn maintenance less expensive over time
  • Overseeding to improve grass color, growth spread, and fix areas affected by foot traffic
  • Turf aeration to clear away compacted soil and allow fertilizers to reach your lawn's roots. 
  • Weed control services that include pre-emergents to block out weeds before the germination phase. Since it's not possible to stop weeds entirely, post-emergent treatment is a great way to combat them after the growing season.

That's just the tip of the iceberg. Our personalized approach is tailored to your grass type and soil condition. The weather, season, and your property's location also play a role in what type of lawn care services you should get.

We'll work with you to pick the best lawn service treatment and recommend affordable packages that fit any budget.

Who We Serve

We help customers in Searcy, Arkansas, White County, and even as far as Benton, Arkansas. From neighborhoods like Colony West or Riverside to properties near places like Searcy Sports Complex, we offer a helping hand no matter where you are.

We've earned top ratings thanks to our commitment to helping our customers. We also think it has a lot to do with the incredible results we've provided and the prices we charge our customers.

If you like the idea of golf course-like services for budget-friendly prices, then consider hiring Lawn Barber today.


All In All Landscaping Lawn Services in Searcy, AR

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We're All In All Landscaping, a company that brings your outdoor visions to life. If you're ready to turn your outdoor space into a green oasis, we can make it happen! From hardscaping to landscape maintenance to lawn care services, we're the complete package when it comes to beautifying backyards. Let's help create the vision of your dreams with our help.

Landscaping Services That Turn Heads

Have your pick at our lineup of landscaping services:

  • Customized landscape design and planning
  • Complete soil testing
  • Hardscape installations
  • Softscape planting (available native plants)
  • Sprinkler system installation and maintenance
  • Full-Treatment lawn care services

From design to construction to lawn maintenance, we do it all. Pair a lovely patio with a new walkway and keep your grass in great shape. Alternatively, you can opt to install a new fence or retainer wall. Whatever it is, the choices are endless.

Hardscape Options

Here are some of the hardscapes we can install:

  • Patios
  • Gazebos
  • Walkways
  • Fences
  • Fire pits
  • Retainer walls
  • Irrigation systems
  • Water features
  • Several other options

All In All Landscaping uses materials like stone, concrete, metal, brick, wood, and more to match your environment, home, and design.

While one part of our goal is aesthetics, we also make sure each respective design is functional.

Pair Your New Landscape Design With A Lush Green Lawn

In addition to landscaping, we also provide lawn care services. Now, you don't need to hire other contractors for a major makeover. We do everything.

Our lawn care options include lawn mowing services, edging, yard maintenance, overseeding, fertilizing, and more.

Complete Outdoor Transformation

Our team is split between two fields of specialties, so you'll get a different crew member for each job. They're all trained in their respective specialties and have earned the praise of hundreds of customers.

So, if you want affordable landscaping or lawn care services in Searcy, Arkansas, and White County, we're the company to hire. We've helped customers in local neighborhoods and communities throughout the city, including Gum Springs, River Oaks, and more.

Since we've expanded, we're now offering lawn mowing services in Paragould, Arkansas, as well.

Give your yard everything it could need by hiring All In All Landscaping. 


Chase & Son's Lawn Care Lawn Services in Searcy, AR

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Want a lawn that stands out? Chase & Son's Lawn Care can help! Whether it's improving your yard's curb appeal or simply lending a hand on the weekends, we offer a complete menu of services for all your landscaping needs. Choose from our lineup of affordable services perfect for every property and budget.

Full-Treatment For Your Searcy Lawn

We offer plenty of affordable lawn care services, including:

  • Edging
  • Hedge trimming
  • Weed eating
  • Fertilization
  • Mulching
  • Core Aeration
  • Lawn mowing services
  • Grub Control
  • And more!

Enjoy the benefits of a lovely lawn by picking one or several lawn services at once. We offer several packages, too, for recurring lawn maintenance.

Who We Help

We help homeowners and businesses that own properties of all sizes. Big or small, we provide wallet-friendly lawn care services in Searcy, Arkansas, and White County. We also help customers in Jonesboro, Arkansas.

As one of the best-rated lawn service providers in the region, we guarantee you'll love the work we do for you.

We're inviting everyone to visit our profile page to see our full list of lawn care services, customer ratings, and projects. You'll see the work we've done for properties in Western Hills, Saddlebrook, and other local communities. This includes providing services to customers near places like the White County Fairgrounds.

Hire Chase & Son's Lawn Care to transform your yard today. 

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My family and I have been using Kelly Lawn Care for a long time. The work they do is fantastic, and we couldn't be happier with everything they've done for our property that is near the Searcy Country Club. Not only do they do phenomenal work, but they also have an incredibly responsive customer service team that answers all your questions fast.

Dana Roberts grass cutting in Searcy AR
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Hiring Lawn Barber was the best decision I made for my yard near the White County Fairgrounds. They took a basically old decrepit, and messy yard and worked their magic. The weeds are basically gone, and my grass has never looked this clean and trimmed in a long time. It really looks like a stock photo or something. If you want to hire a good company, then hire these guys.

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I highly recommend you book a session with All In All Landscaping. Their lawn mowing services are wonderful and worth every penny. They've done a great job on my lawn, which is close to the Pioneer Village Museum. Highly recommended by me!

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If you're looking for a good deal and value for your money, you can't go wrong hiring Chase & Son's Lawn Care. After hiring them on GreenPal, they showed up at my property near Berryhill Park at the exact date and time they said they would. I've dealt with other companies who never showed up or had the courtesy to even let me know. It's a breath of fresh air to deal with professionals that treat their customers right.