Here are Best Lawn Care Services in Santa Cruz, CA as of Nov, 2023

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Kennedy Landscaping Lawn Services in Santa Cruz, CA

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Get cost-effective lawn care services in Santa Cruz, California when you hire Kennedy Landscaping. Our lawn care solutions will help your landscape thrive. Get access to a long list of lawn care and lawn service solutions that will create beautiful outdoors. From regular lawn mowing services to ongoing yard work, Kennedy Landscaping can help you.

Kennedy Landscaping is truly committed to providing the highest standard of lawn care for all our clients in Santa Cruz, California. Our years of lawn service experience has helped our clients create beautiful landscapes.

Kennedy Landscaping has been able to help hundreds of property owners throughout the region. With our quality lawn care services, you’ll get the results you need in the fastest time possible.

Any of our lawn maintenance, lawn care, or lawn service programs will be provided by our trained staff. The lawn care professionals at Kennedy Landscaping will give you the expert care you deserve.

We have trained them to provide industry-leading lawn care practices that are proven to get better lawn care results. Not every lawn service and lawn care company work as we do. That’s why we stand out from our competitors.

They don’t provide specialized and professional lawn care plans or lawn service in Santa Cruz like we do. You need a business that understands every aspect of yard and lawn maintenance work. It requires careful planning and execution. Here at Kennedy Landscaping, we do this and more.

Depending on your needs and budget, you can get fertilizing, lawn mowing services, edging, seeding, irrigation, aeration, sodding, mulching, and many other services.

Kennedy Landscaping handles all your lawn care needs with special care.

Check out all the landscaping services we provide when you visit our business profile. You’ll be able to see our past work and all the services we provide.

You can check out our past lawn care and lawn service work we’ve done too. We have provided services to homes and businesses near places like Santa Cruz Surfing Museum, Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, and many other places in Santa Cruz, California.

Hire Kennedy Landscaping today when you download the free GreenPal app and we’ll get started working on your yard and lawn.

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Martins Landscaping Lawn Services in Santa Cruz, CA

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(overall rating 4.8/5.226 Reviews)

The key to a beautiful lawn is proper maintenance. The lawn care professionals at Martins Landscaping know a thing or two about transforming your property. With our top-grade equipment, industry knowledge, and cutting-edge equipment, you’ll get the best care for inexpensive prices.

Our clients have enjoyed the quality lawn service and lawn care results we’ve been able to provide. At affordable rates, we can give you the treatment your yard and lawn needs without harming your bank account.

Santa Cruz lawn mowing services doesn’t have to be expensive. Lawn care in Santa Cruz doesn’t have to be hard to find. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice your entire budget for Santa Cruz lawn service.

Thanks to our top-tier lawn care services, we have been able to produce great results for all of our clients. Everyone we’ve worked with knows that Martins Landscaping can give you great lawn care results for a great price. We offer distinct lawn care solutions that are detailed.

Unlike other lawn care businesses, we provide customized lawn care service plans. You’ll get more precise and higher quality services just with this alone. Even better, you’ll be paying significantly less just by hiring the highly rated Martins Landscaping.

Let us enhance or maintain the appearance of your property.

Martins Landscaping offers lawn care packages and lawn service treatment deals that are meant to fulfill all your outdoor needs. Our prized packages can help you receive regular and consistent care no matter your budget.

Hire us for one job or for ongoing maintenance work. We offer lawn service treatment solutions that are specific to your needs. So, ongoing lawn mowing services and lawn care services will be provided without the worry of a contract or hidden fee.

Our team of trained lawn care professionals is outfitted with some of the best equipment. They are also highly knowledgeable in providing you with great results as well.

Choose from our long selection of landscaping and lawn care services Martins Landscaping offers you.

Check out all the lawn care work we’ve done near you. We have worked on residential and commercial properties near places like Natural Bridges State Beach, Santa Cruz Mission State Historic Park, Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, and many other places in Santa Cruz County and Santa Cruz, California.

Contact Martins Landscaping today to get the best lawn care possible. 

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Nc Landscaping Lawn Services in Santa Cruz, CA

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Nc Landscaping throws away outdated lawn care practices and implements top-tier practices that provide the best results for your lawn, garden, or yard. If you want a company that can beautify your property without stretching your pockets, hire the team at Nc Landscaping.

For a contract-less experience, great prices, and premium services, you don’t need to look any further. One of the highest-rated companies is at your service.

By hiring Nc Landscaping, you can get a complete package of landscaping and lawn care services. Everything from lawn mowing services, hardscape, ongoing yard maintenance, and more, we can transform your landscape in record time.

Our years of services, training, and knowledge provide you with guaranteed results. Since the birth of our company, we always seek to improve our lawn care services so that you can get the best possible care.

Let the lawn care company with high ratings, proven background, and history of quality lawn service results work on your property today. Nc Landscaping offers lawn care services in Santa Cruz and other parts of Santa Cruz County.

No matter what you need, we have it. We provide all types of lawn service in Santa Cruz. You can get Santa Cruz lawn mowing services or some other yard work.

We even offer affordable lawn care packages that help you save time and money. Get a customized lawn care plan when you hire Nc Landscaping.

We tailor our landscaping and lawn care services to fit your needs. We apply a treatment that is specific to the needs of your property.

The free evaluations, the customized lawn service plan, and the implementation of high-quality lawn care services will leave your outdoor space looking great all year long.

We also don’t offer any lawn care contracts either. You can hire us once or get long-term lawn care without worrying about being locked into any contracts. If you no longer need our services, you are free to cancel without any hidden fees.

Get quality lawn care in Santa Cruz, California or Santa Cruz County. Most of our competitors are limited to what they can offer you. You can hire us for edging, lawn mowing services, mulching, lawn service, planting, sodding, and many other services.

In fact, check out our lawn care business page. You can see all of our reviews, past lawn care projects, and all of our lawn care services.

You’ll see the work we’ve done on commercial properties and homes near places like the Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History, Field State Beach, Roaring Camp Railroads, and many other places in Santa Cruz County and Santa Cruz, California.

Download the free GreenPal app and let Nc Landscaping assist you with all your lawn care and lawn service needs. 

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Compadres Services Lawn Services in Santa Cruz, CA

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(overall rating 4.6/5.85 Reviews)

Compadres Services is a lawn care company offering lawn care services in Santa Cruz, California. We also serve properties in nearby cities and other parts of Santa Cruz County. You can pick any of the several lawn care and lawn service plans that we offer. Our company’s sole purpose is to give you a possible treatment for your landscape.

Santa Cruz lawn care won’t be done right if your lawn or yard isn’t properly evaluated. Compadres Services customizes our lawn care services and lawn mowing services in order to make sure you get the most optimal care.

Throughout our time helping clients in Santa Cruz, we’ve gotten positive ratings for our high-quality lawn care services. We can’t forget to mention the incredible savings you’ll have when you hire us.

All of our lawn care and landscaping services are affordable.

Plus, with almost a decade of experience, hiring Compadres Services means you’ll be getting a company that is meant to help you enhance your grass.

Compadres Services offers vastly superior lawn mowing services and landscaping care. We can turn your home or business into a weed-free haven while also handling much of the lawn mowing services, lawn maintenance, and other lawn service work.

We deal with properties of all sizes. No matter what kind of lawn care or landscaping services you’re looking for, Compadres Services will help you. We have a list of options that are geared just for you. Choose any of our high-quality lawn care services, which are available for a great price.

The affordable offers by Compadres Services are priced more competitively than other lawn service companies near you.

So, let us help you save time and money. No matter what you need, Compadres Services has you covered. Our services include pruning, edging, lawn mowing services, uprooting, lawn service, mulching, aeration, weed eating, sodding, irrigation, and several other services.

We invite you to check out our business profile. You’ll see all of the lawn care and landscaping services we offer and have provided along with our positive ratings. You’ll see most of the projects we’ve worked on for homes and businesses near places like Natural Bridges State Beach, Neary Lagoon Park, Santa Cruz Riverwalk Park, the University of California Santa Cruz, and many other places in Santa Cruz, California.

No matter what lawn care services you need for your Compadres Services home or commercial property, we have you covered.

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Nichole Swanson lawn mow in Santa Cruz CA
lawn-maintenance-in-Santa Cruz-CA residential-lawn-cutting-businesses-in-Santa Cruz-CA local-lawn-care-services-in-Santa Cruz-CA affordable-landscaping-maintenance-services-in-Santa Cruz-CA local-lawn-care-services-in-Santa Cruz-CA

I have struggled with my yard and lawn for years and I’ve never had any real luck hiring a good company. I’ve struggled with getting reliable lawn maintenance or lawn mowing services. Either it was too expensive or the company I hired was very flaky. It wasn’t until I hired Kennedy Landscaping when all of that changed for me. Kennedy Landscaping has made my lawn and yard that is near the Spring Trailhead look much better than it ever has. I am very happy with the great job they provided me and I would be happy to recommend them to anyone.

Sammy Gardner lawn maintenance in Santa Cruz CA
local-lawn-maintenance-contractors-in-Santa Cruz-CA local-lawn-cutting-services-in-Santa Cruz-CA lawn-care-services-in-Santa Cruz-CA cheap-lawn-cutting-businesses-in-Santa Cruz-CA lawn-maintenance-in-Santa Cruz-CA

I don’t know why I put off getting the GreenPal app for myself but I’m glad I did because it was through them that I found Martins Landscaping. This company was incredible from the first moment I interacted with them and I couldn’t be happier with the way my property that is near the University Terrace Park looks. They are very friendly, professional, and super communicative about everything. They make sure to answer all our questions but more importantly do the job right. I highly recommend you hire Martins Landscaping.

Pedro Flores lawn mowing service in Santa Cruz CA
local-lawn-cutting-services-in-Santa Cruz-CA the-yard-cutting-businesses-in-Santa Cruz-CA affordable-grass-cutting-businesses-in-Santa Cruz-CA local-lawn-cutting-services-in-Santa Cruz-CA grass-cutting-businesses-in-Santa Cruz-CA

I was able to hire Nc Landscaping from GreenPal right away. We spoke about the yard work I needed for my property that is near Westlake Elementary School. We then scheduled the best time for the job and everything went smoothly. I was so impressed by their services that I hired them for more regular yard maintenance work. It’s been a couple of months now and I can safely say this is the best company I’ve ever hired to help me with my lawn and yard. I suggest you hire them before someone else snatches them up.

Winifred Jacobson lawn mowing in Santa Cruz CA
residential-lawn-cutting-businesses-in-Santa Cruz-CA cheap-lawn-cutting-businesses-in-Santa Cruz-CA the-yard-cutting-businesses-in-Santa Cruz-CA grass-cutting-businesses-in-Santa Cruz-CA local-lawn-cutting-services-in-Santa Cruz-CA

My friend recommended I look up GreenPal after I asked him how he was able to make his property look as great as it did. When I got the app for myself and signed up, I was blown away at how quickly I was able to find a company. It was using GreenPal that I was able to hire Compadres Services who have been great. They have done a splendid job for my lawn and yard that is near De Laveaga Golf Course and Pacheco Dog Park. Compadres Services has been helping us with various work around my property and they’ve been doing such a great job. I can’t recommend them enough.