Here are Best Lawn Care Services in Layton, UT as of May, 2024


Keepin' It Green Lawn Services in Layton, UT

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You’ve got plenty of other things to do in Layton, Utah. You could go shopping at the Layton Hills Mall, or you could go golfing at the Valley View Golf Course. Maybe you need to spend a bit of time every week traveling to and from work or school in another part of Davis County, or even in Salt Lake City.

Whatever it is you plan on doing during the week, your free time may be at a premium. You can save more of that time when contact Keepin’ It Green. We provide high quality and affordable lawn care services in Layton. Our lawn service company is proud to have lawn care professionals available to support your yard in Layton. We'll create a carefully planned lawn service plan that fixes or maintains your landscape.

You can find our lawn service company near the Aspen Cove neighborhood in Layton. Our lawn care business is right in the heart of the city, so you’ll never have to wait long for us to appear at your home when you ask us to arrive. We can also come to your home at a time of your choosing. Our lawn service team can even arrive at your property if you’re out at work or school or anywhere else.

Our lawn service team serve your yard if you’re a little further out of the way. Homeowners in the Walker and Kays Creek neighborhoods and other areas in the far eastern end of Layton often struggle in finding lawn care companies they can reach their properties. But our experts at Keepin’ It Green are more than willing to travel to your home, even if it takes an extra bit of time for doing so. Our lawn care business won’t charge extra for the travel, not to mention we’ll have all the equipment ready when we arrive.

You can trust us with every part of your lawn maintenance needs. We provide lawn mowing service that works for every turf type in Layton. We use the latest electric mowing equipment, not to mention we can also trim the areas around your fence and other hard to reach spots. We use quality line trimmers for the work at hand. We’ll check on the appropriate height for your grass, plus we can produce a mowing pattern that stands out and prevents the turf from becoming flat.

Our lawn service and lawn care staff are also available to trim your bushes and other landscape features around your property. We can check on weeds around your yard and remove them without using dangerous chemicals or killing off parts of your grass. Our comprehensive approach to lawn maintenance ensures your yard will stay healthy, not to mention you’ll have the best-looking yard in the city.

You will appreciate the hard work our lawn care company provides a daily basis. We’ll serve your yard and ensure everything looks beautiful, thus giving you your precious time back. You will enjoy how thorough our work will be for your yard and how we can serve you.


Maple Leaf Landscape Lawn Services in Layton, UT

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The effort for planning a landscape for your Layton yard can be complicated. You have to look at how well your yard appears, not to mention how individual parts of a layout will go in certain spots. Our professionals at Maple Leaf Landscape can assist you in creating the best lawn you could have in Layton.

Our lawn service staff has years of experience in serving homeowners around Layton. We work near the Chelsie Meadows Park area at the western end of the city. We’ve seen many great things around the Layton region, but the best scenes in the area entail the brilliant yards you’ll find in various neighborhoods. We want to make your yard in Layton a part of it all.

Our lawn care experts will review your yard and find a total maintenance and care solution that works for you. Our lawn care company can plan a grass cutting routine, including an effort for trimming the grass around the ends of your yard.

You can also request one of our landscaping specialists for a large-scale project. Whether it involves renovating an existing layout or planning something new, we’re open to serve you.

Our lawn service staff can help you plant trees and bushes around your landscape. Our lawn care company can support various trees that you might find around Utah, including maple, ash, pine, fir, oak, and willow trees. We’ll figure out the best trees for your yard based on how they fit in with your home. We can also plan out your trees over how they may potentially grow, so you’ll always have trees that are easy to maintain and control.

You can ask us about planting new flowers around your yard. Your lawn will look its best when you have one of the various native flowers of the region in your yard. We can plant lavender, daylily, and pepper plants around your landscape.

You can also talk with us at Maple Leaf about any hardscapes you want to install around your yard. We’ll serve your needs, whether it entails adding outdoor furniture, a new patio, or even a basketball court.

We’ll design a landscape that works for your yard. You can ask us about our projected layouts and how we’ll keep your design looking its best.

You don’t need a massive property in Layton to benefit from what we offer. While we can serve wide-open yards in the Barnes Park area, we can also work on smaller spaces in Rosewood and other neighborhoods closer to the highway. We can find a useful plan for your property, even if your yard isn’t all that vast or open. We want to be there to allow your yard to look its best.

You deserve nothing but the best out of your landscape at your Layton home. You can request an appointment with us at Maple Leaf Landscape to see what we can do for your property. Our lawn care business wants to see how your yard can stand out, so you can enjoy having the best lawn and landscape in the Layton area.


Cirq Construction Lawn Services in Layton, UT

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What are you planning on doing for your yard in Layton, Utah? Are you trying to install a new garden bed or plant a tree? Maybe you’re trying to replace your grass altogether. Our professionals at Cirq Construction will help you in finding a plan that works for your yard. We know that it’s never easy for you to maintain or support your yard by yourself, which is why we’re available to cover all the needs you have for your property.

We appreciate how people around Layton have many desires for their yards. You’ll find homes in the Rachels Place neighborhood that feature thick trees that are well-groomed and are always out of the way of roofs, satellite dishes, and siding. Properties a little further to the Adams Canyon area have sprawling grass yards that take an extra bit of time to mow, but the effort is always worthwhile.

We can serve all of the homeowners around the Layton area. We work in the Kays Creek neighborhood, and we’re seen many yards throughout the region that feature lush trees and green fields. Our goal at Cirq Construction is to make your property in the city look as outstanding as what you’ll find elsewhere in the area.

We can help you install new sod for your yard. You can ask about how we can plant shrubs, trees, and other landscape features.

We also provide a sprinkler design and installation service. We can identify the appropriate spots for placing sprinklers and connections. You can ask us to repair and clean off any of the individual sprinkler heads around your yard as well. There’s no way how you can predict when something is going to happen with the weather, so having a quality irrigation system on hand is essential. We’ll assist you in finding a plan for your sprinkler setup that works for your yard in Layton.

We offer traditional lawn mowing services, and we can also aerate your yard in the spring. We also provide lawn care services like removing leaves and other debris from your yard in the fall as well. We provide a thorough power raking service where we can remove even the most difficult leaves that might stick a little deeper into your turf.

Don’t forget about our winter lawn care services. You can ask us about removing snow from your driveway, sidewalk, and other spots near your property. We can also remove excess snow from your landscape. We’ll clean out the snow from your trees, your roof, and anything else that needs clearing. The excess weight can be a threat, but we’re available to help you as soon as you request our assistance.

Contact Cirq Construction about what we can do for your yard in Layton. We are available for regular weekly or bi-weekly lawn mowing services, as well as for one-off lawn care services. We love providing homeowners around Layton with all the help they need for their yards.


Greenthumbz Lawn Services in Layton, UT

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Our experts at Greenthumbz are here to help you, no matter what you. Our lawn care business are open to cover everything while ensuring you have a more relaxing day. We’ll see how your yard looks and give you a lawn service plan for that will make your life a whole lot easier. You’ll have more time for the other things you want to do.

Greenthumbz don’t want you to spend all day working on your yard. Our professional lawn maintenance and lawn care professional know how to treat your outdoors to make it look and feel better. 

Our lawn care business offers lawn mowing services that covers every grass type in the city. The Salt Lake City area is home to various grasses, from Kentucky bluegrass to fine fescue. Every turf bed is different in some way. We’ll identify the turf you have at your property and find the proper height for trimming. You might not know what your lawn features, but we’ll give you an idea of what to expect and what your bed needs for care.

Our grass cutting work covers everything from trimming everything according to a helpful pattern to working around your fence, foundation, and other edges around your yard. Our lawn care team will also remove the clippings after we finish.

You can also contact our lawn care company for help with your landscape. Our lawn maintenance experts can trim your bushes and trees to prevent them from growing too far and interfering with your property. You can ask us to shape your hedges in various shapes or designs.

You can ask us to serve your property regardless of where in Layton you live. Our lawn care company operate in the city out of the Aspen East area near West 1000 N. We’re available to travel to various places around the city, including to the commercial properties near the interstate highway. Every property in the Layton area has unique yard maintenance needs. It’s our job at Greenthumbz to see what is suitable for your property.

Our lawn service staff can work on large and small yards alike. Extensive properties in Hods Hollow take an extra bit of time to mow, but there’s nothing wrong with that for us. Meanwhile, a lawn around Kaysville might need regular watering and seeding, but we’re open to the task. We’ll check on what’s suitable for your yard and plan a care routine that fits your business.

All our efforts at Greenthumbz are about giving your yard in Layton a style you’ll appreciate. Talk with us today to learn about how we can work for your yard and what we can plan. Our lawn care business want you to relax and get the best lawn care services in Layton without having to worry about how well your yard will look or how you’re going to care for the area.

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Daphne Green lawn care in Layton UT
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I enjoy how well Keepin’ It Green can serve my yard outside Layton Parkway every month. The workers power rake my yard and trim the areas near my fence. They also shape the shrubs near my front door, and they check on my trees nearby to ensure there are no excess growths all around. They are complete in everything they do for my yard. I always get details on what they will do for me before they start working. It’s great to have a company like Keepin’ It Green that knows what is best for my yard.

Joyce Garcia lawn mowing in Layton UT
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I was planning on adding a new garden in my backyard, but I wasn’t sure how I was going to plan it out. The people at Maple Leaf Landscape assisted me in removing the old turf that I was going to plant my garden over. They tested the soil and added a new groundcover around the area to ensure my plants could grow well. The experts even assisted me in figuring out the best flowers that I could plant around my yard. They were very knowledgeable and positive over what I could do for my yard.

Michael Thompson yard cutting in Layton UT
local-lawn-maintenance-contractors-in-Layton-UT lawn-care-services-in-Layton-UT local-lawn-and-landscape-maintenance-services-near-me-in-Layton-UT the-yard-cutting-businesses-in-Layton-UT local-lawn-maintenance-contractors-in-Layton-UT

I have an in-ground pool at my property on Church Street, and I needed help with trimming my grass while ensuring the clippings wouldn’t slip in the water. The people at Cirq Construction were very accommodating in providing my yard would look great and that my pool would be safe. They cut the grass all the way through, plus they cleaned up the leaves to ensure nothing would enter my pool. They also used electric equipment, so there wasn’t a lot of smoke or other stuff going around my yard while they were working here.

Ronda Woodward yard mowing in Layton UT
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I am glad that everyone at Greenthumbz was able to serve my yard in Evans Meadows during my renovation project. I needed to get a completely new turf bed out for my yard, and I wasn’t sure as to whether or not anyone could help. But the people at Greenthumbz knew what my yard required when they started. They served me by testing my soil, leveling the dirt, and laying out the new sod. They helped secure it, and they also aerated the bed to ensure everything would fit. The people here were complete, and they knew what I needed out of my yard the first time around.