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Needing your Lawn Cut?

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Here are Best Lawn Care Services in Overland Park, KS as of Jun, 2018

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Klockman Lawn Services in Overland Park, KS

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(overall rating 5/5.210 Reviews)

Call Klockman Lawn Care when you need anything done on your lawn. We can make the most minimal jobs like cheap lawn mowing look like professional jobs. But we will let you in on a little secret: we are professionals!

That’s right, every member of Klockman is certified and has over five years of experience in lawn maintenance in Overland Park. I say specifically this part of town because as you know, soils can change from mile to mile, sometimes neighborhood to neighborhood. We are skilled in this part o the city, and we can grow back your grass no matter what time of the year it is.

Since it is close by, I want you to know that if you live in the Leawood area,we also make a few trips out there during the week as well. Truthfully, we can go out to any part of the Kansas City area, but we are more skilled in these areas than others. What else would you want me to be besides being honest! That is just who I am as your reliable landscaper in Overland Park. No excuses on anything less than perfect, that is your guarantee!

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Bob’s Lawn Services in Overland Park, KS

Hired 79 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.152 Reviews)

Bob’s Lawn Care is on the hunt for homeowners looking for scheduled lawn mowing in Overland Park for the upcoming season. Our low rate is only available for homeowners who plan on having cheap lawn mowing for a few months. You can still contact us for one-time mowing, but we want the chance to do more than cut the grass!

Believe it or not, cutting the grass is way more than cutting the grass. If we do our job right, your grass will be growing back faster than your neighbors can install new turf. We aim to make your grass healthy, not just aesthetically pretty, so don’t be surprised if we come out to just trim the tops of the blades. We look out for your lawn even if it means less money coming our way. How is this all sounding so far?

We take on all and any kind of lawn in Overland Park and Kansas City. Ask us for a for a few samples of the kinds of patterns we can also do when we get to talking. We can handle your leaf cleanup in the fall, watering, sprinkler management, and any general lawn maintenance you may need. The only thing we can’t do is the job you don’t ask about! So call me when you are ready for the best landscaping in Prairie Village, we are excited to serve you and your family and we can’t wait to meet you!

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Skiver’s Quality Lawn Services in Overland Park, KS

Hired 100 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.195 Reviews)

Hi there, thank you for considering my landscaping company right here in Overland Park. It means the world to me that you are thinking of us to to take care of your lawn mowing. Because you trust us with your yard, we will do everything to give you the best yard mowing in Overland Park. Your grass will make all of your neighbors jealous, and then they’ll feel silly for feeling jealousy over grass. We serve Overland Park primarily, but we can go as far north as Strang Line if someone calls us to rise to the occasion. Kansas City is our home base, that being said we are all very aware of the soil in every part of the city. If there is one thing you should ask your current landscaper you hire for a cheap lawn mowing in Overland Park, ask him what he thinks of your soil. Do you need to add any nutrients? Turn it? If he doesn’t say anything about how he is going to grow your grass thicker and greener, time to say bye. All I want for you is to have good grass and a reliable landscaper in Overland Park to take care of you. If you feel like you aren’t getting taken care of, then you know exactly who to call!

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Distinctive Lawn Services in Overland Park, KS

Hired 132 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.100 Reviews)

We take great care to make sure your lawn looks clean all the time. We purposely don’t take on more lawns than we can handle for this reason. We used to make that mistake, but we saw our quality go down. It took a customer to tell us straight to our face this, and we have changed ever since. Now, although we are not speeding around the city providing the best lawn care in Overland Park to anyone who asks, we are providing the best lawn care service to a few select people. Now, every client we have is happy and content with our quality landscaping. We even have garnered enough attention as to take on jobs like Bennett Park and Porter Park!

This season, we are looking just for five new home owners to schedule for regular weekly or bi-weekly lawn mowing. If you know someone who is in desperate need of a lawn mowing, tell them to call Distinctive Lawn and we can give them the best lawn care they have seen for less than a pair of Nikes!

We can also help with out with Lawn Mowing in Independence, Ks and Grass Cut in Shawnee, Ks

Here are a few 5 Star Ratings from GreenPal users

(based on 4 reviews)
Paul Wilson Lawn Service in Overland Park KS
“Fairly good service in my experience. The dudes that showed up came a little earlier than expected, nice of them to let me know beforehand too. There was one other local landscaper in Overland Park and Elmhurst, but I have yet to find someone that is cheaper than my first hire. It’s worth the data to have this app if affordable lawn care is your thing, other than that I don’t know why you would have GreenPal on your phone. ”
Laura Castle Lawn Mowing Service in Overland Park KS
“It meant the world to me that I received a phone call apologizing that there was not better communication. It happens I guess, but Dillon Lawn Care gave me a call back right away and gave me a free fix. Based on past review of them they seemed to be really having an off day, but I hope to use them for the future. I see them often enough around Bordeaux Condominiums, I know they are good guys and good workers. Thank you for the call and the follow up cheap lawn maintenance in Overland Park.”
Isaac Gutierrez Lawn Mowing in Overland Park KS
“I’d give more stars if I could! I have never experienced hiring a local lawn mower in Overland Park as long as I have been around. Since my husband past I just decided to have someone do it. I called Austin to come by the house, and they helped me set up my GreenPal account so I could write them this review! Gina from Pinecroft says hello, thank you for your help on my yard!”
Carol Flynn Lawn Care in Overland Park KS
“HIghly recommend any of the local yard maintenance services in Overland Park on here. I have personally worked with them, some for them, and they’re all top notch dudes. Since I moved out to Walmer Heights, I’ve been going with The Yard Ninjas for a cheap lawn mowing in Overland Park every now and then, but as far as real yard jobs you can’t go wrong with them. They’ve installed my turf, kept me on a strict watering schedule, the whole nine. I would have been lost you know? It’s just good to have someone who actually does this help you out.”

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Since 2013, GreenPal has been established as the internet’s premiere site for contracting yard maintenance. What used to take precious time tracking down local lawn mowing services in Overland Park, Kansas now takes minutes with GreenPal.

As easy as you would call an Uber, GreenPal connects you with as many as three options for affordable lawn care in Overland Park, Woodland View, Highpointe Village, and Maple Hill. Our reach is slowly spreading throughout the United States, especially in Kansas City, where we even have a few local lawn mowers in Stonehedge, Kansas!

What makes GreenPal so valuable to use is a simple guess: home and business owners need landscaping done, and landscaping services throughout Kansas City need to find clients! Instead of advertising every local option for lawn care in your area, we decided to do everyone better and create a meeting space where both sides of the market can negotiate in peace. On GreenPal, the best yard maintenance in Overland Park are looking for your business: when you schedule for a cheap lawn mowing in Overland Park, they will reach out to you with their best offer. Your job is simple enough, get to know your results and pick whichever you feel most comfortable with!

One of the biggest differentiators GreenPal has for you is a guaranteed service: as long as a local lawn mower in Overland Park is on our website, he is good as gold to be on our website. Before any affordable landscaper in Overland Park can begin bidding for your business, they must go through our rigorous application process. From equipment checks and business credit checks, there is no reason to fear being scammed on GreenPal. That might be an issue for other networking sites, but GreenPal’s vendors are tried and true maintenance men to the letter. Fully insured, licensed to operate in the state of Kansas, you have no reason not to sign up for the easiest way to contract local lawn mowing in Overland Park!

About Overland Park Kansas

Overland Park is a city in Kansas, United States.

Overland Park, Kansas ranks as the second most populous city in the state. It holds the same title as the second most populous in the Kansas City metro area as well as Johnson County. As of the last census in 2010, the population of Overland Park was clocked at 173,000.

Since 1905, Overland Park has a recorded history that guides the rest of the area’s knowledge of the past. William B. Strang began to plot subdivisions along an old army roadway, where Overland Park’s thoroughfare would soon be established. The same man developed a large portion of the land in the area, the same area that would soon become downtown Overland Park. In the same fashion as other townships and small settlements, Overland Park blew up over the next few decades. Overland Park was no exception, as just in a few decades the population quadrupled to the number it sits at today. In a few choice years, Overland Park’s population even surpassed Kansas City and Wichita, but that has since been regulated back to normal

In fact, Overland Park’s success and population boom has been a source of controversy for the surrounding residents. Many citizens of early Overland Park were in outrage when the city government okayed the development of natural landscapes and greenfields. This cut down the beauty of the city with suburban developed homes and shopping centers. These were the same people that were quiet while the natives’ complained about the destruction of their homes being torn down for their homes. History repeats itself in ironic ways. In terms of the surrounding areas, Overland Park lies to the northeast of Kansas City, right at the junction of Interstate 435 and U.S. Route 69. It is directly east of Olathe, Kansas, the county’s seat, and is thirteen miles south of downtown Kansas City, Missouri. 

Source: Wikipedia

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