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Shotwell Lawn Care Lawn Services in Canon City, CO

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Our goal is simple; to make your yard shine to its fullest potential. Everyone has their unique taste and preferences. We help you reach those goals by providing efficient and effective services without charging an arm and leg. If you want to hire a company that gives 100% to every customer, hire Shotwell Lawn Care.

The Shotwell Lawn Care Difference

We're committed to providing the best landscape services in Canon City, Colorado, and Fremont County. This includes serving customers in Alamosa County and the surrounding regions like Rio Grande, Huerfano, Del Norte, Blanca, and even Golden, Colorado.

There's no team more dedicated to their work than us, and we have years of experience and customer reviews to prove it. Get all your yard work done by a company that cares by hiring us today.

How We Beautify Your Outdoor Space

We provide a range of seasonal services for every month. Your cool-season grass needs to be on somewhat of a strict "diet."

We recommend a complete seasonal treatment plan if you want your grass to look good all year and stay free of weeds. This will include:

  • Spring:

We're applying slow-release granular fertilizers, adding seeds, removing debris, mowing grass, and more. This helps remove any compaction, prevent weed germination, and set your grass for growth during the spring season.

  • Summer:

We add more fertilizers on a routine basis, provide more mowing services, and provide weed removal services. We'll keep your property in great shape and prevent common issues that happen in the summer.

  • Fall:

At this point, we aerate your lawn if you have not done so in the springtime. We apply one last round of fertilizers and prep your grass for the upcoming winter season.

  • Winter:

Colorado residents are no strangers to snow. We offer snow removal services throughout the winter season, which includes applying salt before and after a storm.

Give Your Yard A Makeover With Our Help

We recommend hiring us in early spring, but we're able to help you all year long. We'll provide the best and most tailored solutions for your yard, no matter what condition it is in throughout the year.

Hire us for a one-time job or seasonal work without getting locked into a contract. You can have your pick at one lawn service or more than one job.

Check out our profile to get more information about our services. You'll also see our gallery of recent projects, customer reviews, and pricing information.

Hire Shotwell Lawn Care Today. 

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Royal Peaks Lawn Service Lawn Services in Canon City, CO

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Get golf course-like treatment for your lawn without forking your entire bank account. At Royal Peaks Lawn Service, we guarantee royal treatment while sparing your pockets. Get everything from lawn mowing to weed control from our five-star rated business. We offer flexible treatment plans for every budget and goal.

The Royal Treatment: Crafting Beauty Beneath Your Feet

Your lawn deserves more than just a surface-level makeover. That's why our tailor-made plans go beyond the cosmetic, incorporating fertilizing, overseeding, aeration, and other soil-enriching services.

This will help ward off pesky weeds, enrich your soil, and help promote green, thick grass growth.

Because, let's face it, a stunning lawn isn't just for show; it's the foundation of a vibrant outdoor haven for you and your family.

Why Choose Royal Peaks Lawn Service?

Here's how Royal Peaks can elevate your outdoor experience:

  • 1. Rapid Results: Witness visible improvements in just a matter of weeks.
  • 2. Strengthen Your Foundation: Nurture your grass back to robust health.
  • 3. Added Resilience: Give your yard the armor it needs against invaders like weeds and crabgrass.
  • 4. Grub-Busting Action: Say goodbye to patchy spots caused by those pesky grubs.
  • 5. Yard Restoration: Maintain the regal charm of your lawn year-round.

Serving Canon City and Beyond

We provide affordable lawn care services in Canon City, Colorado, and Fremont County. We also serve customers in Pueblo, Colorado.

Whether you reside in neighborhoods like Greydene, Four Mile, or even as far as the Old Skyline Trail, our team is willing to drive to you.

Visit our business profile to learn more about us and see our hundreds of five-star reviews.

Hire Royal Peaks Lawn Service today. 

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D & J Lawn Care Lawn Services in Canon City, CO

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Getting that dream lawn isn’t rocket science, but timing is everything. If you want your yard to look good and stay that way, you need a lawn care plan that’s tailored to your grass type and soil conditions. D & J Lawn Care is here to make your grass green, lush, and free of pesky weeds for a great price.

Simple Steps To A Stunning Backyard

D & J Lawn Care gets it – having a killer lawn isn't just about mowing. It's about doing things right at the right time. Our game plan includes feeding, watering, mowing, and some expert touch, all timed perfectly to make your lawn Insta-worthy.

More Than Just Cutting Grass

Here's what you can expect when you hire us:

  • 1. Grass Enhancement: We’ll help your grass grow thicker and healthier.
  • 2. Kick Out Unwanted Guests: Bye-bye to weeds, crabgrass, and other troublemakers.
  • 3. Improve Root Health: Strengthening roots for a lawn that can take a punch.
  • 4. No More Badl Spots: Fixing those bare spots with some clever overseeding.
  • 5. Fast-Track Fertilizing: Our liquid fertilizers work their charm in just a few weeks.
  • 6. Grass Mowing Done Right: We mow in a way to improve grass growth.
  • 7. Soil Enhancement: Aerate or dethatch for a lawn that can breathe and absorb the nutrients it needs to grow fast, thick, and green.

D & J Lawn Care is your partner from early spring to late fall. We’ll keep your yard fed, watered, and mowed so you can chill in your weed-free paradise.

Premium Lawn Service That Won't Break The Bank

D & J Lawn Care provides affordable lawn care services to customers in Canon City, Colorado, Fremont County, and even as far as Colorado Springs.

From Flora to Garden Park to properties near Rudd Park, our down-to-earth crew is ready to work their magic on your lawn.

Experience a stress-free lawn care experience by hiring D & J Lawn Care today. 

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Barker First Choice Lawn Services in Canon City, CO

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Thank you for considering Barker First Choice! Get all your yard work done without spending a fortune. We use eco-friendly devices and practices good for the plant, your lawn, and your wallet. Treat your lawn to professional care by hiring us today.

Lawn Service Prices Fit For Everyone

High-quality lawn care doesn't have to come at a pricey sum. Our company offers affordable lawn care packages, starting from $45 for a one-time grass-cutting job to extensive yard maintenance for a little under $97.

We offer several packages depending on what you need, how big your property is, what condition it is in, and how long you need our help. We'll help you pick the lawn treatment that's right for you.

Whether that's lawn mowing services or a complete lawn care overhaul, you can count on us to do the job right.

Lawn Care For All Properties In Canon City and Beyond

Barker First Choice provides affordable and high-quality lawn care services in Canon City, Colorado, and Fremont County. We have served customers in Greydene, Dawson Ranch, and even near properties such as Canon City High School.

As our business has expanded, so has our reach. We're now serving customers in Pueblo, Colorado.

We have years of experience and have served over a hundred happy customers. You can see all of our past reviews and projects by checking out our business profile. You'll also be able to browse our list of lawn care services and prices.

Hire Barker First Choice today.

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I highly recommend Shotwell Lawn Care. They've done a great job on my property. I hired them for ongoing lawn maintenance in my backyard, which is not too far from the Museum of Colorado Prisons. They work hard and fast every single time they show up, and I'm glad I hired them.

Abby McMillian yard mowing in Canon City CO
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The work they do is incredible! This awesome group of guys and gals are fantastic at what they do. They've improved the entire look of my yard near Canon City Rouse Park. I definitely recommend Royal Peaks Lawn Service to everyone looking for a good lawn care company.

April Sloan lawn mow in Canon City CO
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D & J Lawn Care goes above and beyond what is asked of them. I hired them to clear some weeds and mow my lawn on a routine basis. They show up when they say they will and always do an amazing job. My property near Mountain View Park is weed-free and has never looked this good.

David Hernandez grass cut in Canon City CO
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If you're going to hire a lawn care business, make sure it is Barker First Choice. I found them after searching for lawn mowing services near me. That's when I learned about GreenPal and connected with them. To make a long story short, they've been my go-to for all things lawn care-related. Highly recommended!