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Rhodes Lawn & Garden Lawn Services in Daphne, AL

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Show your lawn some love! Let our professionals do the dirty work for you. Deciding what seeds to use, how often to water your grass, and what fertilizer to buy can drive anyone crazy. We'll take care of that so your grass can look good, thrive, and keep unwanted weeds away.

A Complete Lawn Care Plan Designed For Your Yard

How do we cultivate a beautiful lawn that looks good year after year? It comes from knowing a thing or two about grass type, seeds, watering, grass cutting, fertilizing, and more. Here's a guideline we follow:

  • 1) Grass Type:

You may already know this, but as an Alabama resident, you likely own warm-season grass, such as Bermuda grass, perennial ryegrass, and buffalograss. Each grass type has its own unique properties and responds differently to yard work. Knowing what type you own and what condition it's in is the first step in every lawn care plan.

  • 2) Seeding:

After you identify your grass type and conduct a free soil test, we prep for potential seeding. We use soil amendments like fast-acting lime and organic compost. When done correctly, lawn amendments can alter your soil, making growing grass easier.

We apply seeds by hand for smaller properties and use spreaders on larger properties. We add seeds far enough into the soil, water them often, and wait to mow once your grass grows.

  • 3) Water Management:

Fading color and wilting grass blades are signs it's time to water your lawn. Another tell is when your footsteps don't disappear after stepping on your grass. Most lawns only need an inch of water per week.

We'll help you set a watering schedule, provided you own sprinklers. If you don't, we'll manually water it and set a schedule tailored to the climate. In most cases, we recommend watering about 2 times per week.

  • 4) Lawn Mowing:

The rules for mowing are simple: don't use dull blades, never cut more than 1/3 of your rotary blade, avoid cutting when it's too dry, and mow in different directions to influence better grass growth. Our team specializes in proper cutting practices.

  • 5) Fertilizing:

Like anything alive, your grass needs nutrients to thrive. Notably, it needs nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus. A rule of thumb to remember, your lawn needs larger quantities of nitrogen. Either way, knowing how much of each nutrient your grass needs is found via soil testing.

As we mentioned, we offer free soil testing to learn more about your lawn's PH balance and what type of treatment is suitable. Applying fertilizers in the spring every six or seven weeks is usually best for warm-season grass. We use slow-release granular fertilizers to prevent overfeeding your grass and causing long-term issues.

In addition, we also provide aeration, weed control, and other lawn care services that keep your grass healthy, green, and in the best shape.

Quality Lawn Service Done Right

Rhodes Lawn & Garden offers a range of services for your specific needs. If your property is in rough shape or simply needs spring cleaning, we can help you. We'll tailor every job so you get the best results in as little time as possible.

We provide affordable lawn care services in Daphne, Alabama, and Baldwin County. Whether you're in Sea Cliff or own a property near Daphne Sports Complex, we'll come to you.

Hire Rhodes Lawn & Garden for quality lawn service in Daphne.


5th Generation Lawn Services in Daphne, AL

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Is your grass plagued with issues? Weeds, patchy spots, crabgrass, and fading color can cause bank account-draining headaches. Maybe we can help. Our lawn care professionals can fix those issues or even prevent them from happening. 5th Generation provides services that keep your property thriving all season without charging a fortune.

Top-Quality Lawn Care For Daphne Customers

5th Generation has served customers in Daphne, Alabama, Baldwin County, and even Montgomery for close to a decade. From Waterford to Creekside to properties near Village Point Park Preserve, we've worked on over one hundred projects. We've successfully helped our customers improve, enhance, and maintain a lush green landscape.

We've been rated one of the best lawn care companies in the area. That is all thanks to our hard-working staff. We equip them with the best tools on the market and train them to apply industry-leading techniques.

So, you can expect the best possible care any time you hire us.

Long List Of Services

5th Generation offers a wide variety of lawn care services, including:

  • Lawn mowing services
  • Weed control
  • Fertilization
  • Core aeration
  • Edging
  • Leaf blowing
  • Lawn maintenance
  • Overseeding
  • And more!

We even offer home improvement services such as gutter cleaning, tree uprooting, and more. We work in accordance with local ordinances and regulations for any outdoor tree services.

Affordable Lawn Services For All

Our prices begin at just $44, and we offer discounted prices for long-term yard maintenance. So, if you want affordable deals, we're the lawn care business to hire.

Get the best quality services and affordable prices by hiring 5th Generation today. 


Shaun's Lawns Lawn Services in Daphne, AL

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Skip the trips to the garden store. Stop wasting time reading bad lawn care tips. We'll take care of all your landscaping chores. Get back to grilling and creating memories with your family in a healthy, green, weed-free backyard.

Taking The Guesswork Out Of Lawn Care

Does your yard work feel more like guesswork? You've done everything by the book. You've put in the time and sweat. But you see little change, or your lawn is worse than ever. What gives, right?

Caring for your lawn can be confusing. The secret to a healthy yard is in the nitty-gritty details. It's all about what, when, and how often you do it. The "it" is the work you need to do, whether that's mowing, fertilizing, watering, seeding, or something else.

We help you put the pieces of the puzzle together. A carefully mapped out lawn treatment is how you can get your lawn to look good and stay that way month after month. We'll create the perfect one for your yard that caters to its specific needs.

What Do You Get From Hiring Us

With our help, Shaun's Lawns will:

  • Provide season-long support
  • Improve root health (a healthy root means fewer weeds and greener grass)
  • We protect your grass from extreme conditions like drought and excessive heat
  • Provide multiple applications of fertilizers to feed your grass crucial nutrients
  • Remove weeds, clovers, moss, grubs, dandelions, crabgrass, and more without damaging your grass
  • Patch up bare spots and improve grass color
  • Mow your grass to promote better and even growth

We'll help minimize thatch, improve root health, and help your landscape thrive.

Who We Serve

Shaun's Lawns provides lawn care services in Daphne, Alabama, and Baldwin County. We have helped clients in Oldfield, Waterford, and even in places like Alphonse Memorial Veterans Park.

We provide our lawn care services to homeowners and businesses. We offer one-time or recurring services for each and provide instant quotes for every job. Our prices start at $44, but that can change depending on the size of your property, soil conditions, and what kind of work needs to be done.

Get started today by contacting our staff. You can also visit our business page to see our lineup of services. Hire Shaun's Lawns for lawn care in Daphne. 

Barnes Cuts Lawn Services in Daphne, AL

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Have weeds and a lawn to mow? Barnes Cuts can help. Your perfect yard doesn't have to feel like a dream. Don't let weeds and tall grass ruin your outdoor space. We'll get rid of those pesky weeds quickly, mow your grass, and keep your property shining bright with our help.

Simple Steps To Killing Weeds

If you own a lawn, having weeds is like a boxer getting punched–it comes with the territory.

Here are just some of the ways we get rid of your weeds and prevent them without harming your grass:

  • 1) Identify Weed Type:

There are hundreds of weed species that are common to Alabama grass. Figuring out which pesky culprit is infesting your yard helps us exploit its weakness and get rid of them faster.

  • 2) Getting Rid Of Weeds:

We either pull weeds manually or apply weed killers and herbicides to get rid of weeds. We mainly use LESCO Momentum Post Emergent Herbicide which destroys weeds from top to bottom while keeping your grass healthy.

  • 3) Preventing Weeds:

Ever heard the phrase, "Attack is the best form of defense?" Preventing weeds before the germination phase is the best way to control them. We apply high-grade pre-emergents made with a polymer coating to prevent weeds and help your grass grow.

We go head-to-head with your annoying weeds and fight crabgrass, moss, grubs, clovers, dandelions, and other invasive plants.

Lawn Mowing Services When You Need It

A great-looking lawn is nothing without a proper lawn mowing schedule. We provide lawn mowing services regularly or once in a while. So, whether you're too busy this weekend or need a hand all year, we can help.

We cut at about 2 and a half or 3 inches to avoid scalping your grass and vary the mowing patterns to promote better grass growth. Lastly, we use our STIHL battery-powered lawn mowers for small to medium size properties and our John Deere turn mower for larger commercial fields or residential landscapes.

Affordable Lawn Care Deals In Daphne

If you've been looking for a deal, you're in for a treat. We provide affordable and discounted lawn care services for customers in Daphne, Alabama, and Baldwin County. Our company also provides services to customers in Montgomery, Alabama.

For first-time customers, you'll get 50% off your first mowing job. All mowing jobs include cleanup, edging, and trimming tall grass that has spilled over your pavement or side streets.

We'd like to invite you to our business page for more information. Once you're ready to go, hire the pros at Barnes Cuts. 

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