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Mikken Services Lawn Services in Columbia, SC

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We know your lawn and landscape is a major investment. And that is what my company specializes in preserving your investment. At Mikken Services, we help homeowners in Columbia, South Carolina create their dream backyards and front lawns. Don't spend all your time typing online "lawn care companies near me." We offer affordable services and five-star support that you won't get from our competitors. Get everything you need from us without overpaying. 

Warm Season Grass Experts 

We work on a variety of warm season grass such as: 

While tall fescue is not a warm season grass, we do run into them from time to time. We are also experts in cool-season grass and tailor our work no matter kind of lawn you own.

Upgrading and Maintaining Your Yard 

Schedule our lawn care services whether you're in Columbia, SC or even as far as Rock Hill, South Carolina.

We offer a long list of lawn maintenance packages decide which is best for you. We offer a huge selection for options for all types of budgets. 

Once that is out of the way, we can take a look at your landscape. Can we add some flowers, or maybe some trees? Or maybe some shrubs or bushes to boost your landscapes value? It may be that we simply need to prune trees or hedges. 

Keep Your Property In Good Shape With Our Help

Properly maintaining your home in Columbia can lead to less problems with insects, rodents, funguses and molds. It also makes it easier to maintain over time. 

Whether you own a property in West Columbia or the Woodhill Estates, or even near Riverbanks Zoo and Gardens, we guarantee quality lawn care services for your Columbia property. 

Give your lawn a makeover by hiring Mikken Services. 


Lawn Care Services Lawn Services in Columbia, SC

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For two decades, our lawn care company has delivered exceptional, affordable, and reliable lawn care services in Columbia, South Carolina. This includes serving customers in Charleston, South Carolina. Since our humble beginnings in the early 2000s, we have nourished yards all across our state, becoming a trusted name in our community. If you want reliable lawn care, we're the company to hire. 

Comprehensive Lawn Care Services For Every Property In Columbia SC

We serve homeowners, property managers, municipal properties, and businesses. We provide a range of lawn care services that are tailored to your needs and budget. Here are some of our offerings: 

  • Routine grass cutting
  • Weed control
  • Meticulous edging 
  • Weed whacking 
  • Leaf blowing on hard surfaces
  • Recurring lawn maintenance 

Get them on a recurring basis or for a one-time visit. 

Year-Round Lawn Care For Every Season

In addition to our standard services, we offer other seasonal treatment including: 

  • Fertilizing 
  • Aeration
  • Fall Cleanup
  • Soil Amendments
  • Overseeding patchy lawns 
  • Grass disease treatment 
  • And more!

These are addons to our standard care. By performing these services, we can really create lush, green, and healthy lawns. 

Proven Support From A High Rated Business

When you choose our lawn care services, you can expect top-quality care and unwavering attention to detail. As a leader in the area, we've amassed a long list of satisfied customers. Our long standing results is a testament to the quality of work we provide. 

We've built lasting relationships with property owners in various neighborhoods such as Finlay Park, and even customers near the Robert Mills House. We even have one of the highest re-hire rates in the community. 

With each day passing day, we're driven to help our community and take pride in contributing to the beauty of Columbia's landscapes. 

When you're ready for affordable and high-quality lawn care for your home, consider the pros at our company. 


Yard Stars Lawn Services in Columbia, SC

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As lawn care professionals, when it comes to mowing grass or taking care of your yard in Columbia, South Carolina, a neighborhood like Blythwood, or a nearby city like Summerville, South Carolina, you can count on us to do it right the first time. Get quality lawn maintenance and lawn mowing services by hiring Yard Stars today. 

Lawn Mowing Services Done Right

Getting the lawn cut is important for your property. We keep it simple. We'll help set a proper schedule for lawn care service in Columbia, SC, that's done properly from early spring to late fall. 

Plus, we offer a lawn care package for every budget meaning you'll pay less for quality treatment. If you're looking for a one-time mowing job, we can do that as well. Our prices start at $51 for grass cutting. We even throw in free edging and hedge trimming services.

Additional Support Available When You Hire Us Today

Looking to prune your bushes or even completely remove misplaced shrubbery? We can handle that as well. Let's not forget about popular pest control solutions available for all property owners. Not only do prevent the small furry insects, but even fungi and molds too! Ever since graduating from A.C. Flora High School I have been expanding my lawn care business throughout Columbia, SC.

So, if you are looking for a great lawn care business in South Carolina, consider hiring us. To do that, download the free GreenPal app. It is pretty to easy to sign up for, and you are never locked in to any plan. My clients love it, and so do we. We'll get started once you're ready. 

GreenPal is here to make your life easier all across South Carolina State. Maybe you're on the lookout for lawn care services in Rock Hill, SC? Or perhaps you're seeking a trustworthy yard care company near Greenville, SC? No matter where you call home, GreenPal's got you covered for all your lawn care needs.


Yeldell Lawn Care Lawn Services in Columbia, SC

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When your grass starts growing fast in South Carolina, it's usually time for the lawn care season. Once spring begins, it is no secret that  your grass needs proper attention. If you lack the right equipment or the time for yard work, we can help. Don't risk falling behind your lawn care regiment. Blink too fast and you' might find yourself staring at an overgrown lawn with patchy spots and weeds that can be expensive to fix. 

Setting Your Columbia Lawn For Success

We set your yard up for success by implementing a proper lawn service treatment. We feed, mow, water, and create a thriving environment for your soil, roots, and grass to thrive. 

From fertilizing to weed control, we create a customized plan to build a healthy outdoor space. This begins with a free soil test on our end. Then, we map out a plan that is designed with your grass in mind. Because no two lawns are the same, it's important the work you do is tailored to meet its specific needs. 

What We Do Best

Our lawn maintenance and grass cutting services always include blowing leaves with our battery-powered leaf blower. We also edge paths and walkways, and provide a professional cut each and every time.

Our Columbia landscape service along with other lawn care services will hopefully land us a contract with Columbia International University, where my brother graduated. Until then, I am happy to offer my lawn care services to the residents of Columbia, SC and Rock Hill, South Carolina.

Looking for lawn care bids in Columbia? Then, what are you waiting for? If you want the best in quality lawn care near me, consider Yeldell Lawn Care. 

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When it came to finding lawn care for my Columbia, SC lawn it was a headache. I went through 3 guys in one season, no one was reliable. I searched for a solution, and my neighbor informed me about GreenPal. I gave it a shot, within a few hours I had 4 lawn care bids from companies near me. I picked the lawn care provider with the best view, and it has been great ever since. I set me schedule, and they nearly always come on time. With all of my work at Columbia Metropolitan Airport, I need all of the help I can get.

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My son would always mow the lawn and take care of the lawn maintenance, along with his father. But as we all got older, my son went off to University of South Carolina, and my husband has no time for lawn care anymore. I gave this new app a try, and I was able to get lawn care within only a few days. I really like being able to rate my lawn services each time they are rendered. It is a great way to get lawn care bids from services near me, fast and easy. 

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I would rather spend my weekends at the South Carolina State Museum, than in my lawn maintaining the grass. It is not something I have ever enjoyed doing, and, I am more than happy to hire someone to do it for me. But sometimes hiring a lawn care professional who is reliable is harder than it should be. That is before I found GreenPal. With GreenPal I can schedule my service when I need it, and there is never any commitment either. It is so much better than leaving a check at the door once a month, all of the lawn care payments are automatic. It is the best way to find lawn care near me. 

Brandon Taylor lawn mowing service in Columbia SC
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If you could find an easy solution to lawn care wouldn't you take it? I know I did. i can;t believe the trouble i have run into in the past when it came to hiring lawn care professionals to get the grass cut. Oak Hills Golf Club is my favorite green, but I have to maintain my lawn somehow, and I was happy to find lawn care bids through GreenPal. I simply love how simple it has made getting the lawn handled effectively.