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Yard Boys Lawn Care Lawn Services in Oxford, AL

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Turn any wasteland-looking yard into a colorful green haven. We sculpt yards into outdoor havens using our industry's finest techniques, products, and equipment. If you want to create a space where your family, friends, and pets can enjoy, Yard Boys Lawn Care can help.

Step By Step Lawn Transformation Plan

Transform your weed-riddled, muddy patch of landscape into a soft, healthy, green yard. We take a few steps to make that happen:

  • 1) Soil Testing & Site Visits:

Before any job, we visit your property and conduct soil tests for free. We check for soil conditions, PH imbalances, and more. After our visit, we'll provide our professional recommendation.

  • 2) Prep Your Grass:

We remove a build-up of leaves, debris, and dirt on your grass. After a long winter or if your lawn has been neglected, you'll naturally see a build-up of intermingled debris. We'll remove it to prepare your yard for our services.

  • 3) Pre-Emergents:

We apply pre-emergents in early spring to combat weeds and create a protective barrier in your soil. Pre-emergents squeeze weed seeds hidden deep in your soil, preventing most of them from sprouting.

  • 4) Fertilizing:

The right fertilizers help your grass grow faster, thicker, and greener. With so many products on the market, we know which ones work best for your Alabama lawn.

  • 5) Lawn Mowing Services:

We cut your grass to promote better growth patterns. We do that by adjusting our mowers to trim at 3 inches in height and changing our mowing patterns to allow your grass blades to grow straighter.

In addition, we provide water management, overseeding, edging, leaf removal, and more.

Complete Lawn Service For You

What are your goals? What issues do you see? What condition is your property in? These questions help us narrow down the proper yard treatment.

By customizing our services, we can fix any issues, improve your property's appearance, and maintain healthy green grass all year.

Affordable Yard Maintenance When You Need It

We're available to serve you between spring and fall. We offer a complete lineup of lawn care services for every budget and need. Hire us once or on a recurring basis.

We provide services to customers in Oxford, Alabama, and Calhoun County. We have served local communities like Hinton, Brook and even property owners near Quintard Mall.

Hire Yard Boys Lawn Care for year-round lawn service treatment.


Kenneth Lawncare Lawn Services in Oxford, AL

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Have you been thinking about hiring a lawn care business? Not looking forward to mowing the lawn this weekend? Want one less thing on your to-do list? When your landscaping chores become too much to handle, we can help. From grass cutting to weed control, Kenneth Lawncare does it all.

Professional Services That Work

We provide a range of lawn care services that include:

  • Lawn mowing services from spring to early fall
  • Weed control (using pre and post-emergents)
  • Edging
  • Power raking
  • Leaf removal
  • Pressure washing sidewalks
  • Fertilization
  • Grub control
  • Core aeration
  • And more!

You won't need to turn to another contractor, as we offer everything your landscape needs to thrive and blossom.

Get Affordable Lawn Service By Hiring Us

Kenneth Lawncare provides high-quality, budget-friendly lawn care services in Oxford, Alabama, and Calhoun County. We have helped customers in Wilson Road, Rock Quary, and other local communities. Visit our business page to see our recent projects, some of which were done near places like the Oxford Performing Arts Center.

Hire Kenneth Lawncare to transform and maintain your outdoor space today. 


Royal Development Lawn Services in Oxford, AL

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Win back your weekends, and let Royal Development do the dirty work! Put your lawn mower away and hire the pros at our company. We provide everything from mowing to edging to removing weeds and everything in between. All for an affordable price!

Full-Service Company For All Your Landscaping Needs

Royal Development provides many lawn care services in Oxford, Alabama, and Calhoun County. Whether you're in Del Ray, Pinewood, or even near the Oxford Civic Center, our team will come to you.

As a full-service company, we do more than just mow grass. We also feed, water, seed, and maintain your property so that it looks good, grows strong, and stays green all year. Plus, we tackle invasive plants like weeds and crabgrass while also fighting off annoying pests.

Whether we're improving grass color, safely removing weeds, or repairing damaged grass, our company does it all.

Lawn Service For Every Season

As you may already know, your grass goes through different phases. Each season requires different services. What you do in early spring is somewhat different from what you do in the middle of summer.

For the most part, this is what your seasonal treatments look like:

  • 1) Spring Yard Work:

As soon as the weather gets warm, your grass starts showing signs of life. Getting your lawn care routine started early sets it to thrive during the year. Most of the work involves fertilizing, applying pre-emergents, aerating if your soil is too compacted, and mowing your grass.

  • 2) Summer Services:

In the summer, we spend most of the time mowing, fertilizing, watching out for grubs, and swatting away pests. We protect your grass from drying out, turning brown, and other annoying issues that arise during the grueling heat.

  • 3) Fall Yard Maintenance:

During the fall, we spend our time aerating, removing thatch build-up, watering, mowing, power raking seeds into your soil, removing debris, and more. Plus, we will get your landscape ready for next year.

Landscape Maintenance All Year Long

We're rated one of the best companies in the area. After earning hundreds of five-star reviews, we're confident you'll love the work we do.

When you're ready to give your yard the greenest outdoor makeover ever, give us a call! Hire Royal Development today. 


Nothing Fancy Lawn Lawn Services in Oxford, AL

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You can't go wrong hiring us! We do it all. Lawn mowing. Yard work. Weed eating. You name it, we do it. And it won't cost you a fortune, either. As one of the best-rated companies in the area, we've been the company people lean on for quality lawn care services. Join our list of happy customers by hiring Nothing Fancy Lawn today.

Your Lawn Care Dream Team

Our staff is made up of highly trained experts. They carry years of experience and put that knowledge and training to good use. It's one of the main reasons our company has earned hundreds of customer praise. We'd love to add you to our wall of success.

As a single source for all your lawn care needs, we provide a number of options for you, all designed for your needs and goals.

Here are some of the things we can do for you:

  • Help your grass grow back faster and thicker
  • Create greener grass in just a few weeks
  • Patch up bare spots and balding areas in your yard
  • Remove and prevent invasive plants like weeds
  • Tackle your lawn mowing chores by using premium lawn mowers
  • Feed your lawn with fertilizers that work best for your grass type
  • Overseed to stimulate new grass growth
  • Repair damaged grass or resod completely

We do it all for an incredible price. Depending on what you need, we'll tailor a treatment program for you, which you can cancel anytime.

Deals For Every Budget

Save more by hiring us. We provide affordable lawn care services in Oxford, Alabama, and Calhoun County. From Cider Ridge to Red Oak Central, we have helped hundreds of property owners in the area.

Visit our business profile to learn more. Our profile features our recent projects, customer reviews, and a list of lawn care services.

Get what you need from one company. Hire Nothing Fancy Lawn for affordable lawn care in Oxford.

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Yard Boys Lawn Care is amazing! They work fast and provide incredible services from beginning to end. We hired them for lawn mowing services and lawn maintenance throughout the summer. They have not disappointed! My property near Oxford Lake is looking good, thanks to them.

Charlie Gardner lawn service in Oxford AL
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Kenneth Lawncare is one of the best lawn care companies I've ever hired. I've worked with several in the past, but these guys are incredible. My yard near the BigTime Entertainment Amusement Center is in the best shape I've ever had it in.

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I highly recommend you hire Royal Development. They've done a great job in my backyard near Oxford Middle School. Give them a chance because they are good!

Sanford Leiter grass cutting in Oxford AL
the-yard-cutting-businesses-in-Oxford-AL local-lawn-maintenance-contractors-in-Oxford-AL affordable-grass-cutting-businesses-in-Oxford-AL affordable-grass-cutting-businesses-in-Oxford-AL affordable-lawn-services-in-Oxford-AL

A friend recommended I check out GreenPal. It was through the app that I found Nothing Fancy Lawn. They got to work the day after I hired them and provided terrific services to my property near the Sports Zone Batting Cages. Highly recommended!