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Mikken Services Lawn Services in Columbia, SC

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Just like my lawn care business is an investment in my future, your lawn and landscape is an investment too. And that is what my company specializes in. Preserving your investment. It is true that a well-maintained landscape is an important part of your homes value. That is why I love the services I can provide to the homeowners of Columbia, SC. Look, when it comes to lawn care companies near me, I know that there is some tight competition out there. That is why we offer reliable lawn care services to all of the residents of Columbia.
in my experience it is one of the best was to beat out the competition. We love the look of soft Kentucky blue grass laying in perfect lines across the lawn, or a great St. Augustin grass. Whatever type of grass is in your yard, you better bet we have the skills and experience to make your lawn look its best, and in the process bringing out the best in your home too.

Maintaining the lawn is only the start. You must also maintain the landscape as a whole too, and it can be a big task. Let me tell you how we can help you keep it simple. Schedule our lawn care service in Columbia, SC. Then take a look at our lawn maintenance packages and decide which is best for you. We have a huge selection for a whole range of projects for all types of budgets. 

Once that is out of the way, we can take a look at your landscape. Can we add some flowers, or maybe some trees? Or maybe some shrubs or bushes to boost your landscapes value? It may be that we simply need to prune back some of the old growth. Sometimes we can transplant or completely remove misplaced shrubbery.

Truly it is no secret, your landscape. Most specifically your lawn is a major factor to the value of your property. That's why we made a business out of caring to your lawn and your investment in your future. In Columbia, SC there is a lot of competition when it comes to having a gorgeous landscape. Properly maintaining your home in Columbia can lead to less problems with insects, rodents, funguses and molds. Even if you are in the suburbs of Columbia, there can be pest problems.

Columbia has a lot of great landscapes, and those landscapes need lawn care professionals who can mow yards professionally. When I am not out there maintaining the properties of West Columbia or the Woodhill Estates, I may be at Riverbanks Zoo and Gardens, or one of Columbia great attractions. If you are looking for quality lawn care service in Columbia, you know who to call. Best of all, you can reach me through GreenPal for lawn care bids today!


Lawn Care Services Lawn Services in Columbia, SC

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In the early 2000's we started using the infamous site Craigslist to expand our lawn care business Columbia, SC. It was the best way to pick up new properties near me that needed to get the grass cut. But something changed, and Craigslist took a turn for the worst. That was when I relived we needed a new way to drum up lawns and offer lawn care bids to prospective clients.

Here iswhat happened when we found GreenPal. We have found that GreenPal has reestablished the trust that once to existed on Craigslist, and sites of the like. At least when it comes to hiring lawn care providers in Columbia, SC. We simply love the landscapes of Columbia, South Carolina. 

Lawn maintenance doesn't have to be complicated, it is quite simple in fact with GreenPal. Grass cuts, weed control and weed whacking, aeration, fertilizing and more are just a few of the service which we provide.We also offer aeration, fall cleanup, over seeding and more. Best of all our bid includes leaf blowing hard surfaces, weed eating, and edging.

When you hire us through GreenPal, you can review our lawn care services each and every time we provide a service, that is simply something that most other platforms do not offer. All of this helps you to build trust in my services in Columbia South Carolina, and that is why we love GreenPal so much!

We have a number of lawns throughout Columbia, including some by Robert Mills House and Gardens and we also have a few properties by the Finlay Park as well. When I look at how far we have come I can't believe that we get to make a living outdoors.

 I literally get pad to stand in the sun, it is simply astounding. Anyhow enough about me. Seriously, GreenPal is a solution that both lawn care professionals and homeowners who need lawn care bids to get their grass cut both needed. If you would like to hire us, all you have to do is sign up for GreenPal, and select our lawn care bid for your lawn! It is just that simple.


Yard Stars Lawn Services in Columbia, SC

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As lawn care professionals, when it comes to mowing grass near you, whether you are  in Columbia, SC, or Blythwood. We know that your home is an important investment. And your home is likley the biggest investment that you will ever make. That is why, as a homeowner who is spending thousands a month to keep your home in order you must not forget this. It still seems that many people forget about one huge part of that investment! Your landscape. And the landscape design which surrounds your home.

Getting the grass cut and lawn care are small parts of this massive part of the biggest investment you will ever make. Let me tell you how to keep it simple. Schedule lawn care service in Columbia, SC from us. We have a lawn care package for every budget, which allows us to offer affordable quality services. Once we get that out of the way, then lets take a look at your landscape. Can we add any flowers, trees, shrubs or bushes to boost your landscapes value. 

Maybe we will need to prune back some of the old growth, or even completely remove misplaced shrubbery. The truth is that we can help control pest problems through proper home maintenance. Not only the small furry mammals, but buts and even fungi/ molds too! Ever since graduating from A.C. Flora High School I have been expanding my lawn care business throughout Columbia, SC.

So, if you are looking for a great lawn in South Carolina, and an easy way to get it. You know what to do. GreenPal is easy to sign up for, and you are never locked in to any plan you don't want to continue. My clients love it, and so do we. Seriously we have eliminated a lot of paperwork, and simplified lawn care bids with GreenPal, I could not be happier. 


Yeldell lawn care Lawn Services in Columbia, SC

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Grass grows fast all across South Carolina once spring begins, and that is no secret, It is also no secret that the lawns of Columbia, are some of the greatest around. That is when people realize they don't have the right equipment, or the time to maintain their own property. And if you don't hire someone to have on deck, you risk falling behind with your lawn care regiment.The worst part is that catching up on an overgrown lawn can be expensive, and it can even be damaging to the grass if it gets to out of hand.

Columbia, just like our lawn care business, and the grass within it has been growing a lot too. Get this, our lawn maintenance and grass cutting services always include blowing off hard surfaces with a leaf blower, edging paths and walkways, and most importantly a professional cut of the grass each and every time.

It has taken us a while to get where we are, considering where we started with offer lawn care services. But we have collected the right grass cutting equipment, and built the skills it takes to cut any lawn the right way within a decent amount of time. This is what enables us to offer affordable prices while at the same time offering a quality grass cut. .

Our Columbia landscape service along with other lawn care services near me. One day I hope to land a contract with Columbia International University, where my brother graduated. When I begin to land some commercial contracts I will be where I want, but until then. I am happy to offer my lawn care services to the residents of Columbia, SC. 

Looking for lawn care bids in Columbia? Then, what are you waiting for? In my opinion if you want the best in quality lawn care near me, consider us for your lawn maintenance needs.I have found that the homeowners that work with us love our lawn care services, as well as the GreenPal application.

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Tiffany Hempswell lawn care service in Columbia SC
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When it came to finding lawn care for my Columbia, SC lawn it was a headache. I went through 3 guys in one season, no one was reliable. I searched for a solution, and my neighbor informed me about GreenPal. I gave it a shot, within a few hours I had 4 lawn care bids from companies near me. I picked the lawn care provider with the best view, and it has been great ever since. I set me schedule, and they nearly always come on time. With all of my work at Columbia Metropolitan Airport, I need all of the help I can get.

Jinny Minns lawn service in Columbia SC
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My son would always mow the lawn and take care of the lawn maintenance, along with his father. But as we all got older, my son went off to University of South Carolina, and my husband has no time for lawn care anymore. I gave this new app a try, and I was able to get lawn care within only a few days. I really like being able to rate my lawn services each time they are rendered. It is a great way to get lawn care bids from services near me, fast and easy. 

Timothy Gentry lawn mowing service in Columbia SC
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I would rather spend my weekends at the South Carolina State Museum, than in my lawn maintaining the grass. It is not something I have ever enjoyed doing, and, I am more than happy to hire someone to do it for me. But sometimes hiring a lawn care professional who is reliable is harder than it should be. That is before I found GreenPal. With GreenPal I can schedule my service when I need it, and there is never any commitment either. It is so much better than leaving a check at the door once a month, all of the lawn care payments are automatic. It is the best way to find lawn care near me. 

Brandon Taylor lawn service in Columbia SC
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If you could find an easy solution to lawn care wouldn't you take it? I know I did. i can;t believe the trouble i have run into in the past when it came to hiring lawn care professionals to get the grass cut. Oak Hills Golf Club is my favorite green, but I have to maintain my lawn somehow, and I was happy to find lawn care bids through GreenPal. I simply love how simple it has made getting the lawn handled effectively.