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The Grass Barber Lawn Services in Alexander City, AL

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Your warm-season grass may adapt to hot summers and mild winters, but it won't thrive without some effort. The Grass Barber can set up your grass to look good and thrive all year. Enjoy the benefits of a lush, weed-free backyard with our help.

Warm-Season Grass Types In Alabama

Being in Alabama, you likely own warm-season grass. Do you know what kind you own?

Your lawn is likely made up of one or more than two mixtures of common grass types native to the area:

  • Bermudagrass
  • Zoysia
  • Bahiagrass
  • Centipede grass
  • St. Augustine

Those are what we've typically run into after a decade of service. And unlike your neighbors up north with their cool-season grass, the makeup of your Alabama grass is different.

So, it needs to be treated differently. From how you approach growing season to balanced fertilizing, knowing what to do at the right time is vital if you want your grass to look good, stay weed-free, and thrive all year.

We'll create the perfect lawn care plan, one that's customized for your property. By following a seasonal lawn care schedule and adapting to soil and grass conditions, you can start enjoying a weed-free, bug-free, green oasis.

A Complete Guide For Your Alexander City Grass

What are some benefits of owning warm-season grass?

  • 1) They thrive under blistering heat and harsh temperature drops
  • 2) Stronger roots allow it to choke out weeds and other invasive plants
  • 3) Requires less mowing when properly maintained
  • 4) They're more drought-tolerant and require an estimated 30% less water compared to cool-season grass
  • 5) They work well on slopes and control erosion if properly maintained
  • 6) They can be thick like a carpet, which is perfect for pets, kids, friends, and family to enjoy without feeling guilty

So, how do we create the best-looking and functional yard for you? We follow a simple lawn service plan which includes the following:

  • Feeding your grass:

We use BioAdvanced 3-in-1 Weed & Feed from spring to summer. In some situations, depending on your grass type and soil conditions, we'll recommend feeding into early fall, but those cases are not common.

  • Mow on a schedule:

Some properties require bi-weekly lawn mowing services, while others, like Zoysia, require less visits. We'll mow your grass at the right height to avoid damaging it and promote better grass growth.

  • Aerate In the Fall:

We won't let your grass get compacted. By aerating your yard, your grass absorb nutrients better and allow airflow and water to freely move into the roots.

Our services also include debris removal, leaf blowing, mulching, and more.

Total Lawn Service Treatment

Get our complete package of seasonal lawn care services, or hire us for a one-time job. We serve customers in Alexander City, Alabama, and Dale County. Whether you're in Northside, Windermere, or even by the Lakewinds Golf Course, our company is here to help you. As we've grown, we provide lawn mowing services in Birmingham and even as far as Auburn, Alabama

Visit our business page for more information.

Hire The Grass Barber whenever you need a hand mowing or upgrading your yard. 

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Happy Home Landscaping Lawn Services in Alexander City, AL

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Take your lawn from ugly to stunning. No matter what your lawn care goals are, we can help. Happy Home Landscaping provides a range of lawn care services for every problem and every budget. So, whether we're fixing your grass, giving it a makeover, or simply mowing it, our team can do it all.

Long List Of Services Available

We've helped hundreds of customers transform their yards. With a simple lawn care plan, the right tools, and enough patience, our team will do the same for you.

We offer a full range of options:

  • Lawn mowing services
  • Fertilizing
  • Mulching
  • Power raking
  • Hydroseeding
  • Aeration
  • Hedge trimming
  • Weed Control
  • And much more!

We offer affordable packages for customers who need more than one lawn service job. We're available for a one-time visit or for ongoing yard maintenance.

Who We Serve

We serve homeowners and businesses in Alexander City, Alabama, and Dale County. We have helped hundreds of property owners in Cross Creek, Willow Point, and other local communities. Our recent work can be seen near places like the Charles E. Bailey Sportsplex and even as far as Montgomery, Alabama

We're licensed and insured. We have years of experience, numerous five-star reviews, and a team of highly trained specialists ready to serve you. With our affordable contract-free plans, our lawn care company is the no-brainer choice for all your landscaping needs.

Hire the pros at Happy Home Landscaping today. 

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Nomad Services Lawn Services in Alexander City, AL

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Tired of mowing your lawn? Not sure what to do about your bare spots? Have weeds and overgrown grass taken over? Don't let the yard work dominate your time. Our company can help. Nomad Services offers affordable services for all your outdoor needs. Best of all, they won't cost a fortune.

Affordable Lawn Care Deals For Alexander City Customers

Nomad Services provides affordable lawn care services to customers in Alexander City, Alabama, and Dale County. We also serve clients in other cities near and in Birmingham, Alabama.

How Much Do Our Services Cost?

Here's a rundown:

  • Lawn mowing services: starting at $39 (one of the lowest prices in the area) and never exceeding more than $79.
  • Fertilizing: For most properties, applying slow-release granular fertilizers will cost $160, but the price can change depending on the size of your yard.
  • Aeration: Our annual aeration services cost between $60 and $170, depending on property size.
  • Weed Control: Prices start at just $65. We offer both pre and post-emergent treatment.

For more information and our full list of lawn care services and their prices, visit our business profile.

Customers We Serve

We've helped many people in our community. From Fosheeton to Willow Point to properties near places like Double Bridges Park, our company has helped hundreds of customers and earned high praise over the years.

Don't just take our word for it. Visit our business profile to see our lineup of services, prices, and reviews and to see our recent projects.

Hire Nomad Services for quality lawn care in Alexander City today. 

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Rocket City Mowing Lawn Services in Alexander City, AL

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We're a lawn care company that does it all! Having a lush green lawn requires a lot of attention and more than just cutting grass. Rocket City Mowing provides a full regimen of services for both commercial and residential properties designed specifically for your Alabama grass type, soil, climate, and terrain.

Complete Lawn Maintenance Checklist

What do we offer you? Here's a full checklist of lawn service solutions we provide throughout the year:

  • Lawn mowing services:

We follow tried-and-true lawn mowing practices for your warm-season grass. We cut above 2 to 3 inches. During peak growth periods, we recommend mowing at least once every two weeks. Slow growth periods require less grass-cutting. Plus, we constantly cut in alternating patterns to help it grow better, prevent grass from looking less attractive, and make it less difficult to maintain.

  • Lawn maintenance:

We remove fallen branches, twigs, leaves, dead grass, and other debris. We also remove any litter or scattered mess that might have found its way onto your property.

  • Fertilization:

We use a soil test to determine if any PH imbalance exists. Then we apply the right combination of premium-grade fertilizers at different intervals from spring to late summer. In most cases, we use more nitrogen-led fertilizers.

  • Weed Control:

We apply pre-emergents before the growing season to prevent weeds and post-emergents after peak growing periods to get rid of them on the spot.

  • Mulching:

To reduce the presence of weeds or improve soil health, we recommend adding organic and natural mulch. We help you pick out the right product for your specific needs.

Our lawn care company also provides dethatching, pruning, and other services throughout the year. Get one lawn service at a time, or get our affordable bundle, which provides seasonal treatment throughout the year. So, instead of getting each service individually, we can perform some or all of them throughout the year.

Who We Help

Rocket City Mowing serves both residential and commercial property owners in Alexander City, Alabama, and Dale County. Whether you're in Northside, Sunny Level Cutoff, or even near the Wellborn Musclecar Museum, our company will come to you. We also serve customers in Montgomery, Alabama.

Our staff of highly trained lawn care professionals carries years of experience. You're not hiring some random person that only knows how to start a lawn mower. We know the ins and outs of keeping your landscape in great health.

So, we're offering you quality lawn care services at wallet-friendly prices. And bundled deals for complete year-long support for as long as you need them. No contracts are involved!

Visit our profile for more information. Hire Rocket City Mowing for affordable lawn service in Alexander City. 

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