Here are Best Lawn Care Services in Lake Wales, FL as of Jul, 2024

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Creels Lawn Service Lawn Services in Lake Wales, FL

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For a great-looking landscape, Creels Lawn Service will water, mow, and feed your grass. This combination strengthens your roots, clears your land of weeds, and beautifies your grass. Whatever shape your grass is in, our lawn care services will improve your property.

Creels Lawn Service offers regular lawn mowing services and other lawn care services in Lake Wales, Florida, and Polk County. Usually, all grass types need a specialized program of fertilizing, watering, overseeding, and mowing. In other situations, we need to provide topdressing, dethatching, or aeration.

Our affordable lawn care packages are designed with you in mind. We’ll handle complete restoration and renewal without burning a hole in your pocket.

We’ll also handle the lawn maintenance services afterward. We’ll include discounts and great offers for clients who want to stick with us for the long term. If your grass doesn’t need too much lawn maintenance treatment, Creels Lawn Service still offers budget-friendly services.

We always use top-brand lawn care equipment to treat disease, improve color, and resist other elements. Our weed control program safe product to get rid of weeds that won't put your family in harm’s way.

Get ongoing lawn mowing services, lawn service, or some other lawn care job without the expensive prices. Whatever you want, you can trust the company with positive reviews and a trusted background.

You can see some of the lawn care work Creels Lawn Service has done for properties in the area.

Many near places like Dixie Walesbilt Hotel and many other places in Lake Wales, Florida.

Hire Creels Lawn Service for any landscaping job today.

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Peoples Choice Lawn Services in Lake Wales, FL

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Our name says it all. Peoples Choice is the first choice for people who need good, professional, and affordable lawn care services. You don’t hide your wallet or take out your rusty old lawn mower. Let us handle all your lawn care needs without worry.

We provide affordable and premium lawn care services in Lake Wales, Florida, along with Polk County, which has to do with how we do the job. We follow top industry associations and their recommended practices.

In other words, we follow the advice of the people that know all there is to know about growing grass and keeping it in great shape. We follow every practice to the tee. This has helped us become one of the best companies in the area.

For help with growing grass, adding more color, safely removing weeds, preventing weeds, and more, Peoples Choice has a proven background record of doing it right the first time.

Our lawn care services can be bundled together. Get our popular lawn care package for services including mowing, watering, trimming, fertilizing, weed control, and more.

We assess your property’s true needs by conducting soil and site testing. Our readings will help us lay out a plan to provide the right amount of mowing, seeding, and fertilizing work.

We offer many services including lawn mowing services, weed control, yard work, seeding, and much more. Visit our lawn care business profile.

You can see some of the lawn service work we’ve done for properties near places like the Bok Tower Gardens and many other places in Lake Wales, Florida.

Hire Peoples Choice for affordable lawn care services today.

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Lockmar Lawncare Lawn Services in Lake Wales, FL

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For quality lawn mowing services and lawn mowing services in Lake Wales, Florida, or Polk County, reach out to Lockmar Lawncare. We make it green and help it thrive. You can maintain a beautiful green outdoor space that stays stunning all year long.

From weed control to lawn mowing services and doing other lawn care services in Lake Wales, you can expect seeding, fertilizing, and mowing at the right time of year. Not only that, expect a combo of soil moisture application to protect against the sun, solid weed control, and more.

Our lawn mowing services also include recycling clippings, edging, and trimming. We like to recycle your clippings depending on your grass type. Best of all, you can cancel at any time or hire us for ongoing yard work without any contracts.

We use products like John Deere and Scott’s Brand. Our other tools can handle sensitive lawns that have St. Augustine grass or even Bermuda grass. Lockmar Lawncare offers many lawn care services. Get services including lawn service, fertilizing, core aeration, lawn mowing services, seeding, and more.

You will see our projects for properties near places like Camp Mack’s River Resort and many other places in Lake Wales, Florida.

Get high-quality lawn service work when you hire Lockmar Lawncare. A beautiful lawn is just an app click away. 

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Tlc Total Lawn Care Lawn Services in Lake Wales, FL

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If you want a lawn care professional to handle your lawn service needs, say no more. Tlc Total Lawn Care is here to help. Our lawn care business will save your weekends and spare your wallet too. We offer affordable and quality lawn care services in Lake Wales, Florida, and Polk County.

Some companies will charge premium prices to do all of these things. Some companies don’t even offer all of these things. You’d have to hire another landscaper or lawn service company to make sure your lawn is getting the care it needs.

At Tlc Total Lawn Care, you can get all of these important lawn care services for a great price. With our affordable lawn care package, your grass will be getting exactly what it needs to blossom.

Unlike other lawn service companies, we’re also unique in offering soil testing. Many amateur landscapers don’t do this. By knowing exactly what your grass needs, we can tailor our lawn care services and lawn mowing services. We’ll feed it and water it right. Some grass types need less water and less lawn maintenance.

Tlc Total Lawn Care knows what works and what doesn’t. Our clients have enjoyed our lawn care packages. All of our lawn mowing services and lawn care services are done by highly trained lawn care professionals who have been trained to make your lawn look great. Get quality lawn care in Lake Wales by hiring us.

We have a long selection of lawn mowing services, lawn service, yard work, and lawn care services you can choose from.

You can see all of the work we’ve completed.

Many are near places like Lake Wales History Museum and many other places in Lake Wales, Florida.

Contact Tlc Total Lawn Care today for affordable and high-quality lawn care services in Lake Wales.

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Mona Lawson lawn mow in Lake Wales FL
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After looking for lawn care services near me and lawn mowing services near me, I found some information about GreenPal. I figured it didn’t hurt to try their services out and I’m glad I did. The very first day I used the GreenPal app, I got connected with Creels Lawn Service. Long story short, they did an amazing job on my lawn that is near Lake Wales History Museum. Definitely worth hiring.

Mahad Sakina grass cut in Lake Wales FL
grass-cutting-businesses-in-Lake Wales-FL local-lawn-maintenance-contractors-in-Lake Wales-FL lawn-maintenance-in-Lake Wales-FL local-lawn-cutting-services-in-Lake Wales-FL local-lawn-and-landscape-maintenance-services-near-me-in-Lake Wales-FL

Peoples Choice was everything I could have asked for. You want a company to have great customer service and do a great job. These exceeded in every department and left my backyard near Kiwanis Park in wonderful shape. I highly recommend them.

Karla Lane lawn cutting in Lake Wales FL
affordable-lawn-services-in-Lake Wales-FL local-lawn-cutting-services-in-Lake Wales-FL local-lawn-and-landscape-maintenance-services-near-me-in-Lake Wales-FL local-lawn-care-services-in-Lake Wales-FL local-lawn-and-landscape-maintenance-services-near-me-in-Lake Wales-FL

If you’re going to hire a company, make sure you go with Lockmar Lawncare. I followed so many online tutorials about taking care of your lawn. I realized there’s a lot more to keeping your property in shape and going with a professional was the best decision I made. My lawn and yard near Southgate Shopping Center have seen tremendous improvement since hiring Lockmar Lawncare.

Jamie Ortega lawn mow in Lake Wales FL
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These guys come highly recommended. Everyone working at Tlc Total Lawn Care has been great since hiring them a while back. They’re reliable and the consistency in their work ethic is very admirable. They work very hard and have done a great job on my property near Lake Wales Public Library. Worth every penny!