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Needing your Lawn Cut?

Get Competitive pricing without the hassle
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Order lawn mowing now without calling around

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Here are Best Lawn Care Services in Leavenworth, KS as of May, 2019


Summit Lawn Services in Leavenworth, KS

Hired 174 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.232 Reviews)

We offer the best in customer service each and every lawn mowing you hire us for. All the options on GreenPal for local lawn care services in Leavenworth will tell you one thing: there is no point in staying with a mediocre landscaper. The beauty about GreenPal is that you could have a bad experience with one cheap lawn mower and move on to the next just like that. You could do that down until you get to the letter z, or you can hire right the first time and go with Summit Lawn Care!

Like I said, we offer first the best customer service possible. Every time you hire us we will give you the satisfaction of knowing that your lawn is in good hands. I myself have experience in lawn mowing in Leavenworth for over five years, that will teach you a few things about the business. If you have time to stop by our location, we are located right across the way from the Woodland Village Apartments. Come meet some of the most reliable landscapers in Leavenworth, Kansas!

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Constellation Lawn Services in Leavenworth, KS

Hired 229 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.235 Reviews)

Call us for the tough yard jobs. Constellation is a caring, local yard maintenance in Leavenworth that specialize in the hard work to be done. Any one can stand behind a lawn mower and push, but how many reliable landscapers in Leavenworth do you know that can bring your grass back to life?

Yes, I did say back to life! If you are like the normal homeowner, then you have tried to take care of your own grass. Don’t feel bad if the whole yard went yellow, it happens even Wollman Park from time to time. We are here to tell you you don’t need to spend a fortune on new turf or seeding. Just hire me to take over your landscaping and let us do the rest. Some of our most favorite jobs involve growing grass, because it shows how good we are at our jobs. At least it shows better than a quick lawn mowing!

If there is something in your yard you aren’t satisfied with, please reach out. With summer well on its way, the heat can be a challenge for any homeowner to go up against. Go with the pros,you won’t be disappointed!

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Heartland Turf Lawn Services in Leavenworth, KS

Hired 164 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.90 Reviews)

I am a firm believer in being an open book with my clients. Some local lawn maintenance in Leavenworth may think otherwise, but I believe it. Have you had it happen when you ask your lawn mower or landscaper about what his strategy is and he gets uncomfortable? That is because he is nervous about you taking his job. Every landscaper in Leavenworth knows that if a homeowner had enough energy to they would cut the grass themselves.

As for me, I know you would if you could, but it’s a matter of can’t. You would rather spend time with your family! Not slave away at the yard to cut it half an inch. That is why companies like us exist. We are crazy enough to get all excited about cutting grass! You should have seen how excited we got when we were hired to tend to Mount Muncie Cemetery, I never seen grown men jump so high.

Every one of us is an outdoorsman at heart. We love working with nature and the landscape, so taking care of your lawn would be a hobby for us. If you want a reliable landscaper in Leavenworth that cares about his work, then you need to send us a message right away.

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Monarch Lawn Services in Leavenworth, KS

Hired 115 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.233 Reviews)

Hi there, and first off thank you for taking the time to visit our page! GreenPal has done wonders for Monarch, if only to expose our good work to all of Leavenworth and Kansas City. We have been a humble lawn mowing service for you. We knew eventually our time would come to be in the spotlight!

We have worked hard over the past four years to bring together a solid affordable lawn care in Leavenworth. It looks like this day has finally come! Our reviews on GreenPal and Yelp speak for themselves, but before I go on about our services let me say one thing: God is good!

We are the kind of lawn mowing service in Leavenworth that is good enough even for the city itself. For one month, Monarch was tasked with aerating all of Havens Park, during a time of low employment I guess. But we took to it and made it our best job yet, now that grass is healthy as can be. If we can do it for a massive park like that,don’t you think we can handle your front lawn? We think so. We hope you will give us a shot someday. When you are ready for the best yard maintenance in Leavenworth you know who to hire.

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Here are a few 5 Star Ratings from GreenPal users

(based on 4 reviews)
Miguel Caballero Lawn Cut in Leavenworth KS
Options options options. That’s easily the best part about having an app like this. I don’t need it all the time, but during the summer when I wanted nothing to do with my lawn I downloaded it again and went to work. By the end of the week I had four local lawn mowing prices in Leavenworth, all of them within a few miles of Xavier. Let me tell you, the sheer speed of this service means a lot, you would not believe how frustrating it is to gather all the info yourself. If anything at all GreenPal is good for is finding you cheap lawn care in Leavenworth. I don’t know how it is for the rest of Kansas City, but I got a good deal on mine.
Teri Bailey Lawn Cut in Leavenworth KS
Scott and his team whipped our yard into shape! We called them early March that we were selling our house in May, and they handled it like pros. It wasn’t in bad shape, it was just too much work for us considering everything else we had to do. We had to pay a little extra of course because our yard is a third of an acre, but that was nothing compared to the work they put in. The work speaks for itself, but I can say that someone in our neighborhood got in touch with them and hired them to clean up the Church of the Nazarene. If that doesn’t tell you that they’re the best landscaper in Leavenworth I don’t know what to tell you.
Richard Kegan Lawn Mowing in Leavenworth KS
The app works well on my end, but I don’t know how it works for some of these local lawn mowing services in Leavenworth. I sent a message to one company and got an estimate from them, but then it was like two weeks of radio silence. I sent them another message and they flipped out, apologized and got to my lawn within the next few days. I don’t know if it was a server error or what, but I’m glad they actually cared about making it right. I don’t like messing with cheap lawn care in Leavenworth, but the men I’ve hired so far from Edgewood have done me right.
Sandra Burt Grass Cutting in Leavenworth KS
I just didn’t want to deal with the separate emailing and calling, that’s the only reason why I joined GreenPal. It was a good decision after all, but let me tell you I’m glad to not have to do anything to find the best deals in lawn care in Leavenworth. Well, actually I should be thanking Michael and his crew, they were trimming the bushes at Kensington Villas where I happen to run by, and I asked them after getting DENIED again calling another company, they told me about GreenPal and I found them right away. They were on my lawn by the end of the week and that was that. Totally amazed that an app like this exists.

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Whether you are dead in the center of Kansas City or out in Leavenworth, you have more options than you would believe for lawn care. Even more specific than the Leavenworth area, GreenPal can find you the closest, cheapest results for local lawn care in Leavenworth in every neighborhood.

Kansas City is fortunate to have an active community of landscapers and maintenance men. Our team has been able to reach out to lawn mowers in Wellington-Woods, Whispering Hills, and 175th street. As far as Leavenworth goes, there are three results closeby in Highlandcrest!

GreenPal has come to change the way we think about contracting reliable lawn care in Leavenworth. For homeowners, the task can be time-consuming. Looking up numbers in phone book or sorting through the only results for their area in Google is just the tip of the iceberg. Putting together a cohesive chart for the best deals you can get is just as difficult, but GreenPal has taken care of all that and more with our website service.

When you sign up for GreenPal, you let us know what part of the United States you reside in. After some basic information (no credit card required!) GreenPal can calculate the average price of a lawn mowing in Leavenworth just using Google Maps! After that, it’s just a matter of sitting back and watching the free quotes come in. When you schedule for a lawn mowing appointment, reliable landscapers in Leavenworth reach out to you through GreenPal with their best offer. From there it’s just your choice to choose the best lawn care in Leavenworth for you!

About Leavenworth Kansas

Leavenworth is a city in Kansas, United States.

Leavenworth stands as the largest city of Leavenworth County, Kansas. It acts as the county seat of the area as well, with a population of thirty thousand. It sits on the west bank of the Mississippi River, just over twenty-five miles northwest of Kansas City, Missouri. Within the state of Kansas, Leavenworth lies in the northeastern part of the state, bordering Missouri. Within Leavenworth County, it again lies in the most northeastern part of the county, where it connects and is counted alongside the Kansas City metro area.

The city of Leavenworth takes up a total area of just over twenty-four square miles, of which is 24.04 square miles of land. Only a small swath of land is water, the small bit of the Mississippi River that touches the city. With an elevation of just 840 feet above sea level, Leavenworth is considered to be part of the Dissected Till Plains region of North America’s Central Lowlands. It is twenty-five miles northwest of downtown Kansas City, 145 miles southeast of Omaha, and 165 miles northeast of Wichita, Kansas.

It was founded in 1854 and was the first incorporated territory of Kansas. Fort Leavenworth was established just north of where the settlement resided, and took its name because of it. Before the dawn of the Civil War, the city was popular for many refugee slaves looking to escape the then slave-state of Kansas and into the free state of Missouri. Because of this, Leavenworth was a hotbed of debate and argument for anti- and pro-slavery politics, as those for slavery were upset that their “property” was being lost to the northern states. Eventuallly, the Leavenworth Constitution of Kansas was adopted, but it was amended four times as it finally recognized freed blacks as citizens. The process was so long and arduous that physical fights often erupted in the meeting halls as the meeting times dragged on into the late afternoon.

Source: Wikipedia

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