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Erick Work's Lawn Services in Lone Tree, CO

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Erick Work's is a trusted name in Lone Tree and all of Douglas County. As residents of Colorado, we know how time-consuming your yard work can be. We'll help you reclaim your time, save more of your money, and create an outdoor haven you and your family can enjoy.

Our Signature Lawn Care Services

What would your lovely home be without a beautiful lawn? We work with you to first understand your needs, examine your yard, and provide a lawn service that gives you the best results.

Here are some of the services we offer:

  • Soil Testing: In partnership with local industry-approved labs, we offer soil testing before any job. These tests help us pick up valuable information on your soil's nutrient and pH levels. This helps us make more informed decisions on fertilizing, seeding, and other lawn care treatments.
  • Lawn Mowing Services: We follow proper mowing practices to promote healthier, greener, and thicker grass growth. Our Husqvarna lawn mowers cover all corners of your property and will keep your outdoors properly manicured.
  • Yard Maintenance: Our maintenance services include, edging, leaf blowing, debris removal, pruning, and more to make sure your property looks clean, trimmed, and thriving.
  • Snow Removal: Keep your property free of ice and snow. We'll pre-salt before the storm and blow away ice and snow afterward. We work on paved surfaces, including sidewalks, stairs, porches, driveways, pathways, and more.

We work on lawns between 500 to 5,000 square feet in the summer. In the winter, we work on properties up to 3,000 square feet. We'll provide grass-cutting, edging, and trimming services around all hard-positioned and landscaped surfaces.

What We Do Differently

The lawn care industry is rife with companies with no formal training. We not only carry years of experience, but we also have actual formal training in industry-leading practices.

Basically, we've gotten Harvard-like training in all things lawn care. That means you can expect golf course-like services for your yard. And you can get this level of service without coughing up a fortune.

Serving All Of Douglas County

We serve customers in Lone Tree, Colorado, Douglas County, and even as far as Louisville, Colorado, and Littleton, Colorado.

Whether you're in Park Meadows Drive or near the Lone Tree Hub Community Center, we'll drive to you.

We've earned a slew of positive reviews from hundreds of happy customers. We invite you to read all of their reviews on our business page.

When you're ready to hire us, our lawn care pros will be ready to help you. 

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Property Management Lawn Lawn Services in Lone Tree, CO

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Are you tired of hearing the "I'm the best lawn care company" pitch? It's easy to promise the moon and back, but delivering results is a whole other animal. For two decades, Property Management Lawn has been the company people lean on for quality lawn services. We back our promises with guarantees and always deliver results for our customers.

Top-Rated Lawn Care Available For All

We offer a number of services:

  • Precision Lawn Mowing Services:

We use our EGO brand lawn mowers and trimmers for every mowing job. Our mowing services also include hedge trimming and edging services.

  • Fertilizing:

We provide liquid and slow-release granular fertilizers. For the most part, cool-season grass in Colorado thrives with both. We recommend slow-release for all properties because the granule coating is designed to release nutrients slowly over time, which reduces how often you need to fertilize.

  • Complete Yard Maintenance:

We provide proficient upkeep services, including leaf, branches, debris, and clippings removal.

  • Lawn Composting Services:

Lawn composting helps recycle yard waste and provide natural mulch to your property. These organic soil amendments turn your backyard into a nutrient-rich environment, which helps your outdoors look good and blossom.

  • Weed Control:

We use both pre and post-emergents to control weeds. The combination helps prevent hundreds of tough weeds before the germination phase, while post-emergents remove weeds that have already grown.

A Great Deal For Lawn Care In Lone Tree

Property Management Lawn provides affordable lawn care services in Lone Tree, Colorado, Douglas County, and even Wheat Ridge, Colorado.

Property Management Lawn has earned hundreds of positive reviews since we opened our doors. Whether it's getting your grass mowed, fixing damaged grass, treating weeds, or handling your weekend yard work, our company is here to help.

Visit our business profile to see the work we've done in all neighborhoods like Bluffside, Park Meadows Drive, or even near the Lone Tree Arts Center.

Hire Property Management Lawn today. 

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Davis Designs Lawn Services in Lone Tree, CO

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How frequently should I water my lawn? When should I mow my grass? Why is my grass rusting? How do I get my lawn growing in the heavy shade? Whatever questions you have about your outdoors, we can help. If you want to hire a lawn care company that knows everything about lawn maintenance, hire Davis Designs. We'll tackle all your DIY messes, yard issues, and lawn care chores without charging insane fees.

Transforming Your Lone Tree CO Yard

Our staff of skilled lawn care professionals are trained to provide services that turn your outdoors into an eye-seducing beauty. If it already looks great, we work to keep it that way.

By following a strict lawn care schedule and following industry-leading practices, we'll help promote greener, weed-free grass.

What You Can Expect From Our Top-Rated Lawn Care Staff

With our help, we'll:

  • Improve patchy and balding grass
  • Help grass grow even under heavy shade
  • Remove ruts, leaves, and other debris
  • Promote thicker and greener grass growth in a few weeks (recommended we start in early Spring)
  • Mow your yard regularly
  • Remove snow and ice off your walkways and driveways
  • And much more!

When it comes to lawn care, there is a lot involved! If you're having a hard time or just simply need a hand, we can help with it all.

Best of all, our prices are some of the lowest in Douglas County, and you're never locked into a contract. We offer several lawn care packages for all budgets and needs, giving you the ultimate flexibility when hiring us.

Your Landscape Is Our Priority

Hire one of the best-rated lawn care companies in all of Lone Tree, Colorado, and Douglas County today. Davis Designs has provided services to over 70 customers and counting.

From Bluffmont to properties near Sweetwater Park or even residents in Denver, Colorado, our crew will drive to you.

Hire Davis Designs to transform your lawn today.

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Runtz Ect Lawn Services in Lone Tree, CO

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Runtz Ect is a family-run lawn care business operating out of various cities in Colorado. We've grown and expanded thanks to our attention to detail, prices, and our hard-working staff. We treat your yard as if it were our own. So, whether it's a quick grass-cutting job or extensive lawn service treatment, Runtz Ect is here to help.

Wallet-Friendly Lawn Service In Lone Tree

Here's a small sample of the lawn care services we offer:

  • Lawn mowing services
  • Snow and ice removal
  • Leaf blowing
  • Edging
  • Fertilizing
  • Core aerating
  • Weed control
  • And more!

We do it all, from treating brown grass to trimming your hedges, and everything in between. Whatever you need, our lawn care business is here to help you.

Who We Serve

Runtz Ect serves customers in Lone Tree, Colorado, Douglas County, and Erie, Colorado. We have provided services to customers in Northsky, Bluffside, and even near Cook Creek Park.

With prices starting at just $45, we offer some of the most competitive rates compared to others in the area. With numerous five-star reviews and a proven track record, you can't go wrong hiring Runtz Ect.

Enjoy a better-looking lawn with our help today. 

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Erick Work's is fantastic! This is an incredible company that takes their time to really listen to you. They also take their time working on your property. It never feels like a rushed job and they always provide updates when they're working. My property near Sweetwater Park has never looked this good!

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Property Management Lawn has done an outstanding job for me. They've fixed a lot of the issues that were plaguing my backyard. I tried following some tutorials online but didn't have the patience or resources to fix them on my own. Property Management Lawn did what they did best and took care of it all. Now, my backyard near Centennial Ridge Park is in the best shape ever.

Rachel Kallstrom lawn cut in Lone Tree CO
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I want to thank Davis Designs for all their hard work and I highly recommend them to everyone. They did a great job on my lawn near the Lone Tree Recreation Center. Thank you, guys, for the great job!

Sally Andrews lawn maintenance in Lone Tree CO
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I found Runtz Ect on GreenPal. Before getting the app, I was searching for lawn mowing services near me but found some of the prices to be too much. Runtz Ect gave me a great quote and did an outstanding job on my yard near the Lone Tree Arts Center.