Eco-Friendly Lawn Care

Written by Bryan Clayton on September 29, 2014

Every home wants to have a nice green lawn, and we do a lot of environmentally-unfriendly things to get to that point. We use pesticides and herbicides. We mow too often, spewing CO2 into the atmosphere. We water our lawns too much, wasting water that could be used elsewhere. Having a lawn can be very eco-unfriendly, unless you do these things to make your lawn green in color, and in how you care for it. That is what being a GreenPal is all about.

  • First of all, you need to collect rain water and use it on your plants. Rainwater is falling from the sky, it is free and it is natural. Just collect that water and spray it over the lawn. While you are at it, get a lawn-moisture meter. This will tell you how much water is being used on the lawn and whether or not it is too much or too little. By knowing the moisture level of the lawn, you can make sure your lawn doesn't end up over-saturated and so that you don't end up wasting water.
  • Do not take a hose and use it on your sidewalk and driveway. Stop being lazy and get a broom.
  • If you are going to mow the lawn, get a workout while you do it. Forget about a riding lawnmower, or a gas one, and buy a push-mower. This mower is powered by your own energy, pushing it through the yard. It is a great workout that will help you get very healthy.
  • Speaking of being lazy, throw away the leaf blower. Get out and rake the lawn and get some exercise. As for the lawn clippings, break those up as much as you can so they break down easily because it is great mulch for your lawn. You can also leave the grass clippings on your lawn as well.
  • If you have yard waste, think about composting it. Compost is great for the garden and the lawn, and you can make it free with the yard and kitchen waste you are just planning on throwing away. Save money and the environment by composting it all.
  • Forget about bringing in plants that are not native to the area. Bring in native plants that are healthy for the environment and won't grow out of control and begin to damage your local eco-system.
  • Ever thought of ripping up your lawn and having a garden? You can do so, and it is easy to do, with just a bit of effort to put the garden in. At the same time, forget about pesticides and herbicides.

Those are just some brief tips to make your lawn look great, without the need for harmful methods or chemicals.

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