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Needing your Lawn Cut?

Get Competitive pricing without the hassle
Book lawn mowing by a pro in Stockton
Order lawn mowing now without calling around

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Here are Best Lawn Care Services in Stockton, CA as of Mar, 2018


Top Notch Lawn Services in Stockton, CA

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Come to us to book the cheapest option for the best lawn care near you. Whether you need a quick lawn mowing or a special project, we have the prices that will leave you with money to spare.

For the most part, our lawn mowing costs less than eating out, and is available to anyone with as much ten square feet of grass in their yard. The average cost of a lawn mowing here in Stockton, Ca is around thirty bucks, and we are right on that. The bonus to hiring us though, is that while any cheap lawn mower in Stockton, Ca can offer you a lawn mowing for cheap, we offer services from professionals in the industry.

Some have come maintaining golf courses, others from other landscapers in Stockton, Ca, but wherever they came from they are trained and qualified to serve you. We are not a big outfit, but we see that as a huge advantage to us. Because we are not a corporation, more of like a collective, every client we have becomes a special project for us We know what the problems are with your lawn and will work together to make it better. We are firm believers in quality over quantity. It is better for us to reach the end of a season with improvements across the board than a heavy bottom line.

We are Stockton’s best option for local yard mowing and grass cutting because of our location. We service a ton of houses right between San Joaquin College and University of the Pacific. So when the time comes for you to choose your next cheap landscape maintenance in Stockton, Ca with no contract, you’ll know that we can be there any day of the week. 

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Mow Town Lawn Services in Stockton, CA

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(overall rating 5/5.141 Reviews)

Thank you for considering Mow Town for your lawn care needs. We hope that no matter who you go with on GreenPal that you get the most for your money, especially when it comes to something as important as lawn care. As an option for your next hire, I’d like to share with you some things you may not know about the lawn care industry here in Stockton, Ca:

First off, if you have any experience with hiring local lawn mowing in Stockton, then you’ll know that there are some people that are wary about answering questions. Landscapers are reluctant to tell you too much about the lawn care industry because they are afraid you will take their “information” away from them. Let me tell you right now that anything we know you can find on the internet, from soil makeup to growing the best grass. The only reason you hire us is because we have actual practice in doing it.

I know that, but a lot of other cheap landscapers in Stockton, Ca don’t. I know that if you had the time to learn all about lawn care yourself, you would have grass like the Brookside Golf Course. But because there are more important things to worry about, you hire me.

That is why if you ask me anything you want to know about your lawn, I will tell you honestly and truthfully. I have nothing to hide, and all my experience and knowledge is to your use when you hire me.

That is my promise to you, and I think that is a pretty good deal. But if you like having secrets kept from your lawn just so you can keep paying, then be my guest. I wish all of you happy growing and happy mowing, and to my future clients, can’t wait to meet you! 

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Hawaiian Gardner Lawn Services in Stockton, CA

Hired 65 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.126 Reviews)

I started my own business in 2007 after I stopped working with my cousin. He owned his own lawn mowing service in Stockton, but he decided to move out more north, which left me and my family in a bind. After hard years of getting the paperwork together, business loans for equipment and whatnot, I finally was able to establish my own lawn care in Stockton, Ca. Now, you can catch me in the more prestigious neighborhoods of the city to small humble parks like Victory Park.

I do it all, and I would do it all for any friend and family in Stockton. If you need any lawn care, any at all, you can call me. I will provide you with amazing customer service and a lawn that will look like new.

I have contracted trailers, properties, huge commercial apartments, and of course houses of all sizes. I’m not a big company, so at most we can hire four houses per day, but you can bet those four houses will be so well taken care of. You might end up on the cover of a magazine!

There is so much to tell you about my amazing yard maintenance in Stockton, Ca, but I think if I give to much away you will not visit my profile. And so, if you want to see any pictures of my past projects and reviews, you know where to go!

As a final reminder, I’d like to remind you all that I am looking to take on eight more contracts this season, but that is all. Between weekly appointments and driving to my contracted properties, It is hard to get any more. So if you are thinking about contracting me for the season, talk to me soon! I would hate to have you be left to dry without a great landscaper on your side, but if that happens I can always recommend another one of the best landscapers in Stockton.

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Ruckers Lawn Services in Stockton, CA

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(overall rating 5/5.112 Reviews)

Is your lawn irrigated or non-irrigated? Is it centipede grass or bermuda? Blue or Green? Just kidding, that last question is a joke, but the rest isn’t. Did you know that there were so many other variations in a lawn that changes our job? If you didn’t, you have much to learn, because chances are if you already have contracted a local lawn mower in Stockton, Ca to mow your lawn, he didn’t ask you these questions.

If he did, thank God you are in luck, but if not, you could have gotten yourself a one way ticket to a dead lawn.

A lot of factors in a lawn changes the approach for good landscaper. Did you ever wonder how we arrive at our “price for lawn mowing?” It is a lot of different factors, including how often you water. The size, glade width, and thickness all can change how a lawn mower attacks your lawn.

If you have seen some of the houses in Sherwoods Manor, then you will see that their grass is way different than the houses just south of there. The lawns in those houses are thicker, wider blades because it is a different type of grass. In order to mow those lawns efficiently, we have use a push mower. They have a slower rotation rate that allows for a cleaner cut on wider blades.

I know that was a lot at first, but we just really wanted to show you what a truly best landscape maintenance in Stockton, Ca can do. Use that bit of information against your next hire, and see what he says when you ask him.

Don’t say you don’t get nothing for free! If you are interested in contracting us, we will reach out. When you schedule for cheap lawn care in Stockton, Ca we are one of the first people to respond. You will see our name even before lunch!

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5 Star Yelp Ratings about the GreenPal platform

(based on 40 reviews)
Leon Trice Lawn Cutting in Stockton CA
“I had been using Sherwood Landscaping for over ten years. I never have experienced any adverse issues with their practices, and we get along just fine. I’m a big stickler for good lawn care, so when they went under it was a hard finding a good replacement. GreenPal helped me find a few great lawn mowing services in Stockton, so I’m grateful for that. It’s just an added bonus that I can pay everyone online. We’ve only done a few lawn mowings so far, but they have been the cheapest lawn mowing in Stockton, Ca we’ve hired so far. How you guys are doing that to the market I don’t know, but it has gotten me to pay a fair price for a decent yard job. It only just added to service that you found some options for local lawn maintenance near Bear Creek, it made the job get done so much quicker.”
Marian Gates Lawn Maintenance in Stockton CA
“Very pleased with Charles and his crew! I let him know that I had never hired a local lawn mower in Stockton, Ca before, and he helped me through the entire process. Apparently, this is something they don’t usually do. My friends told me some crazy stories, nothing like what I had experienced with Lanes Lawn Mowing. From what I’ve read on other affordable yard maintenance services near me, they’re at least decent. I’m just glad GreenPal allows for honest reviews, there is a lot of trash on Yelp that skews the entire view of a business. I used to live in Oakwood Apartments and even then the cheap landscaping near me that was on site did a good job.”
Ronald Page Lawn Care Service in Stockton CA
“We had a lot of work to be done in our yard, and I mean a lot. Trees to be removed, turf to be installed, and a new sprinkler system. Of course we had to hire someone to help us with our lawn maintenance in Stockton, Ca but the quotes we were getting were astronomical. We were so upset that we got high-balled so often, when we knew on GreenPal they were quoting us at a fraction of it. I don’t know if they know about GreenPal, but a lot of local landscape maintenance services near Atherton should be watching out. At least the cheap lawn mowers in Stockton are getting their recognition, because a lot of the bigger companies are getting lazy. I went with a local lawn care in Stockton and they have been doing great. We’ll see when the final product is, but so far it has been so smooth.”
Shila Blair Grass Cut in Stockton CA
“I have to say I was a bit skeptical about GreenPal at first, I have had terrible luck with the lawn mowers I already hired near me. You would think that blowing the grass off the driveway would be included, but apparently that is an extra charge. I had this in mind when I hired Maximum Lawn Care, right there by Fritz Grupe Park, but they surpassed expectations. Great customer service and the lawn care done to clean up my front yard was excellent. They swept away all the grass bits like they were never there, and it it took less than five minutes. Is that so much to ask for in a cheap lawn mowing near me? I called them the following week to do my backyard. My backyard was overgrown from way too much of neglect, and now it’s completely maintained. Maximum definitely will be hearing back from me again. ”

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It would blow your mind if you knew how many local lawn mowing services there are in your area. The phone book is so outdated nowadays that the listings you find there are barely the real representation of what is really going on in this city. A quick search on Google would tell you the same thing, but a true search of local lawn care would reveal there are options even in your own neighborhood. The thing googling will do for you is direct you to the yard maintenance companies have a site. If a lawn mower with the most experience does not have a website, how will you find him?

Enter GreenPal. Now, the stresses of hunting down local lawn mowing are over, Property and homeowners from all over the country, especially Stockton, Caorida, are using GreenPal to contract their next lawn mowing service near them. Now, it is possible to get in touch with all your chances for landscaping in Stockton using the same principles apps like Uber and Lyft use.

We created GreenPal in order to help the little guy. It is too often that paid off Yelp reviews skyrockets one company’s exposure, while burying another. With GreenPal, each service has a chance to be seen by the public using the right methods. When a company gets the attention of a client and gets a great review, they are more ranked higher in the community over one with a bad review. The best part is that every review is tied to a transaction, so there can’t be any funny business.

While a website for every one of these companies would be great in its own way, we chose to do the industry one better. We upped the ante by giving them a profile on a distinctly unique platform just for them. GreenPal’s platform is more than a website on the internet, each one competing for the top ten spots on Google. Clients who are looking for cheap yard maintenance in Stockton, Ca are using GreenPal, and the same companies that need exposure in the first place can find more clients on GreenPal. See how that works?

This is how we designed GreenPal to be, because most of the best landscapers and maintenance men in the nation are virtually under the radar. We made it easy to find them. While we could have helped every affordable lawn care service in Manatee County build their own online presence, we did them one better.

We took the whole process of contracting cheap landscape service in Stockton, Ca from start to finish. Paying online is just extremely simple, with an autopay feature that removes any chance for unpaid bills from you as a homeowner. The options for yard mowing in Stockton, Ca come from all over. Some even had a hand in areas around the city, like Lincoln Village to Weston Ranch!

Signing up for GreenPal will be no more than ten minutes of your day, and doesn’t require a credit card to sign up. When you are ready to find the best in cheap lawn care in Stockton, Ca, sign up for GreenPal

About Stockton California

Stockton is a city in California, United States.

Stockton, California was founded by Captain Charles Maria Weber in the middle of the nineteenth century. It was a part of the Rancho Campo de los Franceses land grant, which he finally acquired after numerous propositions in 1849. Although not readily recognizable at first, Stockton is the first community in California that was named after Spanish or Native American origin. Located close to the San Joaquin river in the San Joaquin Valley, it is the county seat of San Joaquin County. It is ranked as the thirteenth largest city in California, sixty-third largest in the United States.

For four years, 1999, 2004, 2015, and 2017, it was listed as an All-America City. What most likely helped their cause was the fact that the name is not recognizable as a Spanish or Native American name. It into its popularity during the California Gold Rush. It served as the last stop on a hopeful miner’s way down into the Central Valley and beyond. Its location made it a prime area for trade and transportation, and many of the trains that led into the southern gold mines began there. The University of Pacific established itself in Stockton in 1851, a few years after the city was established, it is the oldest university in California.

When the financial crisis of 2008 hit, Stockton was front and center on the news as the second largest city to file for bankruptcy. It wasn’t until 2015 that they officially (and successfully) exited bankruptcy. Before industry and paper money hit Stockton, the area was home to the Yokuts Indians. Because of regular Caoods, the tribe was semi-nomadic, moving their homes up and down the valley as they saw fit. Because of this, early land scouts from Europe saw this people as nomadic, and saw no problem in taking over their land.

For avid hikers, it is Stockton that you will find the Siskiyou Trail, the infamous San Joaquin Valley trail that is centuries old. It was established by the Yokuts Indians, who used the trail to get between safe patches of land, and leads through the Cascades and into Oregon. Stockton boasts a large Chinese American population, after a combination of civil unrest in Kwangtung and the beginnings of the gold rush. As was typical of the rest of the nation at this time, many Chinese immigrants worked on the railroads and land reclamation projects. After work was done, many of the immigrants stayed in Stockton and made it their home.

Source: Wikipedia

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