Here are Best Lawn Care Services in Shawnee, KS as of Mar, 2024


Franklin Lawn Services in Shawnee, KS

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The last thing you should worry about is whether or not your lawn care guy is going to show up. That’s the whole point of scheduling right? It is, and if you’ve been stiffed by local lawn care companies and local lawn mowing service in Shawnee then from me to you, I’m sorry. It can get pretty hectic scheduling all of our homes and planning the trips, so don’t take it personally. I cannot tell you honestly that I have never missed an appointment, but I can tell you that I always make it up.

These days I have made sure that Franklin Lawn Care doesn’t bite off more than it can chew. We have made it a point to pride ourselves in quality landscaping over quantity. If you were on GreenPal a few years ago you would remember how we were catching flack for never being available, but that was a personal decision of mine. I was tied between ten lawns in Shawnee and several more in Merriam, and between the driving I couldn’t keep up with any new lawns. So instead of extending myself and cut lawns like a child, I saddled up and did my best for every lawn I already had under my belt. This year we do have an opening for scheduled lawn mowing in Shawnee, so if you are thinking about it, talk to us. Better to let us know you are thinking about it now than down the road when it is too late!


Black Slacks Lawn Services in Shawnee, KS

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Black Slacks has been an established, trusted landscaping service in Shawnee for eight years now. That is a lot of mowing if you ask me. I don’t remember every lawn I have serviced, but I can tell you that I remember that every single customer has been satisfied. Don’t believe me? Check out our reviews on our GreenPal page and see how far they go!

We are the lawn care company that offers everything you need. When you hire Black Slacks, we provide optimal lawn care services in Shawnee, Kansas. Black Slacks has been providing full-scale lawn care services to customers near you. If you want top-notch lawn service, affordable prices, and fast responding customer service, contact our lawn care business.

Black Slacks is a lawn care business that provides customized treatment for your lawn. Our lawn service and lawn care work will leave your lawn spotless, green, and flourishing.

Whether you need lawn mowing services, lawn service, or lawn maintenance, we can help.

Black Slacks quality lawn care and lawn service equipment are used by our lawn care professionals. Every lawn care and lawn service staff member implements industry leading practices. Whatever you hire our lawn service company for, you’re going to get quality lawn care work from the beginning.

Now, you can get quality lawn care in Black Slacks when you hire us.

Get lawn service and lawn care solutions you can count on.

With our high-quality lawn care services in Shawnee, you’ll create or maintain a beautiful yard and lawn.

In addition to delivering property owners with lawn service in Shawnee, we serve clients in other parts of Kansas too.

There are some lawn service or lawn care businesses that won’t provide the customized lawn maintenance like Black Slacks.

Every property needs specific lawn service and lawn care in Shawnee. Black Slacks makes sure to deliver quality lawn care services for optimal results.

Let Black Slacks with solid lawn service experience and seasoned lawn care professionals work on your grass today.

Black Slacks provides lawn care services in Shawnee better than any other lawn care business. You can get Shawnee lawn mowing services and other yard work as soon as you’d like.

We offer all types of lawn care in Shawnee. We also offer inexpensive lawn care packages that are affordable and require no long-term contract. Get customized lawn care plans when you book Black Slacks.

Get lawn mowing services or lawn care in Shawnee when you hire our lawn care company. Some of the local lawn care companies in Shawnee are reduced to what they can offer you.

Our staff is highly trained in a series of lawn care and lawn service work. Get everything you need from our lawn care business.

Choose from Shawnee lawn mowing services, lawn service, sodding, edging, aeration, and many other lawn care services. 

Our lawn service company aims to bring you quality lawn care services and lawn mowing services all year long. If we had it our way, we would take control over your lawn for one year just to show you what I can do in a good amount of time. 

Grass is a patient organism, and it will respond just how you treat it. It will respond perfectly if you provide it with quality lawn care services. Our collective years working odd lawn care and lawn services maintenance jobs like at the Milburn Golf & Country Club have helped solidify our skills. Our lawn care services will bring out the best in your grass. 

If you got your lawn mowing or lawn care services covered, that’s fine. We can also offer other general lawn maintenance, lawn service, and yard maintenance in Shawnee, Kansas. Our lawn care company can serve the rest of Kansas City as well, but since we're closer to Shawnee they get first to pick. However, if any of you want lawn care in Kansas City, we can definitely work something out! Trust our lawn service staff to give you the best lawn care services in Shawnee and you won’t be disappointed!


Shane Shogrin Lawn Services in Shawnee, KS

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(overall rating 4.3/5.222 Reviews)

Hello friends and family of Kansas City! Are you ready to get behind the mower this summer and sweat your way to a beautiful lawn? No? Well good, because if you were then you could stop reading right now. If you are looking for affordable lawn care services and reliable lawn mowing services in Shawnee, Choteau Manor, or Kansas City then you have found the eight company! As a new face on the lawn care scene providing lawn care services, we are eager to take on your lawn and make it better than you ever thought possible.

We provide a range of affordable lawn mowing services and lawn care services for all property owners in the area. Get quality lawn care services without having to break your wallet in half. A

I started this business in order to strike out on my own, but you should know that every home I have owned was cared for by me. I took the time to learn the growing seasons, the right soil levels for different types of plants, and of course, my grass was always top-notch. 

Since then, I started a company that provides one of the best-rated lawn care services in the entire region. You can get access to these same lawn care services when you hire us. 

We are ready to take on any job you might have and provide the best lawn care services near you! Let’s make your lawn beautiful this summer, and let’s prepare it for the winter to come. You have never had lawn care in Shawnee like this, I promise you. And I would know, since I just started providing my service! Thank you and God bless you all!


Skiver’s Lawn Services in Shawnee, KS

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(overall rating 4.8/5.180 Reviews)

We are your trusted lawn service maintenance team. With the collective experience of over twenty years, you can do no better than Skiver’s. Our patience and skill is unmatched, our prices are competitive with some of the best landscapers in Shawnee. Don’t get fooled hiring a fancy pants landscaper who is going to “beautify” your lawn. What you need is hard work, a dedicated lawn service team who is smart about what they do, all under your budget. 

Our lawn care business provides the best lawn care services in Shawnee, Kansas. If you want affordable lawn care in Shawnee, Skiver’s is the team you need. Our lawn service and lawn care company will beautify your outdoors.

If you’re looking for lawn mowing services and lawn maintenance, we can help you.

Our lawn service business provides all types of lawn care services for your property.

Shawnee lawn mowing services and other lawn service in Shawnee will be done the right way when you hire our lawn care business.

We provide lawn care services in Shawnee with all kinds of needs. No matter what your goals are, our lawn care has something for every property owner.

We have provided top-end lawn care and lawn service experiences. Backed by our committed customer service, we promise a great experience.

Plus, the lawn care professionals at Skiver’s will provide quality lawn care services for you.

Many of our customers have chosen our lawn maintenance company for our affordable rates and premium lawn service. Now, you can gain from our landscaping services and discounted prices too.

You will get expert lawn care services from Skiver’s.

Skiver’s will provide lawn care work until you are happy.

Get the best lawn care in Shawnee when you hire our lawn care professionals.

Because we offer many affordable yard work, lawn mowing services, landscape maintenance, weed control, lawn service and lawn care services in Shawnee, you won’t have to look far to get trusted and affordable options.

Check out some of the lawn care and lawn service work we’ve done when you visit our business profile. 

Our lawn care company is resourceful and efficient. We can make a lawn green again for as little as thirty bucks a visit. Swarner Park will look like a wasteland compared to the growth that is happening on your lawn.

No fluff or flair. If you want hard-working men tackling the big and small problems of your lawn, Skiver’s is for you. We are taking on more lawns this summer just because of the volume, so be prepared to have your lawn mowing maybe not on the day you first asked for. We try to get to everyone at least once, at least to tell you where you’re at, but it gets hard. So don’t waste time and contact us for a quick lawn mowing, then we can talk about what your lawn could use to be even better.

Here is what other GreenPal users have to say about lawn care near me:

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Jorge Ramos lawn mow in Shawnee KS
local-lawn-care-services-in-Shawnee-KS local-lawn-and-landscape-maintenance-services-near-me-in-Shawnee-KS affordable-landscaping-maintenance-services-in-Shawnee-KS affordable-grass-cutting-businesses-in-Shawnee-KS local-lawn-cutting-services-in-Shawnee-KS

Nothing amazing about GreenPal, but it does make it so much easier to talk to the local yard maintenance services in Shawnee. I’ve tried calling, but of course they’re always busy and won’t pick up the phone. That’s fine to me, but what really irks me is that my voicemail goes unreturned. The website’s messaging system is clean, and so far every landscaper I’ve reached out to gets back to me. I live way out in Carolina Crossing, so I have to go out hunting towards the city, but not anymore with GreenPal. The most hunting I do is scrolling through a few pages of affordable landscapers in Shawnee, KS, that’s all I need!

Ray Newton lawn care service in Shawnee KS
local-lawn-cutting-services-in-Shawnee-KS affordable-grass-cutting-businesses-in-Shawnee-KS affordable-lawn-services-in-Shawnee-KS affordable-landscaping-maintenance-services-in-Shawnee-KS local-lawn-maintenance-contractors-in-Shawnee-KS

Austin is very friendly and is willing to talk shop with you about your lawn! Sure, I hired him for a cheap lawn mowing in Shawnee, but even after he was done he came to let me know and we ended up talking for half an hour. Good, honest kid trying to make a living, I respect. I don’t have much need for a lot of local lawn mowing in Shawnee, but I did go ahead and hire him for my parents in Widmer Park, from what they tell me he does just as well for them, you can’t find a better service than that right?

Haley Whitaker grass cutting in Shawnee KS
lawn-maintenance-in-Shawnee-KS affordable-lawn-services-in-Shawnee-KS lawn-maintenance-in-Shawnee-KS local-lawn-maintenance-contractors-in-Shawnee-KS the-yard-cutting-businesses-in-Shawnee-KS

I had several bids to put in new turf in our backyard. I was done with how many local landscapers in Shawnee, KS wanted to grow my grass, I didn’t have the patience for it. I hired a cheap lawn maintenance service from Westernaire and after three months of (expensive) lawn care from them I had worse grass than ever. The dude even blamed it on the heat waves we were having, but I figured he should have accounted for that, especially in Kansas. Whatever, I went ahead with Skiver’s because they seemed more in tune with what it really takes, I wasn’t disappointed. The yard looks good, and they come and check on it every month to make sure nothing weird is happening. Very happy with the service.

Paul Garrett yard cutting in Shawnee KS
local-lawn-maintenance-contractors-in-Shawnee-KS residential-lawn-cutting-businesses-in-Shawnee-KS affordable-landscaping-maintenance-services-in-Shawnee-KS local-lawn-care-services-in-Shawnee-KS affordable-lawn-services-in-Shawnee-KS

Very respectable men here on GreenPal, probably because of how brutally honest the reviewers are! I will have to follow suite I guess. The only reason I am reviewing anyways because of Royal Cuts. I found an affordable lawn mowing service in Shawnee, KS that was right in my price range. I was scared that he wasn’t going to come out all the way to Grantoch just for one lawn mowing though, but lo and behold he did! Did a good job on it too, there wasn’t a single thing wrong with the service. It’s too bad he lives so far away, otherwise I would contract him way more often. He did agree to let me know about any day openings he has, so I’m looking forward to that!