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The 23 Best Lawn Care Books and Gardening Books to get the most out of Your Lawn and Gardens this Season


The 23 Best Lawn Care Books and Gardening Books to get the most out of Your Lawn and Gardens this Season

Are you looking for the best lawn care  books and the best gardening books on the market?

Well, we have good news! 

We did the research and read all the not so helpful gardening guides to find the best ones so you wouldn't have to.

There are 100’s even 1000’s of books on lawn care and gardening, but only a select few made this exclusive list.

What does this mean for you?

Whether you want to spruce up your lawn, invite wildlife onto your property, or grow an awesome veggie garden, these books are sure to teach something new to everyone, even the most seasoned pros.

So without further ado, here are the 23 best gardening books that I recommend that you read this year.

Dive in!

Do-It-Yourself Lawn Care

1) The Lawn Care Bible -- David Mellor

If you want a great book on professional level lawn care, well this one if for you. When he is not busy manicuring Fenway Park, David spends a lot of time writing about lawn care tips and techniques. Though he has many books on the topic, one of his most thorough publications is " The Lawn Care Bible".

In this book you'll learn all about:

      • The best combination of soil and grass seed for your lawn.
      • How to make your lawn child-friendly
      • And, how to finally win the war on weeds, pests, and disease.

What makes this book unique:

This book is written by the caretaker of one of the most renowned sports stadiums in the world. You can rest assured that David knows exactly what he is talking about when it comes to creating the perfect lawn.

2) Everything Lawn Care -- Douglas Green

Here’s the deal, as the name suggests, this book covers everything about lawn care and is perfect for any homeowner. If you are like many others, you want your lawn to be as sharp as possible. With the knowledge in " Everything Lawn Care" you will learn nearly everything there is to know about making your lawn as luscious as possible.

In this book you'll learn all about:

      • Creating the perfect lawn
      • Fixing common problems in your lawn
      • and how to to get the results you have always wanted.

What makes this book unique:

In this book you will learn almost everything there is to learn about lawn care, including some organic methods, and it is the perfect book for the homeowner.

3) Organic Lawn Care Book -- By Howard Garrett

Look: from trees and shrubs to the blades of grass in your lawn, The Dirt Doctor has got you covered. In his book, Organic Lawn Care he covers everything it takes to build healthy soil for your lawn, organically. Building a healthy, organic soil is the key to fighting off disease, and unlocking nutrients in your lawn. A healthy soil is only the first step in proper lawn care, and this book goes much further.

In this book you'll learn all about:

      • Building a healthy, pest resistant soil
      • How to care for your lawn organically
      • The best organic methods for growing a professional level lawn.

What makes this book unique:

This book is one of a very few covering a totally organic method for caring for your lawn.

4) The Organic Lawn Care Manual: A Natural, Low-Maintenance System for a Beautiful, Safe Lawn -- Paul Tukey

Do you want to learn exactly what it takes to make the perfect lawn organically, and with little to no maintenance? Of course, you will still need to cut the grass, but the methods Paul writes about in"The Organic Lawn Care Manual" will make your dreams of achieving the perfect lawn an easy, and environmentally friendly task.

In this book you'll learn all about:

      • How to build the perfect lawn with a low maintenance system
      • Do it organically
      • And in a manner that is safe for the environment.

What makes this book unique:

This book covers a lawn care program that will teach you how to create a low-maintenance lawn, organically!

Landscape Design

5) Climate-Wise Landscaping: Practical Actions for a Sustainable Future -- By Sue Reed and Ginny Stibolt

Here's the deal, your landscape is a major investment. Creating a landscape which is prepared to adapt to the changes in weather only helps to make your investment wiser. Best of all the action plans put forth in Climate-Wise Landscaping, can help you create a space which is also healing to our planet. 

With this book you will not only create an amazing landscape, you will be helping the environment too!

In this book you'll learn all about:

      • How to design a landscape using Eco-friendly materials
      • Practical actions for responding to a changing climate
      • How to create an amazing landscape!

What makes this book unique:

I love this book because it actually lays out actions you can take today to benefit our environment. There are so many books that talk about the dangers of pollution, but this is one of the select few that gives you actions you can take, today!

6) The Know Maintenance Garden -- Roy Diblik

In my experience, this book has several great and easy to implement landscape planes. Following the steps in this book, and using the premade templates included within, will allow you to make a great, easy to create a landscape that requires little to no maintenance.

Best of all your gardens will look great throughout the year. In this book, Roy Diblik imparts the knowledge that he has learned on his path to becoming a master landscape designer.

In this book you'll learn all about:

      • Garden layouts that will make your garden bloom year round.
      • How to establish a low maintenance garden.
      • And best of all, how to do it all on a budget.

What makes this book unique:

The garden plans illustrated in this book cannot be beaten, and anyone can follow their design. The design layouts in this book make it one of a kind.

7) From Apples to Zinnea’s the Northern Gardener -- Mary Schier

No doubt about it, if you live in the north you know that growing in northern climates is a real challenge. Not only is the growing season shorter, many plants can not survive the harsh northern winters. In her book, Mary Schier brings a rich collection of wisdom on what it takes to make a successful garden in the northern climates.

In this book you'll learn all about:

  • The best growing practices for growing in a northern climate
  • How to get your plants through the winter
  • Fun tips, tricks, and even some gardening lore.

What makes this book unique:

Here is the deal, if you live in a northern climate, this is the perfect book for you. You will learn almost everything there is to know about growing in a northern climate.

Urban Gardening

8) Planting in a Post Wild World -- Claudia West and Thomas Rainer

You probably know that industrialization and the spread of urban areas have driven nature away from cities, and many neighborhoods. But here’s the deal, you can do something about it. In Planting in a Post Wild World, a new perspective is raised which combines a hybrid view which incorporates both the wild and the cultivated.

In this book you'll learn all about:

      • How to create a natural space, even in the densest populations
      • Creating a healthy environment in your lawn
      • How to renature the planet.

What makes this book unique:

This book challenges the notion that cities can't be a place where nature can exist. By inviting a new way of viewing your property, you can invite nature anywhere you may be living.

9) Brilliant & Wild: A Garden from Scratch in a Year -- Lucy Bellamy

Are you new to perennial gardening? Want to establish a low maintenance garden that comes back year after year, that looks great, and won’t cost an arm and a leg? Then, this one is for you. With only a simple garden spade, you can make a lovely perennial garden in a matter of months with Brilliant & Wild.

In this book you'll learn all about:

  • Establishing a perennial garden,
  • That is easy to maintain,
  • And is great for pollinators.

What makes this book unique:

This book is unique in that it is intended for beginning perennial gardeners, and will teach even the novice how to create an astonding low maintenance perennial garden.

10) Grow a Living Wall -- Shawna Coronado 

Is this one for you? For many people in cities, condos, and apartments, growing space can be very limited. If this is the case for you, hanging gardens may be the perfect solution! In her book Grow a Living Wall, Shawna covers everything that it takes to grow a vertical or hanging garden.

Most people don’t know this, but hanging gardens can be great for those with chronic pain and/or arthritis. This is because hanging gardens are lower impact on your body as they require less time bending over or crouching down.

Additionally, Shawna has a great blog, full of other great gardening products. Highly recommend her post " Hardy Ice Plant or Delosperma is a Perfect Rock Garden Plant", such a lovely plant!

In this book you'll learn all about:

  • Starting a Hanging garden
  • The low impact benefits of hanging gardens
  • How to save space and implement a hanging garden, even where space is very limited.

What makes this book unique:

When you think of gardening, you most likely think of gardening on the ground, but this book literally flips that perspective on its side, and shows you a new way to grow and gives you growing space you never knew you had.

11) Living Landscape -- by Rick Darke & Doug Tallamy

In this book, the authors combine their knowledge and perspectives. With Rick’s knowledge of gardens and landscapes, and Doug’s knowledge of wildlife and entomology, they lay out how to establish a living landscape.

It’s true, this book is perfect for anyone looking to combine a great looking landscape with their love of nature.

In this book you'll learn all about:

  • Building a beautiful, functioning landscape
  • How to make a space that children and wildlife can enjoy safely
  • Creating a living landscape

What makes this book unique:

This book combines the modern suburban landscape, with a more natural approach, and is perfect for anyone in suburban areas looking to invite more nature into their backyard.

Specialty Gardening

12)Building Natural Ponds - Create a Clean, Algae-free Pond without Pumps, Filters, or Chemicals -- Robert Pavlis

No gardening book list would be complete without a great book on building ponds. In this book, you will learn how to build a pond that is simple to maintain.

Even better, by utilizing the techniques in this book, you can learn how to build a pond that can maintain itself. Now that's what I call efficiency! Not only will the ponds in this book be simple to maintain, they can even attract and sustain wildlife.

In this book you'll learn all about:

  • Building a self-maintaining pond
  • Common pond issues and how to overcome them
  • Incorporating your pond into an existing environment.

What makes this book unique:

You may think that building a backyard pond and making it look natural can be challenging, but this book covers the topic in such a way that makes it easy to build a natural pond anywhere.

13) No Dig Organic Home and Garden -- Charles Dowding & Stephanie Hafferty

Can you imagine, growing and maintaining a garden without having to dig? That is exactly the unique thinking that lands this book on our exclusive list. I could hardly believe my eyes when I found this book, and what I found inside was truly astounding. Charles and Stephanie do a great job of consolidating decades of "no dig" experience into one single book. This one is quite impressive.

In this book you'll learn all about:

      • Learn how to make home and vegetable gardens without digging.
      • Do it organically.
      • Grow your gardens, with minimal effort, and maximum results.

What makes this book unique:

This book will save you loads of time and energy when working in your gardens and achieve awesome results, all while doing it organically!

14) The Organic Backyard - By the Canadian Organic Growers (COG)

Now... The Organic Backyard extensively covers organic backyard growing methods. Many of these methods are derived from those used in larger scale organic farming. You can use the tips and techniques in this book to make your own home garden produce delicious fruits and veggies, all while contributing to the health of your homes natural ecosystems. 

In my experience, one of the coolest topics in this book is that this book covers the techniques of co-cropping AKA cocktail cropping. This method of gardening involves using multiple species of plants, which work together to enrich the soil in between your grows.

In this book you'll learn all about:

      • How to a garden which is beneficial to your local ecosystems.
      • The unique practice of co-cropping
      • Growing a healthy vegetable garden that will enrich the lives of you and your family. 

What makes this book unique:

This book takes the experience and techniques of large scale organic farming, and shows you how to apply those practices in your own backyard.

15) DREAM, GARDEN, GROW!: Musings of a Lifetime Gardener

After years of prying from her fans, Lee Miller has finally released a collection of her memories and stories in a book form. Lee Miller is also author of  both A Guide to Northeastern Gardening and Landscape Design Combinations. She is an avid life-long gardener, and writer, and she would love to share her gardening experience in the a garden, as well as some folk lore, medicinal plants and indoor gardening. If you are looking for a great garden read, this book is full of unique information, and stories from the author.

In this book you'll learn all about:

      • What it is like inside the life of a gardening addict. 
      • Some inspiring garden pointers
      • The life of Lee Miller

What makes this book unique:

Lee Miller takes a very personal approach and shares her gardening knowledge in a personal and informal fashion that is easy to connect with. 

16) How To Build Dry-Stacked Stone Walls -- John Shaw-Rimmington

Now, if you are looking to really get an edge on your competition this year, there are some outstanding techniques in this book you should learn to utilize. In this awesome "How To" book you will learn a variety of techniques for dry-stacking stone structures that will last for many, many years to come. Not only will they last forever, they can leave your clients awestruck

What you'll learn:

  • How to build stone structures without mortar
  • How to build stone bridges, and awesome stone walls
  • A Unique technique that can really spice up your landscape design!

What makes this book unique:

Stone structures like walls, and bridges seem overwhelming and complex, but this book really makes it easy to do.

Fun Reading

17) The Ever Curious Gardener -- Lee Reich 

In my experience, Lee Covers some very interesting content in his new book. In this book, Lee goes deeper into the art of gardening by answering some curious questions such as why petting your cucumber plants will help them to grow more fruit, and how to help your trees "sleep". This book is definitely interesting and answers some questions that even the most experienced gardeners would like to know.

What you'll learn:

      • Secrets hidden within the gardens you thought you knew so well
      • Interesting wisdom and observations from a lifelong gardener
      • The answers to questions you never thought to ask.

What makes this book unique:

Instead of focusing on the questions people always ask, Lee dives deeper into the garden and finds questions most of us would never think to ask, and the results are fascinating. This book can reopen your eyes to the magic that lays in your gardens.

18) A Year in the Life of Beth Chatto's Gardens -- Beth Chatto

Beth Chatto, who passed earlier this year was perhaps one of the most influential British gardeners. In this book, you will find the many wonderful gardens that she worked on throughout her life. This is a great summer read for anyone that is looking for an easy fun read which is loaded with great imagery, and that celebrates the life of one of Britain's most influential gardeners.

In this book you'll learn all about:

      • The life of a prolific Britain gardener
      • What a lifetime of gardening can teach
      • The life and works of the late Mrs. Chatto

What makes this book unique:

Why does this matter? The landscapes of Britain are amazing, and Beth has worked on some of the best of them, this book covers her life and works.


19) Potted and Pruned -- Carol Michell

In her book Potted and Pruned, Carol takes you on an adventure through years of gardening experience. Combining both wisdom and great storytelling, this is a summer read that anyone can be sure to enjoy.

In this book you'll learn all about:

      • Carol’s gardening experiences
      • Informative stories
      • The unique life and personality of plants

What makes this book unique:

What's the real story? This book talks about gardening in a way that creates a type of interpersonal relationship between people and plants, and it makes for an interesting look at plants and our relationships with them.

Environmental Gardening

20) A New Garden Ethic - Cultivating Defiant Compassion for an Uncertain Future -- Benjamin Vogt

You may know that with the modern concerns regarding the rapid loss of natural habitats, many find themselves looking for ways that they can help cultivate a better habitat in their own gardens and lawns. In his book “ A New Garden Ethic”, Benjamin covers the importance of getting back to our natural roots, and how we can do so with our own gardens.

In this book you'll learn all about:

  • How to cultivate a healthy animal habitat in your garden and lawn
  • The importance of gardening

  • A new perspective on the ethics of gardening.

What makes this book unique:

This book is unique in that it covers a proactive solution for the modern concerns about environmental issues in a way that anyone can implement.


21) The MONARCH: Saving Our Most-Loved Butterfly -- Kylee Baumle

Here’s the thing, many bugs are absolutely essential for producing a healthy ecosystem. Perhaps one of the most astounding is the monarch butterfly, which travels over 3000 miles every fall to Mexico from some of the northernmost parts of America.

It gets better, that is just the beginning. Be sure to check this book out if you are looking to learn about the habits of these awesome critters.

In this book you'll learn all about:

  • All about the amazing habits of the Monarch Butterfly
  • How to create a monarch haven
  • How to make a garden you and butterflies can enjoy.

What makes this book unique:

What does this mean for you? This book covers everything there is to know about the monarch butterfly, from its amazing life cycle to its preferred habitats.

22) Beginning Top Bar Beekeeping book - The Thinking Beekeeper -- Christy Hemenway

Have you ever wanted to dip your hands into top bar beekeeping?

You may know that Beekeeping is a great hobby, and the rewards couldn’t be sweeter. Whether you are a seasoned beekeeper who is looking to advance his practice, or just entertaining the idea of becoming one, this book is for you.

In this book you'll learn all about:

      • Natural beekeeping
      • Advanced top bar hive management techniques
      • How to track your hives progress

What makes this book unique:

This book covers everything there is to know about beekeeping, it includes information for beginners and pros alike, and even includes a diagram which you can use to track your colonies progress.

23) 100 Plants to Feed the Bees - The Xerces Society

Last, but certainly not least on the list is the Xerces Society's 100 Plants to save the Bees. With the rapid decline in bee populations caused be neonicotinoids and lack of food availability, it is more important than ever to "bee" sure to leave some food for the bees. In this book homeowners, landscapers and apartment dwellers can learn how to create a bee healthy habitat. Even if you only have a small strip of growing space, you can still help to protect these precious insects.

What you'll learn:

  • How to build the complete, bee friendly garden.
  • Tips and techniques you can use to protect our precious pollinators
  • The importance bees play in the environment around them

What makes this book unique:

The Xerces Society is committed to the conservation of all invertebrates, especially the pollinators. This book was written entirely dedicated to supporting bee populations and reversing the effects the overuse of pesticides and mono-crop agriculture has taken on our planet.


So, What's the Bottom Line?

With all of the books on lawn care and gardening out there, it can be difficult to decide which ones are the best. With this list, you now have the tools you need to choose the best of them. Be sure to share this list with your friends, family and on your social media. There is a book on this list for everyone!

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