Here are Best Lawn Care Services in Sandy, UT as of May, 2024


Very Good Exteriors Lawn Services in Sandy, UT

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We call our business Very Good Exteriors for a reason. It’s all about ensuring the outside of your property looks very good! Every homeowner in Sandy deserves a beautiful lawn, but it takes lots of work. Our lawn care professionals at Very Good Exteriors have the experience necessary for giving your yard a style it deserves.

Get affordable and high-quality lawn care services when you hire us today. From lawn mowing services to routine lawn maintenance, we offer everything you could need to keep your outdoors shining. In addition to serving your area, we also provide lawn care services in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Our lawn care and lawn service team at Very Good Exteriors can complete a thorough review of your yard to figure out what is appropriate for your lawn care needs. Our lawn care company will check on everything from your grass to your bushes. Our goal is to trim your turf while keeping everything around your fence, landscape, and driveway clean and spotless.

Our lawn service business serve homeowners around every part of Sandy. Our lawn service team work out of the Woodridge and Silver Sage areas near the interstate highway. Our lawn care team can arrive to your property at any time of the year. We create a customized lawn service solution for your specific landscaping needs. 

We provide complete lawn mowing services, but that’s only the start of what our lawn care company has to offer. Our lawn service business offers other lawn care services like irrigation system management. We can even repair any sprinklers that aren’t working well. Our lawn care company can also apply bark and other groundcover items around your landscape.

Are you trying to trim your bushes in some way? You can ask us at Very Good Exteriors to trim your bushes to whatever shape you’re looking to find. We will also clean up all the leaves and branches after we finish. You can request that we trim everything in the same shape, or you can use different designs around your yard if you prefer. We always give our lawn service clients the final say over what works for their yards.

Our lawn care work is all about ensuring your home fits in with the natural beauty of Sandy. Sandy is home to many appealing homes that perfectly fit in with their surroundings, including around the Granite and Cottonwood areas. Many yards feature beautiful looks that fit in well with the nearby mountains. These properties need extra help in ensuring they continue to look brilliant. Fortunately, our lawn care business can help with that. We work out hardest to restore the bright looks around every part of Sandy.

You'll find our lawn care services and lawn mowing services are available for some of the best rates in the Sandy area. You can ask us for a full estimate for our lawn care services before we start. We’ll let you know what you can expect to spend on lawn mowing services or other lawn care services. The best part is that you’ll discover that our lawn care services are more affordable than what you might expect.

Reach out to Very Good Exteriors to for affordable and reliable lawn care. We want to be there for you.


The Lawn Rangers Lawn Services in Sandy, UT

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Homes around Sandy have unique needs for care no matter where they are, but some of the most stubborn yards are in the far eastern part of town. Homes in Willow Glen and other places near the Cottonwood Canyon often feature lots of trees that aren’t always easy to maintain. But our professionals at The Lawn Rangers can help you with all of those needs.

Our lawn service company proudly serve homeowners around every part of Sandy here at The Lawn Rangers. We work in the Wooded Acres neighborhood near the Rocky Mountain Monument. Our professionals are open to visit your property at any time of the year. Whether you need to get snow cleared off of your garden during the winter or you need irrigation help in the summer, The Lawn Rangers are there to serve you.

Every yard in Sandy is distinct in some way. You won’t find as many trees in the Crescent neighborhood as you would in the Hillshire region, for instance. But our plans at The Lawn Rangers can work for your yard regardless of what concerns you have for your property and how you need assistance.

Our lawn service company covers every aspect of your property. We’ll help you in cutting back any bushes, trees, or other growths that need regular care. We can also pick up leaves, prune younger trees, and clear out the gutters around your home.

Our lawn service business will also aerate your yard in the spring and fall seasons. Our aeration work includes removing the plugs from your yard and applying new grass seeds in the areas that need them the most. The aeration effort helps improve upon how healthy your turf bed appears. The layout will also have an easier time taking in water, oxygen, and other things necessary for its general health.

Our team at The Lawn Rangers will also provide you with sensible rates that you can afford. You can ask us about what it would cost to hire us for your yard before we start working. We’ll give you an idea of what you could spend on services based on what you may require. We’ll ensure you have a fair idea of what to expect out of what we have to offer.

We are available for one-off services, but you can also ask us for assistance if you have a commercial lawn that needs regular help every few weeks. We can arrive at your property in the morning hours before it opens to care for your business yard. You can ask us about specific plans for care, especially if you have some detailed trees and other landscape features on the outside of your business site. We’ll also clean up after we finish, thus ensuring your employees and customers won’t be annoyed by anything.

Be sure to contact The Lawn Rangers to learn more about what we can do for you.


JB Lawn Care Lawn Services in Sandy, UT

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Our lawn care professionals at JB Lawn Care have seen everything that yards in Sandy have to offer. We operate out of the Sandy area and recognize the many ways how yards around the city can change and adapt. Our goal is to give your yard in Sandy the extra help it deserves.

You’ll never have to wait all that long for us to arrive at your property after you contact us for help. We are in the Alegre Vista region of Sandy, not far from Bicentennial Park. We can drive over to your property in the city as soon as you ask us to, or you can schedule a specific time for service. Either way, we’ll be on hand when you ask us to arrive. We’ll have all the equipment for the job with us, including all the trimming the mowing items needed for the work at hand.

Our rates are very sensible, but one point that you’ll appreciate is that we never charge extra for travel expenses. The charges we provide you are the ones you’ll pay in the end.

As for our lawn care services themselves, we provide many lawn care solutions that all homeowners in Sandy will enjoy hiring. We offer traditional lawn maintenance services like mowing, trimming, and edging. You can ask us to complete these efforts every week or two, although we also do one-time services for renovations and other large-scale needs.

You can ask us about our power raking service as well. Power raking entails removing the leaves from your yard, including the ones that might stick in some of the most stubborn parts of your lawn. Our work will remove all the leaves that might otherwise be hard for you to maintain.

The effort we put into your yard at JB Lawn Care will give your property the best look in the city. We’ll always tailor our work efforts to the needs your yard holds. Whether you have a small residential yard in the Hillshire area or something a little larger in Atlas Hills, we are available to assist you with your yard care needs. We would love to see what we can do for your yard in Sandy.

We will not charge extra for us to travel to your property in Sandy. We know that homes around the eastern end of Sandy take a bit of time to travel out to, especially when you get a little closer to the canyon. But our team won’t charge you more money because we have to spend an extra bit of time traveling to your property.

Our plans for work at JB Lawn Care will ensure you have the best lawn in the Sandy area, not to mention you won’t spend lots of money hiring us for your work needs. You can ask us at JB Lawn Care today for additional details on what we have to offer for your yard.


Upkeep Lawncare Lawn Services in Sandy, UT

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Not everyone in the Sandy area understands how to care for their yards. The dry soil around the region is often hard to support, although some properties have it a little better than others. You might not be fully aware of how well your yard can be maintained, or what it would take for your lawn to stay healthy. But you don’t have to worry about that when you ask us at Upkeep Lawncare for help.

Upkeep Lawncare will help you with all the lawn maintenance needs you have here in Sandy. We can arrive at your home or business at a time of your choosing. You can also request us to appear as soon as you need our services. We’ll review all the features around your yard and find a care plan that fits.

Lawns around Sandy are unique in various ways. We understand this at Upkeep Lawncare, as we operate here in the Sandy area ourselves. We’re specifically in the Silver Sage neighborhood, not far from the White City community.

We offer full lawn mowing services at Upkeep, including weekly mowing and raking routines. You can ask us about our aeration service as well. We can aerate your yard during the fall and spring seasons.

You can ask us about cleaning up your yard during the spring season as well. We’ll remove any growths that have come about around your yard during the spring season. We will also remove old leaves or other things left by your trees that might have stuck around for the past few months. We can finish the work with a complete power raking routine.

Our work is available for all property owners in Sandy, including for business operators near the interstate highway. We can serve yards around the Green Leaf and Canyons areas near the highway, among other commercial spots in Sandy. Every business needs a well-groomed lawn and manicured landscape to attract customers and to make employees feel happy. Our team can serve your business site every few weeks, although you can also ask us for single-time services if you need them. Don’t forget that we can assist you with your yard during any large-scale renovation projects you’ve got going at your property.

You can also ask us for assistance if you have a wide-open house in the Rockhampton area or another outside part of Sandy. Sandy is home to many luxurious homes and yards, especially when you get closer to the mountains. It might take a while for you to care for your yard by yourself, but our experts at Upkeep can assist you even if your yard might be massive while requiring an extra bit of help.

We will help you with all the special lawn care needs you may have for your property in Sandy. You can ask us at Upkeep Lawncare for assistance with all your lawn maintenance needs. We’ll help you find a sensible yard care plan that fits your property and your budget, so you’ll enjoy everything we have to offer for your home in Sandy.

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Helen Rose lawn service in Sandy UT
affordable-grass-cutting-businesses-in-Sandy-UT affordable-landscaping-maintenance-services-in-Sandy-UT local-lawn-maintenance-contractors-in-Sandy-UT grass-cutting-businesses-in-Sandy-UT local-lawn-cutting-services-in-Sandy-UT

The lawn care team at Very Good Exteriors helped me with a renovation project outside my house in the Edgemont neighborhood. I had to get new sod installed, plus I needed to reshape my bushes. The people at Very Good were efficient in planning the layout and in getting it to fit into my turf. They also trimmed the hedges to create the brilliant cube shapes I had been hoping to get. They were complete in all the work they provided, and the workers cleaned up after they finished. I love how well everyone at Very Good worked on my yard to keep everything clean.

Frank Sanchez yard mowing in Sandy UT
lawn-care-services-in-Sandy-UT affordable-lawn-services-in-Sandy-UT local-lawn-and-landscape-maintenance-services-near-me-in-Sandy-UT grass-cutting-businesses-in-Sandy-UT local-lawn-care-services-in-Sandy-UT

The Lawn Rangers always come to my yard in the American Villa neighborhood when they say they will appear. They let me know what they will do for my yard at the start, and they never delay in getting things ready. They clean up the leaves before they start, and the people keep the grass from littering my driveway when they finish. One point I like is that they’re very prompt in fixing my yard when the weather looks rough. They always make a point to complete the work before the weather becomes harsh.

Destiny Means yard mowing in Sandy UT
lawn-care-services-in-Sandy-UT local-lawn-and-landscape-maintenance-services-near-me-in-Sandy-UT cheap-lawn-cutting-businesses-in-Sandy-UT local-lawn-and-landscape-maintenance-services-near-me-in-Sandy-UT local-lawn-maintenance-contractors-in-Sandy-UT

JB Lawn Care has done more for my yard than what I could have ever done myself. They came to my yard in the Karalee area and got the lawn cut and also removed the weeds near the front part of my yard. They were thorough in their work, and they cleaned up all the grass after they finished. The people cleared off my driveway to ensure the grass stains they left wouldn’t stick around for a while. The people at JB Lawn Care know what my yard requires, and I am glad that they are here to assist me with all my yard needs.

Anna Furman lawn care in Sandy UT
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I don’t have much time to mow my lawn every week. I have to spend so much time traveling from my home on Danish Road to get to Orem for work, that it’s next to impossible for me to relax and enjoy life at home. The people at Upkeep have been very supportive of me, as they always get my lawn cut every week. They arrive even if I am out at work, and they cut everything accordingly without spending lots of time. I’ve recommended Upkeep to others at my workplace, and they are also impressed with what the company offers.