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Las Gardenias LLC Lawn Services in Lakewood, CA

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We know that you would probably rather enjoy a good day out at the Lakewood Center than spend all day stuck taking care of your lawn in the city. But many Lakewood homes often bear with problems like weeds, dead grass spots, and the general struggle that comes with trying to mow the lawn the right way. The good news is that you don’t have to struggle to get lawn mowing services or lawn care services. Here at Las Gardenias LLC, our lawn care professionals will help you with all of your lawn care needs no matter how complicated they might be.

Las Gardenias LLC is a lawn care business that is located off of Centralia Street in the heart of the city. Our base is not too far off from Lakewood High School. We have easy access to every part of Lakewood CA, so you can ensure you’ll get the help you need right away. Our lawn care and lawn service team can even come out to homes near LGB so we can make those lawns look beautiful even from up in the sky while someone is flying out from the airport.

We offer a huge list of lawn care services at a bargain. Pay insanely low prices for top-notch lawn care services and lawn mowing services. All of our lawn care services are designed to keep your lawn freshly cut and well-maintained. You won't have to lift a finger all year, as we'll take care of everything. 

You can contact our lawn care business if you have an urgent or pressing need for lawn care services. We will come to your home on the double if you have concerns like a need to get the lawn cut before someone comes to your property or if you have a sizeable pest infestation that is becoming worse. We’ll help you schedule a time to come over so we can fix the issue. We may be able to help you out on the same day you contact us.

But regardless of when you call us, you will always get the best lawn service possible. You won’t spend more money on lawn solutions than you might expect either. You will know what you will spend on services when you contact us. We’ll give you a full schedule of fees based on what you would spend before we start working. You will not be surprised by any surprise fees, not to mention you won’t have to pay for stuff that you did not ask for.

Our lawn care business will help you with any property you have in Lakewood. Whether you are near Monte Verde Park or you’re in the Lakewood Village region, you can trust the lawn service experts at Las Gardenias LLC with your lawn care demands.

You can also talk with us for help with regular contract lawn mowing services and lawn care services if needed. You can chat with us about bi-weekly or monthly lawn care services among other points. We will come to your property and mow your lawn at a time that you see fit. The service is excellent if you need extra help with managing your yard throughout the year.

See how we at Las Gardenias LLC can help you with your lawn care needs. Remember, we provide a long list of lawn care services that will make your lawn look great. Our lawn service company will give you the help you need for your Lakewood CA home so the space will look its best and be easy to maintain while looking better than any other property in the city.


Elite Lawn Lawn Services in Lakewood, CA

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Many things can impact the quality of your lawn in Lakewood CA. These include everything from anthills and grubs to dandelions and other annoying weeds. The risk of a lawn becoming compacted and unlike to drain accordingly can also be a threat to your space. All of these concerns can be significant and can keep your yard from being as healthy as it is supposed to be. But the good news is that you can contact us at Elite Lawn for help with resolving these problems and many others in your yard.

Our lawn service team is available to help you with every bit of lawn maintenance and lawn care support that you require. You can trust our lawn service team at Elite Lawn with managing everything from grass cutting to weed removal to trimming your bushes. We have many lawn care services that will completely transform your outdoor space. The comprehensive approach that we offer for handling your lawn will make a difference in how well your space is laid out and what you can expect out of taking care of your area.

Our lawn care company name says it all. We offer the best and most elite lawn care services in the city of Lakewood. We always review each lawn that we will work on to ensure no problems surround the quality of our lawn care services and lawn mowing services. We will help with identifying things like how high the grass can grow, how short the surface should be, and any concerns surrounding how well water flows through the area. The yard maintenance services and lawn care services consist of a personalized and direct approach to protecting your lawn. 

We know that every type of lawn in Lakewood is different. The greens around Bloomfield Avenue are known for being a little smaller with some homes in the area not having back lawns. Travel a little closer to Studebaker Road, and you’ll see that the fields are a little larger just like the properties themselves.

Our lawn care company has seen pretty much everything Lakewood has to offer when it comes to lawns. The good news is that we have a thorough yard maintenance service that will take care of every type of lawn regardless of its size. We love a good challenge when it comes to caring for lawns and keeping those spaces looking beautiful and appealing to everyone.

Our lawn maintenance, lawn care services, and lawn mowing services are excellent throughout the entire year as well. You can talk with us about lawn mowing during the spring and summer or about aeration and seeding during the cooler times of the year when the lawn doesn’t grow as much. The thorough approach we put into mowing your yard will make a true difference when it comes to what you get out of the service.

Get in touch with the lawn care professionals at Elite Lawn if you ever need help with your lawn mowing services or landscape maintenance services. We are proud to offer ideal lawn care services for everyone in the area who needs assistance in managing different things of value. You can trust us when it comes to the great lawn care services we have to offer.


Green Garden Lawn Services in Lakewood, CA

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While it is essential to get the lawn cut at your Lakewood CA home, you also have to look at the many things that you need to handle around your yard during the fall and winter. While it is true that the weather conditions aren’t necessarily going to be freezing here in Lakewood during the winter, you’re going to get more rainfall during this period. Your lawn will also be dormant due to the reduced amount of sunlight and the drop in temperatures around the area. The fall and winter are times when your grass could be susceptible to weeds as well.

The threats that come with your lawn will never cease throughout the year. But you don’t have to worry about them when you ask us at Green Garden for help with your lawn care needs. We love taking care of all the things that homeowners require when it comes to making it easier for your space to stay beautiful.

Our lawn care and lawn service crew work hard to take care of lawns around all parts of Lakewood from Lakewood Mutual and Davenport Park to the west all the way out to the areas near Forest Lawn and Hawaiian Gardens. We know that people around Lakewood have distinct lawns that have unique features, but we also recognize that these people have particular requirements for lawn care that need to be resolved throughout the year.

We will help you with your lawn mowing and lawn service needs during the spring and summer. We will also help with watering your lawn and maintaining any landscaping features you have. The work includes trimming any bushes or trees around your space.

We will also provide you with lawn care services like aeration and seeding during the fall and winter with the intention of preserving the quality of your lawn when the space becomes cooler. We can also remove any thatch of crabgrass during the early spring season while aerating your area again depending on the quality of the soil in your space. Any weeds that might have built up during the offseason will also be safely removed through our services.

The best thing that you can say about our work at Green Garden is that everything we do is thorough and helpful for your needs. We want to see that you’ll get the most out of the work you are putting in.

We concentrate on producing the best lawn service treatments for your lawn in the Lakewood area. We can even work on smaller spaces like at the Los Amigos mobile park. Regular lawns like the ones along Harvey Way can also be covered through our services. The assortment of yards we can take care of is as comprehensive as the services that we will provide to all people around the area.

You will love how we at Green Garden will provide you with a thorough approach to all of your lawn maintenance needs. Talk with us online or by phone today if you need help with lawn cutting or anything else that your lawn needs help with throughout the whole calendar year.


Angels Family Inc Lawn Services in Lakewood, CA

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My name is Angel Munoz, and I operate Angels Family Inc out of Long Beach. My services are available for people around Long Beach, Lakewood, and other parts of southern Los Angeles County to utilize.

I’ve always been intrigued by how well some of the public lawns in Lakewood and elsewhere look even after all these years. You would think that a place like Heartwell Park would wear out real fast from all that foot traffic and various dogs running up and down the area. Even the Pony baseball fields at the park still look green as ever.

With that in mind, I’ve been on the search for an answer to a simple question – what does it take for a lawn to stay green all year round? Why do some yards on Warwood Road or Harvey Way look brown, and why do others look green?

Over the years, I’ve perfected the science of lawn maintenance and lawn service to help find ways to give people the greenest and healthiest yards possible. Much of what I do focuses on the quality of the soil bed. The grass will be the most robust when the soil bed is regularly loosened and water can flow through the well without flooding the space. Also, the lawn will be healthier when the pH level in the soil is managed well enough.

My services at Angels Family Inc are capable of giving your lawn the look you’ve always wanted. You can trust the other people on my team and me to help you with maintaining your lawn and keeping the space healthy from the inside out. From loosening the soil to using proper pH treatments and many other things in between, we will ensure that your Lakewood lawn looks healthy and grows appropriately.

The most important part of what we can do here at Angels Family Inc is that we will keep your lawn looking refreshed during every season. I am available to help you with grass cutting in the spring, watering and irrigation help in the summer, and preventing weeds from growing in the winter. The cleanup service I offer also ensures you won’t struggle with keeping your lawn healthy.

The biggest thing about our lawn service work is that we will help you with keeping your lawn healthy and green. Look around Hardwick Street to see how different yards look brown versus the green ones. You can tell the green lawns have been treated well with regular lawn care services and lawn mowing services throughout the year. I’ve worked on lawns around here and other spaces in Lakewood. I’ll be available alongside the rest of my lawn service team to give your yard the same attention and support the area deserves.

You will love how well our team at Angels Family Inc can help you with managing your lawn with keeping the space looking attractive. Get in touch with us if you need help with your Lakewood lawn. You’ll find that our services are top-notch and will give you the style you’ve always wanted at your Lakewood home.

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Spencer Howard yard cutting in Lakewood CA
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It takes a while for me to drive from my Cherry Cove home to LGB for work, so I don’t have much time to mow my lawn every few weeks. Las Gardenias LLC has been helping me with the mowing process so my space will be more comfortable to maintain. I love how the team at Las Gardenias can come to my home and mow the lawn every two weeks. They have done very well with aerating the space and watering it so the lawn will continue to grow. My yard looks as green as the fields around the runways at LGB.

Heather Hart lawn care in Lakewood CA
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I was tasked to hire a new team that could help with the lawn care functions at the Mayfair High School recently. I needed help with finding a group that could handle both the lawns in between school buildings and the athletic fields to the east. Elite Lawn gave us the support that we needed without making things more complicated than needed. Elite has done very well with cutting the lawns and with watering these spaces. They have done exceptionally well with loosening up the soil in some of the spots on the athletic fields that have been compacted from all that use.

Drew Jefferson lawn care in Lakewood CA
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I usually head out to the Sprouts grocery store on Woodruff and Harvey every week to pick up food for my house. I’ve tried using some of the organic lawn care products that the place offers for sale, and even then those items never worked. But Green Garden has helped me with finding a better lawn care process that is much more effective for my space. The team has done well with helping me to mow my lawn and aerate my space. I’ve found that some of those products I buy at the store are working better for keeping my lawn green thanks to Green Garden’s more comprehensive approach to maintaining my lawn bed.

Travis Morrison lawn mowing service in Lakewood CA
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I’ve been having a hard time keeping weeds from developing on my lawn on Yearling Street, especially around the tree on the other side of my sidewalk. The people at Angels Family have done well with mowing my lawn and edging the spots around the sidewalk, but the best part is that they have helped me with removing my weeds quite well. They understand the proper formulas and materials needed for clearing out those weeds. Best of all, the tree in front of my house is still intact and isn’t tilting. They can help me with trimming the tree too.