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Doyle Company Landscape Lawn Services in Lewiston, ME

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Doyle Company Landscape offers tailored and premium lawn care services for all kinds of properties in Lewiston, Maine. We offer landscaping, yard maintenance, and countless lawn care services for residential and commercial properties to help maintain and preserve the appeal of your outdoor area. As a trusted lawn care company in Lewiston and other parts of Maine, we offer affordable, quality, and dependable lawn care services. Our raving reviews have boosted us to our position today. We want to provide you with the same level of quality lawn care for cost-effective prices. More than anything though, we want to give you back more free time to focus on things that matter while Doyle Company Landscape works on your lawn or yard.

Doyle Company Landscape offers premier, high-quality, and reliable lawn care services to help mostly improve the curb appeal of your property. Yet, more than anything, we want to add more hours to your free time and take away one less thing to think about. Most of our customers have busy lives, long work schedules, and endless bills to pay. Your lawn care and yard maintenance shouldn’t add to your stress. That’s why we offer affordable prices and quality lawn care services.

We work swiftly with extra precision and attention to detail to deliver efficient lawn care results. In fact, all of our customers have truly enjoyed the landscaping results we’ve been able to achieve for them and their property. If you own any type of property, commercial or residential, we offer specialized programs for you.

Your yard and lawn need modified lawn care solutions in order to see real and positive changes. The numerous lawn care, lawn mowing, and landscaping services are available for you when you hire Doyle Company Landscape. We have helped many clients with a variety of pruning, edging, yard maintenance, design, planting, yard maintenance, landscape maintenance, and various other lawn care services.

Doyle Company Landscape is fully staffed with professionals and supplied with quality gear that can help transform lawns and yards. Whatever your landscaping and lawn care goals are, we are more than capable of handling it. We are fully equipped with top market equipment, tools for every occasion, and a team of trained experts who have been delivering consistent lawn care services with great results for many years. We have mulching, sodding, overseeding, yard maintenance, fertilization, and many other added programs to help restore the appearance of your lawn or yard.

Our team of professional lawn care technicians has been trained to follow industry-leading practices. With our advantages of offers, we are the lawn care company people hire for all their lawn care needs right here in Lewiston, Maine. We don’t spread ourselves too thin which allows us to provide the lawn care services you need on time and on your schedule.

Along with our years of combined experience, the team at Doyle Company Landscape has also provided landscaping design, hardscape installations, and several other lawn care services to the various places around the state of Maine. So, if you need someone to get the lawn cut, remove snow, deliver precise lawn mowing, expert lawn maintenance, yard maintenance, pruning, power washing, fertilizing, edging, mulching, sodding, or deliver some other lawn care service, Doyle Company Landscape offers all that you need.

Just look through our profile and the happy customers we’ve provided lawn mowing and landscape maintenance services to in Maine and other areas of Androscoggin County. Along many of our happy reviews, you can check out the results we’ve delivered in the region. We have provided landscaping and lawn care services to homes and properties near places like Bates College Museum of Art, Thorncrag Bird Sanctuary, Apple Valley Golf Course, and many other areas in Lewiston, Maine.

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10 Star Landscaping Lawn Services in Lewiston, ME

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While many people prefer five-star lawn care services, we go above and beyond and provide our customers with ten-star lawn care and landscaping services. Yes, it is a thing! Normally, other lawn care companies will do the bare minimum. Our company, 10 Star Landscaping, goes beyond the generic and valueless lawn care services many people are used to seeing. No person on this planet should make excuses for poorly done lawn care services, unprofessional workers, or dealing with high costs for basic lawn care services.

If you own any kind of property in Lewiston, Maine, we offer full-scale lawn care services that cover every nook and cranny on your property. Don’t settle for anything less than high-quality lawn care services. We offer both affordability and quality treatment that will enhance the appearance of your lawn and yard.

Any random landscaping or lawn mowing provider can hire someone to get the lawn cut or deliver certain lawn care services. Not everyone can do it right. More prevalently, not every lawn care company offers their services at such affordable rates.

If your objective is to have an outdoor area that lets you relax in it or if you want someone to handle regular yard maintenance, 10 Star Landscaping has both the team and the equipment to handle it.

We mean it when we say you deserve 10-star treatment. Our lawn care services are not limited to what you hire us for. All of our lawn care services feature an intensive and extensive site evaluation. At no extra cost or additional time, we check to see the condition your lawn and yard is in. You wouldn’t want to have certain lawn care services if your grass is not in the best shape.

With this additional step, 10 Star Landscaping ensures we can deliver the correct and most effective lawn care plan for your lawn. This will also help us align our lawn care and yard maintenance services with your intended goal. We can help you bring out the green and vibrant life from your grass but only when we have the right plan in place. This only comes after carefully observing and measuring certain factors in your property. Get all of this on our first consultation visit with no strings attached.

We believe you’ll appreciate all the edge that comes from hiring a leading and highly rated company to handle all your lawn care needs. We make sure to follow leading practices and hire experts in landscaping. This effective combo has helped us deliver great results and become one of the most highly rated lawn care companies in Lewiston.

10 Star Landscaping offers snow removal, lawn mowing, planting, irrigation, topsoil, dethatching, aeration, overseeding, fertilizing, edging, landscape maintenance, yard maintenance, mulching, and other lawn care services.

You can check out some of the lawn care and landscaping results we’ve produced near you. We’ve provided lawn care services to properties near places like Apple Valley Golf Course, Museum L-A, Bates College, Mount David, Lewiston Middle School, and many other places in Lewiston, Maine.

When you hire us for any lawn care service, we promise to provide you with ten-star lawn care services. Book us now on the free GreenPal app. 


Carbone Industries Lawn Services in Lewiston, ME

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Carbone Industries is a lawn care company that provides a series of lawn care services for property owners in Lewiston, Maine. With every lawn care service and application, we always follow the industry’s best practices and use the market’s top equipment which allows us to make our services more cost-effective for you. The services we offer help you win back your weekends, convert fading grass into bright green lawns, make your property completely free of weeds, and much more. Once you sign up for the GreenPal app, you’ll be able to take advantage of our discounted offers.

If you have been looking for a quality landscaping business, lawn mowing provider, or a lawn care company to get the lawn cut, provide snow removal, or help you with another related lawn care issue, Carbone Industries can help you. Though we provide lawn care services to property owners in the city Lewiston, we can meet you in other areas nearby including Androscoggin County.

Much of our results can be seen when checking out our business profile page. We have provided lawn mowing, edging, snow removal, and numerous other lawn care services to various properties near places like Elliott Little League Ball Fields, Geiger Elementary School, Farwell Elementary School, Dingley Building, properties along the Androscoggin River, and many other places in Lewiston, Maine.

Our lawn care services will help meet your goals. Our services will also be customized to meet your goals and tackle any specific issues you may have. Along with a series of softscape services, we offer numerous hardscaping services as well. A great looking lawn should have great landscaping to go with it. Whether its some form of installation or setup, we can create a landscaping design for you.

We’ll help make your property look better or keep it that way. Whatever you need an experienced lawn care professional from Carbone Industries will provide careful landscaping or lawn care work for you. We take even basic lawn mowing seriously. We make sure to get the lawn cut using great tools and trimming it at a specific height to help it grow.

By following industry-leading tactics, we are able to provide premium lawn care services for all of our customers. With even better prices than other lawn care companies and lawn mowing providers, we offer everything you could need to change the look and feel of your property.

If you need lawn mowing, edging, snow removal, pruning, yard maintenance, landscape maintenance, hardscape, sodding, trimming shrubs and bushes, insect control, weeds, and crabgrass removal, planting, fertilizing, seeding, mulching, or any other lawn care services, the professionals at Carbone Industries can help.

Before you consider hiring other lawn mowing providers, contact us for a free lawn assessment and consultation call. We can explain and detail our lawn care services and give you an immediate quote. Plus, we’ll offer discounts for first-time customers. We want to learn more about your lawn care goals and what we can help you with. Download the GreenPal app for free to get started. 


Jake’s Landscaping Lawn Services in Lewiston, ME

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Jake’s Landscaping does landscaping and lawn care work for property owners in Lewiston, Maine. Our lawn care services are more targeted for homeowners, but we also provide various landscape and yard maintenance services for commercial property owners too. We serve various parts of Maine and also service residents and property owners in Androscoggin County. The crew team at Jake’s Landscaping will provide you with premier, high-quality, and detailed lawn care services that feature complete yard analysis, measurements, spotting potential problems, and much more.

You will get complete grass cutting, lawn maintenance, and landscaping from our committed lawn care team. Our inexpensive prices and quality lawn care services offer extra convenience and options for you to explore.

From landscape maintenance to fertilization, snow removal, lawn mowing, mulching, and trimming, to more labor induced work like dethatching and sod removal, we offer countless lawn care and yard maintenance services.

As one of the leading lawn care company in Lewiston, Maine, we have delivered exceptional lawn care services to property owners in the city and in other parts of Androscoggin County. You can pick from the wide list of lawn care services and our free consultation call will help you determine which lawn care service and landscape maintenance program is worth the cost.

Regardless of what your lawn and yard needs, we provide the lawn care service program you want at inexpensive prices. You’ll get professional employees, affordable rates, properly done lawn care services, and committed customer support at every stage of our process. We train our staff efficiently to follow the most efficient industry practices and we make sure to never miss an appointment.

Jake’s Landscaping offers many lawn care services that include snow removal, lawn mowing, sodding, dethatching, landscape maintenance, irrigation, fertilization, aeration, yard maintenance, and other lawn care services.

You can hire Jake’s Landscaping using the GreenPal app, which is free to download. You will be able to take advantage of our discounts and packages for long-term lawn care and yard maintenance work. This can be cancelled whenever you like or when you no longer need our lawn care services. Check out all of our lawn care services when browsing our business profile. You can check out our positive reviews and the landscaping work we’ve done on other properties in the state of Maine.

We’ve provided various landscaping and lawn care services to various parts of Lewiston, Maine. This includes properties and houses near places like Mark W. Paradis Park, The Public Theatre, FunZ Trampoline Park, Sainte Croix Park, the Northwestern Trailhead For Ramada Inn Trail, Marshwood Center, properties along Central Ave, and many other places in Lewiston, Maine.

Jake’s Landscaping has yard maintenance bundles for long-term care and landscape maintenance packages that will maintain a functional and green lawn all year.

When you hire Jake’s Landscaping for any type of lawn care service, our core team of lawn care experts, that have several years of experience, will make sure you’re getting the lawn care services you need.

Hire us now on the free GreenPal app and we’ll get started working on your yard or lawn as soon as this week.

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Michael Emanuel lawn cutting in Lewiston ME
lawn-care-services-in-Lewiston-ME cheap-lawn-cutting-businesses-in-Lewiston-ME local-lawn-care-services-in-Lewiston-ME affordable-landscaping-maintenance-services-in-Lewiston-ME affordable-lawn-services-in-Lewiston-ME

I hired a lawn care company a while back hoping they would do a good job for my lawn which is near Leahey Baseball Field. Their website looked legitimate and the reviews I read were mostly good. After I hired this lawn care company, I noticed the quality of the work was not good. They didn’t do any edging and the lawn looked really poorly done. I decided to search for another lawn care company near me and I found Doyle Company Landscape. They were 100 times better than the previous lawn care company I had hired. They took the time to really examine my property and even drew a better plan to care for it rather than just simply pass a lawnmower through it. I highly recommend them for any lawn care services. 

Erich Brown lawn mowing service in Lewiston ME
lawn-maintenance-in-Lewiston-ME residential-lawn-cutting-businesses-in-Lewiston-ME the-yard-cutting-businesses-in-Lewiston-ME affordable-lawn-services-in-Lewiston-ME affordable-grass-cutting-businesses-in-Lewiston-ME

If you’re picky about what lawn care company you want touching your grass, 10 Star Landscaping is the one you should hire. My Type A personality doesn’t usually like to lose control of things and I like to be on top of things to make sure it is done right. 10 Star Landscaping was extremely professional, accommodating, and they happily made adjustments upon my request. The lawn care services they provided for my home that is near Montello Elementary School has left it looking much more professionally cut and cared for. Thank you guys for putting up with me and for the amazing lawn care services. 

Loren Crockett yard mowing in Lewiston ME
affordable-grass-cutting-businesses-in-Lewiston-ME local-lawn-cutting-services-in-Lewiston-ME lawn-care-services-in-Lewiston-ME local-lawn-cutting-services-in-Lewiston-ME cheap-lawn-cutting-businesses-in-Lewiston-ME

I have tried calling various lawn care companies near me but I haven’t had much success in hearing back from them. One lawn care company even responded to my voicemail I left for them almost a month later! By that time, I had found both Carbone Industries and GreenPal. Carbone Industries was quick to provide consultation, a quote, and even lawn care treatment too. On top of the great customer service, their lawn mowing, yard maintenance, edging, and trimming made my lawn and yard look much better. You can tell just by looking at it that a professional worked on it. I wouldn’t want it any other way. 

Genna Presley lawn cut in Lewiston ME
cheap-lawn-cutting-businesses-in-Lewiston-ME local-lawn-maintenance-contractors-in-Lewiston-ME affordable-grass-cutting-businesses-in-Lewiston-ME affordable-lawn-services-in-Lewiston-ME residential-lawn-cutting-businesses-in-Lewiston-ME

Since day one, working with Jake’s Landscaping has been such a pleasure. The lawn care and landscaping services I received from Jake’s Landscaping has completely changed the way my entire property looks. From the initial start of the project, they managed to explain everything they were going to do and worked with me until I was completely satisfied with everything. Their company also has a department just for yard maintenance. Of course, I hired them to handle the bi-weekly lawn mowing for my lawn which is located near Bates College. I haven’t had one instance of disappointment and I’m happy to recommend them. 

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