Here are Best Lawn Care Services in Burnsville, MN as of Jul, 2024


Clip Clean Lawn Services in Burnsville, MN

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Are you tired of spending your weekends tackling yard work when you could be hitting the slopes at Buck Hill or savoring the picturesque scenes around Alimagnet Lake? It's time to reclaim your free time in Burnsville and let the experts at Clip Clean transform your lawn into a lush, green masterpiece.

Discover Quality Lawn Care Tailored to Your Burnsville Home

Finding a reliable lawn care service shouldn't be hard. Especially when you have Clip Clean at your service. Our dedicated experts have worked with hundreds of Burnsville homeowners. We know what your grass need to look good and thrive. Whether you reside in the elegant Sunset Pond area or any other high-end neighborhood, our lawn care professionals are ready to serve you. 

A Comprehensive Suite of Affordable Lawn Care Services

At Clip Clean, we pride ourselves on offering five-star lawn care services that cater to all Burnsville residents. In the scorching summer, our full lawn mowing service ensures your yard stays perfectly trimmed. As spring blossoms, we expertly aerate, seed, and fertilize your lawn, while our fall cleaning service takes care of debris, leaves, and branches.

Plus, once it starts snowing, you can count on us to blow away snow and apply salt to keep your sidewalk and walkways safe from ice. 

Your Trusted Partner in Yard Maintenance

With years of experience serving Burnsville and the Twin Cities area, Clip Clean knows the secret to a stunning yard – hard work and dedication. We go beyond mowing, offering meticulous landscape maintenance that includes checking on trees, bushes, and more. From Rolling Meadows Acres to tree-laden neighborhoods like Alcana Meadows, we ensure your property stands out.

Why Choose Clip Clean for Your Burnsville Yard?

Our experts are passionate about delivering results that exceed your expectations. We understand the commitment it takes to make a lawn truly shine, and we're here to make that happen. Whether it's cleaning up debris, tackling weeds, or providing a general yard facelift, Clip Clean has got you covered.

Ready to Elevate Your Yard's Appeal? Contact Clip Clean Today!

Your Burnsville yard deserves nothing but the best, and that's exactly what Clip Clean offers.


Midwest Ecoscapes Lawn Services in Burnsville, MN

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Tired of cookie-cutter lawn care services that turn out to be bad for your lawn and wallet? At Midwest Ecoscapes, we're not just lawn maintenance experts; we're your partners in transforming your green spaces into vibrant, thriving landscapes. Discover a new level of care tailored to the distinct needs of your yard, all while saving you money. 

Where the Magic Happens: Burnsville's Green Oasis

Nestled in the heart of Burnsville, our team at Midwest Ecoscapes operates near the bustling Burnsville Center. This area has earned its reputation as a hub for thriving businesses, thanks to the meticulously groomed yards and landscapes that surround it. Take a stroll through the neighborhoods near the Burnsville Center or venture to the scenic Hollow Park to the west – you'll notice well-maintained grass beds, neatly pruned bushes, and trees that stand as a testament to our city's commitment to green excellence. Your property deserves the same level of care and attention.

Luxury Lawn Care Without Breaking the Bank

At Midwest Ecoscapes, we believe that top-notch lawn care should be accessible to everyone, regardless of budget or property size. Whether you reside in the grandeur of the Sunny Acres neighborhood or own a more modest space, our team is here to tailor solutions that suit your unique needs. We understand that every yard is different, and we're committed to finding the perfect plan for yours.

Crafting Your Dream Yard: Midwest Ecoscapes Style

So, what exactly can Midwest Ecoscapes do for your yard? Let us kick things off with precision grass cutting, ensuring your yard reaches its optimal height. Our expertise extends to trimming those hard-to-reach spots near fences, utility boxes, above-ground pools, or any distinctive features around your property.

Our tree service goes beyond grooming – we meticulously cut excess growth to prevent interference with your property and ensure your view remains unobstructed. Say goodbye to overgrown branches crowding around your windows!

Are weeds, pests, or other nuisances plaguing your yard? Fear not! Midwest Ecoscapes' experts will eradicate these threats, leaving your yard thriving from the inside out. From dandelions to grubs and fire ants, we've got the tools and expertise to keep your lawn in top shape.

Affordable Excellence, Every Time

Concerned about costs? Fear not! Midwest Ecoscapes believes in transparency, providing you with a clear understanding of service expenses before we embark on any project. Our flexible services allow us to cater to your specific needs, ensuring your yard gets the attention it deserves without breaking the bank.

Ready to Transform Your Turf? Contact Midwest Ecoscapes Today!

Contact Midwest Ecoscapes for the ultimate green makeover!


Year Round Landscape Lawn Services in Burnsville, MN

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Feel like your grass on the verge of giving up? Year Round Landscape can save it! We offer a comprehensive lawn service solution that involves improving your soil's health, promoting greener grass, and keeping it clean all year round. Our process is simple; check your soil, apply necessary amendments to help it thrive, and keep it looking great all year. With our lawn care plan, we guarantee a lush, revitalized lawn that will be the envy of your neighborhood.

Reliable Solutions for Every Burnsville Yard

At Year Round Landscape, we understand that unforeseen challenges can arise in any Burnsville yard. Our commitment is to fix whatever issues may plague your property promptly. We take pride in offering a comprehensive service that ensures your yard is not just treated but pampered with the care it deserves. 

The best part? We believe in affordability because you shouldn't have to break the bank to enjoy a beautifully maintained lawn.

Tailored Solutions for Every Yard in Burnsville

Whether you own an expansive lawn in Vista View or a tree-dotted property in Hollow Park, Year Round Landscape is your go-to choice for lawn maintenance in Burnsville. 

Our free estimate includes a personalized plan that fits your property like a glove.

Your Year Round Landscape Experience Awaits!

Ready to transform your yard into a vibrant, flourishing oasis? Year Round Landscape is just a click or call away. Reach out online or by phone to discover the full spectrum of lawn care services we offer in Burnsville and even Minneapolis. Contact us to get started today!


AA Property Services Lawn Services in Burnsville, MN

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Hey there! We get it—keeping up with the lawn care routine can be a head-scratcher, time-waster, and money drainer. How often should you mow? What about the gear—does it really matter? At AA Property Services, we take the stress away and help you solve all your lawn care woes and The best part? We help you save money too. Get everything from lawn mowing to extensive yard work done by our green thumb pros. 

Yard Care Tailored Just for You

Our services aren't one-size-fits-all. Whether you're a homeowner, have a rental property in Maple Island, or live surrounded by trees in the Keller Lake area, AA Property Services has your yard's back. 

We'll time our lawn care just right, depending on the season, and provide the right treatment for your specific grass types. Whether that means using Scott's Brand fertilizers for your fescue grass or applying specific seeds for your bluegrass, we'll take care of all your outdoor needs. 

Mow Your Way, Any Day

You call the shots. Want your lawn looking sharp every week? AA Property Services is here to roll with whatever mowing rhythm floats your boat. This includes providing the right kind of lawn care services throughout the year. We're all about making your life easier.

A Mowing Approach You Can Trust

At AA Property Services, we've got a few golden rules for grass cutting. One: we won't scalp your lawn. Taking too much at once can stress out your turf bed, and that's a no-no. Two: safety first. Before we rev up the mower, your yard needs to be dry and ready for action. Soft grass beds and mowers don't mix well.

Affordable Awesomeness

Worried about breaking the bank? Don't sweat it. Our rates are budget-friendly, and our lawn care professionals know how to tailor a lawn service plan that works for your property. We're all about making your yard look top-notch without costing you an arm and a leg.

AA Property Services: Where Your Yard's the Star!

Reach out to AA Property Services today! Let's chat about what we can do for your lawn, because nothing says carefree living like a well-maintained yard.

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Jennifer Alcala lawn service in Burnsville MN
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Clip Clean helped me with getting my lawn ready for a party recently. I was going to bring in some guests to my home in the Southampton neighborhood, and I needed someone to help with cutting the grass and restoring everything. The people at Clip Clean knew what my yard needs the most. They trimmed the grass and also removed the weeds in my garden bed. They also cut some of the excess growths around my yard. I am glad that there’s someone in Burnsville who understands what it takes to support a yard.

Susan Jones lawn cutting in Burnsville MN
local-lawn-cutting-services-in-Burnsville-MN local-lawn-cutting-services-in-Burnsville-MN lawn-maintenance-in-Burnsville-MN cheap-lawn-cutting-businesses-in-Burnsville-MN local-lawn-cutting-services-in-Burnsville-MN

Midwest Ecoscapes served my yard in the Maple Island neighborhood recently. I had some issues with my yard flooding after just about every rainstorm that comes through Burnsville. The people at Midwest Ecoscapes checked on what the deal was with my yard. It turned out that I had compacted soil. They loosened the dirt and checked on my drainage. The people were very thorough in what they were doing for me, and I never had to worry about what they were doing for me. I think that anyone in Burnsville could benefit from what the people here can do for a yard.

Dixie Davis lawn care service in Burnsville MN
cheap-lawn-cutting-businesses-in-Burnsville-MN the-yard-cutting-businesses-in-Burnsville-MN the-yard-cutting-businesses-in-Burnsville-MN local-lawn-care-services-in-Burnsville-MN lawn-maintenance-in-Burnsville-MN

The people at Year Round Landscape arrive at my property every week to help me groom my yard. They come to my house in the Knob Hill neighborhood and clear everything out in moments. They always cut the grass evenly, not to mention they also trim around my garden. Their landscape maintenance professionals also trim my bushes. My favorite part of their work is that they can care for my yard even when it’s freezing out. They provide a full cleaning service throughout the winter to ensure leaves, snow, and other stuff will not hurt my grass.

Steven Smith grass cut in Burnsville MN
local-lawn-care-services-in-Burnsville-MN lawn-care-services-in-Burnsville-MN local-lawn-care-services-in-Burnsville-MN grass-cutting-businesses-in-Burnsville-MN local-lawn-care-services-in-Burnsville-MN

AA Property Services gives my yard in River Woods the support it needs every two weeks. They provide a full lawn mowing service every time they arrive. I’ve noticed that they never do the same grass cutting job twice here. They always figure out the height for cutting, not to mention they don’t use the same mowing pattern every time. They keep things fresh, which is something I appreciate. I need my yard looking its best throughout the year. It’s great to have a company like AA on hand to help me with all the things my yard needs.