Here are Best Lawn Care Services in Pittsburgh, PA as of Jul, 2024


Xcuisite Lawn Services in Pittsburgh, PA

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Xcuisite is now looking for new lawn care and lawn service clients for the upcoming season. Our low rates apply to all our lawn care services. Our long menu of lawn service and lawn care services is available for all homeowners with properties of all sizes. Get the lawn care and lawn service solution you need without burning a hole in your pocket. 

Don't rely on strangers to provide you with cheap lawn care services in Pittsburgh, PA. Let our lawn care and lawn service team deliver high-standard lawn care services. We offer a wide selection of lawn care services and lawn mowing services for properties of all sizes. 

Concerned about the price? Even if you own a large property, the prices of our lawn care services, lawn mowing services, and customized lawn service solutions won't be heavily influenced by larger lot sizes. 

You can receive ongoing lawn care or lawn service work without worry. We make it more affordable and easier to get the lawn care work your property desperately needs.

The reason we can charge inexpensive prices for all our lawn care services is due to our effective lawn service practices. We follow industry-leading practices used by the most successful lawn care businesses in the entire country. 

Hiring a lawn care company that offers these premium landscaping and lawn care services can cost you a fortune. However, that isn't the case when you hire our lawn care company. We offer these premium lawn care services and lawn mowing services without the expensive fees. 

Our leading lawn care and lawn service practice is what effectively improves, enhances, and enriches grass everywhere. The same style of grass treatment you'd find in a resort, luxury house, or even a golf club is exactly how we take care of your lawn.

We implement effective lawn care practices that include fee site evulations, industry-leading lawn service planning, and proper lawn care application. So, no matter what you hire our lawn care company for, you'll get the highest possible care for your property.

Let's say you hired us for lawn mowing services or yard work. We make sure to provide lawn mowing services that cut your lawn at the proper height specific to your property's condition and soil type. doing this incorrectly is why so many homeowners struggle to grow their grass properly or contain patchy grass that never grow. 

Implementing a one-size-fits-all approach to your lawn is what most lawn care businesses do. This can be a costly mistake. A mistake you'll end up paying eventually. 

Let's not forget about potential underlying problems you might not even be aware of. We know for a fact most lawn care and lawn service companies don't provide this heavy amount of detail in their lawn care services. 

Why overpay for lesser quality lawn care services or lawn mowing services? Get lawn care services that will vastly improve the condition of your property. 

Don't plan on hiring cheap lawn mowing services for a few months. Get better, less expensive, and higher quality lawn care services backed by a 100% guarantee. 

Believe it or not, cutting the grass is way more than cutting the grass. If we do our job right, your grass will be growing back faster with lawn care and lawn service job. We aim to make your grass strong, create a strong foundation, and implement the best lawn care services for any given situation. 

We handle all and any type of lawn in Pittsburgh. We can cut patterns with our amazing tools, just ask us for a few samples when we get to talking. We can handle your leaf cleanup in the fall, watering, sprinkler management, and any general lawn maintenance you may need.

However, lawn mowing services are not the only thing we do. We implement aeration, edging, weed control, dethatching, lawn service, seeding, and many other lawn care services.  

The only thing we can’t do is the lawn care or lawn service job you don’t ask about! So, call Xcuisite when you are ready for the best landscaping in East Liberty. We are excited to serve you and your family and we can’t wait to meet you!


Helping Brothers Lawn Services in Pittsburgh, PA

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(overall rating 4.8/5.116 Reviews)

If it grows we got it under control. Helping Brothers has been Pittsburgh’s best yard maintenance and general contractors for over four years. Since we jumped on GreenPal, our numbers and recognition in the city only get better. What is stopping you from hiring the most experienced lawn care companies in Pittsburgh when our prices are so cheap?

We provide both affordable and quality lawn care services for all property owners in Pittsburgh. 

Don't settle for cheap lawn care services in Pittsburgh. You deserve the best and highest quality of lawn service and lawn care. 

Getting lawn care in Pittsburgh can be hard. It can also be hard to find lawn service in Pittsburgh that won't stretch your wallet. With so many lawn care and lawn service options in the city, it can be a little difficult to narrow down a choice. 

We get it. That's why we make it easy to choose our lawn care and lawn service company over our competitors. 

We offer both affordable and quality lawn care services for all. We have a range of lawn care services including lawn mowing services, landscaping, yard work, weed eating, and much more. You won't have to look far to get the lawn care work you need for your property. 

We wait eagerly for your message on GreenPal. When you hire our lawn service and lawn care team, you get a free validation courtesy of our experienced team members. We will let you know what will be best for your grass in the summer, winters, and springs. You will be in good hands with Helping Brothers, and it’s on my word to hold that promise!

We promise to provide the best lawn care services or lawn mowing services for you. We aim to add responsive customer service too. We make sure to provide ongoing support for as long as you need us. 

All of our lawn care services are free of any contracts. You can pause or stop our lawn care services or lawn mowing services whenever you'd like. Let our lawn care team provide you with the expert care you need. 

If you know where Calvary Catholic Cemetery is, then you know a place you can check out for our lawn care resume. We handle their lawn mowing every month or so when they need help. We also maintain a few yards around the neighborhood as well as provide other lawn care services.

So, look out for a handsome fellow and his outstanding lawn service team working a lawnmower.

Even if you need help deciding what to do, let me help you. I have connections throughout the city on the weirdest of jobs. I know a guy for fountains, rose bushes, and even one guy who can cut patterns out of your bushes. The possibilities are endless with Helping Brothers, you just have to go out and get them!


A&H Lawn Services in Pittsburgh, PA

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A&H offers weekly and bi weekly lawn mowing services at an affordable cost. Don’t worry about being able to afford lawn care in Pittsburgh down the road, our prices never change on you and never will. We not only offer lawn mowing services. We offer a range of lawn service and lawn care work that is intended for all outdoor needs and goals. 

Get quality lawn care services in Pittsburgh when you hire our lawn service company. We aim to deliver quality lawn care and lawn service to all our customers. 

We have been rated as one of the best lawn care companies in the area. Our commitment to excellence and delivering lawn care services that people can love has propelled our success. 

Like so many others, we strongly believe you will benefit from our lawn service and lawn care solutions. You deserve quality lawn care and we promise to deliver. No matter what lawn care or lawn service solution you need, we will help you. 

Every yard that comes under our responsibility gets our full and undivided attention every time! 

Not just the first time to impress you, but every time we set foot on your lawn. Your grass will look good consistently week after week thanks to our lawn care services. 

I fully stand by my lawn care company’s abilities and the professionalism our lawn service team provides. We will take full responsibility for anything that happens in your yard. Since we are fully insured, you have that extra coverage for your property.

 If we do a great job providing lawn care in Pittsburgh, I’ll take the credit. If one of our guys miss a spot, you can bet I’ll go out and fix it as soon as possible. As of now, we serve over twenty lawns per week every week, a record for us and our fellow neighbors in Beechview. 

This year we want to add ten more lawns to our roster! If you are looking for cheap lawn mowing services in Pittsburgh or some other lawn care work, consider A&H for professionalism, courtesy, and responsibility. 

Reside outside of the Pittsburgh area? No worries. GreenPal has a vast network that extends its services. If you're situated in Blue Bell, Pennsylvania or in search of lawn care services near Scranton, Pennsylvania, GreenPal has you covered. Our local lawn care providers are trained in the nuances of each region, ensuring your lawn receives the care it deserves, wherever you are


Local Properties Lawn Services in Pittsburgh, PA

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Send us a picture of your lawn to us to get a free quote! We are always in search of Pittsburgh worst lawns, but that is only because we want to make them look like some of the nicest lawns in the city. It doesn’t matter whether you have concrete, sand, or weeds in your backyard, Local Properties is the landscaping pro you need. My neighborhood of South Side Flats has seen improvements over the last six years to their homes, and they have Local Properties to thank. So lets get your lawn looking the best it’s been! With our techniques, improvements will be seen in as little as three weeks. With our soil treatment, careful lawn mowing, and constant watch, your lawn will be ready for the summer and for the winter to come!

We also winterize lawns, trim and prune trees, shrubs, and gardens if necessary. Our lawn mowing prices are based off the average sized lawn in Pittsburgh, so gauge what you have in order to know the pricing of what your cheap lawn mowing in Pittsburgh will be. What else could you ask for in a reliable landscaper in Pittsburgh, Pa? How about weekly pictures to document the progress? We do it anyway, but we can also share them with you.  

Here is what other GreenPal users have to say about lawn care near me:

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Jeremy Holmes lawn mowing in Pittsburgh PA
affordable-grass-cutting-businesses-in-Pittsburgh-PA local-lawn-care-services-in-Pittsburgh-PA residential-lawn-cutting-businesses-in-Pittsburgh-PA affordable-lawn-services-in-Pittsburgh-PA affordable-grass-cutting-businesses-in-Pittsburgh-PA

I feel like it’s always one or the other with reviews: either they hate a lawn care service in Pittsburgh, Pa or they swear they are landscaping gods. I’m not doubting anyone’s ability to mow a lawn, I’m just saying that there is a lot of people trying too hard to write a good review. GreenPal is good, but it is pretty limited. It’s either you find the best deals in local landscaping in Pittsburgh or you find a different app. I’d probably use it if it had broader categories for maintenance, but it’s still good. I am impressed at how they found me a cheap lawn mower near Brookline, so I guess in the end it is worth it.

Sandra Burt lawn cutting in Pittsburgh PA
local-lawn-and-landscape-maintenance-services-near-me-in-Pittsburgh-PA local-lawn-and-landscape-maintenance-services-near-me-in-Pittsburgh-PA residential-lawn-cutting-businesses-in-Pittsburgh-PA local-lawn-cutting-services-in-Pittsburgh-PA affordable-lawn-services-in-Pittsburgh-PA

I haven’t made a decision on a dedicated lawn care company that provides lawn maintenance in Pittsburgh. I’ve been trying a lawn service and lawn care company every few weeks. I’m not picky or anything about hiring a lawn care business. However, when it comes to my yar,  I want it to look good. There are a few decent lawn care and lawn service companies. But, in terms of skill, it might have to be someone like DLS that takes the cake. They’ve all done fine lawn mowing and lawn care job for me, but DLS actually walked through my yard to make sure nothing was the matter. Plus, it makes sense since this is the only lawn care company close to me in Point Breeze North.

Nate Diaz lawn mowing service in Pittsburgh PA
cheap-lawn-cutting-businesses-in-Pittsburgh-PA affordable-landscaping-maintenance-services-in-Pittsburgh-PA affordable-landscaping-maintenance-services-in-Pittsburgh-PA local-lawn-and-landscape-maintenance-services-near-me-in-Pittsburgh-PA lawn-care-services-in-Pittsburgh-PA

Real estate agents need to have greenPal in their toolkit. You never know when you might need a last-minute guy for a home showing to cut the yard. You know as well as I do how much a good backyard helps the sale. No way you can afford not having it honestly. Take for instance last week, I scheduled A&H to head out to one of my houses on Friday, but on Wednesday I got a new call asking to see the house Thursday. They couldn’t reschedule so I just hired another local lawn mower in Pittsburgh that was close by around Mellon Park. Took care of it no sweat!

Megan Presley lawn cut in Pittsburgh PA
affordable-lawn-services-in-Pittsburgh-PA local-lawn-and-landscape-maintenance-services-near-me-in-Pittsburgh-PA local-lawn-cutting-services-in-Pittsburgh-PA affordable-lawn-services-in-Pittsburgh-PA lawn-maintenance-in-Pittsburgh-PA

I would recommend any of these local yard maintenance services in Pittsburgh. GreenPal has done their research. I used to be a landscaper myself. Retired now, but it’s still amazing to see that new tools are coming out for the best landscapers in Pittsburgh. I don’t use GreenPal for my home per se, but from what I understand it is a big hit for businesses and schools like Chatham University. As long as it’s working for someone, I am just here to get a cheap lawn mowing in Pittsburgh every once and a while.