Here are Best Lawn Care Services in New Hope, MN as of Sep, 2023

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LMB Services Lawn Services in New Hope, MN

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Thank you for considering us at LMB Services for your lawn maintenance needs. We at LMB recognize that there are many choices for lawn mowing and other yard maintenance services in the New Hope area. But we want you to know that our services are more professional and thorough than what you might find elsewhere in the region.

Lawn care is a practice that you need to take seriously. You can’t afford to have any ordinary party care for your yard. You need a talented firm that recognizes the inner workings of your yard. The company must know how to fix your concerns surrounding your property. That is where we at LMB come in handy.

What makes us at LMB Services different is that we focus on a detailed and specific approach to yard care. We recognize that the grass cutting is only a small part of what makes the lawn maintenance effort for your property so useful. You’ll also need to get your bushes trimmed. Your turf bed also needs to be aerated a few times every year.

The intricacies that go into a yard maintenance project are often specific and minute. The great news is that we at LMB Services can cover all of those unique needs you might have. We will care for every part of your yard regardless of whatever you require.

Our team will check on how well your grass grows. We’ll check on your soil to identify how well it feels and if it can take in water well enough. Our careful work will ensure you receive the support you deserve every time.

Do you have lots of trees at your home in the Begin Park area? We can clean up all the leaves, branches, and other things that your trees leave on your turf bed. We’ll also trim those landscape features to prevent them from crowding around your house and windows.

We can also mow your lawn regardless of its size. Properties in the Gethsemane region are more massive than what you’d find elsewhere in New Hope, for example. We can care for those yards even if it takes an extra bit of time for us to finish up the work.

You can ask us about how much it would cost for services as well. We’re not going to charge you more money for services than what you might expect. We will ensure you know what it costs for our yard maintenance work before we begin. The work we provide ensures you’ll know what to expect from us. The last thing you need is to get into a situation without thinking about what works.

Our work at LMB Services will provide your yard the help it deserves. You can ask us to come to your property to help you with your lawn care needs today. We can conduct a full review of your yard and plan an estimate for services based on what works for your home.

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Northstone LLC Lawn Services in New Hope, MN

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You have plenty of things that you might want to do in New Hope. You might want to travel to the New Hope Ice Arena to bring your kids to hockey practice or to see one of their games. Maybe you have lots of work going on at your business in the Plymouth Heights area. You might also have to travel to Golden Valley or Plymouth for work or school each day.

Whatever it is you have to do in New Hope, you probably don’t have much time to take care of some of the other things in your life. You might not have the time to get the lawn cut where you are, for instance. It can be challenging to find the time for lawn mowing, especially since you might not think all that much about your grass until it’s time for trimming.

Our team at Northstone LLC can help you with your lawn mowing work. We can support homeowners throughout the New Hope area with all their lawn mowing needs.

Our lawn mowing team can support your grass cutting work. We’ll come to your home and check on how well your grass is growing. We’ll identify the quality of your turf and figure out the appropriate height for cutting. We can work on all yards from Winnetka Hills to Begin Park.

Our mowing work will then focus on trimming everything as evenly as possible. The effort includes cutting everything around your landscape, your trees, and other areas that might be hard to reach. We love helping people around New Hope by giving them the yard maintenance support they need.

We can also care for your landscape maintenance needs. Our team will review your trees and other features before we start working. We’ll then trim any excess growths all around. We will also clean up the leaves and branches and other things after we finish. Our work will provide a comprehensive and thorough approach that ensures your yard gets the help it deserves.

Everything we provide works without making you spend more money than what you can afford. We will check on the quality of your yard and provide an estimate for services based on what is suitable.

We can also arrive at your property at any time you ask us for help. We can access your home in New Hope even if you are away at work or school. We’ll ensure that you receive the assistance you need for your mowing demands, even if you don’t have the time to watch us work. We’ll cut the grass and clean up after we finish. Our team can also send you a message when we complete your work.

You can ask us at Northstone to help you with all the unique lawn maintenance needs you might have. Contact us today to look at what we have to offer for your property. We will care for your yard and give you your time back for whatever else you want to do in New Hope.

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Bentley's Lawn Care Lawn Services in New Hope, MN

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Your lawn in New Hope will go through lots of stress throughout the year. You’ll bear with plenty of rain during the summer season. Sometimes the temperatures can become extremely warm during that time of the year. But the winter season is especially rough, as your yard will encounter dozens of inches of snow every year. The icy conditions around the area will make the issue worse.

You need to hire a talented lawn care company that knows what your yard requires and will care for every aspect of your property. Our experts at Bentley’s Lawn Care are here to help you with everything you need.

We will start by providing you with a full lawn mowing service in the summer. We can trim your grass based on how high it has to grow. Our experts have experience with various cool-season grasses you’ll find around the Twin Cities. These include perennial ryegrass, Kentucky bluegrass, and fine fescue, to name a few.

We use the most advanced lawn mowing tools for your yard. We use electric mowers and zero-turn models for your yard. The mower we use will be determined based on the quality of your yard and its size, not to mention its layout and how many turns are necessary. The goal is to provide a thorough lawn mowing service without tearing up your yard or adding more fatigue than what it can afford.

We also provide other services at Bentley’s, including a thorough landscape maintenance service. Have you planted any trees recently? We can trim your trees to keep them even without them tilting in one direction. Our experts can also add new groundcover materials around the trunk area. You can ask us to add stones, pine straw, or anything else that fits your needs.

Our thorough work will provide a comprehensive approach to work that you will appreciate. We customize everything surrounding the lawn care work we provide for your home. Every home in New Hope from Northwood West to Elm Grove is unique in many ways. We recognize that a lawn maintenance strategy that works in one place isn’t going to work out as well elsewhere.

We will also provide you with an affordable rate for services. We’ll talk with you about how much it costs for services based on your property. Every yard in New Hope is unique in many ways. We believe that the charges for work should be as distinct as your home. You can ask us for assistance if you have a sprawling lawn in the Medicine Lake area, and we’ll let you know what it would cost for services.

All of us at Bentley’s Lawn Care want to assist you with your lawn maintenance needs throughout the year. We don’t want to risk your yard being harmed, not to mention we’ll ensure your grass looks as brilliant as it should. You can ask us to review your yard today to learn about what we can do for your property.

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Clip Clean Lawn Services in New Hope, MN

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There are many chores that you need to care for around your house that you might not fully understand. Lawn mowing is one of those tasks. You might assume that the goal of grass cutting is to trim everything as short as possible, but that isn’t necessarily the truth.

Grass cutting is about trimming your grass to where it looks its best while supporting healthy growth. Mowing too deep can damage the turf bed, thus producing weeds and dead grass spots. Cutting to the best possible height ensures your grass will stay green and healthy throughout the year. There’s also the need to avoid mowing more of the grass than necessary.

Our experts at Clip Clean can help you with fixing whatever concerns might have developed around your yard. Our team will review the quality of your yard based on how well the grass grows.

Our experts at Clip Clean have years of experience in caring for lawns around the Twin Cities. We’ve been mowing large and small lawns in New Hope alike. We feel that every yard in the New Hope area deserves attention regardless of its size. But the materials necessary for mowing will vary based on the yard size. We can use small push mowers or more massive zero-turn mowers depending on the quality of your yard and whatever you require.

Our services go well beyond mowing your turf. You can ask us to assist you with aerating your lawn in the Bassett Creek area. We can care for yards near bodies of water that may be at risk of flooding. Aeration helps loosen the soil, thus making it easier for taking in water. The turf bed can also take in new seeds.

We will also add new grass seeds to your yard if necessary. Homes around Hidden Valley and other neighborhoods in New Hope can stay beautiful because they receive new grass seed every year. We’ll apply the correct amount of seed around your yard, not to mention we’ll use the appropriate seed type depending on your grass. You can ask us about the specific grass type you have if you’re uncertain about what’s at your property.

The service we provide covers everything necessary for your property. But you won’t spend more money than necessary when you ask us for help. We will talk to you about the services we offer, and then we’ll tell you about what it would cost for them. We’ll give you the final call over what you’re willing to spend money on before we begin. We want to ensure that you know what you’re entering into when you hire us for assistance with your yard.

You can talk with us at Clip Clean for help with your mowing needs. Our experts are available throughout all of New Hope, so speak with us today to learn about the many things that we can do for your yard. We know all about the distinct things that you need when giving your yard the help it deserves.

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Luis Selders lawn maintenance in New Hope MN
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LMB Services has been very thorough in helping me with restoring my yard in New Hope. I needed someone to help me with repairing my yard in the Hidden Valley area after it grew a whole bunch of crabgrass this past winter. The people used their power rakes to remove the old crabgrass growth, not to mention they didn’t tear up my grass bed. They also helped me with seeding my lawn after they were finished. Everything they did for my yard was all about ensuring my grass would grow back well for the summer.

Sara Talbott lawn mowing service in New Hope MN
lawn-maintenance-in-New Hope-MN local-lawn-and-landscape-maintenance-services-near-me-in-New Hope-MN local-lawn-maintenance-contractors-in-New Hope-MN affordable-landscaping-maintenance-services-in-New Hope-MN lawn-care-services-in-New Hope-MN

The experts at Northstone have been thorough in helping me with caring for my lawn in the Little Acre neighborhood. I have them arrive at my property every two weeks to help me with my yard. They trim the grass and remove the weeds that they find. They cut the bushes to ensure they stay even. I also ask them to aerate every spring and fall. They are more than happy to abide by my requests. I never spend far too much on services either, as they always talk with me about their charges for work before they start.

Ada Cox grass cut in New Hope MN
lawn-care-services-in-New Hope-MN affordable-landscaping-maintenance-services-in-New Hope-MN affordable-lawn-services-in-New Hope-MN affordable-lawn-services-in-New Hope-MN residential-lawn-cutting-businesses-in-New Hope-MN

My home outside Jaycee Park has lots of trees all around, and it’s hard for me to try and maintain them myself. That’s where the people at Bentley’s Lawn Care come in handy. The experts here know how to trim my trees well enough, not to mention they don’t rush through everything. They check on how well all the trees look as they work on them. They always clean up the branches and leaves when they finish. They also ensure that the growths they trim will not stick in the trees. The people here are thorough and respect the quality of my yard.

Myrtle Webb lawn maintenance in New Hope MN
lawn-maintenance-in-New Hope-MN local-lawn-care-services-in-New Hope-MN lawn-maintenance-in-New Hope-MN cheap-lawn-cutting-businesses-in-New Hope-MN affordable-landscaping-maintenance-services-in-New Hope-MN

I haven’t found any other lawn care provider in New Hope that works as hard for my yard as the people at Clip Clean can. The experts at Clip Clean are complete and thorough in everything they do for my yard. They always check on how my grass is growing when they come to my house in Sunnyside every month. They ensure that they cut the grass to the correct height every time. They never delay in their work. I am always in the know about what they are doing for my yard as well. The people here are friendly and respectful.