Here are Best Lawn Care Services in Edina, MN as of Sep, 2023


Bella Verde Landscape Lawn Services in Edina, MN

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Ask anyone in the Edina area what that person’s least favorite chore is. The odds are that someone will say that mowing the lawn is the worst thing to do. The point is understandable, as lawn mowing can be a difficult chore. It takes a while to get the lawn cut, not to mention the stress of pushing and maintaining a mower can be a hassle. Also, it is not necessarily a task that anyone can put off to tomorrow. Every homeowner in Edina needs to get the lawn cut on occasion.

The good news is that our experts at Bella Verde Landscape can help you with your grass cutting needs. We know that you’ve got plenty of things going on in your life here in Edina. The last thing you should have to do is waste time thinking about lawn mowing.

Our experts at Bella Verde Landscape will care for all the yard maintenance needs you have at your Edina property. We serve large and small lawns around Edina alike. These include yards in Armatage that aren’t as noticeable as what you’d find elsewhere in the city. We can also work on lush properties in the Concord and Pamela Park neighborhoods, among other sites.

For us, lawn mowing is about more than giving your yard a green look. It’s about ensuring your lawn is clean and orderly all the way through. We will cut through every blade of grass at your property, including the leaves near your foundation, utility boxes, and even your pool if you have one. We can edge and trim the grass around these hard to access spots. We will also clean up the grass clippings after we finish, although you can ask us to leave the clippings if you prefer.

We can also provide help with your trees, flowers, bushes, and whatever else you have around your property. Our landscape maintenance experts will clean up all the things around your yard without creating more of a mess than necessary.

We do everything for your yard to keep the grass beautiful and clean all around. The best part of our work is that we offer help throughout the entire year. You can ask us to clean out the snow from your property as necessary during the winter. We can also aerate your yard in the spring. Our work covers everything for your yard, not to mention you won’t have to waste your time with other tasks that you might not be capable of managing yourself.

The care we provide here at Bella Verde Landscape is essential to the quality of your yard. You can ask us at Bella Verde Landscape to help you with your lawn mowing needs the next time you require help. You can reach us online or by phone to learn more about our services or to schedule an estimate. We will confirm that your yard looks its best no matter what you require out of your property.


Twin Pine Lawn and Snow Lawn Services in Edina, MN

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When was the last time you went golfing at one of the courses in Edina? You might have taken in a round at the Interlachen or Meadowbrook golf course, and you might have noticed how lush and green each hole was. There were no dead grass spots anywhere, and all the grass was trimmed to the appropriate height so you could tell the difference between the fairway and the rough territory.

Have you ever wondered what it would take for your yard in Edina to be as beautiful as what you’d see at Interlachen or another course? The great news is that you don’t need as much money as you might assume to afford what we can do at Twin Pine Lawn and Snow.

Our team at Twin Pine Lawn and Snow will care for your yard while ensuring you don’t waste your money. You’ll have enough left over after we finish to afford a round at one of those golf courses. You’ll come back home to a yard that looks as beautiful as the course you just visited.

The process of making your yard in Edina green entails multiple steps. We are ready for each of these efforts. To start, we’ll aerate your yard to ensure it takes in water without flooding.

We will start the lawn mowing part of the task after we aerate your yard. Our grass cutting experts will identify how your yard needs to be cut, while also using a suitable mowing pattern that won’t harm your turf bed. We concentrate on providing a cutting that doesn’t go too deep. Our work won’t trim more grass than necessary at a time either, thus ensuring the grass bed isn’t worn or stressed from our work.

The thorough practice we provide at Twin Pine is suitable for all homes in Edina from Birchcrest to Yorktown. But you can also ask us for help with your commercial property if you have one. We provide services for commercial entities on Edina Industrial Boulevard and other business-oriented sites around the city. We will help you with even the most massive lawn you have outside your property. We care about providing a precise cutting every time we serve you.

Our rates for service at Twin Pine are among the most affordable you will find in the Twin Cities area. We provide detailed pricing based on the services we conduct. You will never have to spend money on anything that you do not request. You can ask us for a free estimate of your property to learn more about what we can do and what it may cost for services. You’ll discover that you can afford more through us than what you might assume.

Our team at Twin Pine Lawn and Snow will give your yard in Edina the support it needs to stay beautiful. You can contact us at Twin Pine today to learn about everything we can do for your yard in Edina.


Harry Skrypec Lawn Care Lawn Services in Edina, MN

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You deserve nothing but the best attention for your yard in Edina. Our experts at Harry Skrypec Lawn Care are here to help you with all your unique maintenance needs.

We provide a thorough array of lawn maintenance services that you can benefit from hiring here at Harry Skrypec Lawn Care. Our team will identify what works for your yard here in Edina before we start. Our comprehensive inspection of your yard will cover everything from how well the grass grows to any drainage-related concerns that might develop.

Our professionals will then get the lawn cut based on how it grows. We will trim the grass to a height that fits the turf bed. The height will vary based on the grass type you have and the season. You can ask our lawn mowing professionals about what we can do for your yard based on how it grows.

One unique part of what we do here at Skrypec Lawn Care entails ensuring the correct lawn mowing equipment is utilized in the work effort. We will use a suitable mower based on the size of your yard and how well it grows. A large zero-turn mower can work in areas with tight conditions. A manually-powered push mower may be suitable for small yards in Countryside.

We can also provide a full mulching service as necessary. You can ask us to clean up the leaves and branches from your yard, or we can help you with mulching all those features while we mow. Homes in Bredesen Park and other neighborhoods where the trees are plentiful can benefit from mulching efforts, although you can ask us to clean up all those leaves and other items before we start if you prefer.

There is never a need to worry about whether or not we can care for your yard. We at Skrypec Lawn Care will provide a thorough estimate for services before we begin. You’ll learn about how we can help you with your yard and what it will cost. We can do more for you, not to mention you won’t spend far too much money on what we offer.

One more thing to note is that we don’t sleep during the fall and winter seasons. Just because your yard isn’t growing then doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from our yard maintenance service. We will help you with aerating your yard in the fall. We can also trim the grass a little lower at this point to prevent the grass from developing frost and fatigue in the winter. Our winter services also include clearing out snow from your landscape.

We at Harry Skrypec Lawn Care want to ensure that your yard in Edina receives the attention it deserves. You can contact us today to learn about the many services we have to offer and how we can help you with your yard in Edina today. Our comprehensive services will ensure your yard receives the help it needs every time we arrive.


Blue Line Property Care Lawn Services in Edina, MN

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Thank you for taking a look at what we at Blue Line Property Care can do for your yard in Edina. We at Blue Line proudly serve Edina and other parts of the Twin Cities as a veteran-owned business. We provide a local and thorough approach to lawn care that you can trust.

We respect the needs that you have for your Edina lawn. Your lawn is an essential investment in your life. Your yard provides people with a look into your world. A poorly-maintained turf bed may suggest to others that you’re not caring for your property as well as you should. But a beautiful grass bed is a sign that you are respectable and welcoming. You deserve to make your yard look as inviting and appealing to the public as possible.

The good news is that our experts at Blue Line Property Care can help you with whatever concerns you have for your yard. Our professionals provide help for everything your yard may require. We can work for anyone from Sunny Slope to Strachauer Park, among other places in the city.

The efforts we provide at Blue Line will ensure you get the lawn maintenance help you need every time. We will ensure we get the lawn cut the right way the first time around. We will also confirm the grass around your landscape gets the trimming it deserves. The goal is to keep everything as even and crisp as possible.

You can also ask us about our landscape maintenance service. We provide a comprehensive plan that entails removing weeds, trimming bushes, and other efforts. We can work on trees of all sizes and forms in Braemar Hills and other neighborhoods around the city where the trees are plentiful.

You can talk to us about pruning any new trees you have at your property. Young trees need extra help to ensure they can grow and stay healthy. We can prune your new trees to ensure they will grow straight and not favor one direction as they go up high.

Everything we provide at Blue Line is devoted to ensuring you won’t spend more on your yard than needed. We can take a look at the quality of your yard and identify a plan for mowing and other forms of care based on what suits your needs. We can provide a full estimate for services based on what works best for your yard. We will ensure you don’t spend more on services than what you can afford.

The careful approach we will provide for your yard here at Blue Line Property Care is about ensuring that you will receive the help you need every time. We will take care of all the work for you. Besides, you work hard enough has it is every week. We want you to rest and relax with your family and friends. Our experts at Blue Line will care for every part of your yard.

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Catherine Vargas yard cutting in Edina MN
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The team at Bella Verde Landscape was very thorough in maintaining my lawn in the Presidents neighborhood this past spring. I recently had a large crabgrass infestation around my yard. I assume it was from the winter, and the people at Bella Verde confirmed that it was the issue. They helped me with removing all the crabgrass, and they cleaned up everything after they were done with the work at hand. The experts here were amicable and knew what my yard required the first time around. I would recommend the people at Belle Verde to anyone who needs help with cleaning up their yards.

Mandy Villasenor yard cutting in Edina MN
affordable-lawn-services-in-Edina-MN local-lawn-maintenance-contractors-in-Edina-MN local-lawn-care-services-in-Edina-MN residential-lawn-cutting-businesses-in-Edina-MN local-lawn-care-services-in-Edina-MN

I have several trees around my property in the Lewis Park area here in Edina. These trees litter lots of leaves and branches around my yard all year round. They make it harder for me to care for my yard, especially since it’s challenging to rake everything without tearing up the grass bed. But the people at Twin Pine can help me with removing all those leaves and other features without shredding anything. The people here understand what is necessary for my yard, and they never hesitate to explain to me what they’re doing for my lawn maintenance needs.

Michael Arnold yard cutting in Edina MN
grass-cutting-businesses-in-Edina-MN residential-lawn-cutting-businesses-in-Edina-MN local-lawn-cutting-services-in-Edina-MN lawn-care-services-in-Edina-MN local-lawn-maintenance-contractors-in-Edina-MN

I haven’t had much luck trying to mow my lawn myself in the Grandview neighborhood. The experts at Harry Skrypec Lawn Care have been much more successful in the effort. They respect the unique needs that my yard has. They always trim the grass to the best height, not to mention the team cleans up when they finish their work. The people here understand and know what it takes to give my yard the support it deserves. I also like how affordable their services are. I don’t have to worry about my yard when they care for everything.

Jessie Doyle lawn cutting in Edina MN
cheap-lawn-cutting-businesses-in-Edina-MN residential-lawn-cutting-businesses-in-Edina-MN affordable-lawn-services-in-Edina-MN local-lawn-care-services-in-Edina-MN the-yard-cutting-businesses-in-Edina-MN

I enjoy helping great local businesses, and Blue Line is one of the best that I’ve found. The people at Blue Line are very cautious when caring for my yard in the 50th and France neighborhood. They understand how to care for my grass. They are very thorough in what they do, not to mention the team cleans up when they finish their work. Everyone at Blue Line is respectful of what I need out of my yard and how they will care for it all. It is great to have a local company like Blue Line that knows what my yard needs.