Here are Best Lawn Care Services in Santa Fe, NM as of May, 2024

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Royal Landscaping Lawn Services in Santa Fe, NM

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When it comes to lawn care in Santa Fe, the quote "it never rains, but pours" is too relatable. Maintaining greenery in parts of our state is not easy. Drought conditions and elevated deserts present a challenge if you own a lawn or yard. Royal Landscaping can help.

If you need landscaping or lawn care services in Santa Fe, New Mexico, or anywhere in Santa Fe County, consider hiring Royal Landscaping. We also serve customers in Calle Garule, Zapol, Quail View, and basically all neighborhoods in the region.

If you're located in Albuquerque, New Mexico, our lawn care team can drive to your property. We generally provide lawn care services and lawn mowing services to properties along Route 25 leading to Albuquerque and from Santa Fe.

Most of our lawn service solutions involve landscape design, excavation, irrigation management, hardscaping, and other lawn maintenance services.

If you need a fence installed that doesn't pass your neighbor's property, we can help. We conduct a proper survey so that you can legally estimate the length and distance between your neighbor's property.

In addition to other landscape maintenance services, we can also provide lawn mowing services, edging, and basic upkeep if you own green grass. With a proper irrigation system and careful mowing, you can have beautiful lush grass that thrives. We even include weed control, yard work, lawn service treatment to prevent grass disease, and much more.

Our full lawn service solution is the best choice for any property in the area. Our lawn care services have received hundreds of positive reviews over the years. We still serve our long-time customers who trust us because of our reliability and affordable lawn care packages.

Hire Royal Landscaping for decades of collective landscaping experience, knowledge, and expertise. Whatever issues you might have, we are the lawn care professionals you can trust.

Royal Landscaping has provided a range of lawn care services near the Museum of International Folk Art and many other places in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Hire Royal Landscaping for quality and affordable lawn care in Santa Fe. 

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Crespin Customs Lawn Services in Santa Fe, NM

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Need a sprinkler installed? Need a cedar fence or walkway added to your property? Want the new fence installed to be within the legal parameters of your property so it doesn't go into your neighbor's property? Do you own landscape that needs lawn mowing services? Crespin Customs is here to help.

Crespin Customs offers an array of lawn care services in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and essentially all of Santa Fe County. Whether you're in Pojoaque Valley, Vista Ocaso, or any local community in the region, Crespin Customs will send our lawn care professionals to you.

Our advantage comes from our knowledge of softscape and hardscaping services. We'll mow your grass while installing a new fence. Need an irrigation system for your plants, flowers, or garden bed? We'll do it without ruining your landscape.

Need mulching that looks natural and pairs with the design of your landscape? Crespin Customs can do that too. We offer the complete lawn service and landscaping solutions you're property needs. No need to hire other contractors. No need to overspend on mediocre work.

We can confidently boast about our icon-clad reputation. While some lawn care companies come and go, we've been our community's trusted lawn service provider. For all your landscaping and outdoor needs, Crespin Customs can deliver.

We've done work near Santa Fe Place Mall and many other places in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Hire Crespin Customs for quality landscaping and affordable lawn care in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

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Square Deal Lawn Services in Santa Fe, NM

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Whether we're landscaping your modern pueblo-style home, installing a fence around your Victorian house, or maintaining the grounds of your commercial property, Square Deal offers the best in price and value.

Get high-quality landscaping, maintenance, and lawn care services in Sante Fe, New Mexico, or Santa Fe County by hiring Square Deal. We help clients in Don Diego, Torreon, La Remuda, and all neighborhoods near you. We also serve the regional community and even go as far as Alburquerque, New Mexico.

For most properties, a lively xeriscape lawn is what you find. Usually, it doesn't require any kind of lawn care or lawn mowing services. Growing lush grass is already a challenge. So, most property owners elect for xeriscape landscaping.

That's one of the many lawn care services Square Deal provides. All for great prices too. So, if you need turf or xeriscape done right, contact us. If you already own it, we can help maintain it or add plants, garden beds, and more. 

Our landscaping services involve fabric placement to stop weeds from growing, proper leveling for draining, planting, and recommended lawn maintenance throughout the year. This low-cost option helps you enjoy a beautiful outdoor space without the added stress of maintaining it.

To really spruce up your property, our landscaping services can add character with plants and mulch that match the design of your property. From setting drought-resistant shrubs or plants to adding a colorful garden, we provide a variety of services that add natural beauty to your outdoor space.

Combine them with lawn care services, and you'll have a home that people can't help but envy. If you do happen to own property that needs complete lawn service, we offer a detailed plan that involves a series of lawn care services and even lawn mowing services.

Trust our trained and highly specialized experts. Square Deal has close to a decade of experience. We have helped hundreds of property owners beautify their landscape into a green wonderland.

We've done projects near Santa Fe Plaza and many other places in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Hire Square Deal for high-quality landscaping and lawn care in Santa Fe for a great price. 

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Cm Grounds Lawn Services in Santa Fe, NM

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Making your home look its absolute best for 20 years. We take care of manicured lawns, perform xeriscape lawn care services, and provide landscaping services that 'wow' your visitors. Cm Grounds is here to makeover your outdoors for affordable prices.

If your turf is living, breathing grass, we know how to protect your outdoors from the dry humidity and blazing summer heat. We protect your garden if you have one and ensure your grass receives proper lawn care.

If your turf is artificial, features a low-maintenance xeriscape landscape design, or needs a complete overhaul, our landscaping services are perfect for you.

Cm Grounds provides many landscaping and lawn care services in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and Santa Fe County. We have also helped customers in Kaune, Talavera, or any local neighborhood in the region.

Our sustainable landscaping solutions involve xeriscape lawn service. Since this type of property needs less water consumption and maintenance, it will be perfect if you want a set-it-and-done design. If you're not interested in installing turf, our services will include designing and adding a xeriscape-themed lawn.

Our many other services range from hardscaping, softscaping, and additional landscaping services. We can install cedar fences, replace older walkways, install gazebos, and much more.

When it comes to your plants, trees, flowers, and even a lively lawn, our horticulture knowledge goes a long way. We know how to tweak your lawn to help it thrive in the harsh desert.

We ensure your landscaping project creates an outdoor paradise of xeric plants and materials. All while forming a wonderful surrounding that matches your home, uses little water, and creates a sustainable outdoor space.

One way our lawn service solutions can help is through irrigation management. We install an irrigation system that waters any greenery while preventing weeds.

For some places, we do offer lawn mowing services. It's not often we're delivering lawn mowing services or other common lawn care services, but we do offer them.

Cm Grounds has a customer service staff of experts. We know what good lawn care in Santa Fe looks like. Our years of experience are what you need for a beautiful property. Get a long range of lawn care services including weed control, irrigation, hardscaping, and more.

We've completed many lawn care and landscaping projects near the Georgia O'Keeffe Museum and many other places in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Hir Cm Grounds for quality and affordable lawn care in Santa Fe.

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Erica Nichols grass cutting in Santa Fe NM
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Royal Landscaping did a great job for me. I'm delighted that I hired them to work on my property which is near Cerro Gordo Park. Highly recommended!

Devin Cox lawn cutting in Santa Fe NM
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I hired Crespin Customs for lawn maintenance and general upkeep of my home near the New Mexico Museum of Art. I'm surprised by how quickly they got to work. Their prices are perfect. The lawn care services they provide are even better.

Diane Romero lawn mowing service in Santa Fe NM
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Square Deal has been a fantastic company. I hired them to maintain my garden bed, and I couldn't have asked for a better lawn care company to help me. My property close to Santa Fe Railyard Park looks impressive, thanks to them.

Evan Luna lawn care in Santa Fe NM
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Cm Grounds helped remove a tree on my property. Because of an insurance issue, I hired them to remove it, and they worked quickly to get the job done. Their staff was professional from the start and did wonderful work on my property near Fort Mercy Park. I highly recommend you hire them too.