Here are Best Lawn Care Services in Sparks, NV as of Jul, 2024


John's Tree and Lawn Lawn Services in Sparks, NV

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At John's Tree and Lawn, we specialize in elevating your yard to new heights. Our lawn care professionals do everything for budget-friendly prices. From lawn mowing services to yard maintenance to tree services, our lawn care business does it all. Looking for landscaping services in Las Vegas, Nevada? We also provide complete landscape design and installation services too.

Customized Lawn Care Services 

We recognize every yard is unique. That's why we tailor our lawn care services customized to its specific needs. 

Our comprehensive range of services include: 

  • Lawn mowing services 
  • Bush Trimming
  • Irrigation maintenance
  • Tree uprooting or planting 
  • Improving soil conditions
  • Fertilizing
  • Adding fresh grass seeds 
  • Seasonal lawn maintenance

Our lawn care professionals stand ready to aerate, remove debris, or cut your lawn whenever you need us. 

Quality Support For Sparks Residents 

We work throughout the entire city, including near areas like Lincoln Garden, Lincoln Park, and even as far as Reno, Nevada. We’re not too far from the highway, so it will be easy for us to access your property in the Sparks area.

We drive to properties as far as the ones near Kiley Ranch and other northern parts away from the city at a time that works best for you. Our lawn care services are available at an affordable rate. Before any job, we'll provide a quote and get started once we schedule the lawn services.

Contact John’s Tree and Lawn for all your yard maintenance needs today.


Gonzalez Landscaping Lawn Services in Sparks, NV

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Transform your lawn one blade at a time with the help of Gonzalez Landscaping. At our company, we take lawn care to another level. We don't just keep your yard in good condition, we also build a strong foundation and improve the root health of your property. Let's make your yard the envy of the neighborhood. 

Mowing Like A Pro

Our lawn mowing services are second to none. We don't just go through the motions, we treat every square inch of you yard and perform the best grass cutting practices. This involves mowing at the right height, cutting in different patterns, and using the best equipment to promote better grass growth. 

Plus, we can mow on the toughest terrain, the tricky slopes, and other hard-to-reach corners. 

Seeding For A Spring Spectacle  

When it comes to lawn care in Sparks, we know that timing is everything. Our seeding services is applied over your turf to improve grass health and create thriving emerald green colors that withstand the Nevada heat. 

Nurture Your Soil To Reap The Rewards

Whether you reside in Spanish Springs or any neighborhood in the area, our lawn care company works hard to create healthy soil. If you're interested in low-maintenance landscaping, we can install artificial turfs, so that you can worry less about soil health. 

But, if you own a patch of green grass, we'll help create optimal soil conditions through a variety of lawn care services, including aeration. We remove plugs on your compacted soil to ensure your grass gets the nutrients it needs. We take it a step further by adding new grass seeds during the aeration process. 

With our help, your lawn will be the talk of the town. 

High End Lawn Service Tailored to You

We serve all of Spark, Nevada, including properties leading to and in Reno, Nevada. We serve homes in all neighborhoods too, including Rancho Drive and Prater Way, which are conveniently located near the highway. 

Picture a yard that rivals the pristine beauty of Pagni Ranch Park. Now imagine getting that same look for your yard without breaking the bank. We offer services that won't drain your wallet and still create a stunning outdoor space. 

Discover the Gonzalez Landscaping Difference 

Take the first step to a better or new lawn. Contact Gonzalez Landscaping to explore our full range of lawn care services. From lawn mowing to turf installation, we've got you covered. 


Pacific Lawn Care Lawn Services in Sparks, NV

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Experience year-round landscape beauty with the help of Pacific Lawn Care. With our help, we'll create greener grass, healthier roots, and beautify your entire outdoor space. Whether its installing artificial turf or providing routine lawn care services, our company can do it all. 

Weather-Proof Your Yard

If you've lived here long enough, you can see all the wonderful properties in Sparks. But, the unpredictable weather can take a toll on your green grass. Scorching triple-digit summers can be especially hard and cause undue stress. Turn to us and we'll protect it from everything Mother Nature throws at it. 

Transforming Your Lawn No Matter Where You Are 

Pacific Lawn Care provides four-season service and lawn maintenance. From Fairway Village to Vista Del Oro, we work on your property all season long. Especially during the summer season. 

Looking to install new sod or artificial turf? We can also help with that. 

A Lawn That's Ready To Dazzle 

When summer arrives, don't let the scorching heat harm your lawn's beauty. We help moisture is and water it to avoid dry spells. We follow local ordinances and even help reduce utility bills. 

In addition to regular lawn mowing services, we specialize in irrigation installation and maintenance. From cleaning to repairs, we'll always make sure its functioning at its best. Keep your yard hydrated without running up the water bill with our help. 

Thriving Landscapes From High Rock to Cimarron

No matter where you live in Sparks, Pacific Lawn Care will come to you. Whether you're own a property near High Rock or in Cimarron, our staff will drive to your locations. 

Our company is based near McCarran Boulevard, right off Lincoln Way, which makes our trips to properties in Sparks easy. Once you schedule an appointment with us, we'll show up at the designated time ready to bring your yard to life. We even serve customers in Reno, Nevada.

Year-Round Attention From A Top-Rated Lawn Care Business 

Your yard deserves the best care, and that's exactly what we offer. Schedule an appointment with us and we'll do our best to create a green masterpiece. Hire Pacific Lawn Care today, 


Ledesma Mower Lawn Services in Sparks, NV

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Looking for lawn care services? It's not easy to find a lawn care company to come serve your home in the Los Altos, Sage Canyon, or Ironstone neighborhoods. Not many lawn maintenance companies serve the area. But, Ledesma Mower does! If you've been looking for affordable lawn care services anywhere in Sparks, Nevada or even Reno, Nevada, we have you covered! 

Lawn Service Available All Year

Schedule a job. We show up on time. When hiring Ledesma Mower, you don't have to worry about no-shows. We proudly boast about our solid reputation for delivering five-star services and always showing up when we say we will. 

You can order specialized lawn maintenance plans, which can include lawn mowing services, aeration, fertilizing, or bush trimming. We'll give you a fair quote before any job. If you want our help throughout the year, you won't lock you into any long-term plan. 

Where We Serve 

Whether it's a fancy house in the Pleasant View or Westview part of the city or working on turf beds for homes in the Whitney Circle area, our company does it all. We also provide tree services which includes clean up, leaf blowing, pruning branches, and removing weeds. 

We also serve businesses, especially those in the Lockwood area or other places near the highway. We can trim even the smallest bits of grass near these commercial sites. We'll help make your business look more inviting. 

Affordable Prices For All Of Our Lawn Care Services

Our appointments are flexible, and the same can also be said about our prices. We charge only for the work we complete, and we don't stick you with expensive contracts. 

Contact Ledesma Mower for quality lawn care in Sparks today. 

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Dwayne Kane lawn care service in Sparks NV
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I used to have a difficult time trying to mow my yard in Deer Park, but everyone at John’s Tree and Lawn has done everything for my yard. The people here know what it takes to give my yard a look it needs. They always clean the grass around my yard, plus they trim the ends near my foundation. They add new grass seeds every fall as well, which I appreciate given how my yard used to die off in the spring. My yard looks better in the spring, not to mention they know how to mow it well without killing all that new growth. I would recommend John’s Tree and Lawn to anyone in the city that needs the best service possible.

Nathaniel Richardson lawn cut in Sparks NV
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I hired Gonzalez Landscaping last month to help me with mowing my lawn in Eastland Hills. It had been a while since I last got the lawn cut, as I didn’t have a mower on hand. But the people at Gonzalez Landscaping helped me cut the grass and clean up all those clippings. They went over a few times because they didn’t want to tear up far too much at a time, as they didn’t want to hurt the grass. They were cautious with all that grass, and they made sure everything would be groomed well without possible harm.

Pamela Gray lawn cutting in Sparks NV
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My yard in Desert Springs needs to be watered every few days, but it takes a bit for my irrigation system to work as well as it should. The good news is that the people at Pacific Lawn Care are very prompt in ensuring my yard is maintained well. They help me with cleaning out my sprinklers, plus they are quick in checking on the drainage system around my yard. I have asked them to help me with aerating my lawn a few times every year as well. They are very clear and prompt in what they do, not to mention they keep my yard clean every time they work here.

Robert Schwartz yard mowing in Sparks NV
affordable-lawn-services-in-Sparks-NV affordable-lawn-services-in-Sparks-NV local-lawn-care-services-in-Sparks-NV lawn-care-services-in-Sparks-NV the-yard-cutting-businesses-in-Sparks-NV

The experts at Ledesma Mower helped me with mowing my lawn a few days before I was going to host a baby shower at my home. I hadn’t mowed my yard for a while, and I needed to keep everything looking great for my guests here in Pebble Creek. But the grass was so long that I was afraid of what would happen if I mowed it myself. Ledesma Mower was very prompt in mowing my lawn and in cleaning up the grass, not to mention they didn’t create lots of irritation all around. The grass looked beautiful as everyone came over for the baby shower.