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Needing your Lawn Cut?

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Here are Best Lawn Care Services in National City, CA as of Oct, 2019

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Happy Grounds Lawn Services in National City, CA

Hired 69 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.217 Reviews)

We are the simple lawn care service that doesn’t mess around with trying to impress you with fancy words and complicated processes. All we can say is that we are a humble, hardworking lawn mowing service in National City, CA. Whatever it is you need to be done in your yard, know that you can trust us with the job.

We have been providing reliable lawn maintenance in National City, CA for over four years now, but most of us have been in the lawn maintenance industry way before that. As for myself, I have always taken care of my own home, trying to learn as much as I could about taking care of my grass.

I would not say it is my life’s calling to be the best lawn mower in National City, California, but I do enjoy it. Maybe it is just my passion for learning and helping out my neighbors, but it does feel good when I finally get done with a contract and their lawn looks a hundred times better than before I started taking care of it.

On that note you should know that making your lawn better looking is the end goal of mine. Sure, I am going to give you a good lawn mowing, but if I am not cutting your grass to make it look better, then I am not really helping out at all.

If you want me to be completely honest, if you don’t see that my work is doing your lawn good, then we can talk about something more for you to do. That hasn’t happened yet, but I keep that offer on the table just to make sure I don’t cheat myself or you out of the services I can provide to you.

Even though we are way out in Paradise Valley, any part of National City is within our reach, so don’t be shy about living far away. if you trust us to call and schedule us, you can trust us to be there!

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Encanto Lawn Services in National City, CA

Hired 45 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.184 Reviews)

I don’t like to toot my own horn, but I have to tell you that there are very few lawn mowing services in National City, Ca that can compete with my abilities. I know I know, it sounds crazy to say that I have a lot of talent for a lawn mower, but hey, I didn’t choose the gifts God gave me! And if he gave me a beautiful singing voice you can bet I would be singing as loud as any theater kid in Sweetwater Union High School.

But, since my gift is more of a humble trade, I am just happy to say that if you hire me you won’t be disappointed. I know cheap lawn care in National City, CA looks easy, but there are a lot of small details people forget about, or don’t care to learn, before they start calling themselves a local lawn mowing service in National City, Ca.

Just as an example, the proper way to mow over a yard full of grass takes a lot more than just pushing the lawn mower over it. Here is something to think about: when you shave, do you get every single hair on the first go, or do you have to go back over it a few more times before every hair is cut?

Grass is a lot like that. what will happen on the first go is that the lawn mower will bunch up the blades of grass and clump them together, causing a few blades to slide under the lawn mower. Most cheap lawn mowers in National City will call it a day after that, but not me.

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Turf Pros Lawn Services in National City, CA

Hired 137 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.184 Reviews)

Hello, I am very thankful you took the time to read more about my yard maintenance company in National City, CA! If you have ever though to yourself “man, I do not want to do this right now” when you are about to start lawn mowing, you need to know that I started my lawn maintenance service just for people like you.

I know that you are completely capable of doing your own lawn mowing. Heck, if we are being completely honest, you could probably do a better job than I ever could, especially if it is just for your own home. You know your lawn better than I do, at least at first, and you could probably cut it much more cleaner than me. But the whole problem is that either you don’t have the energy or don’t have time to go out and do it.

That is not really the issue when it comes to contracting local lawn mowing in National City, Ca. If we had all the time in the world, we would do everything ourselves, but unfortunately we do not, and smaller household chores like lawn mowing can be seen as a burden more than anything.

Well, that is why I am here. I want to give you back at least a few hours of your day back and put your mind at ease. Even if it is just a weekly lawn mowing, you should know that I am here to make your life easier.

I have been working a lot around the La Vista Memorial Park area, and can pick up your yard as soon as the following day. Most of my work is done through GreenPal, so even if you set up for a lawn mowing appointment in the evening, you can safely bet that you will see an email from us by morning with the best price in town!

Whatever it is you want to be cleaned up in your yard, I can do it. Unlike a lot of rookies, I carry a lot of specialized equipment for certain jobs, all of them to give you the best possible bang for your buck.

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J&M Lawn Services in National City, CA

Hired 38 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.72 Reviews)

Stop right now! Look no more, you have found exactly what you need right here with us! You wanted a cheap lawn mowing service in National City, CA, and you found GreenPal. Now that you signed up, you were looking the cheapest lawn care option you could find, and you found that.

But maybe being the cheapest option didn’t mean that they were the best? So you started looking for quality and affordable yard maintenance in National City, California, and your search got a little harder.

Well, wherever you came from know that you have now found what you are looking for! I am the reliable landscaper you have been dreaming about. I promise that I handle my business, whether a full- season contract or just a Saturday lawn mowing, with the kind of honesty that you could expect from a kid.

I have had my hand at work in this city all over, from homes and neighborhoods, to some parks, and even a few of the beautiful condo and apartment complexes like the Park Villas Apartments. It turns out that a lot of people need lawn care, and as grass grows without you saying so, it seems like they need it often.

That is why I am committed to keeping my prices low for the long run. Sure, I could charge my prices like the rest of the grass cutting and yard mowing options in the city, but then where would I be a few weeks down the road you can’t afford me? Out of business, that is what.

When you are ready for the best in lawn care, shoot me a message and we can get right down to it!

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Here are a few 5 Star Ratings from GreenPal users

(based on 4 reviews)
Mike Duncan Yard Mowing in National City CA
I would say that GreenPal has made my life easier. As far as finding local lawn maintenance in National City, Ca, I have had some pretty hard times. I hired the first lawn mowing service in National City, CA I could, and I found him by coincidence driving by his truck on the way home from work. I figured there was not much difference in lawn mowing services or landscaping in National City, California, especially because cutting the grass is hard to mess up. Let me just say right now that I was dead wrong. The maintenance man that showed up said he worked on the grass at El Toyon Rec Center, but he didn’t seem to know which way to face the mower .After watching him walk around the yard a few times he literally said he got an emergency and disappeared, never heard from him again. Let’s just say that kind of thing has yet to happen on GreenPal, so good on you.
Betty Eaton Grass Cutting in National City CA
We have been using GreenPal since this past February, and it has not let us down once. We had one weird incident with a local lawn mower, but GreenPal took care of it right away and fixed it up. Not much to be done about that, but we were really impressed with the speed at which they took care of the problem. It is just nice to know a company has the clients’ back like that. it was something I was not expecting, so thank you for that. We don’t really use GreenPal for anything other than contracting affordable landscaping in National City, CA near me. Maybe I am just old fashioned, but I like knowing that the lawn mowers I am hiring are someone I can call a neighbor. After all, if they know their own neighborhood I think they would do a better job with their grass cutting. We are thinking about donating a lawn mowing to our kids’ school, Granger Junior High School, just so their own fields can look a little nicer.
Earl Hardy Lawn Mowing Service in National City CA
I think it has been said already, but GreenPal is the easiest service I have used in a long time. It takes me a while to learn how to use a new app, and it usually leaves me frustrated, but that wasn’t the case with GreenPal. I think it was a great idea to keep the communication via email, since people like me who are a little older forget to check each individual app for new messages. So I am grateful for that. All the options I have found so far for cheap lawn care near me have been great, and I even found one guy who also has a daughter at Rancho de la Nacion Elementary. We hit it off after that, and I am glad to know I have someone who can be my own personal lawn mowing service in National City, CA once and a while. Next year we are thinking about redoing the backyard. it has been in our heads for a long time, but we never really looked into it. we just figured it would be super expensive, but after we found GreenPal we asked around for quotes and it turned out to be a lot less expensive, so we can’t wait to get the ball rolling on that!
Sam Johnson Lawn Maintenance in National City CA
GreenPal is great! There are very few complaints I have against it. Not that I do have complaints, but to be fair there is always room for improvement. As far as GreenPal goes for someone like me, it is exactly what I need. I don’t even live in National City, I just own a few rental properties out there. Back before I knew that something like GreenPal existed, I had to hire someone in the city to scout for the best lawn maintenance in National City, California. It wasn’t ideal, but it was the only way I could know for sure that my properties would be looking fresh at all times. That all changed when I got on to GreenPal though. When I scheduled the first appointment I was blown away with the amount of options just in the Kimball Park area (where my condos are). So yes, GreenPal has my business for months to come.

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When you first hear about GreenPal, the idea can seem like it came out of nowhere. But when you have an experience like we did growing up, the idea is not only pretty feasible, but it is exactly what something like the lawn care industry needed.

If you think about it, an internet platform like GreenPal was needed even before the internet made it possible for businesses like ours to exist. Ever since people needed lawn mowing, they needed a way to find local lawn mowers near them. The old ways of looking for flyers or trucks throughout the city are over, and even archaic ways of finding the best lawn mowing services in National City, CA like going through the phonebook are a thing of the past.

With GreenPal, you will be able to meet, message, and contract the very best in the business, from small-scale operations with no more than two employees, to affordable yard maintenance corporations who specialize in all things backyard and grass. Whatever your job is, whatever you need done, GreenPal can connect you with the right lawn care professional for the job and your budget.

We understand both sides of the market when it comes to lawn care. Before we were homeowners, each one of the GreenPal founders had their own lawn care service in their own respective cities. It was how we paid for college. We all know the feeling when our schedules are full of lawn mowing appointments and lawn maintenance. On those weeks it can feel pretty good knowing your entire week is full of work, but during the dry spells when it seemed like no one wanted a lawn mowing? It could get pretty difficult finding work.

You could say that was when the idea for GreenPal came to be. When those dry spells hit, we thought up ways of how we could reach out to other neighborhoods without actually being there. Sure, we put out flyers and ads in local newsletters, but what it felt like was casting a wide net for such a small return. If we could figure out a way to bring two sides of the market together, the people looking to contract local landscaping in National City, California and the reliable landscaping maintenance services, we would be in great shape.

As helpful as that would have been when we were our own cheap lawn mowing service, our lifetime did not have the technology to bring together such a thing. Now, though, with amazing apps throughout the market that are doing just what we need for other parts of the service industry, we were able to make GreenPal a reality.

We understand that there are some places on the internet that are just not safe to contract cheap lawn care in National City, CA. Sure, Craigslist is a great tool for buying, selling ,and finding a few types of services, but people are always weary of scams. In fact, one of the most popular ways people try to get information out of you is through posing as a service like a local lawn mower in National City, CA with no contract.

That is why GreenPal is dedicated to keeping you safe from people looking to take advantage of a service like this. Every lawn mower, landscaper, and landscaping maintenance in National City, CA has to go through a rigorous and thorough interview process before they can even think about vying for your business. This includes equipment inspections, a review of past clients and reviewing the kinds of clients they serve (long term or one-time appointments, for instance). We do all this to make sure every lawn mowing service in National City, CA with integrity is not drowned out by the tons of scammers looking to make a quick buck.

Signing up for GreenPal takes very little more than a few minutes. The only information needed to get going is as basic as an email and physical address. Once we have the address where you are going to want a lawn mowing or any type of lawn maintenance in National City, CA done, we can quote you on the average price it would cost. From there, it is just a matter of waiting until landscaping companies reach out for their offer. That is it!

About National City California

National City is a city in California, United States.

National City, California is a part of the infamous area that has been swapping ownership since the Spanish first came to claim it in the late eighteenth century. Since then, it has exchanged hands between the Spanish empire, the Mexican empire, the United Mexican States, and finally has been United States territory since 1848.

However, National city’s history goes back way farther besides colonialism. Much like other areas of San Diego, the land was once inhabited by a tribe of indigenous Americans called the Kamai tribe, only until recently renamed the Kumeyaay. Before the United States government quietly removed them from their land, much like they were doing at that time in the eighteenth and nineteenth century, a Kumeyaay village actually thrived on Chollas Creek. The area was a popular location to settle, whether ancient tribe or modern immigrant, because of California’s modest temperatures. Winters are mild, prone to a few bouts of fog at times.

National City’s name came to be through necessity. No famous oil or railroad tycoon gave it its name, and there wasn’t a John National to leave his mark on history like so many captains of industry loved to do. Before it was called National City it was known as El Rancho del Rey (Ranch of the King) where Spanish cavalry men trained and grazed horses. Once the Mexican government took the land off the Spanish’s hands it was renamed Rancho de la Nacion, or Ranch of the Nation. When the then United States president Andrew Jackson signed the land patent, he listed the area to be known as The National Ranch, simply put.

As the city stands today, National City is reported to be home to almost sixty thousand people. Their population density works around six thousand people per square mile, but because it is snuggled into the greater San Diego area, the actual population number can be skewed. Because of its close proximity to the border, National City’s predominant population is Mexican, with almost fifty-three percent of people in National City defining themselves as Mexican-Americans.

Source: Wikipedia

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