Here are Best Lawn Care Services in Castle Pines, CO as of Apr, 2024

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Rockos Home Services Lawn Services in Castle Pines, CO

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When it comes to professional lawn care services in Castle Pines, Rockos Home Services stands out as the top choice. Expect nothing less than exceptional quality, swift work, and guaranteed results when you hire us. Whether you need a quick grass trim or a complete backyard makeover, we offer a wide range of services customized for your budget and outdoor needs.

Pocket-Friendly Lawn Service Solutions

At Rockos Home Services, we're committed to being your one-stop destination for all things lawn care. Here's a glimpse of the lawn care services we provide:

  • Flexible scheduling options for bi-weekly, one-time, or monthly lawn mowing services
  • Expert weed control to keep your lawn pristine
  • Tough corner and slope mowing and edging services
  • Dry and wet leaf removal and blowing
  • Basic lawn maintenance, including debris cleanup and water management
  • Ongoing fertilizing and seeding for lush, healthy grass
  • Effective pest and grub treatments during the summer

Factors like property size, weather conditions, soil health, and grass type may influence pricing.

For the most part, our prices start at $44 and can range higher depending on your needs and wants.

Whether you're a homeowner, commercial property owner, or part of an HOA, we offer one-time and recurring services to suit your requirements. Choose individual treatments or get our bundled lawn care packages for added convenience and affordability.

Great Deals For Castle Pines and Beyond

Rockos Home Services provides affordable lawn care services to customers in Castle Pines, Colorado, Douglas County, and even Lakewood, Colorado.

Whether you own property in Echo Ridge or near Elk Ridge Park, our staff will drive to you.

Hire Rockos Home Services today. 

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Whitts Services Lawn Services in Castle Pines, CO

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(overall rating 4.8/5.163 Reviews)

Thank you for considering Whitts Services for your landscaping needs. We don't just mow your lawn; we nurture it, protect it, and make sure it thrives year-round. If you're looking to hire a lawn care business that goes beyond mere grass cutting, look no further than our top-rated group.

Standout Lawn Service Solutions For Your Property

When you hire us, you're getting a myriad of benefits. Here's how you benefit:

  • Picture-Perfect Landscapes: Our lawn care services involve crafting a well-manicured outdoor space that enhances your property's visual appeal.
  • Enhanced Soil Health: We cultivate an environment where your lawn flourishes. Our treatments promote robust grass growth while effectively managing weeds and other lawn issues.
  • Hassle-Free Yard Maintenance: Sit back and relax as we handle the hard work. With our seamless lawn care services, you can enjoy a stunning outdoor haven without the hassle.

Discounted Services From Day One

Our flagship services start at just $43, and new customers enjoy a special 15% introductory offer on lawn mowing services.

If you need seasonal treatment or recurring support, we offer a range of essential services, including lawn mowing, weed control, grub control, fertilizing, and much more.

Unlike some competitors, we don't lock you into a contract. This gives you a lot of wiggle room to choose the lawn care services you need without being locked into a needless contract. And you can cancel at any time, no questions asked!

Affordable Lawn Care Services For Castle Pines Residents

Whether you need one-time lawn mowing services or ongoing lawn maintenance, we offer it all for a great price.

We serve customers in Castle Pines, Colorado, Douglas County, and even Colorado Springs, Colorado. We have served hundreds of property owners in various neighborhoods like Silver Heights, Echo Ridge, and even near places such as The Retreat Park.

With our years of service and success, you can hire us with confidence knowing that you're getting a high-rated lawn service provider to help you.

Visit our business profile for more information about our services, prices, and more, available to view in your GreenPal app.

Hire Whitts Services today. 

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Building Force Lawn Services in Castle Pines, CO

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(overall rating 4.9/5.200 Reviews)

Is your backyard in rough shape? Want it to look better? If you've tried the online DIY advice with no luck, Building Force can help. We're experts at crafting eye-seducing outdoor spaces you and your family will enjoy. Read more to schedule a free site visit and consultation, and also learn about our discounted prices.

Everything You Could Need From One Lawn Service Provider

We offer everything you need for your yard:

  • Lawn mowing services
  • Edging
  • Snow removal
  • Leaf blowing
  • Dethatching
  • OVerseeding
  • Hydroseeding
  • Grub control
  • Aeration
  • Fertilizing

Customers can enjoy a 15% off discount for their first two visits. For long-term support, you can receive an additional 5% discount. This deal is only available after the first two initial visits.

So, if you need seasonal lawn mowing services or complete yard maintenance, we offer discounted packages to help you save money. And you can cancel the services we provide without being penalized.

Serving Local Residents and Business Owners

No matter what type of property you own, Building Force offers our services to everyone.

Building Force serves customers in Castle Pines, Colorado, and Douglas County. Since we've grown, we are now offering lawn mowing services in Aurora, Colorado.

Whether you're in Latigo, Surrey Ridge, or even near Coyote Ridge Park, we will drive to you.

Visit our business page for detailed information about our past projects, pricing, and a comprehensive list of our lawn care services.

Hire Building Force once you're ready. 

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C&I Landscaping Lawn Services in Castle Pines, CO

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(overall rating 4.4/5.201 Reviews)

Are you dreaming of a yard that turns heads? Unsure where to start? Struggling to find the time for yard work? Look no further than C&I Landscaping. Our experts are here to craft stunning outdoor spaces that look beautiful and thrive all season. Hire C&I Landscaping for affordable and high-end lawn care today.

Your One-Stop Shop For A Stellar Lawn

With a stack of five-star reviews to our name, we're the company folks rave about when it comes to top-notch lawn care. We've got everything you need to take your yard from meh to magnificent, all while keeping a smile on your face.

Our Range of Services

  • Lawn Mowing Services: We're not just mowing grass – we're sculpting lawns. Our technique keeps your grass healthy and happy.
  • Fertilization: Give your soil a boost with our slow-release granular fertilizer, packed with all the stuff your grass needs to thrive.
  • Edging: Say goodbye to sloppy edges and hello to sharp lines that make your yard pop.
  • Weed Wrangling: We'll kick those pesky weeds to the curb so you can enjoy a weed-free backyard.
  • Aeration: Get your soil breathing easy with our aeration services, a must for a healthy lawn.
  • Overseeding: Fill in those balding patches for a lush and luxurious lawn.

Top-Grade Tools for Top-Notch Results

At C&I Landscaping, we roll with the best of the best.

Our equipment lineup is stacked with top-quality gear such as the Greenworks Pro 42 Inch Electric Turn Mower and the Toro Smartstow Self-Propelled Lawn Mower.

Our Greenworks Cordless Dual String Edger is used after mowing to complete a freshly mowed lawn. We keep things nice and clean to deliver a result you can agree with.

Make Your Yard Chores Easier With Our Help

Join the ranks of happy homeowners in Castle Pines, Colorado, and Douglas County who trust C&I Landscaping to make their outdoors look good and thrive. This also includes residents in Lone Tree, Colorado.

Whether you're in Latigo or own a property near The Ridge at Castle Pines North, our company is here to help you.

Hire C&I Landscaping for all your lawn care needs. 

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Usman Acevedo lawn care service in Castle Pines CO
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Rockos Home Services is fantastic. They have an incredible group of people working there. They are friendly and answer all your questions. More importantly, they worked hard and did fantastic a job. My lawn near The Ridge at Castle Pines North is in good hands, thanks to them.

Kiara Sykes lawn care in Castle Pines CO
affordable-lawn-services-in-Castle Pines-CO residential-lawn-cutting-businesses-in-Castle Pines-CO lawn-maintenance-in-Castle Pines-CO affordable-grass-cutting-businesses-in-Castle Pines-CO local-lawn-cutting-services-in-Castle Pines-CO

I highly recommend you hire Whitts Services. They've done a great job on our yard near the Buffalo Ridge Elementary School. I can't recommend them enough to everyone who needs a reliable company to hire.

Keeley Sumaiya lawn cutting in Castle Pines CO
local-lawn-care-services-in-Castle Pines-CO local-lawn-care-services-in-Castle Pines-CO lawn-care-services-in-Castle Pines-CO affordable-grass-cutting-businesses-in-Castle Pines-CO residential-lawn-cutting-businesses-in-Castle Pines-CO

Don't miss your chance to hire Building Force. They are dependable, friendly, and knowledgeable. Their prices are awesome too! I have no complaints and I'm very happy with the work they've done on my backyard near Elk Ridge Park. Highly recommended!

Esme Zakir lawn service in Castle Pines CO
residential-lawn-cutting-businesses-in-Castle Pines-CO the-yard-cutting-businesses-in-Castle Pines-CO lawn-care-services-in-Castle Pines-CO lawn-maintenance-in-Castle Pines-CO affordable-lawn-services-in-Castle Pines-CO

I just want to thank the wonderful people at C&I Landscaping for all their hard work. My yard near Coyote Ridge Park has never looked this good. It saw a lot of improvements after just a few visits. I can't thank them enough for everything they've done for me.