Here are Best Lawn Care Services in Woodbury, MN as of Sep, 2023


Mow For Your Money Lawn Services in Woodbury, MN

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One of the reasons why so many people are hesitant to hire lawn care providers for their yard maintenance needs is because they think they are too expensive. But you will not have to worry about what you would spend on services when you reach us at Mow For Your Money for assistance. We are open for homeowners in Woodbury who need help with their yards. We want to provide the best look that every yard we serve can enjoy.

Our team uses the best mowing equipment in the Woodbury area. We can use a small walk-behind mower for minuscule yards around Summit Pointe and other traditional neighborhoods. We can also use a larger zero-turn mower for some of the more massive lawns you’ll find in the Markgrafs Lake.

We can adjust our mowing plans based on the inclines and other physical features around your yard. A yard that has a thorough and lush garden may require a smaller push mower that will go through even the tightest corners. Another property with a few hills and other elevation changes will demand some extra planning with a specific mowing pattern that fits in with these features.

Our experts will rake your yard and remove all the leaves, crabgrass, and other unwanted bits of debris all around. Homes in Dancing Waters and other neighborhoods filled with trees will benefit from how we can clear out even the smallest leaves that might litter your turf bed. We can also clean out all the grass we cut after we finish. We will ensure your yard is clean before and after we mow.

All the work we provide at Mow For Your Money will ensure you can make the most out of your yard. We will come to your home when you ask us to arrive. We can care for your grass even if you are out of town for work or school.

The best part of what we do here is that we’ll keep you from spending more money than needed. You don’t have to worry about whether or not you can afford a grass cutting service, as we will talk with you before we start about how much it would cost for services. We can discuss payment plans for long-term efforts. You can ask us to provide a one-off service, or you can request a regular contract for mowing and other occasional services.

We will let you know what it will cost for services, which you’ll find to be less expensive than you might assume. We offer great discounts for contract efforts if you desire.

Our work at Mow For Your Money will ensure that your yard is cared for well and that you have the support you need the first time around. You can contact us at Mow For Your Money today to learn more about our services and to schedule an appointment. We want to provide you with the best quality services that you will enjoy hiring for your needs.


Luke and Parker Lawn Lawn Services in Woodbury, MN

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Like with many other places in the Twin Cities area, the city of Woodbury is growing fast. You’ll find many new neighborhoods, especially ones like Brookview and Eagle Brook to the east. But many new homeowners in the area often discover that caring for their yards in Woodbury can be challenging to handle. Some more recent turf beds may be unpredictable, as you don’t know what they require. But our experts at Luke and Parker Lawn are prepared to care for whatever we might come across in the maintenance process.

Our professionals at Luke and Parker Lawn provide a thorough grass cutting service, but our work goes beyond keeping the grass short. We also trim the grass around your garden and landscape to the best possible height. We can clean up after we finish cutting. We’ll even produce an appealing mowing pattern that looks distinct while preventing the grass blades from becoming flat. Our experts can also identify the appropriate mower for the task, as your yard may require a zero-turn or push mower depending on its size and construction.

You can ask us to help you with weeds, crabgrass, and other growths that may occur around your property. These features need to receive help as soon as possible, or else they may hurt your yard. Our team can remove all of these unwanted features while protecting your healthy grass. We never use potentially dangerous chemicals in the process, which is critical when you consider all the negative attention such products have received lately.

Our team covers every part of Woodbury, including some of the hardest to reach neighborhoods in the region. Do you have a rural property in Southridge or another place to the south? We can come to your home and get the lawn cut. We will help you even if your yard is more massive than others in the region. We believe that the only good job is one that is complete and done well the first time around, even if it takes an extra bit of time to make it all work.

You can ask us for a free estimate at your property. We will let you know what it would cost for services before we begin working on your yard. You can choose from the services we have to offer based on what you prefer to hire us for and what you can afford to utilize. You’ll discover that our services are more affordable than what you might assume they are. We believe that all homeowners in Woodbury deserve to have access to the best lawn care services in the area.

Our experts at Luke and Parker Lawn are here to assist you with everything you need for your yard. You can ask us at Luke and Parker to help you with your mowing needs today, so get in touch with us to learn more about what we have to offer. We want to give your home in Woodbury the help it needs with looking distinct, no matter how old your property or its lawn may be.


Mowing Ninja Lawn Services in Woodbury, MN

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Have you been trying to take your weekend back? You could be doing many great things in Woodbury over the weekend. You could travel to Afton and enjoy sailing on the river. You could visit the National Sports Center or the Mall of America and see what is happening in those places.

Whatever the case, you should look to do things other than mowing your lawn and all that other yard maintenance stuff. You can ask us at Mowing Ninja to help you with all of those tasks around your yard. We can do things right for you without making you spend far too much time trying to get your yard ready.

We call ourselves Mowing Ninja because we feel that precision is the key to a success lawn mowing task. One of the reasons why people waste time when mowing their lawns is that they don’t think twice about the intricacies involved with the grass cutting work. They don’t think about how low the grass should be cut, or how much pressure can be safely applied on the turf bed while moving your mower all around. People often mess up and ruin their lawns because they don’t know how to mow well enough.

But our experts at Mowing Ninja are always direct and specific over what we can do when mowing a lawn. We will figure out the unique things that your yard requires out of the mowing task before we begin. We can note how well the grass is to be cut based on how high it should be. We can also dictate the appropriate pattern for mowing.

The work we provide operates with accuracy and care in mind. You will never have to worry about what you’re getting out of your yard when you ask us to help. We will take care of all that rough work for you.

We can work for you regardless of where in the Woodbury area you are. We serve homes in Brookside, where the trees are plentiful and often require extra cleaning before we start. We also care for yards in the Prestwick neighborhood that need extra care. Such yards often require special services, what with them being right next door to a fancy golf course.

We at Mowing Ninja want you to have more time to do the things you want to complete. But you won’t end up losing lots of money in the process. Our experts at Mowing Ninja can help you find a suitable landscape maintenance service that fits your budget. We provide some of the most competitive rates in the Woodbury area, proving that you shouldn’t have to spend loads of money trying to get your yard ready to look its best.

Our team at Mowing Ninja can help you get your weekends back. You can call us to provide a weekly or bi-weekly lawn mowing service. We can plan a mowing effort based on your yard’s layout and other features around your property.


Stonehenge Landscape Lawn Services in Woodbury, MN

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The need to hire a lawn maintenance company in Woodbury can be critical for many reasons. You might have a field that you want to hold an athletic event on, like what you would find at the Woodbury Sports Park. You may also have a home in Ironwood or another fancy neighborhood that you’re trying to sell, and you need help with restoring the lawn.

Whatever the case is, our experts at Stonehenge Landscape will help you with all your unique yard care plans. We provide a thorough grass cutting service. Our professionals can also help you with whatever landscape maintenance needs you have.

Our time provides services for homeowners around all parts of Woodbury. You can ask us to help you if you have a traditional home in Heritage Park or a commercial yard in the Woodlane area. We respect the unique needs that every home or business owner in Woodbury has.

Are you trying to maintain a commercial yard to keep it looking appealing to customers? We can help you here at Stonehenge Landscape. You can ask us for assistance if you have trees or other growths around your property too. Yards around Valley Creek and other commercial centers in Woodbury need only the best possible attention.

Do you have a home that needs to look its best? We will assist you in maintaining your yard. We can provide you with a thorough service that entails checking on your yard’s layout and how well it needs cutting. We can figure out the appropriate height for mowing. Our team can also work on your bushes, garden beds, and whatever else is at your property. Our experts will check on the unique things you have around your property in Windwood Passage or wherever else your property is located.

You can tell us to arrive at your property or business at a time that fits your schedule. Do you need us to reach your property before it opens for customers? Maybe you need us to access your house when you’re away for whatever reason. Whatever the need may be, we can access your property at a time that works for you.

We also understand here at Stonehenge Landscape that many people in Woodbury are reluctant to hire lawn maintenance services because they don’t want to spend lots of money. Our experts at Stonehenge will help you find a suitable yard care plan and system that fits your budget. Our rates are among the most affordable you’ll find in the Twin Cities. Lawn care is something that you must consider for your yard after a while. We don’t want you to spend more on your yard than what you can afford.

We love helping homeowners throughout the Woodbury area with their lawn maintenance needs. You can reach us at Stonehenge Landscape today to learn more about what we have to offer and how we can assist you with whatever you may require.

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Joshua Brown grass cut in Woodbury MN
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Mow For Your Money is the most affordable lawn care service that I’ve come across in Woodbury. Not only that, but they are also the best that I’ve found. They serve my home in the Eastview neighborhood quite well. They mow my lawn every two weeks, and they always plan the cutting height based on the time of the year. They ensure that my yard won’t entail lots of stress from all that work. It turns out that just because a service is cheap doesn’t mean it’s going to be of poor quality. For Mow For Your Money, it’s the opposite.

Timothy Grogan lawn mow in Woodbury MN
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My home in the Sundown neighborhood has loads of trees that are hard to support. They keep getting in the way of my house, not to mention their leaves litter my yard all the time throughout the year. But the people at Luke and Parker Lawn have helped me with keeping those leaves from being a burden. They always clean up the leaves and branches, plus they trim my trees as necessary. They work to keep the trees from growing too fast, not to mention the trees won’t scratch my roof or the side of my house after they finish caring for them.

Jimmy Johnson lawn cutting in Woodbury MN
grass-cutting-businesses-in-Woodbury-MN affordable-landscaping-maintenance-services-in-Woodbury-MN the-yard-cutting-businesses-in-Woodbury-MN local-lawn-care-services-in-Woodbury-MN lawn-maintenance-in-Woodbury-MN

Mowing Ninja does more for my yard than what I’ve tried doing myself. I can never seem to get my lawn cut well enough at my Stonemill Farms property. But the people at Mowing Ninja know what it takes to keep my yard looking its best the first time around. Everyone here is comfortable in taking their time to mow my lawn. They look at each part of my yard and figure out the best heights for cutting everything. I don’t have to worry about mowing the grass myself, thanks to what the people at Mowing Ninja can do for me.

Donald Leblanc lawn mowing service in Woodbury MN
affordable-grass-cutting-businesses-in-Woodbury-MN cheap-lawn-cutting-businesses-in-Woodbury-MN lawn-care-services-in-Woodbury-MN the-yard-cutting-businesses-in-Woodbury-MN local-lawn-cutting-services-in-Woodbury-MN

I had an open house recently, and I wanted to get my lawn looking its best for my guests. I had Stonehenge come to my house in Victoria Park to trim the grass and clean up the garden. They not only cut the grass, but they also edged the ends around my garden. They removed all the leaves from my turf bed. They were very thorough in everything they were doing for me, and they didn’t waste their time either. I find their work to be useful, and I would encourage anyone who needs help with their yards to see what Stonehenge can do for them.