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Here are the Best Landscaping Services in Mesa, AZ as of Mar, 2024


Lone Mesa Lawn Care Lawn Services in Mesa

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Lone Mesa Landscaping Services in Mesa, AZ, provides full-service landscape maintenance for residential and commercial. Their service area includes Phoenix and surrounding communities, including Glendale, Peoria, and Surprise. Residential service plans include year-round pest control, weed removal, soil audits, and gutter cleaning. Additional options include power washing, deep cleaning, and installing exterior lighting. Commercial service plans include landscaping for an entire complex and working on individual units. Common areas such as parking, outdoor lounges, clubhouses, court ways, and lobbies are part of our schedule. Plans are available daily (for commercial clients), weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. They work with various native trees, plants, shrubs, and flowers.

Services Offered:

Lone Mesa Landscaping provides affordable landscaping in Mesa, AZ, and throughout Maricopa County, including Phoenix. We offer a variety of landscape maintenance options for residential and commercial clients. As a locally owned and operated business, our professionals are fully licensed and insured while trained to meet deadlines. Our core service is cultivating, pruning, and trimming native trees, plants, shrubs, and flowers. Year-round services also include pest control, soil audits, gutter cleaning, and weed removal. 

One of our most popular features is our ability to identify places where we can improve the quality of your outdoor living space. For example, we can add sod to create a slope to retain water in a garden or challenged lawn. We can add or replace mulch or pavers to replace a dried-out or problem area, saving on long-term maintenance costs. 

Landscaping Commercial Properties

For commercial customers, especially apartment or condo complexes, our team is ready to maintain a consistent professional look. We take care of:

  • Perimeter 

  • Courtyards 

  • Parking areas

  • Common areas

  • Sports courts 

  • Pool

  • Clubhouse

  • Lobby 

Lone Mesa can landscape individual units, such as flower gardens, within a master agreement or as a separate project. Gutter cleaning, monitoring the entire drainage system, aeration, pest control, and soil audits are performed throughout the year. Daily service is available for large residential complexes, office or retail buildings, and industrial properties. Our landscaping includes sections such as trees or shrubs in the aisles separating parking spaces. 

Upgrades & Estimates

Whether we take over an existing landscape plan or implement upgrades or changes to your outdoor living space (or commercial space), we can work within your budget. Invite us to your property for a free estimate, and we will provide you with plans and options to fit within your budget. If you want to go with Lone Mesa for a trial run, book us now using the GreenPal App!


Plugman Lawn Service Lawn Services in Chandler

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Plugman Landscaping Services of Mesa serves the Phoenix region, including Dobson Ranch and Reed Park. They are also known for their work with various irrigation systems, whether sprinklers or professionally installed drip irrigation. Their services are ideal for properties growing fruits or vegetable crops, whether for personal or commercial use. They understand what it takes to grow tomatoes, carrots, peppers, and radishes, among others. Weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly landscape maintenance plans include cultivating, trimming, and pruning native plants and shrubs. In addition, they monitor for pests, weeds, and other problems that can impact the function and curb appeal of an outdoor living space.

Services Offered:

Plugman Landscaping Services provides reliable landscaping in Mesa, AZ, and surrounding communities, including Chandler and Gilbert. We specialize in working with various irrigation systems, ranging from simple sprinklers to more complex drip irrigation. 

Managing Crops

Clients growing vegetable crops (such as tomatoes, peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplant, and many others) need to know that all are receiving the proper amount of water at all times. Even one broken sprinkler can result in improper watering while inflating the water bill if not fixed promptly. We aim to ensure that these problems do not occur on your property under our watch. We can install or upgrade your choice of a variety of irrigation systems.

Our team of professionals is ready to maintain and cultivate your native shrubs, trees, and plants throughout the outdoor living space. Landscape maintenance is available weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly to fit your schedule and budget. Tree or shrub branches should not extend over a sidewalk or path where family members and guests walk. Year-round drainage should flow correctly and not back up, causing soggy or dried-out portions. 

Pest Control Services

Pest control is another crucial aspect of our work. We strive to prevent possible damage to your plants or crops throughout the year. You may want pollinators like hummingbirds or bees to help with your flower garden. Plugman can help with having only the ‘pests’ you want on your property to be there. If you have plants and shrubs adjacent to your house or a problem inside, let our team take care of interior pest control. We utilize environmentally friendly and pet-friendly pesticides.

As a locally owned and operated business, we like to let your Mesa area landscape maintenance experience speak for itself. You can book us for a trial landscaping session with no future obligation now using the GreenPal App!


Hc Green Lawns Lawn Services in Phoenix

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HC Green Landscaping Services in Mesa provides landscape maintenance while working with trees and providing deep cleaning and power washing services. Areas like Gilbert, Power Ranch, and Chandler Heights are within our service area. Cultivating, trimming, and pruning native plants, flowers, and shrubs are core services, available weekly to monthly. Tree services include planting or replanting and stump grinding. Deep cleaning includes removing debris from the yard, garage, shed, or basement. Waste hauling (including dumpster rental for large projects) is available. Power washing includes paved areas, including sidewalks and the driveway, as well as hard-to-reach upper-level windows. Plans are available from once per week up to once per month and are based on the size and scope of the property.

Services Offered:

HC Green Landscaping Services provides top-notch landscaping in Mesa and Maricopa County. Communities like Tempe and Scottsdale and neighborhoods including Holden Rock and Apache Wells are easily served. We maintain native shrubs, flowers, and plants throughout your outdoor living space and are experts in working with trees.

Protecting Your Trees

We are prepared to replant or remove native trees, including stump grinding, to create compost, which provides nutrients for the soil on your property. Trees can be strategically placed to create or add shade, along with adding to fencing along the perimeter. Shrubs can be placed adjacent to your home or surrounding a patio area to provide shade, security, and curb appeal. 

Our services, such as deep cleaning and power washing, place us among the local leaders. Deep cleaning includes debris removal:

* Surrounding the house 

* Yard

* Garage 

* Shed

* Basement 

* Porch area 

There are times when removing clutter from the exterior enhances the curb appeal. If necessary, HC Green will take care of waste hauling, whether a dumpster is needed or not. 

Power washing starts with cleaning the pavement, whether the sidewalk, driveway, exterior fixtures, or hard-to-reach upper-level windows. 

Other solutions we provide include planting mulch, rock gardens, or pavers to add beauty and curb appeal while potentially reducing long-term maintenance costs. We can create a flower garden with bird feeders to attract helpful pollinators. Pet or play areas can efficiently be designed to separate your garden or further protect crops or plants. In addition, we install edging slabs and ground covers to add to the look.

Request a free consultation at your property so that we can best determine your long-term landscaping goals. You can also schedule us for a one-time maintenance session using the GreenPal App!


Tidy Lawns Lawn Services in Phoenix

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Tidy Lawns Landscaping serves the Mesa, AZ, community and throughout Maricopa County. Communities such as Paradise Valley, Guadalupe, and Higley Pointe are among the areas served year-round. This locally owned and operated business specializes in cultivating, trimming, and pruning native plants, shrubs, flowers, and trees. They add beauty and curb appeal to an outdoor living space, whether a large lawn area or a property with a flower garden or growing fruits or vegetables. In addition, consulting is also available to consider upgrades or additions to the property. Plans range from once per week to once per month, with scheduled early morning hours open.

Services Offered:

Tidy Lawns Landscaping provides low-cost landscaping in Mesa, AZ, on a once-weekly to once-monthly basis. Surrounding Maricopa County, communities from Phoenix to Goodyear to Paradise Valley are within our service area. We are locally owned and operated, and our fully licensed and insured team knows what it takes for precision in landscape maintenance. Our team ensures that branches are even, the plants and flowers bloom when they are supposed to, and fruit or vegetable crops can thrive in season. 

Attention to Landscaping Details

Details such as ensuring that branches are not hanging over walkways at eye level are essential to us. We also provide touch-up features like painting railings, trim, doors, and lines for the driveway or parking area. For example, we can paint and ensure that your street address numbers are clearly visible from the street for the benefit of guests and (hopefully not) emergency vehicles. In addition, we can easily create a pet area or play area that is safe for your children and pets without breaking the bank. Attention to detail includes pest control for your garden or crops, which differs from the pest control we use to keep bugs away from your family and guests. 

Adding Beauty and Curb Appeal To Your Property

At Tidy Lawns, we do our best to work within your budget and your schedule. We are not at your property to sell you on upgrades and additions. It is about adding beauty and curb appeal to your property at the lowest possible cost. Plans are available from once per week to once per month, with some early morning hours open. Find out how much money we can save you while providing timely and quality work. 

You can request a free estimate at your property so that we can best determine your landscaping goals. If you prefer, you can hire us now using the GreenPal App!